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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 29 March 2018.

The great thing about British Summer Time is the lighter nights ... the later days, it means that I can walk along the River Dart for 2 miles from Totnes to the SoundArt Radio studios at Darlington Hall. A great walk to let the mind wander free and think about all those things I am going to say during the broadcast and then never do. Hot DJ chat that never makes it to air!

This broadcast features new sounds from German project Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg. D v. E-D is the work of Hamburg based artist / film-maker / politician Uli Rehberg. Before beginning this project Uli operated the Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien label releasing the likes of Throbbing Gristle, Laibach, The Hafler Trio and S.P.K. In 1986 Uli began the Werkbund project, a project surrounded in mystery and anonymity. in 1989 Abraum was set up as a label to release the works of Werkbund and associated artist Mechthild Von Leusch.

Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg began releasing in the late 1990's. I first came across his work via the singles released on the Bremen based label Die Stadt, then the collaborative releases with Column One. For MuhMur Radio Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg has submitted seven short pieces subtitled "Moviesoundtracks (of course) For Undone Movies". Each came with the name DDBE although I think this was just for filing purposes. I have listed them under their filed name. (If this makes sense), and play them in the order they were sent. Also included are tracks from compilation albums, collaborative work with Thorsten Soltau and a piece from the split 2x7" (with Asmus Tietchens, Thomas Köner and Illusion Of Safety) on Die Stadt.

                                           D v. E-D at the screening of 'Victory Of Reason'.

In 2015 Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg formed the Neo-Communist party KED. The party made the film "Victory Of Reason". A trailer for the film is available via YouTube. The film references Leifenstahl's 'Victory Of Belief' as well as Hegel's hypothesis that world history repeats itself as a 'lousy farce'.

So, also in the broadcast are tracks by Throbbing Gristle, S.P.K. and Laibach. Throbbing Gristle's "Journey Through A Body" was the first release on Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien in 1983. It is a recording of Throbbing Gristle's last studio recordings for an Italian radio station. S.P.K.'s "Auto Da-Fe" is a collection of their first 3 singles and three new pieces released (also) in 1983. The Laibach release is called "Rekapitulacija 1980-1984". Originally released in 1985 as a double LP I have the CD edition of 1989.

Also in the broadcast; Modelbau and two tracks from the recent "Xerox" album. This LP is limited to 25, another limited edition release is the Wagner Ödegärd 12" lathe cut "Skugg-Hasse" on Nazio Records. This is limited to 30 copies. The Modelbau LP is still available from the label here :
The Colin Potter track comes from the brilliant "The Abominable Slowman" LP, more of which in the coming broadcasts! The Crass track is the single sided 7" flexidisc that came free with the fanzine "Toxic Graffity" and was release 'On This Day' in 1980.

Please take a listen (Copy & Paste) :

01: Murray Royston-Ward : "Images In Hair" (The House Organ) 2018.
02: Modelbau : "X Marks The Spot" (Des Astres D'Or) 2018.
03: Modelbau : "Xelem" (Des Astres D'Or) 2018.
04: Wagner Ödegärd : "Skugg-Hasse" (Nazio Records) 2018.
05: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "Die Pickelbacke Des Kleinen Fritz" (Ironflame) 2008.
06: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "DDBE_Min 210" (Not On Label) 2018*.
07: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "DDBE_Min 213" (Not On Label) 2018*.
08: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "DDBE_Min 217" (Not On Label) 2018*.
09: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "Die Morgengnattel Des Kleinen Fritz" (Die Stadt) 2001.
10: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "Die Mietfussmatte Des Kleinen Fritz" (90% Wasser) 2005.
11: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "DDBE_Min 220" (Not On Label) 2018*.
12: Column One : "Electric Bones" (90% Wasser) 2001.
13: Werkbund : "Stahlhof" (Abraum) 2000.
14: Throbbing Gristle : "Catholick Sex (For Paula)" (Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) 1983.
15: Thorsten Soltau & Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "Wade" (Morbus Gravis/m.m.) 2016.
16: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "DDBE_Min 221" (Not On Label) 2018*.
17: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "DDBE_Min 222" (Not On Label) 2018*.
18: S.P.K. : "Walking On Dead Steps" (Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) 1983.
19: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "DDBE_Min 226" (Not On Label) 2018*.
20: Laibach : "Sila" (Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) 1989.
21: Crass : "Rival Tribal Rebel Revel" (Crass Records) 1980.
22: Colin Potter : "Not Yeti" (Abstrakce Records) 2017.
23: Psychic TV : "Godstar (California Mix)" (Temple Records) 1985.
                         (all tracks marked * are exclusive for MuhMur Radio).

Next programme will be on April 12. Same time, same channel and more than likely same T-Shirt. Thanks as ever to Dave...without whom ... and Uli for the special sounds!

Sunday, 18 March 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 15 March 2018.

Back in the studio after a month away. "After The Snow" ... if only I had thought to open the programme with the Modern English classic ... ah well, hindsight is a wonderful thing. I suppose I could have chosen "Snow" by The Mekons, but I played that a few months back and as regular listeners know I don't like playing the same song twice. (Regular listeners ... who am I kidding?).
Time spent off air I was tidying up the CD's and CDR's at MuhMur HQ and I came across a pile of CDRs made for me by Mark Wharton. Mark being the guy behind the Idwal Fisher blog + Just Glittering fanzine. ( Back in the 1990's I used to exchange home built compilation tapes with Mark and at the turn of the century we both moved into CDR territory.  It's what folk at BBCRadio 6Music call 'Mixtapes' as if they'd invented it. So I sat and listened to these compilations for the first time in 10 / 15 years and a lot of what is on there is in this broadcast. Tunes by projects I know nothing about like Spacebox to classic German underground and the likes of Neu!, Einsturzende Neubauten and D.A.F. The William Basinski piece also comes from the pile.

Released in January on the Miami (Florida) based label 'Noir Age', the two pieces by Les Horribles Travailleurs and Mechanical Ape come from the cassette tape "Collaborative Soundworks". It is still available from the label.
The Crispy Ambulance track is from their debut album "The Plateau Phase". The album was released on March 1 1982 by Factory Benelux and would have been in the broadcast that was cancelled because of the snow. It fits in beautifully after the Psychic TV track. Representing the "On This Day" section here are Blancmange with the "I've Seen The Word" 7" and the 1979 classic album "Live At The Witch Trials".

The tracks by D.A.F., Pyrolator and Fehlfarben are from the compilation "Verschwende Deine Jugend (Punk Und New Wave In Deutschland 1977-1983)" on the Universal label and still available via Discogs. Highly recommended and keeping with the Deutsche theme are the Diagram Brothers (From Manchester) and their German version of "Right Git". A bizarre single, I didn't know the Diagram Brothers had a big German fanbase.

Please take a listen here (Copy & Paste):

01: Spacebox : "Dapp-Da" (Up Art Productions) 1983.
02: William Basinski : "Evening Scars" (2062) 2007.
03: Les Horribles Travailleurs/Mechanical Ape : "Outside With Borders" (Noir Age) 2018.
04: Les Horribles Travailleurs/Mechanical Ape : "With Fallen Dew" (Noir Age) 2018.
05: Psychic TV : "Thee Shadow Creatures" (Cold Spring Records) 2018.
06: Crispy Ambulance : "Chill" (Factory Benelux) 1982.
07: Neu! : "Für Immer" (Phillips) 1973.
08: Blancmange : "I've Seen The Word" (London Records) 1982.
09: Einsturzende Neubauten : "Kollaps" (ZickZack) 1981.
10: D.A.F. : "Ich Und Dich Wirklichkeit" (Universal) 2002.
11: D.A.F. : "Kebabträume" (Universal) 2002.
12: Der Plan : "Meine Freunde" (Les Diseuse Du Crépuscule) 1980.
13: Pyrolator : "It Always Rains In Wuppertal" (Universal) 2002.
14: Fehlfarben : "Apocalypse (Ernstfall)" (Universal) 2002.
15: The Diagram Brothers : "Right Git (German Version)" (Outatune) 1982.
16: Die Neue Prächtigkeit : "Ūberzeugen" (Rondo) 1980.
17: General Strike : "My Body" (Canal) 1979.
18: Repetition : "The Body Cries" (Les Disques Du Crépuscule) 1981.
19: The Fall : "Futures And Pasts" (Step Forward Records) 1979.
20: The Fall : "Music Scene" (Step Forward Records) 1979.

The next broadcast will be on March 29. 20:00 GMT on SoundArt Radio 102.5FM in the South Hams district of Devon or listen to live stream via the SoundArt Radio website:
Big thanks go to Tony Whitehead for getting me to the studio on time, I was stranded on Newton Abbot train station with trains being delayed and cancelled (After The Snow comes The Flood and Devon gets isolated!). Tony also managed to pre-record his "Radio Warblers" programme whilst I was broadcasting ... multimedia studios!

                                                                  Tony Whitehead.

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 04 July 2019.

A few weeks ago I was listening to the rather excellent broadcast The Institute Of Spectra-Sonic Sound which comes out of Eugene Oregon a...