Sunday, 29 November 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 26 November 2020 (Drekka Special).

Drekka is the solo project of sound artist / visual artist and musician Michael Anderson. Michael began in 1996 experimenting with noise and getting involved with the Industrial tape culture that existed at the time, developing in to more expansive sounds, drones, cut-ups and cinematic textures and moving away from the 'bedroom noise' sound a lot of folk seemed happy with. The project became Drekka and Michael created a label for his work called Bluesanct. 

The first Drekka release on Bluesanct was the split 7" EP with US experimentalists Octal in 1997, the following year Drekka released the cassette "There Can Make Nothing Of Difference". In 2014 Drekka gained wider recognition with two album releases on the US Dias Records label and continually played live through Europe and USA. 
Collaborations have been a feature of Drekka's output working with artists such as Dylan Ettinger, Mykel Boyd, Darryl Blood, Annelies Monseré and Timber Rattle to name a few. The first track of this broadcast is from a collaboration with Howard Stelzer. "Invariably Falling Forward, Into The Thickets Of Closure" is a triple CD on No Rent Records and features two collaborations with Michael. "Violet" is one of them. 

Last year (2019) I was fortunate to catch Drekka live in Plymouth. The recording of this performance / ritual has been remixed and remastered by Michael for MuhMur Radio. 

                                          Drekka Live @ Union Corner, Plymouth : 16 Nov. 2019.

"Call To Prayer" & "Length At Night" are from the 2020 album "Examinations 2016 - 2018", with "Length At Night" featuring Giuseppe Capriglione from Skrei. The final track of the broadcast "Mykramekt" a limited edition double holed lathe cut 12" that came with the 'art edition' of this release. 

"Live In Europe 2010" was recorded in Slovenia and Italy and released by Bristol (UK) based label Chemical Tapes. Physical copies have now all sold, but downloads are available here :
"The Seventh Continent (Oceanic Waves Wave)" is from the LP "Unbeknownst To The Participants At Hand" released in 2015 on Dais Records.

2020 would have seen a European tour with BºTong, hopefully that will now take place in 2021. Michael can be contacted via Bluesanct here :

Playlist :
01: Howard Stelzer : "Violet" (No Rent Records) 2020.
02: Drekka : "Live In Plymouth 16:11:19" (Not On Label) 2020.
                     (i) "Sense Of Senses/Call To Prayer (Sunrise)"
                     (ii) "Pianos Of The Cosmos"
                     (iii) "The Work In Question Is Unbeknownst To The Participants"
                     (iv) "Call To Prayer (Sunset)"
              (All tracks exclusively remixed and remastered for MuhMur Radio broadcast).
03: Drekka : "Call To Prayer" (Fabrica/Red Frost Industries) 2020.
04: Drekka : "Length At Night" (Fabrica/Red Frost Industries) 2020.
05: Drekka : "Wilderness Dub" (Chemical Tapes) 2011.
06: Drekka : "Bloody Heart/Bathysphere" (Chemical Tapes) 2011.
07: Drekka : "Revalations 52.9000" (Chemical Tapes) 2011.
08: Drekka : "Samy Takes Piano Lessons/Leonard Buries Strangers" (Chemical Tapes) 2011.
09: Drekka : "The Seventh Continent (Oceanic Waves Wave)" (Dais Records) 2015.
10: Drekka : Mykramakt" (Fabrica/Red Frost Industries) 2020.

Thanks to Michael for the sounds and generosity. 
Next broadcast is on December 10. 

Sunday, 15 November 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 12 November 2020

I was playing a box of 7" singles and came across the Essential Logic "Eugene" 7". I played the B-Side as I couldn't quite remember the song, and to me it sounded like a theme tune, a them tune to a 1970's sit-com off the telly, so I played "Tame The Neighbours" as this broadcasts' theme tune. 

Going through the diaries and I find that 'on this day' in 1980 4AD Records released two singles. "You & I" by Mass and "Gathering Dust" by Modern English. I realise that this is 40 years ago, and this was the first year of 4AD Records. Back in 1980 I was 18/19 years old and an avid collector of the 7" single, usually going by what John Peel played on his radio programme, or collecting releases by such labels as Small Wonder Records, Rough Trade Records, Mute, Factory Records (etc). Coming from a history of buying the 7" single from about 1971 the format has always been (or certainly was until the onslaught of Punk/New Wave/DIY) disposable. From the throwaway singles by the likes of Lieutenant Pigeon, Geordie and Gilbert O' Sullivan to the Glam Rock of David Bowie, T-Rex and Roxy Music to the Candy Glam of Mud, Gary Glitter and Hello I bought them all (it's what the pocket money was for and the prices ranged from 27 pence to 45 pence). There was a brief period when I was 'into' rock music and the 7" singles by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Judas Priest were something to treasure as they were a rarity in themselves. Sanctuary Records in Lincoln had their 7"s for sale in an old shoebox on the counter - it was like they were a novelty item to the serious rock record collector. Of course punk changed that, punk changed everything and made the 7" single cool and collectable again. 

I was in like Flint with 4AD Records. They began in 1980 originally as Axis Records releasing a quartet of 7" singles by The Fast Set, Bearz, Bauhaus and Shox. I remember grabbing the Bearz and Bauhaus singles on release. I thought The Bearz were an off shoot from the band Fruit Eating Bears whose "Cheavy Heavy" single I loved at the time. (But No as Colin Newman once said). It was then realised by owners Peter Kent and Ivo Watts-Russell that there was always a label called Axis Records and a probable court case was on the horizon they changed the name to 4AD Records and re issued the first four singles as 4AD Records Releases. For the next couple of years 4AD Records released some of the most important and influential records of the time, also presenting 4AD Records live nights around London. Groups and projects such as Mass, Rema Rema, The Wolfgang Press, In Camera, Modern English, My Captains, Gilbert & Lewis, Past 7 Days, Dif Juz, Bauhaus, Psychotik Tanks, Cocteau Twins and The The to name but a few. For me the label fell by the wayside and became less collectable / listenable in (around) 1983 by releasing records by the likes of X Mal Deutschland, Colourbox, Dead Can Dance and Clan Of Xymox. Strange circumstances found me thirteen years later spending a week at the ICA in London attending the 4AD Records "13 Year Itch" festival. (I was on the guest list) and watching the then current slew of 4AD groups like Throwing Muses, Brendan Perry, The Breeders, Underground Lovers and Red House Painters.  I thought they were all awful but the performance by His Name Is Alive was interesting as was The Wolfgang Press covering Rema Rema. 

I have played the Mass single "You & I" a couple of times on MuhMur Radio and those times can be found on the MuhMur Radio MixCloud Archive page, and I don't like playing the same records over and over so I played the A Side to the Mass album "Labour Of Love". Released in May 1981 Mass were the fallout from The Models and Rema Rema and in 1983 developed into The Wolfgang Press with members Gary Asquith and Danny Briottet emerging in the late 1980s as Renegade Soundwave. 

4AD Records was the perfect home for BC Gilbert & G Lewis with Rough Trade Records supporting their Dome project and Cherry Red Records releasing the collaborative work with visual artist Russell Mills, 4AD released three Gilbert + Lewis records, the LP "3R4" the 12" single "Like This For Ages" (as Cupol)  and the 7" "Ends With The Sea" and later in 1988 released the CD "8 Time" a compilation of 4AD Records releases. "Hung Up To Dry Whilst Building An Arch" is the B Side to "Ends With The Sea". 

Modern English's first release on 4AD Records was in May 1980 with the single "Swans On Glass". They had already put out the 7" "Drowning Man" on the independent Limp Records label a year earlier. "Gathering Dust" was their second 7" for 4AD Records. Both songs in this programme are from this single. Little known and totally irrelevant fact is that my brother in law auditioned for Modern English whilst at university in Colchester. He later became the bass player in Appliance. 

My Captains released their only 7" on 4AD Records in 1981. My Captains were a quartet from Oxford, little is known about them, sometime in the early 1990's I got in touch with the drummer Richard Tarver who was then a councillor for the Labour Party in Oxford. I asked him if there were any studio outakes or unreleased material but the question drew a blank - he did mail me the EP though..forever grateful.

I was very happy to receive a package from Slavek Kwi from Artificial Memory Trace that included the four way split album "Frogoroth". The LP features tracks from Slavek alongside Sylvain Van Iniitu, Yannick Dauby and Dave Phillips. Mainly featuring sounds created by amphibians from around the globe the Dave Phillips and Slavek Kwi tracks are from this album. The LP  was released in 2017 and I'm not too sure if it still available but the Frogoroth Concert can be downloaded here :

It has been a busy 12 months for Alice Kemp, with the release last November of the album "Fox" on Tochnit Aleph, the track for the lockdown on the Amplify 2020 project "Your Bones Will Be My Home" (which is available for free here : And now the C20 cassette on Fragment Factory called "Songs In The Key Of NO". Packaged in an old 1990's TDK cassette case with individual art card the cassette is limited to 50 copies only and I think sold out from source but the digital version is still available from Fragment Factory. for only €3.50. Alice has also released a tryptich of pamphlets through Wrathful Flower Press and contributed (alongside Dieter Müh) to the compilation cassette in aid of funds for Skylark FM, a new Dartmoor (Devon) based radio station. Like I said ...  a busy year.

Geisterfahrer are a Hamburg based NDW band formed in 1979 by Matthias Schuster and Michael Ruff. "Leiser Tod" is the B Side to the 7" single "Madish Ahb'el" 
The John Paul track is from his new mini album "Relics" it's a companion release to the album "Subjects" which came out earlier this year. It's a co-release between Environmental Studies and Harbinger Sound and available here :
In July this year American reissue specialists Dark Entries (back to 4AD Records again) released a 12" version of Robert Rental's "Paralysis"single. This time packaged with a small information tract and three bonus tracks that were originally released on the "Mental Detentions" cassette in 1979. "Ugly Talk" is from the 12"EP. Optimo Music in Glasgow were carrying copies, always worth an ask.

Please take a listen to the programme here : Comments and Emails always welcomed.

Playlist :
01: Essential Logic : "Tame The Neighbours" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.
02: BC Gilbert + G Lewis : "3.4" (4AD Records) 1980.
03: Dave Phillips : "Frogowrath" (Iniitu) 2017.
04: Mass : "Mass" (4AD Records) 1981.
05: Mass : "Why" (4AD Records) 1981.
06: Mass : "Ill" (4AD Records) 1981.
07: Mass : "Why" (4AD Records) 1981.
08: Mass : "Isn't Life Nice" (4AD Records) 1981.
09: Slavek Kwi : "Tasman Firedance In The Drain" (Iniitu) 2017.
10: Modern English : "Gathering Dust" (4AD Records) 1980.
11: Alice Kemp : "Dead Milk Conduit" (Fragment Factory) 2020.
12: Alice Kemp : "Violent Sea" (Fragment Factory) 2020.
13: Alice Kemp : "Bad Birth" (Fragment Factory) 2020.
14: Alice Kemp : "Violent Sea (II)" (Fragment Factory) 2020.
15: Artificial Memory Trace : "Boto Pt 2 (Black Water)" (Iniitu) 2011.
16: Artificial Memory Trace : "Boto Pt 3  + Tocuxi (White Water)" (Iniitu) 2011.
17: Modern English : "Tranquility Of A Summer Moment (Vice Versa)" (4AD Records) 1980.
18: Geisterfahrer : "Leiser Tod" (Konkurrenz Schallplatten/Phonogram Records) 1981.
19: John Paul : "Happy Meal" (Environmental Studies/Harbinger Sound) 2020.
20: Gilbert And Lewis : "Hung Up To Dry Whilst Building An Arch" (4AD Records) 1981.
21: My Captains : "Fall" (4AD Records) 1981.
22: Robert Rental : "Ugly Talk" (Dark Entries/Optimo Music) 2020.

Thanks for reading / listening.

Sunday, 1 November 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 29 October 2020.


                                                         Wagner Ödegård /156/ Draoidh.

The programme starts with a new release from Wagner Ödegård. "Nordsolen" is from the new (August 2020) cassette on Altare Productions called "Ursumar". Wagner is a very mysterious artist, born in Lapland but now resident in Sweden. He also plays (bass guitar I think) in a couple of Black Metal / Doom Metal bands called Felon Wind and Tomhet. Wagner's solo project leans more towards the ambient occult / industrial noise genre. On the same day as this cassette Altare Productions released a companion cassette called "Spösturgan" which came packaged with a 35 page magazine of Wagner's artwork.  The Altare Productions (a Portuguese label) website seems to be under maintenance until mid-November but copies maybe available direct from Wagner here :

The Current 93 track is from the triple CD "The Inmost Light". Alongside the voices of David Tibet and Jonh Balance is the voice of Alessandro Moreschi, the late 19th Century castrato, the only castrato of the classic bel canto tradition to make sound recordings. 

The origins of the name behind the project of 156 may be found here or may be not ... 156 is also the bus route between Vauxhall and Wimbledon, it's also a song by the rock band Queensryche and the atomic number of an element temporarily called Unpenthexium. Earlier in the year Adel Souto got in touch by sending some 156 vinyl and cassettes, a completely new project to my ears 156 have been releasing sounds since 2011. 156 are a collective project conducted by Adel from his base in Florida. The 10" LP "Momento Mori" is constructed of sounds made by human bones and breath passing through human bones. "Kokoro" & "To My Sons And Daughters" are from this 10". "The Collapse Of It All (Pts I-III)" is from a split cassette with Canadian noisemaker Knurl. This tape was released by Humanhood Recordings. Adel also has his own record / publishing label called 'Feast Of Hate And Fear'. Get in touch here :

2020 is becoming a busy year for Contrastate with a couple of albums out since summer. "The Illusion Of Power" CD has just been released by the Italian Old Europa Cafe label, an accompaniment to the 10" lathe cut that came out at the start of the year, and in September Black Rose Recordings released the CD "Recorded Evidence II". (I don't think there was ever a "Recorded Evidence I" album). This CD is a compilation of singles, b-sides and compilation LP appearances from 1993 - 2017. There's also a couple of unreleased tracks and it is these tracks that are played here. 

Copley Medal is the solo project of Dais Records boss Ryan Martin. "Select Panic" is from the 2015 cassette "Marble Cage" on Vitrine. 


Muhviertel were a Manchester based project. Originally created for a one-off live performance at Manchester PSV Club in 1986. Culling members from Systemlaw Violator, Landishkrill and Ideas Beyond Filth Muhviertel carried on recording and releasing up to 1989. In 1985 Systemlaw Violator mainman Sean Rorke created the Carnifex Recordings label (with Gary Warmington) to release their sounds. In 1987 Muhviertel released the 3xC46 tape "Morsjusti". The track "Nap'hsha" is from this release. This track was recorded in John Nash Crescent in Hulme. Carnifex Recordings sold their cassettes at Eastern Bloc Records in Manchester and via mail order, how many are out there in the world is unknown but if anyone has copies I'd be interested to know. 
Draoidh are an American project, "Temple Of Tongues" is their only release to date. The cassette version has sold out but is available as download from Orb Tapes (of Pennsylvania) here :

The Birthday Party single "Release The Bats" is the MuhMur Radio concession to playing the obvious on a "Halloween Special". 
I was to follow this track with "Ghost By Mouth" by Eric Lunde. I have the lathe-cut single edition (with book and artworks) but unfortunately the needle did not want to know and kept slipping and sliding across the surface ... so I played two TG tracks instead of just finishing on "Spirits Flying". here two tracks are taken from the "Mission Of Dead Souls". The LP is subtitled "The Last Live Performance of TG" and originally released by Fetish Records in 1981. I play the Mute Records re-issue here. 

01: Wagner Ödegård : "Nordsolen" (Altare Productions) 2020.
02: Current 93 : "Where The Long Shadows Fall" (Durtro/Jnana Records) 2007.
03: 156 : "Kokoro" (Feast Of Hate And Fear) 2016.
04: 156 : "The Collapse Of It All (Parts I-III)" (HumanHood Recordings) 2020.
05: Contrastate : "Between Two Mirrors" (Black Rose Recordings) 2020.
06: Copley Medal : "Select Panic" (Vitrine) 2015.
07: Muhviertel : "Nap'hsha" (Carnifex Recordings) 1987.
08: 156 : "To My Sons And Daughters" (Feast Of Hate And Fear) 2016.
09: Draoidh : "Temple Of Tongues (I)" (Orb Tapes) 2019.
10: Contrastate : "Africanas Neanderthalis" (Black Rose Recordings) 2020.
11: The Birthday Party : "Release The Bats" (4AD Records) 1981.
12: Throbbing Gristle : "Funeral Rites" (Mute Records) 1983.
13: Throbbing Gristle : "Spirits Flying" (Mute Records) 1983. 

Next broadcast will be on 12 November and feature new pieces from Alice Kemp and John Paul alongside a small tribute to 40 years of 4AD Records with some tunes by Mass, Modern English, My Captains and Gilbert And Lewis and some great sounds from Slavek Kwi & Artificial Memory Trace. 

Saturday, 17 October 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 15 October 2020.

The programme starts with a new piece from Ukrainian musician King Imagine. King Imagine is the alias of Alexei Mikryukov who is also a member of industrial band Superapes. I must admit to having never come across King Imagine before but this cassette 'popped up' as an interest as it features Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. The cassette is called "Object 23 (For Gen)" and is released on King Imagine's own label SKP Records. The Genesis samples are from an interview Psychic TV did on the 1984 TV programme "Earsay". I think the interview was done by Gary Crowley (no relation) ... but that's just from memory. The cassette is limited to 23 copies, released in August and surprisingly there are still copies available on the SKP Records bandcamp page.

In July ex-Vibracathedral Orchestra and Astral Social Club member Neil Campbell released a 10" lathe cut EP with CDr entitled "Perimeter Ghost Bloom". The two tracks here are from one side of the 10". 

The Clock DVA track is from the 1980's Industrial classic "Thirst". This is one of the few LP's I have had in my possession since release. I do fall in and out of love with it at times ... sometimes it sounds dated, sometimes it hits memories that are best left buried and sometimes it is an absolute classic. At the moment "Thirst" is an absolute classic. From the same year is a track by Dutch group Mental. Originally called Heavy Mental in the late 1970's formed by Jacob Baars and Rob Van Wijngaarden they (self) released a handful of cassettes and were joined by Hans Seen and Arjan Van Der Met. In 1981 they shortened the name to Mental with Arjan leaving shortly afterwards to create the project Ma Colle. "Love In My Heart" is from the split Flexi-Disc with Minny Pops that came with the Dutch magazine "Vinyl". 

Staying in The Netherlands Ruisch is a new project from Frans de Waard. This track here is from the debut album "Subterranean Campfires". From Netherlands to Lowlands, Sylvain Van Iniitu is a Belgium based sound artist and label owner. (Ini.tu Records). I was just discovering the output on this label with the  releases by Dave Phillips and Artificial Memory Trace and Grubenwehr Freiburg drop this tape called "The Moon" a split tape with Grodock mainman David Leutkart. The tape is available here :

The Fossil Aerosol Ming Project track is from the 2018 album "The Recounting Of Night Time". I recently managed to pick up a copy of the 1984 compilation LP "Myths. Instructions 1" on the Belgian Sub Rosa label. The Camberwell Now track is from this LP. I don't usually play Dieter Müh tracks but our version of "S.O.L.A.S." (stranded or lost at sea) is a tribute / homage to The Camberwell Now track. "S.O.L.A.S." originally appeared on the compilation CDr "Notre Dame #12-The Final Edition" on EE Tapes and is also added as a bonus piece on the 2016 reissue of "Feeling A Little Horse", also on EE Tapes and available here :

"On This Day" features a track from the eponymous 1978 EP by Kleenex. The all female punk rock band from Switzerland. I saw Kleenex live around this time (maybe 1979) in Lincoln. They were sharing a bill with Spizz Energi and The Raincoats. In 1980 they had to change their name to Liliput due to threats from the tissue manufacturers. I play the Zye Ye Ye in memory of John Murphy who died on October 11 five years ago. I always imagine he recorded this track whilst there was studio downtime recording "Care" with Shriekback. It's very similar to the Shriekback sound back then. 

The Beequeen track is one side of his new LP "Winter" on the Australian label A Colourful Storm. European distribution is here:

The programme is available to hear here :

Playlist : 

01: King Imagine & Genesis Breyer P-Orridge : "Object 23 (For Gen)" (SKP/Interzona) 2020.

02: Neil Campbell : "Perimeter Ghost Bloom (I)" (Not On Label) 2020.

03: Neil Campbell : "Perimeter Ghost Bloom (II)" (Not On Label) 2020.

04: Clock DVA : "Uncertain" (Fetish Records) 1981.

05: Mental : "Love In My Heart" (Vinyl Magazine/Factory Benelux) 1981.

06: Ruisch : "No One's Ever Died Before" (Eroto Tox Decodings) 2020.

07: Sylvain Van Iniitu : "The Moon" (Grubenwehr Freiburg) 2020.

08: Sylvain Van Iniitu : "Gentlemen Of The Shades" (Grubenwehr Freiburg) 2020.

09: Fossil Aerosol Mining Project : "Tsints No.4" (Helen Scarsdale Agency )2018.

10: The Camberwell Now : "For Those In Peril On Sea" (Sub Rosa) 1984.

11: Dieter Müh : "S.O.L.A.S." (EE Tapes) 2000.

12: Hairs Abyss : "Remembering The Old West" (Not On Label) 2020.

13: Kleenex : "Beri Beri" (Sunrise) 1978.

14: Zye Ye Ye : "Zye Ye Ye Part Two (Birds Eye View)" (Le Rey Records) 1981.

15: Beequeen : "Early Winter" (A Colourful Storm) 2020.

16: Ultravox! : "Dislocation" (Island Records) 1978.

Next broadcast will be on October 29 - close enough to make it a 'Samhain Special' and feature sounds from Throbbing Gristle, 156, Wagner Odegard, Current 93 and Draoidh amongst others .. 

Sunday, 4 October 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 01 October 2020

Tonights programme starts with tracks from the new album by Arv & Miljö. "Himmelsvind" is the first release on Swedish label Discreet Music. Discreet Music is also a shop in downtown Gothernberg. Arv & Miljö is the solo project of Matthias Andersson. Matthias also runs the label I Deischi del Barone and makes noises in Neutral / Heinz Hopf and Enhet För Fri Musik.                                                   "Melancholia" was originally released in 1986 on the album "The Insect Musicians". This was Graeme Revell's first solo LP whilst still being a member of S.P.K. (They disbanded in 1988). The version here is from the 1994 compilation CD "Musique Brut Collection" that combines this LP and tracks from the compilation album "Necropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles (The Music Of Adolf Wölfli). I bought this CD from Rough Trade Records when it was in Neal's Yard, London from the money I was paid from appearing on the TV quiz programme "Fifteen To One". Last year Cold Spring Records reissued the 'classic' S.P.K. LP "Zamia Lehmanni - Songs Of Byzantine Flowers" with added sleeve notes by Graeme.      Komare are Dominic Goodman and Pete Blundell. A London based side project from the band Mosquitos. I played Side A of this LP last month ...                                                                                                 Andrea Borghi is a member of Italian sound artists VipCranco. Andrea has just released a cassette with fellow Italian experimentalist musicians Giancomo Sales and Paolo Sanna. The result is "MOT". The cassette is on the TSS label and limited to 100 copies only. 

NostrilFlair is the new project from Chandor Glöomy and Carl Anderson. Chandor's noise is no stranger to MuhMur Radio through his releases with Hairs Abyss and Cromlech Shadow. Carl also releases as Nil By Nose and used to be one half of Basic Concept, the No Noise/Hip Hop Experimentalists with Simon Morris. Carl also appears on The Ceramic Hobs album "Oz Oz Alice". The two pieces here are available via the Coma Kultur Bandcamp site, they appear on a split CDR with UK project Egone.

A few programmes ago I decided to play tracks by bands with numbers in their names and that made me dig out the 48 Chairs single "Snap It Around" on the Absurd Records label. Delving further I find out that Cache Cache Records have reissued the first (and only) 48 Chairs album, and after the fine work they did with Gerry & The Holograms back in 2017 I had to grab a copy. "You Were Never There" is from the 48 Chairs LP "70% Paranoid" and features the great sax work of Lol Coxhill.                                              This programme's "On This Day" feature includes The Passions and Colin Newman. Two great singles from 1980. It also celebrates The Final Academy event that took place at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton (London) in 1982. 

The three day event saw performances from Psychic TV, Last Few Days, William S. Burroughs, John Giorno, Jeff Nuttal, Cabaret Voltaire and 23 Skidoo amongst others.                                                   Hamburg based sound artist Thomas Beck has joined Swiss noise maker Chris Sigdell (AKA BºTong) and German noise band Czepoks to create the Radio Gagarin Allsound Orchestra and release an album of improvised noise on Thomas's own Wachsender Prozess label.                                                                 The final track is by Hairs Abyss and is from an upcoming release on Steep Gloss. 

Playlist :

01: Arv & Miljö : "Himmelsvind (Side A)" (Discreet Music) 2020.

02: Graeme Revell : "Melancholia" (Musique Brut/The Grey Area) 1994.

03: S.P.K. : "The Doctrine Of Eternal Ice" (Cold Spring Records) 2019.

04: Komare : "The Sense Of Hearing (Side B)" (Penultimate Press) 2020.

05: Borghi/Salis/Sanna : "MOT (Side A)" (TSSS Tapes) 2020.

06: NostrilFlair : "Light The Flair" (Not On Label) 2020.

07: NostrilFlair : "Playing In The Sirens" (Not On Label) 2020.

08: 48 Chairs : "You Were Never There" (Cache Cache) 2018.

09: The Passions : "The Swimmer" (Polydor Records) 1980.

10: Colin Newman : "B" (Beggars Banquet Records) 1980.

11: Cabaret Voltaire : "Protection" (Rough Trade Records) 1982.

12: William S. Burroughs : "The Five Steps" (Sub Rosa) 1984.

13: William S. Burroughs : "Interview With Mr. Martin" (Sub Rosa) 2009.

14: Last Few Days : "F One" (Dead Man's Curve) 1986.

15: TBC_Czepoks_SIGD : "Phainon" (Wachsender Prozess) 2020.

16: Hairs Abyss : "Back Up North Again" (Not On Label) 2020. 

Please take a listen here :

The next broadcast will be on October 15 and feature sounds from Neil Campbell, Sylvain Van Iniitu, King Imagine & Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Beequeen and The Camberwell Now amongst others.         One of the bonuses of this broadcast is Chris and I were joined by Tony Whitehead of Really Quiet Records and Radio Warblers. Tony along with Chris' partner Lucinda are starting a new FM radio station launching on October 31. Skylark FM will be a 24 hour station based on and relating to all matters Dartmoor. (Stories, Music, History, News) There is going to be a limited cassette released featuring Dieter Müh, Michael Plater and Alice Kemp. It is only available here :

                                                   Chris & Tony in the SoundArt Studio.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 17 September 2020

A shorter broadcast this time for no other reason than I cocked up on the timings .. 

                                                                       Chris Booth.

Once again the programme was recorded a few weeks before broadcast, engineered by Chris Booth. Head Mandarin of SoundArt Radio. The programme starts with a track from the Jim Haynes 2011 LP "The Decline Effect". In a few weeks time Vinyl On Demand are to release a 17xLP box set by Soviet France. This will be the second volume in as many years and for those of us that are still enjoying the first box set I played a track from the "Mohonomische" LP. 
Nigel Ayers of Nocturnal Emissions is digitising the NE catalogue and putting it up on their Bandcamp page. Whilst searching in the attic for master tapes etc he came across a box of old vinyl releases and kindly mailed the "No Sacrifice" 12". I remember buying this record on release back in 1984. (Virgin Records in Manchester) and not being too enamoured but hearing it 36 years later I have fallen in love with it...especially the "B" Side "Uprising". 
Ice Yacht have released their second cassette. The first "Pole Of Cold" was released five years ago on the German Fragment Factory label. Their second is on Snatch Tapes. Ice Yacht is the project of sound artist Philip Sanderson. First edition is limited to 25 copies. 
The FM Einheit + Andreas Ammer piece is an extract from the Cold Spring Records CD "Hammerschlag". "Hammerschlag" was a live concert performed in the Russian city of Perm in 2019. The concert was a commissioned radio-play based on the life/works of Soviet revolutionary poet and scientist Aleksej Gastev. Gastev was executed in 1939 by Stalin for counterrevolutionary activities. 
In the last broadcast I played a piece from the Western, Creed & Spybey album "W Ands", here I play another .... "W Ands" has been one of the albums of 2020 so far. 
Lark Blames is the project of Lloyd James (singer/songwriter with Naevus and vocalist with the newly reformed Crisis). "Crumbs" is a 7" single featuring the voice of John Murphy. John passed away in October 2015, the track uses tape recordings made in Rotterdam in 2009. John also played in and with Shriekback, Current 93 and The Associates. Whether or not he is on the following pieces played I do not know, I do know John played on the Shriekback "Care" LP, I remember spending the evening in Lloyd's house in Leytonstone (about 15 years ago) chatting with John about his time in Shriekback and his days as a percussionist for hire. "My Spine (Is The Baseline)" was released on 17 September 1982. 
The last broadcast featured an exclusive radio mix by Thomas LaRoche of Research Laboratories. It was whilst 'researching' the work and releases of Thomas I came across a band called Pavlov's Children. Pavlov's Children were a duo consisting of Thomas and R.Shah (although the two people could be one and the same as Thomas does like to exist in a shroud of mystery). "Little Douglas" is taken from the 7" called "Pavlov's Children" and released on Tim Burgess's O Genesis label. 

Playlist :
01: Jim Haynes : "Half-Life" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2011.
02: Soviet France : "Mohonomische #7" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
03: Nocturnal Emissions : "Uprising" (Sterile Records) 1984.
04: Adam & The Ants : "Catholic Day" (Do It Records) 1979.
05: Ice Yacht : "Pillbox" (Snatch Tapes) 2020.
06: FM Einheit + Andreas Ammer : "Order 06" (Cold Spring Records) 2020.
07: Western, Creed & Spybey : "Two Of Wands" (Cold Spring Records) 2020.
08: Lark Blames : "Crumbs" (Wooden Lung Records) 2020.
09: Shriekback : "My Spine (Is The Baseline)" (Y Records) 1982.
10: Current 93 : "Death Of The Corn (Unreleased)" (HomAleph) 2020.
11: Current 93 : "Broken Birds (Maldoror Waits. Live In Japan)" (HomAleph) 2020.
12: The Associates : "Boys Keep Swinging" (Double Hip Records) 1979.
13: Pavlov's Children : "Little Douglas" (O Genesis) 2012.

Next broadcast will be on October 1 and feature some exclusive material from NostrilFlair. 

Friday, 4 September 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 3 September 2020.

Playlist : 

01 : Nigel Ayers : "Omega Earth Electrode" (Earthly Delights) 2020.

02: Western, Creed & Spybey : "Three Of Wands" (Cold Spring Records) 2020.

03: Chris Watson : "Notes From The Forest Floor" (SN Variations) 2020.

04: Komare : "The Sense Of Hearing (A)" (Penultimate Press) 2020.

05: Clock DVA : "Binaural Ratio" (Vinyl On Demand) 2020.

06: Georgia Rodgers : "Line Of Parts" (SN Variations) 2020.

07: Stuart Chalmers & Anla Courtis : "Rituals Of Common Language" (Steep Gloss) 2020.

08: Rip Rig & Panic : "Howl! Caged Bird" (Virgin Records) 1981.

09: The Passage : "Taking My Time" (Object Music) 1978.

10: The Passage : "Clock Paradox" (Object Music) 1978.

11: Soberin Exx : "Premium Skyways" (Liquid Library) 2020.

12: Itäväylä : "Hyperborea" (Verdura) 2006.

13: Coil : "How To Destroy Angels (Zos Kia Remix)" (Cold Spring Records) 2018.

(Cut & Paste)

Back on September 17.

Thursday, 27 August 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 20 August 2020.


Apologies for the lateness in this posting. Time is really not on my side these days as work gets busier and I am working 'Covid Hours' during the week and weekends have become precious days to spend with my wife (who I hardly see) and the children. Sitting down and writing a blog about the broadcast takes a back seat on the priority bus. 

So, in saying that, here is the playlist in full for the programme that was broadcast a week ago! 

The 'one this day' record of choice was 999's single "I'm Alive" released on the Labritain label in 1977 and re-relessed by United Artists in 1979. It's not one of my favourite 999 singles, but I do like the B-Side "Quite Disappointing" and I really do like the live version of this song on the "Front Row Festival" LP, so that's the version I play. Whilst compiling the playlist a tape by 400 Lonely Things came through, (a lovely split release with Fossil Aerosol Mining Project) so the idea to compile a playlist out of projects that all have numbers in their name came up ... and this is it! 

Playlist :

01: Pacific 231 : "Mezquita" (Old Europa Cafe) 2008.

02: 400 Lonely Things : "Nights And Profecy" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2020.

03: Two Daughters : "Return Call - We Are" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.

04: 48 Chairs : "Psycle Sluts" (Absurd Records) 1979.

05: Lettera 22 : "Native Waters" (Second Sleep) 2012.

06: 23 Skidoo : "Kundalini" (Fetish Records) 1982.

07: One Dark Eye : "A Feast Unknown" (Ljud & Bird Produktion) 2012.

08: 999 : "Homicide" (United Artists Records) 1978.

09: 999 : "Quite Disappointing (Live)" (Warner Brothers Records) 1978.

10: Delta 5 : "Mind Your Own Business" (Rough Trade Records) 1979.

11: Clock DVA : "NYC Overload (Live)" (Interfisch Records) 1990.

12: Section 25 : "Regions" (Factory Benelux) 1981.

13: 1000schoen : "Approach" (Nitkie) 2012.

14: Zero Kama : "Prayer Of Zos" (Athanor) 2008.

15: Gang Of Four : "Anthrax" (EMI Records) 1979.

Please take a listen here :

Next programme is on 3rd September .... 


Sunday, 16 August 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 06 August 2020.

Juice Machine are the duo Roger H Smith and Heather Chessman, based in Eugene Oregon . Their albums are usually recorded live improvisations, then left untreated and edited for release. "Study Of Electrocution" is from the new cassette album "Status Quo" released on the French label Falt. It is great to have Juice Machine released on a European label. Copies are limited and available here :
Nocturnal Emissions have been digitising their back catalogue and putting the sounds up on their Bandcamp page. Nigel also found a box of old releases and has added them too ... so I managed to get a couple of 'physical' releases. "Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss" was released in 1983 on the Emissions own Sterile Records label. It has had a couple of reissues on Touch and Klanggalerie and at some point this year will be reissued on vinyl by the German Mannequin Records label. The version here is the Klanggalerie CD issue.  

Research Laboratories started releasing in 2011 with the eponymous cassette album by Pavlov's Children. Pavlov's Children were / are an Acid House duo formed by Research Laboratories head guru Thomas LaRoche. Over the next couple of years Research Laboratories put out a slew of limited edition cassettes all featuring the art and noise of Thomas. His first 'Cassingle' called "Mauvaise For" had copies carved in to an antique bible, and the eponymous Generic White Male tape was ultra limited at 25 copies. Pavlov's Children went on to release a 7" single on Tim Burgess's O Genesis label. 

In Spring of 2012 I travelled to Berlin to see The New Blockaders and Vagina Dentata Organ perform live at the NK Gallery and on the evening was invited to participate as part of VDO in the upcoming Extreme Rituals Event that was happening later in the year at The Arnolfini in Bristol. Whether or not Thomas was part of VDO in Berlin I do not know but he was part of the drumming ensemble at the Arnolfini, this was my first meeting with Thomas. Three years later (2015) when Vagina Dentata Organ performed at the Tate Modern as part of the Albert Serra evening I finally got to chat to Thomas and he talked about his activities outside of VDO. The last time I saw Thomas was when we (again) drummed behind Jordi at the Kunst Gallery in Belper (2018). 

Since 2015 Research Laboraties have become more active and more prolific. Thomas has released cassettes and Anti-Records and object d'art under his own name as well as CREEP OF PARIS, Poultry Breeders Union and Eudocimus Ruber as well as sounds by Teignmouth Electron, Mark Vernon, The New Blockaders & The Prestidigitators, Duncan Harrison, Costes, Evil Moisture, Don Mandarin and The Rebel. All releases are in extremely limited editions, sometimes single fingers and never above fifty. 
Last year I invited Thomas to provide some 'exclusive' material for MuhMur Radio and he provided the "RADIO MM - RESEARCH LABORATORIES MIX". It's 30 minutes or so of glorious lo-fi madness. 

The mix features : The Rebel - Drill Homage Remix.
                              Cody Bryant - 5.99lb.
                              Mark Vernon - Love In The Form Of A Personal Attack.
                              Michael Gilliam - Don't Fall Down The Mountain.
                              C.O.P. - Geronticus Eremits - Excerpt.
                              Jean Louis Costes - Papa Dick.
                              Dai Coelacanth - Crushed Grubs At A Lousy B&B.

There are other sounds by Thomas LaRoche that I recognised thrown in to the mix too. 
Thomas also has a side project label to Research Laboratories called Cheap Food Records and has released cassettes by Active Denial (Thomas's P.E. project), Concrete Emptiness and Rotting Shrine. Some RL releases can be bought vis Discogs (I have just bought the Pavlov's Children 7" this morning) .. or contact Thomas via :

              Thee Thomas LaRoche & His Confounded Instinct Of Mediocrity Orchestra 7" (2015)

                                Eudocimus Rubel - Satanic Whoopee Cushion (2019)

                The New Blockaders & The Prestidigitators - Nichts Jenseits Nihilismus (2017)

                      Duncan Harrison - Life Is Not A Succession Of Major Events (2019)

                                                                      The Rebel (2020)

Lasse Marhaug is a Norwegian soundartist that first came to my ears in the late 1990's with his work within the Origami collective. I have found myself dipping in and out of lasses catalogue as his styles and techniques are very (very) varied, I prefer his more ambient / drone soundscapes to his more harsher noise projects. I did see Testicle Hazard play live twice in one day in London. Testicle Hazard being Lasse Marhaug + Tommi Keränen playing a sort of homage to JapNoise. A day I'll never forget!
The track here is from the new release on Sentimental Productions called "Four Seasons Only Winter". 
There is around 15 seconds silence between Lasse and two pieces by the Bulgarian based project MyTrip. A technical problem for which I apologise but hopefully does not ruin the listening pleasure. The two MyTrip tracks are from their latest LP "Keeper". 

It's because the final MyTrip piece is called "Upheaval" I decided to follow with The Anti Group's "New Upheaval" from the 1986 mini album "Sht" on Sweatbox, and Sheffield connections forced me to follow with Stephen Mallinder's "Cool Down". Originally released in 1981 as the flip side to his debut solo 12" "Tempreture Drop" on Fetish Records this release and his debut solo album "Pow Wow" has just been reissued on CD by Ice Machine Records. 
Kompleksi were a Finnish duo (based in Helsinki) comprising of digital artist Erkki Ratio and musician Mika Paju. They released the one LP and 7" before disappearing in to the Suomi mists.

Comments always welcomed ... 

Playlist :
01: Juice Machine : "Study Of Electrocution" (Falt) 2020.
02: Nocturnal Emissions : "Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss" (Klanggalerie) 2008. (*)
03: Thomas LaRoche : "Research Laboratories MM Radio Broadcast" (Not On label) 2020.
                        (Exclusive material especially mixed for MuhMur radio)
04: Lasse Marhaug : "Four Seasons Only Winter (II)" (Sentimental Productions) 2020.
05: MyTrip : "Blood Black Like Water" (Amek) 2020.
06: MyTrip : "Upheaval" (Amek) 2020.
07: The Anti Group : "New Upheaval" (Sweatbox) 1986.
08: Stephen Mallinder : "Cool Down" (Ice Machine Records) 2020.
09: Kompleksi : "(I Ain't No) Lovechild" (Verdura) 2008.  

(*) -  The Nocturnal Emissions piece "Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss" is Side A of the album originally released on Sterile Records in 1983. The Klanggalerie CD reissue plays it as one track although it is ten pieces mixed as one. The titles of the pieces are :
I  - Norepinephrine.
II - How Groovy You Were.
III - Hardcore.
IV - Gloppetta.
V - Tongues Speak.
VI - Want To Die.
VII - Smoking Rat Machine.
VIII - Wrongly Wired.
IX - Violence Is Love.
X - Shan't Do That.

Apologies for the lateness in posting this, technical difficulties.
Next broadcast is on this Thursday, 20th August. Should be a 20:00 hours kick off but check local papers for details. 



Saturday, 25 July 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 23 July 2020.

A chance meeting at weird garden event last year in Lincoln with Gavin Morrow has brought me in to the sonic world of Grey Frequency. Gavin records and performs under the moniker of Grey Frequency. His latest release is a split cassette with London based electronic musician Steve Nolan. 

"Intercept" is released on Nolan's own label 'Spun Out Of Control'. Copies are limited but still available. Try here :
The Maeror Tri track is from a new compilation of early singles (A & B Sides) released by Belgian label EE Tapes. Imaginatively called "The Singles" the track "Phyein" was originally released in 1995 on Fools Paradise Records. 
The Steve Roden piece is from a compilation CD that was given away to subscribers of The Wire magazine back in 2006. At a recent clear out and tidy up at SoundArt Radio Studios I chanced upon this CD lying on the floor ... so I picked it up. I am not a subscriber to The Wire magazine.
Tech Riders are Frans De Waard and Sindre Bjerga. This summer they have (had) released two essential albums. "Double Factorial" on the UK based Sleep Fuse label and "Of The Lost Ark" on the Finnish Ikuisuus label. "(Do) The Rotation" is from the "Of The Lost Ark" album. Limited to 60 only it is available here :

The regular 'On This Day' feature returns with a couple of singles from 1982. The Stranglers "Strange Little Girl" and Blancmange's "Feel Me". Between 1980 and 1985 I saw Blancmange live a few times, from Lyndsays Disco Bar in Lincoln to the grand Apollo Theatre in Manchester. It was at the gig at the Apollo that the support was from Portion Control.

"Raise The Pulse" was a 12" on Illuminated Records. "Abbo Dabbo" comes from the mini LP "Hit The Pulse" released in the same year on Portion Control's own label In Phaze Records. 

One of the most interesting releases this year is the cassette "_____________" on the new Steep Gloss label. 

The Throbbing Gristle tracks are from the double LP "The Mission Is Terminated". This LP is 'partly official' only the Throbbing Gristle tracks credit them as a Sinclair/Brooks production. Two tracks are edited / compressed versions of recordings from the "Journey Through A Body" sessions (1981), whereas "You Don't No" is a live recording from Sheffield. The other LP is a compilation of artists that appear on the Italian Nice Label. 

The Skullflower 7" is from 1992 on the highly collectable Dying Earth label, and features the dulcet tones of Stuart Dennison on vocals. 

Please take a listen to the broadcast here :

Playlist :
01 : Steve Nolan & Grey Frequency : "Been" (Spun Out Of Control) 2020.
02: Maeror Tri : "Phyein" (EE Tapes) 2020.
03 : Steve Roden : "22 Letters And The Resonance Of A Three Pointed Star" (Wire Magazine) 2006.
04 : Tech Riders : "(Do) The Rotation" (Ikuisuus) 2020.
05 : Pere Ubu : "Cloud 149" (Radar Records) 1978.
06 : The Stranglers : "Strange Little Girl" (Liberty Records) 1982.
07 : Blancmange : "Feel Me" (London Records) 1982.
08 : Portion Control : "Raise The Pulse" (Illuminated Records) 1983.
09 : Portion Control : "Abbo Dabbo" (In Phaze Records) 1983.
10 : Diurnal Burdens/George Concrète/Phil Maguire/Richard Garet/Rovellasca : "_________" (B) (Steep Gloss) 2020.
11 : Ora : "The Sun Sheds A Golden Tear" (Die Stadt Records) 2004.
12 : Throbbing Gristle : "Medicine For Catholic Sex (Love Song For Paula)" (Nice Label) 1983.
13 : Throbbing Gristle : "Exotic Violence Della Morte" (Nice Label) 1983.
14 : Family Underground : "Sand Between Us" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2020.
15 : Skullflower : "Bad Alchemy" (Dying Earth Records) 1992.
16 : Throbbing Gristle : "You Don't No" (Nice Label) 1983.

The next broadcast is on Aug 6, kick off time TBA.

Sorry this is a little brief / rushed - I am just about to head up North and will be away from a computer for a few days ......

Saturday, 11 July 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 09 July 2020.

The broadcast starts with a track by Hinageshi Bondage. Hinageshi Bondage was the solo project of Helsinki based sound artist and multi instrumentalist Janne Martinkauppi. Janne has since gone on to play in (and create) such projects as Can Can Heads, Doroga, Haare, Killer McHann, Mohel and he is now part of the group Gunk. Hinageshi Bondage only existed for a couple of years (1999 - 2001) releasing a couple of 7" singles on Janne's own label Verdura Records and the mini album "Pariisi Vuonna 1959" on the Finnish label Nihil Market. Nihil Market was a side label to Kaos Kontrol, the industrial label operated by Jukka Mattila. Jukka now plays in the noise-rock band Throat.

                                                                Janne Martinkauppi.

"Villto" is from the "Pariisi Vuonna 1959" release. Back at the turn of the century I used to correspond / trade tapes and records (etc) with Janne. I started to collect releases on Verdura Records, the early releases were from Circle side projects like Ektroverde and Eturivi as well as Kroko and Hinageshi Bondage. We sort of lost touch when I moved to the Deep South, but a couple of months ago Janne got in contact thanks to Facebook and I am now slowly catching up on Janne's activities in the 21st Century, as well as filling gaps in my Verdura Records collection. Expect more Janne Martinkauppi sounds on MuhMur Radio in the coming months.
Verdura records catalogue can be bought here :

How much longer will it be before Dale Cornish is the poet laureate? It could happen ... Harbinger Sound have had records in the Top 20 album charts .. anything can happen. Dale has just released the infectious album "Thug Ambient" on his own Vanity Publishing label. On this programme I play one of his more 'experimental' pieces' from the album. Contact Dale here:

The short Neil Campbell piece is from the download only album "In Plague Boudoir" available via the Neil Campbell Bandcamp site.
It's one of those 'name your price' downloads and highly recommended.

The oeuvre of Duncan Harrison is quite remarkable, from his days (over ten years now) with Plurals through his collaborations with artists such as BBBlood, Ute Wassermann, Dylan Nyoukis and Aidan Baker (to name just a few) and as a solo artist and vegan chef at various eateries in Brighton. Releasing on labels such as Index Clean, Research Laboratories, RRRecords, Sound Holes and Chocolate Monk (to name just a few). His latest release is the highly listenable "Music From Amplified Flexible Discs" a cassette on the (new to me) Cardboard Club label.
Don Mandarin (like Duncan Harrison) also has released via the label Research Laboratories. "Cape Town" is from the new CDR "Take Me To Cape Town (Mary Visits Elisabeth)". Don Mandarin is at the alias for Bristol based musician Richard Beale. Richard was in the 1980's Pop-Rock band Head and 1990's Trip-Hop band Receiver.

FRKSE are a mysterious one man project from the West Coast of America. I remember chancing upon the 2012 cassette release "Scholar Drugs" on its' release and have been tracking down their/his/her releases since. I recently grabbed this 7"EP from the bargain bins of the Internet. "Denigration Rapture" on Iron Lung Records. It's a problem with limited USA releases, trying to pick them up from UK or European sellers to save on the ridiculous UK-US postage terms. If any UK based folk are reading this and have some FRKSE they would like to pass on ... please get in touch.

Since its release a few months ago the new MNEM LP "Elyktrion" has not been far from the turntable at MuhMur HQ. "Peripheral Intervention" is from the album.

                                                                      Mykel Boyd.

"Fever Dream Three" is the new CDEP from Illinois based conceptual and sound artist Mykel Boyd. Mykel also operates the label Somnimage Records. Visit:

Arv & Miljō should be no strangers to the MuhMur Radio listener. Their (I say they - in fact Arv & Miljō is the solo project of Heinz Hopf and Neutral member Matthias Andersson) new release is the cassette "Raelianerna". A C20 based around close encounters of the third and fourth kind.

Matthias also operates the I Dischi Del Barone and Fōrdämning Arkiv labels. He can be contacted here: Like the sound of Matthias Andersson the sound of John Duncan is often heard on MuhMur Radio. The track here is from the single sided LP "MMXX-02". It was recorded at EMS Studio 3 in Stockholm in 2019.

Copies of this record can be found here:

Thanks for listening, a link to the broadcast is here :

01: Hinageshi Bondage : "Villto" (Nihil Market) 2001.
02: Dale Cornish : "A Better Dancer" (Vanity Publishing) 2020.
03: Neil Campbell : "In Plague Boudoir" (Not On Label-Self Released) 2020.
04: Duncan Harrison : "Music From Amplified Flexible Discs" (Side B) (Cardboard Club) 2020.
05: Don Mandarin : "Cape Town" (Research Laboratories) 2020.
06: FRKSE : "Burn First Then An Affront" (Iron Lung Records) 2018.
07: MNEM : "Peripheral Intervention" (Verlautbarung) 2020.
08: Current 93 : "If A Star Turns To Ashes" (Side A) (The Spheres) 2020.
09: Mykel Boyd : "Fever Dream Three" (Somnimage) 2020.
10: Arv & Miljō : "Raelianerna" (Side A) (Not On label-Self Released) 2020.
11: John Duncan : "Panic @ 11000 Feet" (Matière Mémoire) 2020.

The next broadcast will be on July 23 - it's pre-recorded so I can say that it will have included in the "On This Day" feature sounds from The Stranglers and Blancmange. It'll be a 9pm (GMT) kick off and available on FM if you're in the Totnes area of Devon and streamed live via the SoundArt radio web page. 

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 26 November 2020 (Drekka Special).

Drekka is the solo project of sound artist / visual artist and musician Michael Anderson. Michael began in 1996 experimenting with noise and...