Tuesday, 12 November 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 7 November 2019

An incredibly busy last few days, I apologise for the delay in posting this.
One of the things that kept me busy over the weekend was planning and recording a radio broadcast for 'Beauty Sleep' a programme hosted by MyTrip's Angel Simitchiev broadcast by Moscow station New New World. MuhMur Radio have submitted an hour of sounds that will feature on a seven hour special broadcast later in the year. I will keep this blog updated.
Also friends and followers of the MuhMur Radio Facebook page will know that I have no iPad at the moment due to accidental damage (as I type Tamsin (Mrs. MuhMur) is picking up my new iPad from Exeter). So, there are no pictures of what is on the playlist.
This will be rectified for the next broadcast.

So : as a "one-off" blog here is the playlist for the programme which can be heard here :
Normal bloggage service will be resumed later in the month.

01: Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus : "Repentance" (Occultation Recordings) 2015.
02: Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus : "Sama" (Occultation Recordings) 2015.
03: Throbbing Gristle : "Convincing People (Live In Derby 12.04.79)" (Illuminated Records/ Karnage Records) 1982.
04: Dieter Müh : "Grube #2" (Grubenwehr Freiburg) 2019.
05: The Gerogerigegege : "Stairway To Promotion" (Work In Progress) 1994.
06: Soviet France : "Vlaag Morgen" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
07: Soviet France : "Gathering Nostoc" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
08: Virgin Prunes : "Bau-Dachōng" (Rough Trade Records) 1982.
09: Cabaret Voltaire : "She Loved You" (The Grey Area/Mute Records) 2019.
10: Notum : "Aery" (Not On Label-Self Released) 2018.
11: Paul Giovanni : "Hum" (Trunk Records) 1998.
12: Paul Giovanni : "Approach" (Trunk Records) 1998.
13: Contrastate : "War Against The Other" (Old Europa Café) 2019.
14: Beequeen : "Breathing" (Klanggalerie) 2000.
15: Drekka : "Prosperity Is Future" (Bluesanct) 1997.
16: The Lines : "Come Home" (Fresh Records/Red Records) 1981.
17: Slits : "Animal Space/Spacier" (Blast First Petite) 2007.
18: General Strike : "Reach For N" (Sub Rosa Records) 1985.
19: Throbbing Gristle : "Persuasion (Live in Derby 12.04.79)" (Illuminated Records/Karnage Records) 1982.
20: Thomas LaRoche : "NChSh #2" (Research Laboratories) 2019.

MuhMur Radio will return on November 21 at 20:00 GMT. There will definitely be some Diagram Brothers as their first LP was released "On This Day" and seeing that I am going to see Drekka live in Plymouth on Saturday Night ... I'll see what I can grab from the merch' stand.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 24 October 2019.

Back in the early 1980's I used to swap / trade a lot of 'bootleg' tapes with various folk from around the planet. Lots of live recordings (mix desk quality only) of bands like Bauhaus, Section 25, Wire etc. A few tapes were John Peel Sessions and the likes. I think I still have the Virgin Prunes Dave Fanning Sessions somewhere in a box of tapes, also demo tapes were quite popular, The Pop Group being a favourite at the time. "Don't Sell Your Dreams" was a pop song back then. Throbbing Gristle beat the racket (of course) by releasing all their live gigs and demos as official releases on Industrial Records. A couple of favourites that I had back then were Clock DVA's "Alternative Soundtrack For The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" cassette and Cabaret Voltaire's "Chance Vs Causality" tape. The former is in a box somewhere in the house ... probably with the Prunes tape whilst the latter has been re-issued on CD by The Grey Area/Mute Records.
An extract to the soundtrack appeared as a B-Side on the 1979 single "Silent Command", but with little information. Now 40 years or so later I can say that "Chance Versus Causality" is/was the soundtrack to a 16mm film for two projectors by Babeth Mondini recorded at Cabaret Voltaire's Western Works Studio in Sheffield.
Cromlech Shadow are the Dutch/UK duo Chandor Gloomy and Andy Jarvis. Chandor operates the Coma Kultur label and have just released a split CDR with Sexton Mings Porridge Van (the UK duo comprising of Sexton Ming and Jason Williams). "The Other Girl Cried" is from this release and available here : https://comakultur.bandcamp.com/album/s-e-x-t-o-n-m-i-n-g-s-p-o-r-r-i-d-g-e-v-a-n-c-r-o-m-l-e-c-h-s-h-a-d-o-w

Cromlech Shadow also provide an exclusive piece for this broadcast called "A Slow Night". Andy Jarvis and Marky Loo Loo are Dirty Swords. The two tracks here are from the second Dirty Swords album "The Devil's Paste". Andy and Marky used to be part of the mid 1990's performance group DogLiverOil. Copies of the album are available, get in touch with Andy through the Dirty Swords Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/dirtyswords/

                                              Dirty Swords live in Stoke-On-Trent 2019.

M.Nomized is the project of Parisian sound artist Michel Madrange. Michel has been releasing cassettes of his noises since 1983 when he created Fraction Studio. The track here is from the compilation cassette "Music For A Few People Volume 2" released by Dutch label Non-Interrupt.

The first five 7" singles by Cosmonauts Hail Satan are five of my favourite singles from the 1990's. "Pittsburgh Voodoo Ritual" is from their fifth 7" called "Mortuary Sorcery". There was to be an album released by CHS around the time they were putting out all these amazing singles but sadly the label that was to release it ran into financial problems and when it finally came out in 1998 CHS had ceased to be. There should be a label prepared to release an album of CHS singles. At the time they were shrouded in mystery mascarading as Mr Cosmonaut & Mr Satan but I have since learnt that CHS were Darren Wyngarde (of Vile Plumage and Filthy Turd fame) and Neil Campbell (AKA Astral Social Club).

"A Sunday Night In Biot" comes from Cabaret Voltaire's "1974-76" album, originally released on cassette in 1980 on Industrial Records it has now been re-issued as a double album on The Grey Area/Mute Records. My copy is on Orange vinyl. The sound is more accessible/commercial than the "Chance Vs Causality" album and a great way to discover the early sound of Cabaret Voltaire. "A Sunday Night In Biot" also appeared on the "Industrial Records Story" that Illuminated Records put out in 1984. It's a great slice of DaDa Music & Poetry.

"Su Se Stesso" is the first album in two years from Italian sound manipulators VipCranco. One studio piece and a live recording from 2017 make up this CD. The album is a search for personal solutions orientated towards characters and gestures, according to the typical methods of a concrete matrix improvisation.

                                                       Andrea Borghi of VipCranco.

The CD is available from Lisca Records : https://vipcancro.bandcamp.com Limited to 100 copies.
Since buying the re-issue of "Klaar" in the summer I have started filling holes in my John Duncan collection. "Black Moon" is a new 12" single on Dutch label De Player. It is two sides of sounds constructed from shortwave radio signals  recorded at the Technical University of Enschede. Another release limited to only 100 copies and available via De Player at : https://deplayer.bandcamp.com/album/john-duncan

irr.app.(ext.) is Matt Waldron a Californian based sound artist who seems to have been active forever! His recent activity includes collaborating with Toronto based genius William A. Davison on the "Stactirrm Radioo" programme. "Sleep Turbines" is from a 10" single on the Drone Records side label Substantia Innominata.

01: Cabaret Voltaire : "Chance Vs Causality (Part 3)" (The Grey Area/Mute Records) 2019.
02: Cromlech Shadow : "The Other Girl Cried" (Coma Kultur) 2019.
03: M.Nomized : "The Binding Loop" (Non-Interrupt) 2019.
04: Chris & Cosey : "This Is Me" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.
05: Dirty Swords : "Kazaki Neptus III" (Not On Label/Self Released) 2019.
06: Dirty Swords : "Masters Of Seas (The Lung Worm)" (Not On Label/Self Released) 2019.
07: Cosmonauts Hail Satan : "Pittsburgh Voodoo Satellite" (Suggestion Records) 1996.
08: Cabaret Voltaire : "A Sunday Night In Biot" (The Grey Area/Mute Records) 2019.
09: Cromlech Shadow : "A Slow Night" (Not On Label) 2019.
                                         (An exclusive recording for MuhMur Radio).
10: VipCranco : "Ex Musica" (Lisca Records) 2019.
11: John Duncan : "Black Moon (A)" (De Player) 2019.
12: irr.app.(ext.) : "Sleep Turbines" (Substantia Innominata) 2019.
13: German Army : "Flogged Ritual" (Dub Dutch Picnic) 2017.

Next broadcast is on November 7th - 20:00 GMT on SoundArt Radio 102.5FM (In SE Devon) or via the SoundArt Radio website : http://www.soundartradio.org.uk

Sunday, 13 October 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 10 October 2019.

Due to a hectic and jet-setting lifestyle over the last few weeks I was unable to gather the playlist around the old h-fi and take a picture ... (as is usual), apologies for that .. but here's a picture sent in by a couple of listeners who wanted to hear more Frans de Waard!

The programme opens with HomoErotic Plague and their piece from the "Scandinavian War Crimes Volume One" compilation cassette. This compilation features Arkhe, Blitzkrieg Baby, Capers and Koeff alongside a few unfamiliar names whose output seems to be only on this 2015 cassette. HomoErotic Plague being one of them as well as Cops and Vader Has Meg Near Mitt Timeglass Utrinder. It does make me wonder if these 'one-off' projects are projects from the labels' owner Andreas Johansson (AKA Arkhe, Backasvinet and Pestdemon). It has happened with other compilations before.

If HomoErotic Plague do exist and someone reading this knows how to get in contact can you please let me know as I would really like to hear more. I also look forward to Volume Two. There are a few copies of Volume One available via : https://arkhetriumvirat.wordpress.com/kafe-kaos/

One of the highlight releases of the year has to be the fifteen album box set "Chåsse" by Soviet France. (I think I covered the S/Z thing in the last post ... not to be confused with S/Z who released a great split 7" with Last Few Days on Touch Records back in 1985). Fortunately Frank at Vinyl On Demand has decided to release a limited number of the albums individually. The Lp version of "Gris" (originally a 10"EP) comes with bonus tracks recorded around the same time (1983/84), and I still think "Mohonomische" is one of the greatest albums ever recorded.
I have been fortunate to play alongside Soviet France back in 1995, back then they were the solo project Ben Ponton, it was fascinating to watch him with a handful of cassette decks and effects boxes create a sonic soundtrack to (what I think was) "Koyaanisqatsi".


Around the same time as releasing "Chåsse" Vinyl On Demand released "Recordings 1979-1981" by Two Daughters. A double album containing their 1980 debut eponymous cassette and 1981 LP "Kiss The Cloth/Gloria" which was originally self released then re-issued on cassette by United Dairies. I first came across Two Daughters when they had a track on the "Perspectives & Distortion" compilation LP released by Cherry Red Records in 1981. An air of mystery surrounded the project then .. pretty much as it does now. The Internet seems to think that Two Daughters were Anthony Burke and Nick Rogers. Nick Rogers was also part of Current 93 and The Bombay Ducks, both aligned to Nurse With Wound at the time. The only credit I have seen is that Jon More played clarinet on "Return Call/We Are" that appears on the compilation and the first eponymous cassette. According to Discogs Anthony Burke passed away in 2004.

There is also the 'theory' that Two Daughters were Anthony Burke and Simon Fisher Turner. A couple of years after the demise of Two Daughters the project Deux Filles appeared - Deux Filles being French for Two Daughters, but this theory is widely dismissed despite the sounds being very similar.

The "On This Day" feature of the programme comes in two parts. Deux Parties in French. On October 10 1979 The Human League released the first (and in my opinion best) album "Reproduction" and Pere Ubu released the 7"EP  "The Fabulous Sequel (Have Shoes Will Walk)". This was the EP from the "New Picnic Time" album. 

                     The Human League (Insert from Portuguese pressing of "Reproduction").

The Cent Ans De Solitude piece is from the compilation CD "Tonwellen 3 Konferenz". It was produced for the Tonwellen Festival that took place in Leipzig earlier this year. I played the Nocturne piece from the same album on the last programme. Cent Ans De Solitude is the solo project of Jean-Yves Millet. Originally from Tours, when I played with Cent Ans De Solitude in 2013 (in Lille) he was living in Paris. Jean also formed the label Les Nouvelles Propagandes in the mid 1980's releasing French industrial and drone projects. 

                                                              Cent Ans De Solitude.

I bought a few singles to fill the gaps in my Frans de Waard collection the other week, one of those being the split 7" with Howard Stelzer. I wasn't too certain if it was a split or collaboration. Frans and Howard collaborated last year for the excellent "The Rebels Fold Scratchy, Relaxed Meanings Into Their Smallest Actions" cassette on the Park 70 label. On this split single Frans uses sound sources from Stelzer material and on the flip side Howard works with sound sources from their 2002 collaborative album "Torn Tongue". (Also on the Absurd label). Interestingly packaged in a butterfly shaped brown paper cover. 

Howard Stelzer is a prolific sound artist, and operates the excellent Intransitive Records label. He has recorded / released many many albums since beginning over twenty years ago. He is also a prolific collaborator working with (as mentioned) Frans de Waard, The Cherry Point, Brendan Murray, Jason Talbot and Jazzkammer to name a few, and this summer saw the release of "Warm Bones" a collaboration project with Ukrainian artist Edward Sol. "Warm Bones" is a CDR + 5" Reel To Reel Tape packaged in a wooden box with various ephemera and artworks. It is on Edward's own Sentimental Productions imprint. Available here : https://sentimentalproductions.bandcamp.com

Part two of "On This Day" and from 1978 comes a track from the Joy Division 12"EP "An Ideal For Living" released by Enigma Records. I don't have a copy of the 12" anymore but have taken the track "Warsaw" from the 'bootleg' CD "Warsaw". I think it is the same version. JD aficionados probably know better? "My Place" comes from the 1979 album "A Cast Of Thousands" by The Adverts. For me The Adverts were always a singles band and "My Place" was one of the singles from this album. I did see The Adverts when they were touring with this LP. They played Lincoln Tech College with Chelsea and it was one of the most violent gigs I have ever been to. I think Lincoln City had been playing a home match against Grimsby Town that day and they decided to have a battle against the 'punks' at the gig ... every man woman and child for themselves kind of thing. I think because of this evening all gigs at the Tech College stopped, which was kind of ironic because punk gigs were banned from Lincoln's Drill Hall venue in 1977 after mass fighting at a Damned gig ... and The Adverts were the support on that night. The Adverts are from Torquay where I now live, and they played their debut gig at The Links Hotel (now called The Snooty Fox) a pub that is spitting distance from Hartop Towers. 

The Expose Your Eyes track is from the Greek cassette "Harrison's Hand". E.C.T. have their own You Tube page. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdf_OKRwJ2gn045c4YpJEKw

Earlier in the evening I played the Soviet France track "Mohonomische #4" by mistake and ended with a few more minutes than planned so I slotted in Wreckless Eric's "Whole Wide World" single (I always carry an emergency track or two to play). The broadcast was always going to end with Cabaret Voltaire.

01: Homoerotic Plague : "Bruten Fōrtrollning" (Kafé Kaos) 2015.
02: Soviet France : "Gris" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
03: Soviet France : "Mohonomische #4" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
04: Two Daughters : "Air Lair" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
05: Two Daughters : "AAAAAAR" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
06: The Human League : "Zero As A Limit" (Virgin Records) 1979.
07: The Human League : "Empire State Human" (Virgin Records) 1979.
08: The Human League : "Blind Youth" (Virgin Records) 1979.
09: Pere Ubu : "The Fabulous Sequel (Have Shoes Will Walk)" (Chrysalis Records) 1979.
10: Cabaret Voltaire : "Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself)" (Virgin Records/Some Bizarre) 1983.
11: Cent Ans De Solitude : "Pour Des Hommes" (Atacama Records) 2019.
12: Soviet France : "Mohonomische #3" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
13: Frans de Waard : "Gravity At Half Speed" (Absurd) 2010.
14: Two Daughters : "Ladder Of Souls" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
15: Edward Sol & Howard Stelzer : "Hotel Rats" (Sentimental Productions) 2019.
16: Pere Ubu : "Humor Me (Live In London 1979)" (Chrysalis Records) 1979.
17: Pere Ubu : "The Book Is On The Table" (Chrysalis Records) 1979.
18: Warsaw : "Warsaw" (Factory Of Sounds) 2017.
19: The Adverts : "My Place" (RCA Victor) 1979.
20: Edward Sol & Howard Stelzer : "Warm Bones" (Sentimental Productions) 2019.
21: Edward Sol & Howard Stelzer : "Clerks Just Want To Have Fun" (Sentimental Productions) 2019.
22: Expose Your Eyes : "I Don't Want Your Mumbo Jumbo Bullshit" (E.C.T.) 2017.
23: Wreckless Eric : "Whole Wide World" (Stiff Records) 1977.
24: Cabaret Voltaire : "Yashar" (Factory Records) 1983. 

Next broadcast will be on September 24.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 26 September 2019

The last broadcast (12:09:2019) was not available in some countries via the MixCloud Archive Page and for that I apologise. I playlisted Side A of the Gonzo LP  "Ruido(s)" as one track, it plays like one piece but the mandarins of MixCloud automatically listed the five separate titles and this constitutes a copyright breach in some countries. (USA for certain). I did delete the original posting and re-upload without a playlist but unfortunately this plan (let's call it Plan B) didn't work. Again, I apologise. Hopefully it shall never happen again.

Perhaps one of the landmark releases this year has been the 15xLP Box Set "Châsse" by Soviet France on Vinyl On Demand Records. (I know they've been using the :Zoviet*France: name for quite a while now but to me they are always Soviet France - I file their releases under "S"). The box is now long since sold out at source and is now retailing at double the original selling price, but VOD have  released the LP's as single items ... and this gives me the opportunity of filling a couple of gaps in my 1980's Soviet France collection. Also, the re-issue of the old 10"EP "Gris" comes with unreleased tracks from 1985. These single issue albums are also selling fast! A couple of friends did buy a copy of "Châsse" and mentioned how they were enjoying rediscovering the sounds so I decided to do the same and play "Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music", the 2xTape release from 1985. Side one track on is "Tier Of Veils" which brought to mind the Organum piece "Veil Of Tears" from the album of the same name. And the broadcast begins ....
Soviet France's "Veil (Sloe Semen)" is also from the "Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music" tapes.

Paul Harrison was the man behind the Fiend Recordings label as well as recording / releasing as Expose Your Eyes and being a floating member in Smell & Quim. He is also one half of Jazz Buffoon with Neil Campbell. Lately he has been recording with Chandor Gloomy as Hairs Abyss. The track here is from Paul's last solo release "A True And Full Account Of The Foundation Of Musick,Or,As Principally Therein, Of The Existence Of The Natural Notes Of Melody". A self released CDR from 2017.

After digging out a couple of old Soviet France albums I got wrapped up in a 1985 bubble here at Hartop Towers and dug out the compilation LP "Could You Walk On The Waters". The Nurse With Wound track is from this LP. The horn sample on the piece is taken from the 1978 LP by free jazz space age rockers Nu Creative Methods called "Nu Jungle Dances". "Tears" by Konstruktivists is also from this compilation and was recorded in 1981.
Always excited when a new album from Trepaneringsritualen appears. The piece here is lifted from "Algir : Eller Algir I Merkstave". Two side long pieces of dark occult ritual visitations.
"Fāltspatt" by Dieter Müh is from the compilation LP (double album + 7" single) "Stein". Back in 2012 Bruno Ebers of Verlautbarung asked me for a piece that reflects 'Stone' for this project and I immediately was drawn towards Haytor Rock. I have been living in the shadow of Haytor Rock for the past seventeen years. I see her everyday she is my horizon in the West. All sounds on this piece were recorded in and around Haytor Rock and manipulated by myself and Schuster. (AKA Tim Bayes). The compilation also features exclusive tracks from MNEM, AmPh, Contrastate, Ochu, Enklav and Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim amongst others. Well worth hunting out. Copies are still available here : http://www.millstonevinyl.se/verlautbarung/

The Gen Ken Montgomery track is from the compilation album "Drilling Holes In The Wall". It's a previously unreleased piece from 1988. "New Age Machines (Part One)" was released on the LP "Beyond My Ken" on Geometrico Records in 1988. Gen Ken gets his name because he is ran a record shop in New York called "Generator".

                                                      John Paul in The Dog & Partridge.

"Nuts" is the debut single by John Paul coming after last years Harbinger Sound album "No Filter". The voice maybe familiar to those who listen to Sleaford Mods as John collaborated with them on their "Austerity Dogs" LP and took over the B-Side of the 7" "A Little Ditty" with the classic "I'm Shit At It". The line "These Nuts May Contain Nuts" really grabs this tune, especially when Johns' voice is slowed down - makes me smile overtime. Excellent 12", the B-Side contains an instrumental mix of "Chin In" (from the LP) called 'The Dog & Partridge Mix'. A couple of years ago I went for a drink or two and a game of cards with John Paul in The Dog & Partridge, a pub in the City Centre of Nottingham.
Back to 1985 bubble and Hula "Bad Blood" the B-Side to the 12" "Get The Habit".

There was a short time in 1985 and I used to live in Sheffield (the Meersbrook area), and I got to see Hula play live a few times, usually at The Leadmill. Their live performances used to be a sensory overload with films and slide projections surrounding the venue whilst Hula played their hungry so angry disjointed industrial funk. For that brief period I got to meet their saxophonist Simon Crump, pop round his for a cup of tea. He used to be (probably still is) a collector of vintage radios.
'On This Day' in 1978 The Cortinas "True Romances" album was released on CBS. The album is not as good as the first two singles - the ones on Step Forward Records, and The Cortinas dissolved more or less after the album had been recorded.
Nocturne are a French project operated by Saphi. Saphi is also a member of Le Syndicat. The track here is from the compilation CD "Tonwellen 3 Konferenz". The CD was produced to celebrate the Tonwellen Festival in Leipzig earlier this year. The vocals bring to mind AntiChildLeague.

The Tuesday Night Machines are from Kōln, Germany. I read a review of the C20 cassette "Wæver" on the Vital Weekly website and it sounded intriguing. "Wæver" is a twenty piece (split in to two parts) of improvised synth sounds created on an AE Modulator. It reminds my ears of old electronic tapes from the mid-late 1970's ... has an air of early Throbbing Gristle about it. The Tuesday Night Machines (not a name I particularly like) have their own band camp page if you want to hear more. https://nightmachines.bandcamp.com I've bought their "Hawaiian Yurt Music" cassette and will hopefully play it on an upcoming broadcast.
Anyway - please take a listen, and as I mentioned the first three minutes or so things sound a bit awry as I try and find a working CD player.

01: Organum : "Veil Of Tears" (Matchless Recordings) 1994.
02: Soviet France : "Tier Of Veils" (Singing Ringing/Red Rhino Records) 1985.
03: Paul Harrison : "Déja Vu" (Not On Label-Self Released) 2017.
04: Nurse With Wound : "The Dance Of Fools" (Third Mind Records) 1985.
05: 400 Blows : "Men Of The Divine Wind (The Kamikaze)" (Illuminated Records) 1984.
06: Trepaneringsritualen : "Algir:Eller Algir I Merkstave (B)" (Cold Spring Records) 2019.
07: Dieter Müh : "Fāltspatt" (Verlautbarung) 2013.
08: Soviet France : "Veil (Sloe Semen)" (Singing Ringing/Red Rhino Records) 1985.
09: Gen Ken Montgomery : "New Age Machines (Part Two)" (Monochrome Vision) 2007.
10: John Paul : "Nuts" (In A Car) 2019.
11: Hula : "Bad Blood" (Red Rhino Records) 1985.
12: The Cortinas : "Radio Rape" (CBS Records) 1978.
13: Nocturne : "Voice Against Democracy" (Atacama Records) 2019.
14: AntiChildLeague : "I I I Me Me Me" (Schrāge Musik) 2010.
15: Konstruktivists : "Tears" (Third Mind Records) 1985.
16: The Tuesday Night Machines : "Wæver (Part Two)" (Not On Label-Self Released) 2019.

Next broadcast is on Thursday October 10.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 12 September 2019.

It was early summer 2012 and I was working away (I work for the NHS at Torbay Hospital) when a delivery driver from Polar Speed popped his head around the door and said "I've just been listening to some weird shit on the radio ... and it made me think of you". He was up on the Paignton ring road and tuned in to 102.5FM, by the time he was in Torquay the signal was lost ... A quick search on the computer found that 102.5FM was the signal for SoundArt Radio (a community radio station based in the South Hams) ... and they were streaming live so I tuned in and heard Merzbow being blasted out. It was in the middle of the afternoon!
I contacted them asking if they wanted any Dieter Müh vinyl to play and they invited me to their studios. SoundArt Radio are based inside the grounds of Dartington Hall Estate. Thee place where 23 Skidoo recorded "The Culling Is Coming". Chatting with Chris & Lucinda (the mandarins of SoundArt) they offered me a slot to broadcast what ever I wanted .... by late summer MuhMur Radio was created. Chris offered an engineer / producer to assist me with the technical side of things and I met Dave. Dave Mutch has been on the journey since programme number one. It turned out we have similar tastes and passions in music, Dave being the chap who built equipment for Nigel Jacklin and Alien Brains when they were based in Aberdeen.
There came the idea to ask friends if they were interested in providing something "special" for the broadcasts. Maybe some unused sounds, unreleased gems, work in progress tracks or live recordings. Up to now MuhMur Radio has featured 72 "sessions" (as I like to call them, but then again I was a big John Peel fanatic back in the late 1970's). Gerechtigkeits Liga were the first, and Paul Watson/BBBlood featured on the last programme of August 2019. A full list of participants can be found here : https://remuhmuration.blogspot.com/2018/01/muhmur-radio-sessions.html Although recently it has come to my attention that folk / projects / artists get requests from labels, net labels, radio broadcasters to provide stuff all the time and it really 'winds them up' ... so I've kind of stopped asking. Just to say though as Dieter Müh / Haemoccult Recordings / MuhMur Radio ... no-one asks or offers me for stuff!
And now as the new season starts we are in celebrating seven years.
Astute folk will note that in the picture above there is a copy of the compilation CD "Pyre". I was going to end the broadcast with a track from the album but a day before broadcast the new Contrastate 7" single arrived and HAD to be fitted in!

This programme starts as programme #1 started, with a track by Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim.

                                        Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim. Hamburg 2013.

"Paradieswurst" is from the album "Vaginal Erbrechen". F.T.B.P.D. is the solo project of Bremen based sound artist Jürgen Eberhard, active since the early 1990's I have shared the stage with F.T.B.P.D. a couple of times in Germany and have always felt entranced with the sound. Releases have been scarce lately. Jürgen is contactable at : http://www.pinkelsdaheim.com/index.html
MuhMur Radio has never been shy of playing Nurse With Wound and/or Current 93 so it is only fitting that an anniversary broadcast should feature Stapleton & Tibet. Back in 1996 Stapleton & Tibet released the album "Musicalische Kürbs Hütte" on the United Durtro label and last year United Dirter re-issued the album as a double incorporating the first Stapleton & Tibet LP "The Sadness Of Things" plus some out-takes from 1996 studio recordings. The (double) LP was released to coincide with Current 93's London show last October.
Gonzo is the project of Gonçalo F. Cardoso. Gonçalo also runs Discrepant Records who release Gonzo.

"Ruido(s)" is the final album from Gonzo, their twelfth album since 2012's "The Porn Tape". Artwork for the album is by Evan Crankshaw who also did the artwork for The Dead Mauriacs's "Beauté Des Mirages" album back in 2017. Discrepant can be found here : https://discrepant.bandcamp.com

Over the past seven years I have played a lot of sounds from The Dead Mauriacs.They have supplied exclusive materials for broadcast twice. "Moiteur Radiophonique" is from the 2018 release "Suspended Dawns, Blind Mirrors, Electrical Paradise - Red Landscape" and features the slowed down voice of myself talking about The Dead Mauriacs on the radio.
Creep Of Paris have a handful of releases on the cult and bijou label Research Laboratories, usually limited to just a handful "Geronticus Eremita" is their first 'album' widely available on Brighton based Chocolate Monk. Still unsettling, still confused as ever ... the CDR is available from : http://chocolatemonk.co.uk/enter.htm : Well worth a fiver of your pocket money.

I was in Toulouse last month and managed to pick up a copy of the excellent John Duncan LP "Klaar" from Croc Records. I have had this LP on an old TDK D90 for the past 20 years or so, so it's great to grab a vinyl copy. This has made me dig out some old John Duncan vinyl. "I Fall In Love Too Easily" is from a 7" EP released by Ideal Records and "The Ruud E. Memorial Choir" is from a 1996 single released by Robot Records.

In the winter of 1992, Ruud Ecklehof travelled to Estonia to join friends there for a one-day trek across the frozen Gulf Of Finland to Helsinki. Soon after they started out, the more experienced local hikers noticed that the ice was cracking under their weight and the group decided to turn back. Ruud refused, and went ahead on his own. Six months later, his body was discovered floating in Helsinki Harbor. Within days of this news, Ruud's closet friend Arkadi was found dead with his girlfriend, asphyxiated in a household accident. 
During The Preparation of a joint memorial planned for Ruud and Arkadi, a set of notebooks were discovered where Ruud kept his writings, including texts he'd written in a secret language that he and Arkadi had developed. I copied the complete text of these notebooks for a 30-voice choir, giving each member one page that was unique, one page that was shared by at least one other choir member, and one page that was shared by all. 
This recording was made at a live performance held during an all-night memorial service held August 1993. Texts from the secret language are spoken by Piet Moss. 

A feature which seems to have 'developed' over the past seven years is "On This Day", where I play records that were released on the day of broadcast - according to my old diaries and the great 'Punk Rock Diary' books by George Grimarc. 12 September saw Ultravox release their third and final album "Systems Of Romance", and ex-XTC and League Of Gentlemen keyboardist released his final solo single on Virgin Records. "Rossmore Road" does feature Robert Fripp.

Barry Andrews then went on to form Shriekback with Gang Of Four bassist Dave Allen.
I apologise to Ben Hallatt and his Widows Of Europe project, I cannot stop calling them "Windows" of Europe. Earlier this year Ben and fellow sound artist Ian Watson released the ambitious "Surround" concept. Documented on a variety of dictaphones, digital recorders and smart phones "SURROUND" presents a fragmentary and playful amalgamation of electronic sound generation, field recording and site specific improvisation, recorded on the coastline alongside the Vale Of Glamorgan in 2015.

The KIKS/Girlfriend labels' blog hasn't been updated in a while but it may be worth trying to contact Ben through this address : http://kiksbooks.blogspot.com There maybe a Facebook page too ...

In May this year a stripped down Contrastate played live in Plymouth alongside Alice Kemp and Nocturnal Emissions. The single "An Excercise In Defascination" was to be released to co-incide with this performance, but unfortunately .... "Spasmo" is the B-Side and will appear in some form on the upcoming Contrastate LP inspired by the Italian 'Giallo' films of the 1970's.

                                            Contrastate Live at KARST, Plymouth. 2019.

Get the single here : https://www.contrastate.com/?fbclid=IwAR2HUfXqNzkigq9ElsV_qid8GSfqeLejTYFWPCp7ICB_IT0z45WYUNscaLM

I am lead to understand that the playlist on Mixcloud has listed the Gonzo record as 5 separate pieces therefore contravening copyright laws of some countries. (USA for example). I apologise for this and there is nothing I can do about it. If you can, please take a listen here :

Playlist : 
01: Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim : "Paradieswurst" (Reduktive Musiken) 2007.
02: Stapleton & Tibet : "The Dead Side Of The Moon" (United Dirter) 2018.
03: Gonzo : "Ruidos (A Portuguesa)" (Discrepant) 2019.
04: Gonzo : "Vinha D'Alho" (Discrepant) 2019.
05: Gonzo : "Sāo Joāo XXX" (Discrepant) 2019.
06: Gonzo : "En (Fado) (Discrepant) 2019.
07: Gonzo : "A Fuga Dos Grilos" (Discrepant) 2019.
08: The Dead Mauriacs : "Moiteur Radiophonique" (NPH) 2018.
09: Creep Of Paris : "Geronticus Eremita #2" (Chocolate Monk) 2019.
10: John Duncan : "Klaar" (Black Truffle) 2017.
11: John Duncan : "I Fall In Love Too Easily" (Ideal Recordings) 2016.
12: Unknown Singing Objects : "Man Who Sold The World" (Not On Label) 2018.
13: The Stranglers : "Goodbye Toulouse" (United Artists Records) 1977.
14: Ultravox! : "Dislocation" (Island Records) 1978.
15: Barry Andrews : "Rossmore Road" (Virgin Records) 1980.
16: Ian Watson + Widows Of Europe : "Surround (CDR #1)" (KIKS/Girlfriend) 2019.
17: Contrastate : "Spasmo" (Black Rose Recordings) 2019.
18: John Duncan : "The Ruud E. Memorial Choir" (Robot Records) 1996.
19: Thorsten Soltau : "Brittle Life Seagrass Exposed To The Sun" (Not On Label) 2019.

The final track of the broadcast has been played in a different format before. In September 2018 Thorsten Soltau sent a 'session' that included "Brittle Life Seagrass Exposed To The Sun", it was broadcast under the name of Thorsten Soltau x Comrades. Earlier the month Thorsten (self) released the album "Dales And Shores" which includes a remastered version. The album also features remixes / re-interpretations of Thorsten's work by Susan Matthews, Jan Warnke, Miguel A. Ruiz and Herr Penshcuck. It is available here : https://thorstensoltau.bandcamp.com
Thorsten also supplied exclusive material in 2016, a piece called "Catafalque" that was released on cassette later in that year by Sinneslöchen.

                                                                  "Dales & Shores"

Next programme is on Thursday September 26. 8 0'Clock kick off ....

here's to the next 7 years!!

Thursday, 15 August 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 15 August 2019

This piece is written pre-broadcast. A few hours after the programme airs I will be on my way to France, going south to St-Girons. If anybody reading this is in the area for the next few days then please get in touch via the MuhMur Radio Facebook page and we can go for a beirre.
So, hopefully the live broadcast will stick to the playlist - not always achieved - but I'll give it a go.

Tonights programme features an exclusive piece from North London noise-maker Paul Watson (AKA BBBlood). Paul started creating noises back in the early noughties as Baron Bum Blood. (He is known around MuhMur HQ as "The Baron"), and releasing firstly on Nost8ment Music before creating his own Trans-Dimensional Sushi Recordings label. It was on this label that Paul released the first BBBlood album "Experiment 50" in 2007.

                                                      BBBlood / Al Qaeda split 7"EP.

I first came across the sound of The Baron in 2009 and the split 7"EP with Al Qaeda. I saw a picture of the cover and was intrigued by both the image and the name, so I bought it and have been keeping an ear out for BBBlood ever since. The BBBlood track "Mental Funeral" is from this 7".
In 2011 I was fortunate to play live on the same evening as BBBlood at an ILL FM evening at the Others in Stoke Newington, London. Paul was entering his 'bubblewrap' phase where he was covering objects in bubblewrap and through contact microphones and a host of effects boxes was creating an uneasy wall of delicate collapse. There were moments of pure noise during the set but it was all held together by this crisp occult sound of chewing plastic. Fascinating.

                                             Paul Watson live. Photo by Mark Wharton.

BBBlood have released on such labels as Royal Sperm, Sound Holes, RRRecords, Small Doses and Beartown Records (amongst others) and has collaborated live and released split recordings with artists such as Tinnitustimulus, Aqua Dentata, Duncan Harrison, Umez and Lolita Vibrator Torture (amongst others). In 2014 Paul dropped the BBBlood moniker to perform live as Paul Watson and collaborate with Danish musician Claus Poulsen, the result being the 2014 CDR on Chocolate Monk records called "Blind Dates". Paul was moving more in to the improvised electronic/acoustic sound. It reminds me of a path followed by Phil Julian (Cheapmachines) and Mark Durgan (Putrefier).
(Speaking of which, in 2012 Paul and I followed The New Blockaders around Europe seeing them live in Nottingham, Berlin, Bristol and London).

                                                   Duncan Harrison & Paul Watson.

On the 27th of July this year Paul created "Divorce (Proceedings) From Reality (MuhMur Mix)" for tonights programme. The title is a homage to a track from "Astral Glamour" by The Homosexuals and is planned for release (format unknown) before the end of 2019. Paul can be contacted through the BBBlood website : http://bbblood.blogspot.com

The broadcast begins with a track by Kadaitcha from their "Southern Phlegm" cassette EP. Kadaitcha are a Ukranian noise / industrial project that began in 2015. Comprised of Andrei Kojoohar and Yuri Samson. "Southern Phlegm" is their third release and available here :       https://kadaitcha.bandcamp.com

The Anji Cheung and English Heretic piece comes from the new compilation CD + Book "Mysterium Lunae : A Requiem For The Invasion Of The Moon" released earlier this month by Aurora Borealis. The album also features Sutekh Hexen, Burial Hex, Tenhornedbeast, Hawthorn and Moon Mourning Earth. The piece played here by Cheung/English Heretic is called "Sancta". Here's a couple of extracts from the book that explain the piece

Both magick and imagery for 'Sancta' are rooted in the correspondences for the High Priestess tarot card. Viewed as the Keeper or Initiator into the mysteries behind the veil, in the Book Of Thoth, Crowley notes "She is the truth behind the veil of light" - an acknowledgement she is that which has been concealed, not only its Keeper.

Another element of the recording was taken from a time stretched fragment of an unexplained noise that was captured by Apollo 10 crew during the passage over the dark side of the moon in November 1969. Described as 'whistling' 'outer spacey' music by the astronauts, perhaps this is the most literal and occult lunar music ever captured.

This programmes Frans de Waard track comes from the double cassette/CDR "Siblants Repertoire". This release is a collaboration with Ukrainian sound artist Edward Sol. It's on Edward's own Sentimental Productions imprint and once again comes in standard and deluxe edition. It is the deluxe edition that contains the CDR. Recorded via mail in the summer of 2018 the pieces contain a global theme. With the deluxe edition, which is packaged in a wooden tool box, the music comes from The Netherlands and the Ukraine. The tapes are from the UK and the CDRs from Taiwan. The tape cases are from Canada and China and the wood for the boxes from South America. Paint is from the USA and waxes from the Ukraine, UK and Belgium and the paper is also from Belgium, France and the USSR. Both editions are ultra limited and available from : https://sentimentalproductions.bandcamp.com (Download option is available).

Recently acquired a copy of the 2015 Robert Turman album "Macro". Originally released on a C60 by Fabrica in 2012, the two tracks here are from the 2015 vinyl re-issue on Italian label La Délirante.

The more I am hearing from The Hearing Trumpet I am liking. The track here is from the 1997 split 7" with Canadian noise artist Knurl. The To Live And Shave In LA track comes from the new album on Hanson Records called "Spatters Of A Royal Sperm".
At some point in the early 1980's a friend of mine (Tim Bayes) returned from a visit to Dan Plunkett's house in Austin, Texas. He brought back with him a clutch of vinyl including the EP "High Pressure Days" by Units. I fell in love with this EP...and the Units. August 15 1980 saw the release of the first Units album called "Digital Simulation" on 415 Records. Unfortunately I don't have a copy (I do have the recent CD release of their 'unreleased' album "Animals They Dream About".  produced by Bill Nelson), so the track here is from the Units compilation CD "History Of The Units - The Early Years 1977-1983".
The Memory Band are a group I know nothing about ... I read about the single "After Night" via Frans de Waard's "Vital" internet magazine, it sounded intriguing so I bought a copy. If you like It too you can catch up on them here : https://thememoryband.com

One of my favourite albums of the past couple of years is Trepaneringsritualen "KainsKult" on Tesco Organisation. "Nine Glistenimng Daggers" appears on the compilation cassette "More Omnibus 1" and does not disappoint. The compilation features a host of projects all new to MuhMur HQ and is sounding rather good. Industrial, Martial Percussive and Occult themed tracks all creating an hour of excellent listening. Unfortunately the cassette has sold out from the label (only 50 copies) but it can be obtained on a download from here : https://unholyaltar.bandcamp.com/album/mors-omnibus-i

This is the last MuhMur Radio broadcast for August as we take time out to enjoy the sun. I am heading towards the Midi-Pyrennes, hopefully take in the record shops of Toulouse ... but we shall see. Back in September to celebrate our 7th Anniversary. Please take a listen here :

Playlist :
01: Kadaitcha : "Vulpine Sacrifice" (Sentimental Productions) 2019.
02: BBBlood : "Mental Funeral" (Trans-Dimensional Sushi Recordings) 2009.
03: Anji Cheung & English Heretic : "Sancta" (Aurora Borealis) 2019.
04: Edward Sol & Frans de Waard : "Global Question" (Sentimental Productions) 2019.
05: Robert Turman : "Fiery Cock Dub" (La Délirante) 2015.
06: The Hearing Trumpet : "Marvelous Love" (Misanthropy) 1997.
07: BBBlood : "Flowers Of Flesh And Blood" (Small Doses) 2009.
08: Ubiquitous Meh! : "We Are The Funeral Band: (Damnsonic) 2019.
09: The Homosexuals : "Divorce Proceeding (From Reality)" (Black Noise) 1979.
10: To Live And Shave In LA : "Bad Couple" (Hanson Records) 2019.
11: Paul Watson/BBBlood : "Divorce (Proceedings) From Reality (MuhMur Mix)" (Not On Label)
                                              (exclusive piece recorded and mixed for MuhMur Radio).
12: Units : "Cannibals" (Community Library) 2009.
13: Robert Turman : "Pushing Warp Amnesias" (La Délirante) 2015.
14: The Memory Band : "After Night" (Static Caravan) 2019.
15: BBBlood : "Breath In The Fumes" (So I Buried Records) 2012.
16: Dieter Müh : "Sphagnom" (Functional Organisation) 2002.
17: Trepaneringsritualen : "Nine Glistening Daggers" (Altar) 2019.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast August 1 2019.

I am not a great fan of listening to 'music' through the computer (I am also not a great fan of downloads, dogs and baseball caps ... but that's by the by). I know that may sound hypocritical being that I post this radio broadcast on to an internet archive and promote the live streaming of the programme ... but I do understand that a lot of folk listen to stuff through their 'pooter devices. It's just not for me ... Saying that, I do enjoy weekend mornings pottering around Hartop Towers listening to 'The Institute Of Spectra-Sonic Sound', a weekly radio broadcast from Eugene. Oregon.

The programme is hosted by David Warmbier. David, along with sound partner Greg Hallock were The Hearing Trumpet. (They probably still are). I first came across The Hearing Trumpet about 20 years ago when I started listening to and buying releases from Belgian label Cling-Film Records. In 1997 they put out a tape by The Hearing Trumpet called "Llallopp".
A couple of months back I heard (via David's radio broadcast) Juice Machine, I liked what I heard and wanted to hear more. I wrote to David for information only to discover that they were from Eugene, Oregon and that they were friends. A couple of weeks back a package came containing tapes and CDRs from Juice Machine alongside some tapes / CDR and vinyl by The Hearing Trumpet. To find out that David was half of the band after all these years is fantastic. Listening to what was sent ... I haven't played it all yet ... it's a wonder that a label hasn't picked up on the back catalogue, some Vinyl On Demand or Dais Records treatment is needed I think.
The broadcast opens with "Congestion" from the 1998 C90 cassette compilation "Tape Heads Five - Tape Heads Scandal" on Hal Tapes. (The tape also features Billy?, Origami Replika + Lasse Marhaug. Well worth hunting out).

Two faces of Frans DeWaard follow. Over the past few weeks his Modelbau project has become rather prolific. July saw the release of "Cosmic Twins", a split cassette with Antoine Panaché. The first Modelbau track is from this tape, "Mirror Image #3" is from the CDR of the same name also released last month on American label Hologram.
"Cosmic Twins" is available here : https://barreuhrecords.bandcamp.com/album/cosmic-twins
"Mirror Image" is available here : https://hologramlabel.bandcamp.com/album/modelbau-mirror-image-2  (Both are available in physical and download format).
The Tobacconists are Frans and Scott Foust (XX Committee, Idea Fire Company, The Pickle Factory etc). "An Tone Four Giver" is from the LP "A Secret Place".

                                                                 The Armedalite Rifles

The Armedalite Rifles are a post punk trio from New York State. Formed at the turn of the century by James Pogo, they bring the freshness of 1980's art punk like Pere Ubu and Red Krayola mixed with sounds from Savage Republic and Bunnydrums and a heavy dose of late 1970's UK DIY bands like Swell Maps and Metabolist all with a singer who kind of sounds (sometimes) like Elvis Costello. Unique to say the least. "Turning Of The Spools" is from the 2017 LP " Revel In The Beauty Of The Sour Note". They still have a presence on MySpace!
A couple of months ago I managed to find a copy of the Savage Republic LP "Ceremonial" hiding in the racks of a secondhand record shop in Plymouth. "Mediterranea" is from this LP. I met Ethan Port once in London ... about seven years ago. It was at the Broken Flag festival in London and as we were talking it dawned on me that he thought that I was one of The New Blockaders. Seeing that they were/are a band 'of mystery' I didn't correct him.

                                                                             Ethan Port

The Philip Sanderson track is from the LP "One Of These Bends", the last programme featured a few tracks from this LP .. this track just didn't make the playlist due to time .. I have corrected this.

Juice Machine. Juice Machine are the live improvisational experimental electronics duo Heather Chessman and Roger H. Smith from Eugene, Oregon. Roger also records and releases under the pseudonym Chefkirk. The track here is from the CDR "Yachats", recorded live in Yachats, Oregon January 2019. It was a 'giveaway' release available to those who turn up for the live shows. Juice Machine do have a bandcamp page (a lot of their releases seem to be digital). Please visit : https://juicemachine.bandcamp.com/merch

                                                                     Juice Machine

Andrew Quitter, also of Eugene, Oregon has collaborated with Juice Machine in the past both as a solo artist and with his Regosphere project. The track here is from the cassette "Apotheosis Putrefactum", a collaboration with Nick Hoffman. It's a favourite listen at MuhMur HQ at the moment, I did play a piece from the tape a couple of broadcasts ago. The track put me in mind of Throbbing Gristle's "The Whistling Song" from the 'Live At Cryptic One Club' album. Hence ... I play some Throbbing Gristle (although there should never be an excuse to play Throbbing Gristle). The two tracks here are from the compilation CD "Live Volume 3, 1978-1979" that was part of the 4xCD Box that Mute Records/The Grey Area released in 1993.

This programme finishes with the whole of Side 2 of The Ceramic Hobs double album "Black Pool Legacy". The album is a comprehensive history of the sound of The Ceramic Hobs compiled and constructed to play like four mammoth opuses by Philip Best (Consumer Electronics/Ramleh). Philip has avoided the 'Side A starts with our early recordings from the late 1980's and Side D are some out-takes from our last ever session' type of compiling ... the album actually begins with the magnificent "33 Trapped Chilean Miners" single from 2012 .. what there is is a mixing of tracks / releases showing the determined path of Simon Morris and his collaborators to bring to issue what makes The Ceramic Hobs. The album comes with a comprehensive booklet explaining the course and meaning of the songs written by Chris Sienko of 'As Loud As Possible' magazine. It's essential. The four sides are entitled "Problematic" / "Triggering" / "Inappropriate" and "Pathologised". The broadcast finishes on "Triggering". Gatefold sleeve to take you back to the Seventies, bedside manners are extra at finishing school. It's well worth contacting Harbinger Sound to grab a copy. Please visit here : https://harbingersound.bigcartel.com/category/new-releases

Please take a listen to the broadcast here : (Thoughts, comments and food vouchers always welcomed) : https://www.mixcloud.com/muhsteve/muhmur-radio-soundart-radio-broadcast-august-1-2019/

01: The Hearing Trumpet : "Congestion" (Hal Tapes) 1998.
02: Modelbau : "Probe 7, Over & Out" (Barreuh) 2019.
03: The Tobacconists : "An Tone Four Giver" (A Giant Fern/Fabrica Records) 2014.
04: Tom Smith : "1980:03:05" (Hanson Records) 2019.
05: The Armedalite Rifles : "Turning Of The Spools" (Wrinkly Dink Records) 2017.
06: Savage Republic : "Mediterranea" (Independent Project Records) 1986.
07: Philip Sanderson : "E Is For Echo" (Séance Centre) 2018.
08: Modelbau : "Mirror Image #3" (Hologram Label) 2019.
09: Juice Machine : "Yachats #2" (Juice Machine Self-Released) 2019.
10: Andrew Quitter & Nick Hoffman : "Vacant Stairs" (Weird Ear) 2016.
11: Throbbing Gristle : "The Whistling Song" (The Grey Area) 1993.
12: Throbbing Gristle : "Industrial Muzak" (The Grey Area) 1993.
13: The Ceramic Hobs : "This Sore And Broken Blackpool Legacy" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
14: The Ceramic Hobs : "Rainbow Self Realisation Therapy" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
15: The Ceramic Hobs : "Wife Swapping Party" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
16: The Ceramic Hobs : "The Prowler" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
17: The Ceramic Hobs : "Blackpool Transport" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
18: The Ceramic Hobs : "Safe To Heaven" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.

The next broadcast will be on August 15 at the regular time of 20:00 (GMT), the next day I head off to Saint Giron (France) so the blog might be a little later - unless I write it before hand ... but I'm not that organised!!

Sunday, 21 July 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 18 July 2019.

This broadcast is built around some of the sounds I accrued whilst visiting friends in Sussex last month. A trip to Hastings & Ore Record Fair and a handful of great secondhand record shops in Eastbourne, Hastings and Bexhill-On-Sea. If (like me) you are a record collector I thoroughly recommend spending a weekend travelling between these coastal towns and exploring the shops ... there's 'Platform One' in Bexhill-On-Sea that is run by the ex bass player of The Bevis Frond!

Whilst in Hastings I popped in to the 'First In Last Out' pub and met Philip Sanderson who kindly gave me a CDR of unreleased material by himself and The Storm Bugs, as well as some rare recordings from both.

                                                                    Philip Sanderson.

The broadcast begins with a track by Upper Franconian Liberation Orchestra from their cassette album "Exploring Spaces". Released in 2017 on the German GrubenWehr Freiburg label the orchestra is built around David Leukhart who also records and releases as Grodock.

The cassette itself is not listed on Discogs but it's worth getting in touch with David via the labels band camp page to try and get a copy : https://grubenwehrfreiburg.bandcamp.com
The Philip Sanderson piece "Broken Morning" is unreleased, other Philip Sanderson tracks here are from the 2018 LP "On One Of These Bends" released by Canadian label Séance Centre.
The Ceramic Hobs piece comes from the double LP "Black Pool Legacy" put out last year by Harbinger Sound. This track is an untitled gem hidden at the end of side 4. The album itself was compiled by Philip Best (Consumer Electronics) and includes an in-depth booklet / tract on each piece written by Chris Sienko (As Loud As Possible) and has sleeve notes by Mark Wharton (Idwal Fisher). Instant classic.
Swedish label I Dischi Del Barone released a 7" single by Monokultur back in October (2018), and instantly became a favourite here at MuhMur HQ. I Dischi Del Barone is a great label to discover new sounds. I have come across Leda, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Blue Chemise and Blod through buying singles from this label. (that's Blod AKA Gustaf Dicksson not Blod AKA Jesper Forseilius who released the wonderful "Romantic And Deranged" EP on Segerhuva Records back in 1999). Last month Monokultur released their debut LP "Monokultur" on Swedish label Förlag För Fri Musik. In the USA it is released on the Ever/Never label. Ten tracks of pure pop is the best way I can describe the album, individual and unique. Monokultur are comprised of the duo Elin Engström and J.J. Ulius.  I did have trouble tracking the LP down with most European distributors selling out as soon as they 'dropped', I did manage to get a copy direct from the label via Discogs.

The Tobacconists are Frans De Waard and Scott Foust. Scott is probably more known for being Idea Fire Company. Recently a friend mailed me recordings by Dead Girl's Party, another Foustian project and it made me think I better discover more by Scott and what better place to start than with his collaboration with Frans De Waard. Rather like the Monokultur LP this 12"EP is comprised of eight tracks of lo-fi pop songs, individual and unique. I also managed to grab a copy of The Tobacconists 2014 LP "A Secret Place" - expect some of that in upcoming MuhMur Radio broadcasts.

                                              The Storm Bugs Live (2012 in Nottingham).

The two unreleased live recordings from The Storm Bugs come from their 2018 appearance at the "ContraPop Festival" in Ramsgate. The two Swell Maps covers are from the cassette compilation "Your Song, My Foot! Volume 3 The 1979 Edition", a fundraising release by New Jersey radio station WFMU. I have (personally) found it impossible to hunt out a copy of this tape ... these tracks are from the CDR handed to me by Philip. If anyone reading has a spare copy then please get in touch.

I remember back in the early 1980's I used to trade / swap tapes with Dan Plunkett. Dan lives in Austin, Texas and back then he produced ND Magazine. It was a package of tapes from Dan that introduced me to Portion Control. I remember the same package of tapes had some early Severed Heads albums and a tape of Test Department demos. (For some reason I still have a copy of the Test Dept. tape). From 1983 onwards I bought anything and everything I could find by Portion Control, I saw them live a few times travelling around the UK, even saw them at Manchester Apollo Theatre supporting Blancmange - that was a strange night ... well a strange tea-time really as I think the gig started around 6pm to accommodate the preteen crowd (and their mothers). Really please to find a mint copy of the "Surface And Be Seen" 12"EP for sale at the Hastings & Ore Record Fair.

At the same record fair I grabbed a copy of the Mark Beer 7" "Collaborations". Mark was a member of MuhMur Radio favourites Silent Types, a three piece consisting of Mark, Rob Doran (later in Hard Corps) and Anton Loach (of Metabolist). The single is released on Mark's own Waste Records label.

This month GrubenWehr Freiburg released the second volume of their "Grubenfunde" sampler series. It's a C60 cassette featuring Dieter Müh, BºTong, Die Hunde, Flutwacht, Noise Cluster and Pit Horse Doom Orchestra amongst others. The Grodock / Fahrtenschreiber piece is from this tape. Limited to 60 copies the cassette comes with a mini booklet. It's available direct from Grubenwehr Freiburg whose link I put in earlier ...

The Anti Group track comes from the new CD "4x12" on Peripheral Minimal. The CD is basically a re-issue of the 1994 compilation "Audiophile" which was originally released via The Anti Groups own Anterior Research Recordings. This edition is packaged quite neatly in an A5 wallet and contains a condensed version of the booklets that came with the "Ha/Zulu" and "Sht" 12" records. There are also two bonus pieces, both remixes by Richard H. Kirk and reprocessed by Adi Newton. "Zulu Dub RMX" is one of the bonus tracks. One thing that did surprise me is Peripheral Minimal have moved from Bristol to Spain.
Two singles were released "on this day" in 1980. Magazine's "Sweetheart Contract" and "Play Kwela!" by The Piranhas. The version of "Sweetheart Contract" played here is from the LP "The Correct Use Of Soap" as I don't have a copy of the single which is a shame as the B-Side is a live track recorded at The Russell Club in Manchester, a building I used to live opposite!
Ubiquitous Meh! is the solo project from Plymouth sound artist Luke Richards. The track here is from the album "Subway Gothic". Luke also plays drums in Zapoppin'. The album is a great collection of lo-fi pop and available in CD and cassette format. https://ubiquitousmeh.bandcamp.com

                                                       The Ubiquitous Luke Richards.

Whilst in Eastbourne with outsider artist Jason Williams he handed me an unmarked CDR with the words "tell me what you think of this" ... Uneasy listening with moments of pure pleasure was my first thoughts, quite Beefheartian in places. The CDR is a copy of the LP "Porridge Van Presents The Skuzz Homo & Baby Glue Split LP". Skuzz Homo is performance / sound artist Sexton Ming. https://sextonmingsporridgevan.bandcamp.com/album/porridge-van-presents-the-skuzz-homo-baby-glue-split-lp

Frans De Waard (yep, that man again) has been busy over the spring and summer months with a glut of releases. Last week I received three CDRs and a couple of cassettes. "A World Of Difference" is on the UK label Regional Bears. Here I play all of side B.

To compliment the Storm Bugs version of The Swell Maps "Full Moon In My Pocket" tracks I played the "Full Moon (Reprise)" track from the "A Trip To Marineville" LP. This version comes from the 1991 CD "Train Out Of It". Hyperculte is the project of ex Massicot guitarist Simone Aubert and bass player Vincent Bertholet. Simone also plays drums. The project is based on receptive patterns and texts inspired by their favourite poets and writers. The track "De L'Or" comes from their second LP "Massif Occidental". Available on CD or vinyl format. The album has a great 'motorik' vibe and we have found it a great soundtrack for driving the narrow lanes of Dartmoor on sunny days.  https://hyperculteband.bandcamp.com/album/massif-occidental

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Playlist : 
01: Upper Franconian Liberation Orchestra : "Omni Padme Um" (GrubenWehr Freiburg) 2017.
02: Phillip Sanderson : "Broken Morning" (Not On Label) 2019.
                                        (Unreleased piece exclusive for MuhMur Radio).
03: The Ceramic Hobs : "Untitled" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
04: Monokultur : "Ängrar Inget" (Förlag För Fri Musik) 2019.
05: The Tobacconists : "A Visit To The Doctor" (Minor) 2016.
06: The Storm Bugs : "Car Situations (Live At ContraPop 2018)" (Not On Label) 2018.
                                      (Unreleased live recording exclusive for MuhMur Radio).
07: Portion Control : "He Is A Barbarian" (In Phaze Records) 1982.
08: Philip Sanderson : "Maps" (Séance Centre) 2018.
09: Mark Beer : "After The Accident" (Waste Records) 1979.
10: The Storm Bugs : "Full Moon In My Pocket (Tail Light)" (WFMU) 2019.
11: Grodock/Fahrtenschreiber : "Ancient Alien Technologies" (GrubenWehr Freiburg) 2019.
12: The Anti Group : "Zulu Dub RMX" (Peripheral Minimal) 2019.
13: Magazine : "Sweetheart Contract" (Virging Records) 1980.
14: Ubiquitous Meh! : "It's Just Like Real Life" (Damnsonic) 2019.
15: Philip Sanderson : "Viewfinder" (Séance Centre) 2018.
16: Monokultur : "En Dag Jag Inte Minns" (Förlag För Fri Musik) 2019.
17: Origami Artika : "Rǿde Gullseng" (Killer/KomKol Autoprod) 2001.
18: Philip Sanderson : "Everything He Is Not" (Séance Centre) 2018.
19: Modelbau : "A World Of Difference" (Side B)  (Regional Bears) 2019.
20: Skuzz Homo : "Your Piles Get In The Way" (Porridge Van) 2018.
21: The Storm Bugs : "Hisstory (Live At ContraPop 2018)" (Not On Label).
                                     (Unreleased live recording exclusive for MuhMur Radio).
22: Swell Maps : "Full Moon" (The Grey Area) 1991.
23: Hyperculte : "De L'Or" (Les Disques Bongo Joe/Red Wig) 2019.
24: The Piranhas : "Getting Beaten Up" (Sire Records/Hansa Records) 1980.
25: They Must Be Russians : "Don't Try To Cure Yourself" (Fresh Records) 1980.
26: The Storm Bugs : "Full Moon In My Pocket (Port Sight)" (WFMU) 2019.

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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 7 November 2019

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