Monday, 18 October 2021

Intrusive Signals


A few months ago a copy of the magazine "Intrusive Signals #1" landed at MuhMur HQ. The magazine was put together by Andrew Fletcher. "Intrusive Signals" is a title taking over from "Snare Rush", a magazine that Andrew produced for seven issues. A little like when "Just Glittering" changed its' name to "Idwal Fisher".  With the magazine came a request for a Dieter Müh interview, or some contribution to #2.  Over the past couple of years or so I have done quite a few interviews, the last being for Richard Johnson's  revamped "Adverse Effect" magazine and Thanasis (of Electric Knife Records) printed a rather fine overview of Dieter Müh in his "Oblique Tapestry" magazine. Dave Goodchild of the Exeter Cavern has also interviewed me for his occasionally printed fanzine "Notes From The Post Punk Underground". With the latter two of these publications being (Devon) local I was a little reticent to do yet another Müh piece and besides I haven't really done much (as Dieter Müh) since the Swiss/German tour in December 2018 - the one with BºTong & Grodock. 

During this pandemic Andrew has moved from Oxford to a small market town called Bovey Tracy in South Devon. Bovey Tracy is about ten miles from MuhMur HQ and also known as "The Gateway To the Moors" (Dartmoor that is). On his move to the Deep South he got in contact with Thanasis who pointed him in the direction of SoundArt Radio, a community radio station in Dartington broadcasting from the Dartington Hall Estate. Andrew now broadcasts "The Tump Clump", a monthly hour long programme built of noises, pulses, rhythms and home-made electronics. 

I wanted to get involved with issue #2 so I offered to write a piece on MuhMur Radio, the reasons, the whys and the wherefores. I also offered my services as a reviewer, to say a few words about what has excited me, intrigued me and made me dance over the last few days, but Andrew moved at such a fast pace I never got around to the reviewing ... I also didn't quite finish the MuhMur Radio piece .. but I think I got away with it. 

Issue #2 features interviews with Canadian artist Moss Harvest. A great interview that has made me want to hear his sounds .. Blackcloudsummer and Neuro ... No Neuro. There's a piece on HREA'M's 'Music For Mental Health' project, poetry by Plague Arish and a diary (by Andrew) of the "Radical Chip Party" that took place on the  Dartington Hall Estate over the summer. There's random artwork and photography in the pages too. 

Each copy (seems to) come(s) with a free download of Andrews' new release. A split 3" CDR of Lee Riley and Soloman Tump. For the past year or so Andrew has been recording and releasing under the pseudonym of Soloman Tump. Experimental free-form crunching entropic electronics. Lee Riley is a guitarist who has released split albums (in the past) with Stuart Chalmers, Timothy C Holehouse and Robert Ridley-Shackleton on a variety of UK DIY labels. 

A physical copy of the split is available : Limited to only 30 copies. Intrusive Signals #2 can be got from here : for only £4 plus postage.

The Tump Clump can be listened to here :

Friday, 15 October 2021

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 14 October 2021


Over the past 18 years the Finnish label Hyster Tapes has been gathering quite a cannon. In 2003 they put out the cassette "Doin' It Dresden Style" by Dieter Müh (the title being a mashed up homage to two of my favourite bands, Slaughter & The Dogs and Swell Maps). The catalogue number is HYSTER 002, I don't think there was a 001. All Hyster Tapes releases come on 'recycled' tapes, rather like the RRRecords "Recycled Music" series of old and it's a tradition carried on now by Vacancy Recs of Canada. I mention this because Hyster Tapes have just put out a great cassette by Finnish artist / Berlin Resident Lost Snivel. In 2015 Hyster Tapes put out the split Lost Snivel / Tietokoneduo J&J release but the sounds didn't really grab these ears and I thought nothing more of these artists, but now "Further Down The Spora" by Lost Snivel is never far from the tape player. 

I managed to chat with the main protagonist, the head Sniveller so to speak about the release. Side A (which is what starts the broadcast) is a collection of pieces spanning around ten years.
"Once I made a track that had an industrial sounding part, like Nine Inch Nails.... And I came up with a pun on the remix album of 'The Downward Spiral', 'Further Down The Spiral'. I called mine 'Further Down The Spora', since Spora is Helsinki slang for a tram". So the cover was for me an attempt to deliver the essentials of a drunken person in a tram, whose objective was perhaps to make it to the next exit and get off to have another beer from their bag. The associations are rather Finnish ... including the shopping bag". 

Before Lost Snivel there was RST, a collaboration with Grey Park member Heikke. They put out a cassette on Totes Format called "Haikus" before resorting to the project name RNP No.2, but neither of them can remember why. Both RST and RNP No.2 appear on Hyster Tapes compilations. 

"I don't really do that much music, but once in a while I get this impulse ... like bzzz, OK .. I'm going to make a track. And I take whatever I have around to make it. It's mostly embarrassing, but sometimes I like it enough to send to people or to play live ........ Last year I moved to a flat above an empty flat. Last spring I heard some shouting from our yard and looked out the window to see someone pushing out a mattress. Poof. Once the mattress was there out came the furniture .. softly breaking apart on the mattress. I was just taking my trash out and I noticed a keyboard against the wall. 'You guy's throwing all this out?' 'Yeah'. 'Mind if I take something?' 'Go ahead' .... hence "Dead Man's Synth". 

Releases by the likes of Re:Clip, Varropas, A Handful Of Dust, D.D. Dobson, Sick Days, Grey Park and of course Lost Snivel can be found here : Tapes are (as a rule) only 2€ plus postage and Hyster Tapes have a great distribution list too. 

The Skull Defekts track is another from the excellent Fang Bomb CD compilation "Gothenburg 08". In the last broadcast I played the short version of Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words song "Faceless Erases Every Trace Of Humanity", here I play the nineteen minute version. 

The long version appears on the eponymously titled cassette released by When Skies are Grey. It's a limited edition of 49 copies that were only available at the Norberg festival on July 25th 2008. When Skies Are Grey have a great and informative website : Copies of "Gothenburg 08" can be found at Fang Bomb.

An extensive "On This Day" section spreading over five years of great releases. 
I have done a few interviews in the past where I have been asked 'what my favourite album is'. Nine times out of ten I answer "Ha! Ha! Ha!" by Ultravox! It was my big sister Julie that turned me on to Ultravox! She went to see them live in 1976 at Lincoln Tech College (could have been Bishop Grosseteste College, but I'm sure it was the Tech Coll). She bought the first album, she had a huge AO poster for the LP (jealous). By the time "Ha! Ha! Ha!" came out (October 14 1977) Ultravox! were my band. I didn't get to see them live until the following year on the "Systems Of Romance" tour. I used to have an AO poster for that album! Back in those days I was one of those kids who would go in the dressing room afterwards for a chat and try and grab something off the rider*, so I got to chat with John Foxx and Chris Cross. It was at Lincoln AJ's where Chris taught me how to open a bottle of Holsten Pils without the aid of a bottle opener.  I was 15. 
* This is how I have arm wrestled with Esso Manic (The Lurkers) and seen Jenny Darren in her underwear. 

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" has been re-issued a few times and available on vinyl and CD quite easily. Try Discogs. I like The Damned "Music For Pleasure" album, it's their difficult second album. The one where they're a five-piece with the addition of Lu Edmunds on guitar. The album that is produced by the Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason. "Problem Child" was the first single from the album released in 1977. Lu Edmunds didn't last long in The Damned ... I think they split soon after the LP was released with Brian James forming Tanz Der Youth and Dave Vanian going to sing with the Doctors Of Madness. (There's no research here .. this is from memory so may be wrongish)! Rat Scabies formed The White Cats and a few months later when they did reform they called themselves The Doomed. Anyhow ... it's a great single. Lu Edmunds went on to form The Edge before joining bands as diverse as Jane Are & The Belvederes, 3 Mustaphas 3, Shriekback, The Mekons and Public Image Limited. Also released on this day back in 1981 was "Alternative Hits", a compilation of singles and album tracks by Chelsea. "Urban Kids" was released as a 7" single in August 1978 on Step Forward Records. ATV members Mark Perry and Alex Fergusson wrote the lyrics. It comes as no surprise that Chelsea are still recording and gigging. I saw them in December 1978 at Lincoln Technical College (it was a great venue) supporting The Adverts. To take a trip down memory lane go to

"Life During Wartime" is one of the singles pulled from Talking Heads' "Fear Of Music" album. Also on this day in 1981 the Slits released their second album "Return Of the Giant Slits". A slight departure from the "Cut" LP with Steve Beresford and The Pop Group's Bruce Smith contributing, it took me quite a time to get in to this album ... "Difficult Fun" is from this LP. 

Ending the 'On This Day' section is the B-Side to "This Sporting Life" by The Mekons. In my mind the last great Mekons single. "Frustration" fits in to The Mekons second album style and the "Snow" / "Another One" single. I think there was a major line-up change in 1982. (Again, no research here). "Never Been In A Riot" was recorded in Wuppertal in 1980. 

Max Julian Eastman is the main operator of US label Tribe Tapes, Active since 2019 I became aware of their existence earlier this year when they put out the cassette "Prey" by Modelbau and since then have bought releases by Howard Stelzer, Tantric Death, En Nihil and the Max Julian Eastman tape "Pygmalion Styled & Out Of Vogue". Tribe Tapes are based in North Carolina and have releases by Gen Ken Montgomery, Dave Phillips, Dog As Master, K2 and Territorial Gobbing amongst others. Check them out : "Out Of Vogue" is available here.

A busy last few months for Mark Vernon with the release of two great albums, "Magneto Mori : Vienna" a CD on Canti Magnetici and "Sonograph Sound Effects Series Volume 2 : Public And Domestic Plumbing And Sanitation". A vinyl LP on the Calling Cards Publishing imprint. It's an album of recordings of plughole, washing machine draining pipes and toilet cisterns all in various locations. A fascinating piece of art. It should be filed alongside the MuhMur Radio favourite "Cattle Grids Of Dartmoor" by John Levack Drever. The two Vernon tracks here are from the 'sound effects' LP. Calling Cards Publishing are contactable here :

"Hairy FM" by Mark Dicker is from last years cassette album "Carrier Waves". Copies are still available from the label here : The pre-Trepaneringsritaulen project of Thomas Ekelund, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words end the broadcast with a piece from his album "Fall, Fall, Falling". It was recorded in 2005 and released on the Kalligrammofon label in 2007. I think the CD is sold out but reasonably priced copies are available via Discogs. (It's where I picked up mine from). 

Playlist :
01: Lost Snivel : "Intro" (Hyster Tapes) 2021.
02: Lost Snivel : "Further Down The Spora" (Hyster Tapes) 2021.
03: Lost Snivel : "Für Esa". (Hyster Tapes) 2021.
04: Lost Snivel : "Many" (Hyster Tapes) 2021.
05: Lost Snivel : "Squirrel Swirl" (Hyster Tapes) 2021.
06: Lost Snivel : "Dead Man's Synth" (Hyster Tapes) 2021.
07: The Skull Defekts : "Invocation Of Brother Rune Linblad" (Fang Bomb) 2008.
08: Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words : "Facelessness Erases Every Trace Of Humanity" (When Skies Are Grey) 2008.
09: Ultravox! : "The Man Who Dies Every Day" (Island Records) 1977.
10: Ultravox! : "Artificial Life" (Island Records) 1977.
11: Ultravox! : "RockWrok" (Island Records) 1977.
12: The Damned : "Problem Child" (Stiff Records) 1977.
13: Chelsea : "Urban Kids" (Step Forward Records) 1981.
14: Talking Heads : "Life During Wartime" (Sire Records) 1979.
15: Slits : "Difficult Fun" (CBS Records) 1981.
16: The Mekons : "Frustration" (Pure Freunde) 1981.
17: The Mekons : "Never Been In A Riot (Live)" (Pure Freunde) 1981.
18: Max Julian Eastman : "Out Of Vogue" (Tribe Tapes) 2021.
19: Mark Vernon : "Kitchen Sink Plughole During Washing Machine Cycle" (Calling Cards Publishing) 2021.
20: Mark Vernon : "Wet Room Drain" (Calling Cards Publishing) 2021.
21: Mark Dicker : "Hairy FM" (Hominid Sounds) 2020.
22: Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words : "I Could've Sworn I Heard Them Sing" (Kalligrammofon) 2007. 

Saturday, 2 October 2021

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 30 September 2021.


Tape letters straight from the heart to misquote Ketty Lester. I guess it was an 80's thing, the tape letter. I used to make them for and receive them from a friend who lived in Austin, Texas. I used to mail him John Peel Sessions and talk in-between and in return he'd send tapes with rare stuff by the likes of The Residents and NKVD or Soviet France and interviews with John Duncan and Paul McCarthy. Fair exchange no robbery there ... Duncan Harrison's label AdHuman have just released a cassette of Emil Beaulieau's unique noise featuring a couple of 'private' live performances that were recorded for an (unrealised) compilation being put together by Frans de Waard. Whilst hunting for other stuff Frans discovered a cassette marked "Franz From Emil", a tape letter from Emil. (aka Ron Lessard of RRRecords). The letter, now edited and digitised (by Frans) takes up Side 2 of this great cassette. Grab a copy from : I think you have to request if you want a cassette version. 

I Love Emil ... I Miss Emil .... I Need Emil ... America's greatest living noise artist. 

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project offer songs of enhanced delay and faked resurrection. Active since the mid 1980's they have been releasing album after album of great sounds. They / He are no strangers to the MuhMur Radio playlist. September 2021 and FAMP release "Zombi Traditions (37 Years)" on their own Afterdays Media label. This album uses sounds from films 'about fake corpses' used in the earliest recordings by Fossil Aerosol Mining Project. Sound sources found on a section from an old film trailer in an abandoned drive-in film theatre, the first FAMP album had the topic "If You Loved Dawn Of The Dead", released on iTunes only .. it has since been deleted from distribution. 

"During all of this reanimated revisionism, certain tracks were left behind while others merited remastering or even remixing. So during lockdown last year, that's what we did. We addressed the entire zombie back catalogue, culling from it what we thought was the strongest and most representative material, remixing or remastering just about everything and at the same time pulling in the missing pieces.  The result is a 15 song collection of synthetic resurrections from the Reagan Era - our desert island selection of fake dead bodies and the worlds created for them."

More information on the great Fossil Aerosol Mining Project and their releases can be found here : Expect to hear more from this album on upcoming broadcasts. 

Back on a Frans de Waard tip. The two pieces played here (and seriously, I might have got the titles mixed up a bit) are from the new cassette album "April Shower" on the German Grisaille label. Limited to 38 copies on cassette now sadly sold out from source, digital copies are available direct from here : Two tracks from the new Howard Stelzer feature on this broadcast. Both pieces are from "Shaking Off The Metaphors (Suburban Observances Volume One)", a CDR on Chocolate Monk. It now appears that there are going to be many volumes of 'Suburban Observances' released as the next two volumes are on Tribe Tapes and Humanhood Recordings. 

"On This Day" features two very important records. "Sandpaper Lullaby" by The Virgin Prunes (God Bless The Virgin Prunes .. as David Fanning once said). Released in 1981 this 7" was the first in a series of releases called "A New Form Of Beauty". The series featured releases on 7", 10", 12", VHS Tape and cassette. 12 months after releasing their debut LP Dome put out "Dome 3". Experimentations by Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis (from Wire) recorded with John Fryer and Eric Radcliffe at Blackwing Studios in London. "Dasz" features the voice of Angela Conway. 

Fang Bomb are a label from Gothenburg based in London. The first releases in 2006 were from Wolf Eyes, The Skull Defekts, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words and Martin Birgersson. In 2008 they released the compilation album "Gothenburg 08", this album was a follow up (of sorts) to the compilation "Gothenburg 84" released by Radium 226.05. "A similar idea but in a different era" is what Fang Bomb boss Petter Ottosson calls it. Swedish experimentalists Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander appear on both albums. Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words "Facelessness Erases Every Trace Of Humanity" is from this compilation. DLSODW is a pre-Trepaneringsritualen project by Thomas Ekelund. In 2014 Fang Bomb released the second solo album by Paul Baran called "The Other", a follow up to the 2009 album "Panoptic".

Paul is half of the Glaswegian experimentalists The Cray Twins. (Alongside Gordon Kennedy). A new Paul Baran release on Fang Bomb will be out later this year. Sons Of Viljems are another duo, this time from London. They are Nejc Haberman and Andrea Giommi (formerly of The Emerald Leaves and Edible Woman). "Jelena" is their first vinyl release and features a guest appearance by film composer Filip Sijanec. All Fang Bomb releases can be found here :

Words cannot express the sadness I felt when I read of the passing of Richard H. Kirk. Cabaret Voltaire are a large part of my life. Doors were opened back in 1978 c/o Richard. I remain indebted. 

No strangers to the MuhMur Radio playlist Neutral have a new vinyl album out on Happiest Place. The album is a re-release of a 2017 ultra-limited cassette, the first ever release on Happiest Place. "Live På Autodiktat" was recorded live in Växjö (Sweden) in November 2016.

The album and other Happiest Place releases can be grabbed from here :
Browning Mummery are an Australian industrial band formed in 1983 by Andrew Lonsdale and John Jacobs. It is only natural that John Murphy would also be involved (Australian / industrial / experimental music) and on the 40th anniversary of the John Murphy "Krang Music" cassette on Coded Information Systems the Australian label Novichok have put out a limited 7" featuring Krang and Browning Mummery. "Lament For Comrade Time" features the line-up of Andrew Lonsdale, Rob Cummings, Annie Stubbs and Julian Percy (of Last Dominion Lost). Murphy collaborator Jon Evans assisted in the production. for more information.

I am still playing the "Lucy & Aaron" album .... 
The broadcast can be found here : . Next broadcast is on October 14. SoundArt Radio 102.5 FM if you're down in Devon or stream it here : 20:00 GMT kick off time (as usual). 

Playlist :
01: Emil Beaulieau : "Franz From Emil" (AdHuman) 2021.
02: Fossil Aerosol Mining Project : "Damaged Years Ago (2020 Mix)" (Afterdays Media) 2021.
03: Modelbau : "0406543" (Grisaille) 2021.
04: Modelbau : "0416504" (Grisaille) 2021.
05: Howard Stelzer : "Sayanora Baby" (Chocolate Monk) 2021.
06: Virgin Prunes : "Sandpaper Lullaby" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.
07: Dome : "Dasz" (Dome Records) 1981.
08: Dome : "Roos-An" (Dome Records) 1981.
09: Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words : "Facelessness Erases Every Trace Of Humanity" (Fang Bomb) 2008.
10: Paul Baran : "Britonia" (Fang Bomb) 2014.
11: Sons Of Viljems (ft Filip Sijanec) : "Jelena" (Fang Bomb) 2021.
12: Cabaret Voltaire : "Capsules" (Rough Trade Records) 1979.
13: Cabaret Voltaire : "Jazz The Glass" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.
14: Cabaret Voltaire : "Silent Command" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.
15: Neutral : "Intro" (Happiest Place) 2021.
16: Neutral : "Du" (Happiest Place) 2021.
17: Browning Mummery : "Lament For Comrade Time" (Novichok) 2021.
18: Howard Stelzer : "Pine Tree And Shooting Star" (Chocolate Monk) 2021.
19: Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt : "Yodeling Slits" (Hanson Records) 2021. 

Comments always welcomed ... 

Saturday, 18 September 2021

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 16 September 2021


This evening's broadcast is very Dilloway-centric. 

In July this year Hanson Records released the album "Lucy & Aaron" by Aaron Dilloway and Lucrecia Dalt. I managed to get a physical copy late August and I've been playing it on a daily basis since. I knew the name Lucrecia Dalt because last year Hanson Records released a "tour" edition of her 2013 album "Syzygy" on cassette for her European tour. I never managed to get a copy (limited to 75 I think), but if any one out there has a copy they're willing to part with then please get in touch. Lucrecia Dalt is a Colombian born pop singer resident in Berlin. She has previously released under the name Lucrecia and her 'real' name María Lucrecia Pérez López. As always when I start playing Aaron's albums I always want to hear more so at the same time as "Aaron & Lucy" I (re) discovered the 2005 album "Rotting Nepal". Released as a CDR on Hanson Records, I play side 2 of the vinyl version on Blossoming Noise. Hanson's Bandcamp is always worth a visit : For London folk Lucrecia plays live at the Cafe OTO on October 5th. 

The sounds of Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg are quite regular on MuhMur Radio. Hot on the heels of his "Klein : Rot" LP that came out on the Hamburg label V I S in April this year comes "Weisheit Aus Des Kindes Mund Tut Uns Stets Die Wahrheit Hund". The title translates as "Wisdom From The Child's Mouth Always Tells Us The Truth". The album is on the Australian label A Colourful Storm. Available here :

"On This Day" features the 1981 12" single "Temperature Drop / Cool Down" by Stephen Mallinder. Stephen Mallinder was the bass player / vocalist with Cabaret Voltaire. This was released around the time that Cabaret Voltaire were just about to released the seminal "2x45" album. There are similarities. In 1982 Stephen released the album "Pow Wow" (also on Fetish Records) that features members of Last Few Days. 

Alvars Orkester are the Swedish duo Joachim Nordwall and Jan Svensson. They began their own label Börft label back in 1987 with the cassette Raggarslakt by Frak. The pieces here are from the new album "Deck Brush". The album is a collection of recordings from 1991 and 1992. I bought my copy direct from Börft. The Muckrackers track is from the 7" La Vie Set A Nous" on LFA. It's a split single with Le Syndicat and comes with a bonus 3" four track CDR. 

                                                                        Alvars Orkester

                                                                              De Tian

De Tian were formed in Sheffield in 1978. In 1978 there was a 'Sheffield Scene', everyone seemed to be in a band at the time. There was a great mixture of post-punk, new wave, electronic, avant-garde and improvisational and undefinable bands and artists. (I would like to say that 'I was there', but I was about 40 miles east ... but I did do day trips). De Tian (or de tian ... it was always all lower case) were Paul Shaft, Paul Hague. There one and only release at the time was the 1980 7" EP "Two Spires Split" released on their own Oblique Sound imprint. The EP was to be released on the Sheffield independent Limited Editions label but never happened. Last year De Tian reformed with former Naked Pygmy Voles / Bass Tone Trap saxophonist Martin Archer and released the album "Transcritome" on Archer's own Discus label. I have played tracks from the album in past programmes. For more information on De Tian go to :

Ediie Maelov + Sunshine Patteson were members of Gloria Mundi. "Lines" was their first single. The Severed Heads track is from the "Since The Accident" LP and the English Subtitles track is from their debut EP on Small Wonder Records. * Following on from the Dilloway & Dalt track "Tunnel" I thought it appropriate to play my DJ Card and follow it with "Time Tunnel".

Juice Machine are a live improvisational duo from Eugene, Oregon. The track here is from the split cassette with Path To Lobster Believers called "Weak Passwords". It was released on the now defunct Rainbow Bridge label. Juice Machine can be contacted at :

Playlist :
01: Aaron Dilloway : "Rotting Nepal #5" (Blossoming Noise) 2006.
02: Aaron Dilloway : "Rotting Nepal #6" (Blossoming Noise) 2006.
03: Aaron Dilloway : "Rotting Nepal #7" (Blossoming Noise) 2006.
04: Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt : "Bordéandola" (Hanson Records) 2021.
05: Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt : "Trueno" (Hanson Records) 2021.
06: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "An Die Hohe Nacht" (A Colourful Storm) 2021.
07: Stepehen Mallinder : "Temperature Drop" (Fetish Records) 1981.
08: Alvars Orkester : "Collecting Old Telephones" (UFO Mongo/Ideal Records) 2021.
09: Alvars Orkester : "Holding Breath" (UFO Mongo/Ideal Records) 2021.
10: Muckrackers : "En Avant" (LFA) 2011.
11: Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt : "Both Blue Moons" (Hanson Records) 2021.
12: Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt : "Niles Baroque" (Hanson Records) 2021.
13: Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt : "Voyria" (Hanson Records) 2021.
14: De Tian : "The Bakhtiari" (Oblique Sound) 1980.
15: Eddie Maelov + Sunshine Patteson : "Lines" (Human Records) 1981.
16: Severed Heads : "Godsong" (Ink Records) 1983.
17: Stephen Mallinder : "Cool Down" (Fetish Records) 1981.
18: Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt : "Ojazo" (Hanson Records) 2021.
19: Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt : "The Tunnel" (Hanson Records) 2021.
20: English Subtitles : "Time Tunnel" (Small Wonder Records) 1979.
21: The Vibrators : "Flying Duck Theory" (Anagram Records) 2017.
22: Juice Machine : "Aglow With Brilliant Light" (Rainbow Bridge) 2014. 

Please take a listen here :

Next broadcast is on September 30. 20:00 GMT, as always and will feature some sounds from Emil Beaulieau, Modelbau, Neutral and Browning Mummery (amongst others) as well as featuring Virgin Prunes, Dome and Last Few Days in an "on this day" section. 

Saturday, 4 September 2021

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 2 September 2021.


The programme begins with a piece from the 2020 cassette release "Still Awake" by Karen Constance. Released on Beartown Records the cassette may be an accompaniment to the cassette "Still Asleep" released on the  More Mars Team label earlier in 2020. Karen, along with her partner Dylan Nyoukis operate the Chocolate Monk label. The first time I came across Karen's work was back in the 1990's when she was one half of the noise duo Prick Decay and releases on Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers and Stinky Horse Fuck. Karen is now one half of the experimental noise duo Blood Stereo. Copies of "Still Awake" can be found at Beartown Records here :

Ten years ago I (as Dieter Müh) got involved in a release to promote 'Record Store Day', it was a compilation built of six cassettes entitled "You Are Playing' Like A Fuckin' Pub Band" and put out by Electric Knife Records aficionado Thanasis on his label The 7.17 From West Wittering Is Late Again. Back then I had never heard of Record Store Day (RSD) but was told it was releases only available on that day and only available from independently run record shops (not HMV, Our Price, Virgin Records etc ... the places where good music goes to die as I keep telling the children). The plan was to get folk in to record shops to buy independently made and released 'music'. Ten years later and RSD is now a promotional tool used by major labels and major record stores to push re-releases and re-issues of their old stock. Releases are (as a rule) available to pre-order on line months before the actual 'day'. (RSD). As a side effect major labels are clogging up the pressing factories with their orders to a level where the independent label wanting a small / limited run can't get their records released when they want to. It's all too familiar. Anyway ... the two pieces from S.R. Meixner and Band Of Pain are from the 10"EP "Priti Deceit". This is the third collaboration between these two artists following 7" singles on Outsider Records and Black Rose Recordings. Although being a RSD release the 10"EP is still available direct from the label (no record store needed).

Thomas LaRoche is a favourite of MuhMur Radio. His latest release is a split CDR with American noise artist Cody Bryant. Entitled "Pathological Demand Avoidance" it is on Thomas's own imprint Research Laboratories.
Schwerpunkt is the solo project of George Rayner-Law. George is / was a member of Manchester thrash band Elk Blood and Industrial rock band Werk. The three pieces here are from the cassette "The Lion Hunt" released on George's own label Brachliegen Tapes. It was Brachliegen Tapes that released the excellent Mark Dicker cassette "Flyalarm" earlier in the year. It's a label I am going to keep an ear out for. Parts of "The Lion Hunt" reminded me of the sound of Of Habit... so I play some .... 
Ice Yacht is Philip Sanderson, "Kicky Bang Bang" is the title track from his new album "Colour Buffer" on Snatch Tapes. Unfortunately it's only available as a download. Hopefully for his next release Philip will see the error of his ways.

"On This Day" in 198o French punk band Doctor Mix & The Remix released the 12"EP "Psychedelic Desert" on Celluloid Records. "In The Plastic Motel Bar At The Edge Of The Desert" is from this EP. Dr Mix were a trio comprising of ex members of Metal Urbain. Pat Lüger, Eric Débris and Charles Hurbier. The track I play is from the 2004 compilation "Wall Of Noise" CD,  a kind of greatest hits.

It was at this point of compiling a playlist, a radio broadcast, that the new album from Minny Pops came to MuhMur HQ. I love Minny Pops, always have since hearing their "Nervous" single on John Peel's show back in 1979. It's one of those records that has never left my possession (along with the Minny Pops "Live" EP released a year later). And now ... I have all their records, so the release of a new LP is like a ray of sunshine upon Hartop Towers. I was fortunate to see Minny Pops live. April 1981 they played Rock City in Nottingham. They were supporting New Order. New Order were / are (who knows) a band that I thought were OK but nothing special ... the singles up to "Blue Monday" are OK ... but I used to go and see New Order live whenever they were in the area because the support was always going to great - and fellow Factory Records artists. Crispy Ambulance, Section 25, The Wake etc. On this occasion the Minny Pops guitarist broke strings so Wally (the singer) told a story about how rough the sea crossing from Holland was and how tired they all were. The bass player and synth player joined in and created this fascinating improvisation. (The last time I witnessed anything like this happen was when the Skids bass player broke a string whilst supporting the Stranglers at Lincoln Drill Hall in 1978 and the rest of the band played a Mott The Hoople medley whilst a new string was found and strung). 
The new Minny Pops LP is called "Stockholm 1974", a nod towards Patty Hearst. Minny Pops are still Wally Van Middendorp on vocals giving them their distinctive sound but they have fleshed out in to a big band sound with John Barrett on drums, Lee McFadden on guitar, Terry Edwards on trumpets and sax and Graham Dowdall (aka 'Dids') on electronics. Graham was formerly with Eric Random and Ludus. The LP is on Psychofon Records. The final Minny Pops track is called "Stay Awake" and I used my DJ license and followed with "Stay Awake" by Glaxo Babies. 

EE Tapes of Belgium have just released a split CD (also available on cassette) by Hypnoskull and Machinery Directive. Hypnoskull is  the solo project of hardcore techno musician Patrick Stevens. Machinery Directive is the project of industrial noisician Sem Cappaert. Both releases are limited to 100 only. Get one here :

Take a listen to the broadcast :

Playlist :
01: Karen Constance : "Still Awake #3" (Beartown Records) 2020.
02: S.R. Meixner : "Deceit" (Dirter Promotions) 2021.
03: Kazuya Ishigami : "Recycling Memories 202105" (Neus-318) 2021.
04: Beequeen : "And So It Came To Pass" (Beta-Lactam Ring Records) 2004.
05: Thomas LaRoche : "Conditioned Response" (Research Laboratories) 2021.
06: Thomas LaRoche : "Even In November The Flies Want To Lay Eggs" (Research Laboratories) 2021.
07: Schwerpunkt : "Yamaha Dub" (Brachliegen Tapes) 2021.
08: Schwerpunkt : "Drumswell" (Brachliegen Tapes) 2021.
09: Schwerpunkt : "We Talk / I Talk" (Brachliegen Tapes) 2021.
10: Of Habit : "Cult Of Personality" (Index Clean) 2019.
11: Ice Yacht : "Kicky Bang Bang" (Snatch Tapes) 2021.
12: Doctor Mix & The Remix : "In The Plastic Motel Bar At The Edge Of The Desert" (Acute) 2004.
13: Minny Pops : "Mountain" (Factory Benelux) 1982.
14: Minny Pops : "Dad Dog" (Psychofon Records) 2021.
15: Minny Pops : "Patty" (Psychofon Records) 2021.
16: Minny Pops : "Tracking" (Factory Benelux) 1982.
17: Minny Pops : "Stay Awake" (Psychofon Records) 2021.
18: Glaxo Babies : "Stay Awake" (Heartbeat Records) 1980.
19: Band Of Pain : "Priti Vacunt" (Dirter Promotions) 2021.
20: Hypnoskull : "Beyrouth Hunt For Dead Terrorist (For Bryn Jones)" (EE Tapes) 2021.
21: Cabaret Voiltaire : "Haiti" (Virgin Records/Some Bizarre) 1983.
22: Machinery Directive : "God's Angry Man" (EE Tapes) 2021.

Next broadcast will be on September 16, SoundArt Radio 102.5 FM. 20:00 GMT kick off. 
There'll be tracks from the new Dilloway & Dalt collaboration LP as well as Alvars Orkester, Juice Machine, Muckrackers and an 'On This Day' from Stephen Mallinder.

Friday, 20 August 2021

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 19 August 2021.

 The programme starts with 4 pieces from Mark Dicker. All 4 pieces make up Side B of his new release "Flyalarm" on Brachliegen Tapes. Up until a few weeks ago Mark Dicker was completely unknown to me, but a recommendation from Thanasis at Electric Knife Records turned me on ... and now I am on the hunt for Mark Dicker releases. Research tells me that Mark begin this century playing keyboards and vocals for the Casio-Grindcore band Treacher before joining Doom Metal merchants Palehorse. Again, new names to me but I suppose Doom Metal and Grindcore aren't my 'sort of thing'. Mark also spent time in the Psychedelic Rock group Queen Of Swords (alongside John Macedo) and is also one half of the Drone Folk duo Time. Since 2014 Mark has been releasing under his own moniker. 

"Flyalarm" was recorded in a room above a church in Oslo, Norway earlier in the year. Collecting field recordings around the location, sounds from a Norwegian winter, Mark mixes the recordings with multi-layering modular synthesisers. 'Flyalarm' is released on the Brachliegen Tapes label. Brachliegen Tapes is run by George Rayner-Law in Deal (Kent). George also records and releases as Schwerpunkt, expect some Schwerpunkt in the next broadcast. "Flyalarm" is available direct from the label here : Another Mark Dicker cassette I found was the "Schwarzschild Radio" C30 put out by Beartown Records in May this year. Two fifteen minute pieces of modular synth work mixed with processed recordings of number stations. Another great tape from the highly collectable Beartown Records label.

Emile Bojesen (like Mark Dicker) was an artist unknown to me until a few weeks ago. I bought his latest cassette release "Ice" via Jan Warnke at Gerauschmanufaktur. Further listening led me to the CDR album "Reality", a collaboration with the project Banished Pills. Banished Pills is the project of Italian sound artist Edoardo Cammisa. As well as releasing sounds on a variety of labels such as Gerauschmanufaktur, Outsider Art, Line and Hoopoe Industries Emile is an author of philosophy and academic books such as 'Forms of Education (Rethinking Educational Experience Against and Outside the Humanist Legacy'. 

Emile works as Reader In Education And Faculty Head Of Research And Knowledge Exchange at Winchester University. "Reality" was released by Cathedral Transmissions and "Ice" on Gerauschmanufaktur. Both releases are available here : .

The Crispy Ambulance track is from their debut LP "The Plateau Phase". Since this piece was written I have met up with Mark again (he lives in Dursley, Glous ... just up the M5) and contacted Alan to get his memories of that evening ... he remembers it well.

"On This Day" features the only decent track on the 1979 compilation album "Street To Street - A Liverpool Album". The Id were a precursor to Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark. The album also features (amongst others) Echo & The Bunnymen, Big In Japan, The Accelerators, Modern Eon and Dead Trout. Sleeve notes are by John Peel. 

Over the past five or six years Stefan Hanser at The Epicurean has been collating, archiving and releasing the oeuvre of John Murphy. 2016 saw the collection "All My Sins Remembered - The Sonic Worlds Of John Murphy". A 3xCD set featuring John's work as a drummer in various post-punk groups in Australia (Whirlywirld, News and Mandrix) and his projects The Orchestra Of Skin And Bone, Browning Mummery, Krank, Vhril, Sooterkin Flesh as well as his work with The Associates, SPK, Knifeladder and Blood Axis amongst others. This year The Epicurean released Volume II of "All My Sins Remembered" exploring the recordings of The Grimsel Path, Crank, Ophiolateria and My Father Of Serpents. This time the release is a double CD package. John Murphy was a legend. Both volumes are available direct from The Epicurean :

Shit Creek is Bristol based artist Lewis Duffy. Last year he teamed up with Neil Campbell and Owen Chambers (of Carnivorous Plants) to create Soberin Exx and release the cassette album "Normal Islands". This year Lewis and Neil team up again to release the CDR "Arclight Trance/Cloud Market". Lewis also runs the Luxury Bucket label releasing his own work as well as sounds from Neil Campbell, Territorial Gobbing, Daniel J Gregory, Bearer and Kek-W amongst others. A label worth exploring. Contact Lewis :

A few weeks ago I bought a Din A Testbild Boxed LP and inside was a 7" by Kluster and Mr. Welten. A 1997 release on the German Marginal Talent label. I know nothing of Kluster / Cluster, always tagged them with the likes of Can, Faust, Neu! and Ash Ra Tempel. Although I did see Dieter Moebius play live in Hamburg University, 2013. 

The broadcast ends on Dangerous Girls and a track from their final vinyl. Dangerous Girls existed between 1978 and 1981 releasing four classic singles. Originally from Birmingham and called In The Jungle With No Guns they have recently reformed calling themselves Dangerous Girls Reunited. There's some great live footage across YouTube including this song filmed in 1979 in Birmingham Uni.

Playlist : 

01: Mark Dicker : "Isflak" (Brachliegen Tapes) 2021.

02: Mark Dicker : "Morkegronne" (Brachliegen Tapes) 2021.

03: Mark Dicker : "Varmeskaper" (Brachliegen Tapes) 2021.

04: Mark Dicker : "Sirap" (Brachliegen Tapes) 2021.

05: Banished Pills & Emile Bojesen : "Irrelevant" (Cathedral Transmissions) 2021.

06: Emile Bojesen : "Ice (2)" (Gerauschmanufaktur) 2021.

07: Crispy Ambulance : "Are You Ready?" (Factory Benelux) 1982.

08: The Id : "Julia's Dream" (Open Eye Records) 1979.

09: My Father Of Serpents : "Untitled" (The Epicurean) 2021.

10: Mark Dicker : "Broadcast No. 29028.118.1" (Beartown Records) 2021.

11: Shit Creek & Neil Campbell : "Cloud Market" (Not On Label) 2021.

12: Kluster : "Eruption (Extract From Part Two)" (Marginal Talent) 1997.

13: Dangerous Girls : "Men In Suits" (Human Records) 1981.

Please take a listen here :

Next Broadcast will be on September 2nd, 20:00 GMT kick-off (as always). SoundArt Radio 102.5 FM. Live stream via and will feature sounds from Karen Constance, Thomas LaRoche, Schwerpunkt, Ice Yacht and tracks from the new Minny Pops LP ... amongst other things. 

Saturday, 7 August 2021

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 5 August 2021.

 Quite an eclectic broadcast featuring some old classics and artists that are no strangers to the MuhMur Radio playlist, and a couple of new projects that are new to my ears ... 

The programme starts with a track from the new Leda release "Covid 'Music' I Made With My Guitar". a CDREP on the ever collectable Förfall label. Hot on the trail of the re-issue of eponymous Leda debut album on Grapefruit Records this 28 minute 'sketchbook' is a great addition in the Förfall cannon. 
Leda is the solo project of Neutral guitarist Sofie Herner. Förfall can be contacted directly through Discreet Music.

2021 has seen the start of the Extratool 7" series. The latest on the roster is by American duo Kidbug. After two singles of experimental, electroacoustic ambience this latest release came as a great surprise. Refreshing blast of experimental shoegazing experimental rock. Kidbug are a completely new name to me and thanks to Extratool for introducing them to these ears. I am now desperately trying to find a copy of their "Theme From Kidbug" 7". Go to to grab a copy. 

One of my favourite 7" singles from my teen years is the 1981 EP "Fragile Sentences" by Bron Area on Ambivalent Scale Recordings. Trawling the internet a few weeks ago (I don't surf ... I trawl) I found a CD copy of their 1983 album "The Trees And The Villages". Re-issued on the Glass Redux label, it was originally released by Glass Records, the CD also includes tracks from the 12" 'Different Phrases'. There's a great booklet with the CD too on the history of Nuneaton's finest (they pre-date Eyeless In Gaza) and how the album should have been called "The Treason Of Images" but the title got misheard over a phone call and so it will always be "The Trees And The Villages". A great album, Glass Redux also released a great CD Religious Overdose recently. 

I recently spent a couple of days reorganising the cassette collection. I bought some new racks off a lady in Exeter ... the result of internet trawling. In doing so I unearthed some gems I hadn't played for a few years including the Bourbonese Qualk / Hartmann split tape "Music While You Work". Released on the Italian ADN label back in 1985. I wanted to include the track "Meatrack" in the programme and then discovered this was on the vinyl compilation box set "Archive 1980 - 1986" released by Vinyl On Demand. A cleaner copy than the cassette so I play three tracks from this compilation. "Blackout" features the dulcet vocal tones of Nigel Ayers and is from the "Here We Go" compilation album released by Sterile Records in 1985. Support The Miners! Staying with Nigel Ayers and the Nocturnal Emissions. "Even The Good Times Are Bad" is from the album "Duty Experiment", a compilation of demos and studio out-takes from 1980 - 1984. 

Tone Generator + The Body Without Organs is ex SPK member Dominic Guerin. The track here is from the recent release "Normalisation Of Response" and features samples from old SPK recordings. I found a copy via Tesco Organisation in Europe, but copies are available direct from the label Innercity Uprising.

Two singles from the "On This Day" feature. Firstly "Shack Up" by A Certain Ratio. A cover of the 1975 classic by Banbarra, released in 1980 by Factory Benelux. Secondly "Ends With The Sea" by BC Gilbert & G Lewis released a year later on 4AD Records. 

Records as memories. 

The debut LP (12"EP ?) by C Cat Trance will always bring back memories of my time in Manchester, living in Hulme Crescents. John Nash Crescent to be precise living with my then girlfriend Trace. I remember getting the record from a sale of ex-library records at Manchester University and it hardly came off the turntable for the time we were together. I recently found a decent copy for sale (trawling again) and grabbed it. Tunes I hadn't heard for over 30 years but were still locked their in the brain now swirling out of the speakers at MuhMur HQ with visions of Hulme, sunshine days and Trace. Who was it that said 'Happy memories leave a bitter taste'? C Cat Trance were formed by John Rees Lewis in 1982 when he left Nottingham funksters Medium Medium. This record was recorded in Newark. The first four tracks are from the 33RPM side, "Hypnotised" is from the 45RPM side. Hearing "Hypnotised" again made me pull out my DJ license that allows me to play the 'same title different song' card. 

Licht-Ung is Johannes Garbe, an audio-visual artist from Leverkusen in Germany. "Yellow Yellow Weather" is his latest release on Grisaille.

The Chris & Cosey / CTI track is from the double compilation album "Out There - A Thread Through Time" released in 1994 on the Scottish Pi Recordings label. "Dancing Ghosts" was recorded in 1983. Sleeve notes claim that this was the first recordings of "Acid House", they obviously don't know about the track "WSB Is Very Clever" recorded by Diet Of Worms in a shed in North Hykeham featuring the sound of a Roland SH101 & Roland Drumatix ... and of course samples of the great man himself! When I get time I'll dig the tape out and play it! 

Please take a listen here : 

Playlist :

01: Leda : "Covid Rock 1" (Förfall) 2021.

02: Kidbug : "Cloudbursting" (Extratool) 2021.

03: Bron Area : "Les Arbres" (Glass Redux) 2016.

04: Bourbonese Qualk : "Meatrack" (Vinyl On Demand) 2016.

05: Bourbonese Qualk : "Under Observation" (Vinyl On Demand) 2016.

06: Bourbonese Qualk : "Blackout" (Vinyl On Demand) 2016.

07: Nocturnal Emissions : "Even The Good Times Are Bad" (Soleilmoon Recordings) 1995.

08: Tome Generator + The Body Without Organs : "Ne/H/il's Back Room" (Inner City Uprising) 2021.

09: Kidbug : "Endless Waves" (Extratool) 2021.

10: Leda : "Covid Groove 1" (Förfall) 2021.

11: A Certain Ratio : "Shack Up" (Factory Benelux) 1980.

12: C Cat Trance : "Railway Magazine" (Red Flame) 1983.

13: C Cat Trance : "Let Me Sleep" (Red Flame) 1983.

14: C Cat Trance : "Untitled" (Red Flame) 1983.

15: C Cat Trance : "Dangling On A String" (Red Flame) 1983.

16: Dieter Müh : "Illuminati Humiliati" (Verlautbarung) 2012.

17: Licht-Ung : "Yellow Yellow" (Grisaille) 2021.

18: BC Gilbert & G Lewis : "Ends With The Sea" (4AD Records) 1981.

19: Chen Yi : "Rounder" (90% Wasser) 2006.

20: Chen Yi : "Honey Money" (90% Wasser) 2006.

21: C Cat Trance : "Hypnotised" (Red Flame) 1983.

22: Mark Stewart : "Hypnotised" (Mute Records) 1985.

23: Cabaret Voltaire : "Hypnotised" (Parlophone Records) 1989.

24: Chris & Cosey / CTI : "Dancing Ghosts" (Pi Recordings) 1994. 

Thanks again for listening, the next broadcast will be on August 19. SoundArt Radio 102.5 FM, it's an evening kick off at 20:00 GMT.

Not too certain but I think whilst (pre) recording tonight's programme a new Totnes Pope was declared! 

Friday, 23 July 2021

MuhMur Radio Broadcast July 22 2021

 The broadcast begins with a fifteen minute piece from Lausanne based artist Francisco Meirino. "Something Always Remains" follows on from the excellent "A New Instability" album that was released in January this year by Helen Scarsdale Agency. "Something Always Remains" is a C30 cassette put out by UK's Research Laboratories label. Released in an edition of 35 copies only the cassette is now unavailable from the label but a download version is still available via the Francisco Meirino page.

One of my first exposures to cassette noise was by Kapotte Muziek. In 1986 I contributed to the 2xC90 compilation "Wolfsangel" released by Peter Zincken's Nihilistic Recordings label. The track that preceded mine (IBF : "Ka (Version)" ... a remixed version from the track on the "Hammers Used As Hearts" cassette) was a slab of untitled noise by Kapotte Muziek. I was hooked from then on. Kapotte Muziek was created in 1984 by Frans de Waard (as regular listeners will know Frans is no stranger to the MuhMur Radio playlist) and Christian Nijs. Christian Left in 1987 and Frans carried on Kapotte Muziek as a solo project collaborating with other artists for live performances and recordings. "Radiation" is from the 1994 CD album "Verder". "Verder" is compiled of four pieces. "Radiation" is using / recycling material from Telepherique. Other artists' noises used are from Merzbow, Agencement and G.X. Jupitter-Larsen. It was released by Nicolas Malevitsis's Harsh Dept. Productions label. Nicoals know operates the excellent Rekem Records label. 

Muckrackers are a three piece Industrial / Experimental Rock band from the Grand Est region of North East France. They have been releasing their own brand of metal percussive industrial noise for the last twenty years, usually on their own Les Forges Alliées imprint. They have just released two pieces on vinyl, the 7" "CDLF" and the 10"EP "AntiFer", both are limited pressings and available from their band camp page : "Au Six Tonnes" is from the 7" single and "AntiFer #3" is from the 10" collaborative EP with Flutwacht, Igor!!M and Justine Ribière. Flutwacht (aka Daniel Simon) is a regular collaborator with the Muckrackers. Justine Ribière is from the French noise project Machinalis Tarantulae. 

A lot was said about Paul Chain and the double album "Paul Chain Is Dead Volume 1" on the last ReMuhMuration post, so I won't go into it here, other than to say that the track "Domino" is from this release. 

Snatch Tapes began in 1979, releasing DIY experimental and electronic music by the likes of Storm Bugs, David Jackman, Alien Brains, Sea Of Wires and Lemon Kittens. The label was created by Philip Sanderson of Storm Bugs. After seven cassette releases in 1981 Snatch tapes went into hibernation, resurfacing again in 2000 with the Philip Sanderson solo CDR ""Lay-By Lullaby". 

Since 2000 Snatch Tapes have released new and old material by Storm Bugs as well as solo recordings by Philip Sanderson under his own name and his Ice Yacht moniker. "Not Even My Closest Friends" carries on from last years "Rumble Of The Ruins". "Idol Ferry" is from this album which Philip describes as "Baroque Pop". The cassette version was a limited run of 25, but download the album here :

Snatch Tapes were one of the pioneers of DIY experimental  / industrial / post-punk / noise cassette labels, alongside Deleted Records,  NB Records, Fuck Off Tapes and Don't Dance - Collide Tapes* (and others). All are mentioned in the new autobiography of NB Records mandarin and member of The Door And The Window; Bendle. 

So for the final minutes of the broadcast I try and give a 'small' soundtrack to the book. I do thoroughly recommend getting hold of the book. 
I had a friend with low morals and an Amazon UK account to buy me a copy. Hopefully there are other sellers by now ... same as with the autobiography "The Luxury Of Dreams" by Mark Automaton (aka Mark Lancaster of The Instant Automatons), only available via Amazon. Marks' book is also a great read with the bulk of the story being about his post Automatons life. He says in the book, if you want the in depth and detailed story of DIY cassette culture of the late 1970's then read Bendle's book.  
I have a feeling I heard The Instant Automatons before The Door And The Window. The Automatons were from 'up the road' in Keelby (North Lincolnshire) and I used to write to them, buy their Deleted Records tapes and the excellent "Peter Paints His Fence" EP. So, it was either through connection with Deleted Records or maybe hearing the "Subculture" single on John Peel's radio programme that I wrote to NB Records and started getting their stuff too. I remember I always got replies from Nag - the other half of The Door And The Window ... and as it turns out the inspiration for the Cabaret Voltaire song "Nag Nag Nag". The book is full of great stories, snapshots of how life was in late 1970's London. The camaraderie that existed, seemingly evolving and revolving around Throbbing Gristle live performances and the London Musician's Collective. Characters like Steve Stapleton, Fritz Catlin, Colin Potter, Mark Perry (who was a member of TDATW for a while), Karl Blake, Dick Wilts and David Toop all weave in and out. It is a truly great read and an unputdownable book. 

Apart from tracks by The Door And The Window and The Instant Automatons I slipped in pieces by 391. 391 was the solo project of Mark Automaton. "Prisoner In The Living Room" comes from the Deleted Records compilation tape "Deleted Funtime" (pardon for the quality .. it is an old cassette). The Mark Perry + Dennis Burns song is akin from the "Music Death" 7" on NB Records. I remember buying this one direct from NB Records and getting a free copy of the Alternative TV LP "Vibing Up The Senile Man (Part One)" with it. The postage was more than what I paid for the 7" alone. The 23 Skidoo track is their debut 7" and has Fritz on bass ...

... and I put in The Fall because it was produced by Grant Showbiz (aka Grant Cunliffe) and he also produced The Door And The Window's LP "Detailed Twang". 
The "Green Blob" is a song about Bendle and Nag's landlord and is from the retrospective album "Dr. Egg" a collection of live recordings from 1983 to 1987. The track has part time TDATW member Tony Clough who in 1979 featured on the first Snatch Tapes compilation tape "Snatch Tapes 1". It's like coming round and completing the circle. 

* 'Don't Dance - Collide Tapes' are not mentioned in the book.

Please take a listen to the broadcast here : 

Playlist :
01: Francisco Meirino : "Something Always Remains" (Research Laboratories) 2021.
02: Kapotte Muziek : "Radiation" (Harsh Dept. Productions) 1994.
03: Muckrackers : "Au Six Tonnes" (LFA) 2021.
04: Muckrackers/Flutwacht/Igor!!M/Justine Ribière : "AntiFer #3" (LFA) 2021.
05: Paul Chain : "Domino" (Horn Of Plenty) 2021.
06: Philip Sanderson : "Idol Ferry" (Snatch Tapes) 2021.
07: The Door And The Window : "Dads" (NB Records) 1980.
08: The Door And The Window : "I Like Sound" (NB Records) 1979.
09: The Instant Automatons : "Laburnum Walk" (Deleted Records) 1980.
10: 391 : "Prisoner Of The Living Room" (Deleted Records) 1980.
11: The Door And The Window : "We Do Scare Each Other" (NB Records) 1980.
12: Mark Perry + Dennis Burns : "You Cry Your Tears" (NB Records) 1980.
13: The Instant Automatons : "People Laugh At Me (Coz I Like Weird Music)" (Deleted Records) 1980.
14: The Instant Automatons : "John's Vacuum Cleaner" (Deleted Records) 1980.
15: The Door And The Window : "Green Blob" (Not On Label) 2003.
16: 23 Skidoo : "Another Babys Face" (Pineapple Products) 1981.
17: The Door And The Window : "Don't Kill Colin" (NB Records) 1979.
18: The Door And The Window : "Wurst Band" (NB Records) 1979.
19: The Fall : "New Face In Hell" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.
20: The Door And The Window : "Part Time Punks" (NB Records) 1980.

Thank you for listening.
Any questions / comments please feel free to contact me at

Friday, 9 July 2021

MuhMur Radio Broadcast July 8 2021.


The broadcast begins with Side A of the new cassette album from Modelbau. The sound is a slight departure from Modelbau's usual textured drones, ambient fields and noise releases. Here Frans de Waard creates a soundscape by layering and cutting, cross-fading and shuffling sounds from shortwave radio broadcasts. The cassette is released by Cologne based label Superpolar Taïps in a limited edition of 40 and available here :

Leda is the solo project of Neutral guitar / synth player Sofie Herner. (Sofie is also part of the Gothenburg supergroup Enhet För Fri Musik). I first heard Leda about seven years ago with the excellent "City / Clear" 7" single on I Dischi Del Barone, this was followed a couple of years later by another classic 7" "Japanese Key" still on IDDB. The two tracks here are from the LP "Våren" a new re-issue on the US Grapefruit Records label. It's a vinyl re-issue of the eponymous 2014 cassette put out (and impossible to find) by Ingen Våg. Grapefruit records, operated by singer / songwriter Simon Joyner, seem to have tapped in to the Gothenburg underground sound with earlier releases / re-issues by Neutral and Blod. Long may it continue! I get my Grapefruit Records releases via the European distributor Discreet Music. Contactable here : Interested Americans can contact Simon and Grapefruit Records here :

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated the release of Dome's first album "Dome One". This made me dig out all my Dome Records releases but I couldn't find space for "Drop" a 7" by AC Maria AC. (A.C. = Angela Conway). Released in 1981 and played very very often here at Hartop Towers, please excuse the snap, crackle and pop. 

Any release by Brighton based agent provocateur Duncan Harrison is worth an ear. Last year he put out "Slow Lightning", a split LP with Ian Murphy and it's a strong (very strong) contender for album of the year. Since leaving Plurals (in or around) 2013 Duncan has released a plethora of experimental soundscapes / Soundart and Musique Concret on labels such as Chocolate Monk, Sound Holes, Beartown Records, Sham Repro,  Index Clean and Research Laboratories to name but a few. The new album is called "Fires.Serif" on Regional Bears. The piece "15" is from this tape. It's available direct from the label here :

Hands up. Who has heard of Paul Chain before? "Paul Chain Is Dead Volume 1" came to me via the label Horn Of Plenty. Horn Of Plenty is a London based label run by Nick Hamilton. Nick used to run a label called Vittelli (who released "Nocturnes" a great LP by Matthew P. Hopkins) and have a show on Resonance FM. Horn Of Plenty have been releasing quality since 2018 and also run a small (and reasonably priced) mail order distribution. It's worth a look. . But back to Paul Chain ... Paul Chain is Italian musician / composer Paolo Catena. In 1977 Paolo formed the Doom Metal group 'Death S.S.'. Death S.S. is an abridgement of 'In Death Of Steve Sylvester'. 

In 1979 Paul disbanded Death S.S. to concentrate on his solo work working under the banner of Paul Chain Group and Paul Chain Violet Theatre. In 1983 Paul started performing and recording as (simply) Paul Chain. "Paul Chain Is Dead Volume 1" contains tracks recorded between 1983 and 2003, some are unreleased pieces some being tracks not re-issued in thirty years. I have really 'gotten in to' this double LP over the past few weeks. Progressive Psychedelic Experimentalism as I call it.PPE, and that's something we can't get enough of these days. And to quote the promo blurb that came with the release:

"Paul Chain's story is one of spiritual and musical (mis)adventure, self-sabotage, and unwanted cult-status.All of this led Paolo to disown the Paul Chain catalogue when he announced the artistic death of Paul Chain in 2003"

In 2009 to ex Smell & Quim members (although I don't think they were ever in the group at the same time) joined brains to become Early Hominids. The project lasted until 2017 and now four years after their demise Paul Walsh and Neil Campbell have (self) released a CDR called "Circular Dredge / Plexus Vulgar". Available here :

Two ex members of THU20, Frans de Waard and Joseph Smolders make up the project WaSm. "Twee Seven" is from their latest CD release "Twee". Released on the German Attenuation Circuit label copies are available here : . The Michael Esposito piece is from the 2013 release "L'enveloppe" a book by Guillaume Belhomme / "In The Silence Of A Watery Grave" a 3" CD by M. Esposito. It's part of the ongoing Lenka Lente series of books with accompanying sounds (soundtracks?) which has included artists such as Nurse With Wound, Andrew Lilles, Daniel Menche, Lee Renaldo and Vomir amongst others. The piece is subtitled EVP Case file 'PAW068', and this is what Michael says about it : 

"The recording was captured on the fourth of July 2013 in Dyer (Indiana) during the last, fleeting trails of fireworks disappearing into the night. The voices that were accidentally picked up are not from this world and seem to angrily remind us that all celebrations must end and they have to be let go so they can be reborn in the next year".

Cold Spring Records have released recordings by William S. Burroughs and Brian Gysin on 12" vinyl. Originally released in 2012 on CD by the British Library, that album contains recordings and readings from 1963 through to 1982. 

There is no digital version of this album and is available direct from Cold Spring Records. Click here for information. :

On July 8 1980 Talking Heads related the single "Cities" from the LP "Fear Of Music". 

Playlist :

01: Modelbau : "Aether Aleatorica (Side A)" (Superpolar Taïps) 2021. *

02: Leda : "Fascistmusik" (Grapefruit Records) 2021.

03: A.C. Marias A.C. : "Drop" (Dome Records) 1981.

04: Leda : "Förskriveise" (Grapefruit Records) 2021.

05: Duncan Harrison : "15" (Regional Bears) 2021.

06: Paul Chain : "Tetri Teschi In Luce Viola" (Horn Of Plenty) 2021.

07: Paul Walsh + Neil Campbell : "Plexus Vulgar" (Not On Label) 2021.

08: WaSm : "Twee Zeven" (Attenuation Circuit) 2021.

09: Michael Esposito : "In The Silence Of A Watery Grave" (Lenka Lente) 2013.

10: Brion Gysin : "Kick That Habit Man" (Cold Spring Records) 2021.

11: Brion Gysin : "I Am That I Am" (Cold Spring Records) 2021.

12: Talking Heads : "Cities" (Sire Records) 1980.

Please take a listen to the programme here :

* the Modelbau track is composed of eleven pieces : "Jammer Firedrake / Cruise Email / Sound Of Hope / Adventist Weird Radio / Pendulum / Humpty Doo / Ash Cabat Aero / Asfaltstelegrafen / Carilon Wellbeing Radio / Laser Hot Hits / Amica Venetia". 

The next broadcast is on July 22 at 20:00 GMT. Available on SoundArt Radio 102.5 FM if your in shouting distance of Dartington in Devon. ("Devon is a place ... a place where nothing .. nothing ever happens" to misquote Talking Heads) it will feature sounds from Francisco Meirino, Paul Chain, Muckrackers, Philip Sanderson, The Door And The Window and 391 amongst others. Or alternatively listen to it live via the SoundArt Radio streaming service at : Many thanks to Chris Booth at SoundArt Radio for letting this happen. 

                                                       Chris Booth has left the building .... 

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