Friday, 2 April 2021

MuhMur Radio Broadcast All Fools Day 2021.


The programme starts with a track from the new album by O Yuki Conjugate. "A Tension Of Opposites Volumes 1 & 2" was recorded last year whilst members of the project were in isolation. It sees the two main Yuki protagonists record two separate pieces. Roger Horberry presents "At Variance" (recorded in York) and Andrew Hulme contributes "Into The Pleasure Garden" (recorded in London). 

"Ravishment" is from the Andrew Hulme piece. There are two distinctive sides (obviously) with the Horberry sound being very computer sounding and touching 'new-agey' whilst the Hulme tracks are more organic in sound. Former member Clare Elliot also features on this album .. it is self released by O Yuki Conjugate and although the tape version is sold out copies are available on Discogs, or you get the download here :

The Beequeen piece is from the album "A Touch Of Brimstone". I dug this copy out to be accompaniment whilst reading Freek Kinkelaar's book "Wondersound". It works perfectly. Major Eddie are PragVec. "My Name's Eddie" comes from the LP "No Cowboys", an album where PragVEC use a number of pseudonyms and aliases such as Major Eddie, Couch Potatoes, Spec Records and Vince Quince & The Rialto Ballroom Detectives (which feature Jim Thirlwell on WASP) to create a faux compilation. 

A busy "On This Day" section this programme starting with the epic "Western Mantra" one of the two mantras from the EP "Three Mantras" by Cabaret Voltaire. Purposely designed to confuse and possibly the world's longest single with each side being over 20 minutes long. The Steve Roden version of "Bela Lugosi's Dead" is the most played song on MuhMur Radio. This is the third time in 9 years. The track appears on the benefit CD "Your Song, My Foot" released by WFMU back in 2011. 

Dave Phillips latest album is called "Disappear". : "Disappear was born of something to be, suddenly, unexpectedly, painfully, like two mirrors that reflected too strongly and burst, the shards that were left tell a story of a chance meeting of an insect and a flower in a self made paradise and the resulting journey that took then towards new dimensions but was brutally cut short before these could be explained. The sun disappeared the resulting daze looked back and saw ... mirrors don't reflect what we want to see. Disappear consists of seven pieces composed alongside a presence, the story linking the pieces unfolds when the presence disappears and the eighth, the last piece of the album, appears, a cleansing lament disguised as an abomination. Marmować means waste in Polish. Composed between January 2018 and November 2019, a period known as the Berlin Daze.". It is a perfect album to play alone, loud and in the dark. Released by the Berlin based Total Black label copies are available from them or the Dave Phillips bandcamp page :

Back in the early 1990's the name Sudden Infant used to pop up in places, on lists, in magazines and flyers and mentions of live performances and radio shows. It's a great name so I bought the first Sudden Infant release I came across - the "Broken Glass" 7" - this was early 1990's on a trip to London. The next record I bought was the Cut-Up Constructions 7" "Finals 990217", a collaboration with Daniel Löwenbrück. And now I am hooked! I can remember the first time I met Joke Lanz (Sudden Infant). August 2006 and Dieter Müh were playing the basement of a carpet warehouse in Stoke Newington (London) with Hair Police. I try and get to see Sudden Infant when they play live in the UK and meet up with Joke to catch up with a chat and a few drinks. I have danced to Joke's DJ sets in Berlin and Kortrijk and even DJ'ed for Sudden Infant and 100 Club in London. So, there's a small section to celebrate Joke's work and the fact that April 6 is his birthday. On the last broadcast I played a track by Joke's project Kalata, now I play two more. 

As far as I am aware Kalata have only produced the one cassette "Hot Glue". It's available via the Sudden Infant website : Recently Joke has been expanding his turntablism techniques with live performances across Europe. "Half Dead Half Alive" is a collaboration with German composer / performer / vocalist Ute Wassermann. The album was recorded live in Nickelsdorf in 2019. Happy Birthday Joke! 

The Campbell + Edwards track is culled from their collaborative cassette release "The State We're In". It's a self released cassette available from Neil via his bandcamp page. The digital version is free ... but the tapes only a fiver!

Over the past 20 years or so the German duo Cranioclast have remained one the most obscurest projects known. They call themselves Sankt Klario and Soltan Karik. Their releases are all anagrams of the name Cranioclast. I remember for a while folk were saying that they were 'leather bikers' from Germany. Hells Angels types ... but I think there was confusion over the fact that there was a death metal group in the 1990's also called Cranioclast. Cranioclast being the name of surgical forceps. There are interviews around but the mystery remains strong. It is mentioned that members of Cranioclast are also involved with the projects Kallabris, Core and Fetisch Park but this has always been denied. The only other artist personally connected to Cranioclast is Ave Maria Avida who in 1993 released the single "Distance Balance Symmetry" on the German Hyperium Records label. The tracks here are from the 2018 album "Cract On Sail". 

Back with "On This Day" and Bill Nelson's Red Noise. Cocteau Records released the "Revolt Into Style" single coupled with "Furniture Music".

Also on this day back in 1980 The Cramps released their debut album "Songs The Lord Taught Us". The Cramps were on the best bands to see live in the early 1980's. This LP was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee and produced by Alex Chilton. 

Following on from the 2013 re-issue of a 1983 cassette release "Biohazard / Isolation", S/M Operations in collaboration with Easy Listening have released "Bleeding Out" by Shame, Exposure. 

Shame, Exposure were created by Paul Steinborn in Port Huron, Michigan in 1982. In 1983 they put out two cassettes, the aforementioned "Biohazard / Isolation" and the live C90 "04/01/1983". In 1984 they ceased operations. Paul also played guitar for a while with Hunting Lodge. "Bleeding Out" was recorded in between 1982 and 1983 in Port Huron. The vinyl LP comes with a CDR version which has an extra track by Paul's pre Shame, Exposure project Hate/Grey. Hate/Grey also featured Lon C. Diehl of Hunting Lodge. Copies are available via the Easy Listening website :

Take a listen to the broadcast here :

Playlist : 

01: O Yuki Conjugate : "Ravishment" (OYC Limited) 2021.

02: Beequeen : "Rainhas Des Abelhas" (Korm Plastics) 2002.

03: Major Eddie : "My Name's Eddie" (Spec Records) 1980.

04: Cabaret Voltaire : "Western Mantra" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.

05: Steve Roden : "Bela Lugosi's Dead" (WFMU) 2011.

06: Dave Phillips : "FFTTMTFD" (Total Black) 2021.

07: Dave Phillips : "I Hope You're OK" (Total Black) 2021.

08: Dave Phillips : "Prevarication" (Total Black) 2021.

09: Dave Phillips : "Hope (Without)" (Total Black) 2021.

10: Kalata : "Pinstripes" (Not On Label) 2020.

11: Kalata : "Tiny Little Creatures" (Not On Label) 2020.

12: Joke Lanz & Ute Wassermann : "Half Alive" (Klanggalerie) 2021.

13: Neil Campbell + Nick Edwards : "Hubble" (Not On Label) 2021.

14: Cranioclast : "Coriolis Spectres" (Auf Abwegen) 2018.

15: Cranioclast : "Congress Of Space Archeologists" (Auf Abwegen) 2018.

16: Cranioclast : "The Arrival Of The Space Frog" (Aug Abwegen) 2018.

17: Bill Nelson's Red Noise : "Furniture Music" (Cocteau Records) 1983.

18: The Cramps : "T.V. Set" (Illegal Records) 1980.

19: Shame, Exposure : "R3, T1 : 165/82" (S/M Operations/Easy Listening) 2020. 

The next broadcast is on April 15th. 

Thanks for listening. 

Saturday, 20 March 2021

MuhMur Radio Broadcast March 18 2021.


The playlist for this broadcast was compiled / worked out before I heard of the death of Lou Ottens. Lou died on March 6. He was 94. Lou was the inventor of the compact cassette tape and player. This was in the year 1963 (a year after I was born). Cassette tapes have always been in my life. I got a small portable cassette player for my 11th birthday - an ASDA special. As well as playing cassettes I used to record stuff off the TV - TOTPs naturally - and conversations with friends. By the late 1970's I had an Amstrad Hi-Fi to tape John Peel and the radio programme Richard Skinner used to present on a Saturday afternoon. By the turn of the 80's I had a rather big Amstrad portable tape x tape machine to copy tapes, make tapes for friends, bootleg bands and record tape letters to friends abroad. (Hello Dan!). In the winter of 1983 when the flat in Manchester got burgled the first thing that's replaced was a portable cassette player .. despite having the light bulbs and door handles stolen (along with everything else - they were thorough I'll give 'em that) the burglars did leave a cassette of The Famers Boys c/w Aztec Camera. That was on rotation for a few weeks. And now, the main bulk of my collection is cassettes. When artists release their sounds and it's either CD(R) or Cassette I will buy the cassette everytime. No brainer. 

So, this broadcast has a few cassette releases in the playlist, starting with Gavin Morrow's untitled piece for "Kantoor 3" released last year by Staaltape. "Kantoor is a series dedicated to found sounds and found tapes.Recorded material that goes back as far as the mid 1950's are found in fleas markets or in the trash. A small group of artists has a particular fascination for these recordings. The Kantoor series is an attempt to share this fascination and give listeners an insight in a world that has disappeared." Earlier this year "Kantoor 4" was released. All releases come on an old (overdubbed) cassette with a magazine. For his piece Gavin has built a track collected from old cassettes sourced from thrift stores, swap meets, charity stalls and car boot sales primarily in the United States and UK. Some of these tapes are used and manipulated in Gavin's project Grey Frequency but here they are presented as raw material - voices from the past out of context - out of time. The compilation also features Angélica Castelló, Jon Sheffield and Claudio Fernandez. It was limited to 60 so probably all sold by now but "Kantoor 4" is available via Staaltape here :

I am afraid I don't know too much about Hari Hardman. The piece here is from his latest CDR release "Thrust Your Palm Into The Best Haystack". The album came to me through the post ... thank you very much Hari. 

The "On This Day" section of the broadcast begins with a couple of 7"'s, first is Pere Ubu and "Final Solution". Originally released in 1976 by Hearthan Records the version I play here is from the 1980 "Datapanik In The Year Zero - A" 7" put out by Rough Trade. This is followed by Young Marble Giants.

"Testcard E.P." features six instrumentals in praise and celebration of mid morning television. I play "Clicktalk" at the wrong speed - slower than suggested on the label ... but if I didn't mention it you'd never have known. Also on this day Fad Gadget released the single "Make Room". I must say that I don't think this is one of Fad's greatest singles but the B-Side is a classic. I saw Fad Gadget live a few times 1981-1983 and "Ladyshave" was always the show stopper, great synth work too from Daniel Miller. 

Thanks to Steve Underwood and his generosity I (over the past few weeks) have been discovering the work of German trio AG Geige. "America" is from their debut album "Yachtclub + Buchtein" released originally in 1987 on the GDR label, this version is from the 2018 Major label re-issue. AG Geige albums will soon be available at all good record shops ... in Hastings. 

On this day The Fall released their debut LP "Live At The Witch Trials". An album that is surely in everybody's top ten of greatest albums ever! I bought this on the day of release, I have always owned a copy .. and when I didn't I have always had a copy (back up) on a TDK D cassette. (the B-Side is Ultravox!'s debut LP). When I hear The Fall I always want to hear more ... one track is never enough so "Frightened" is followed by tracks from other The Fall favourites "Dragnet" and "Slates". "Dragnet" also came out in 1979 - two classic albums in a stretch of about nine months. Genius. 

Kalata is the project headed by Joke Lanz. Other members are Utke Tavil on drums and Dirar Kalash making the electronic noises. "Blue Sky" is from the self released cassette EP "Hot Glue". I shall be playing more from this EP on the next programme. I don't know where the cassette is available from but you can contact Joke here : I have recently been listening to Prag VEC a lot here at Hartop Towers. They only put out 2 7" singles on their own Spec Records label before splitting. There's a fascinating interview with Prag VEC vocalist Susan Gogan here : Prag VEC did play Lincoln back in 1979 when they supported Magazine on their "Secondhand Daylight" tour. I have never been keen on Magazine and certainly not around this time so I didn't bother and decided to go and see Secret Affair & Squire a few days later  ... if I'd only known Prag VEC were going to be the support!

Finishing the "On This Day" feature is Throbbing Gristle who (in 1980) released "24 Hours", a suitcase containing 24 one hour cassettes of Throbbing Gristle an other Industrial Records associated acts. 

The contents of the box varied because the tapes represented the most 'up to date' releases from Industrial Records. I have never owned (or even seen) a copy, I think it was somewhere around £80 back in the early 1980's. I play the full version of "Slug Bait" from the 1977 performance in Southampton, released on Industrial Records in 1979 and catalogued IRC 6. 

Alien Brains was the DaDaist Noise project of Nigel Jacklin, the man who Brought Throbbing Gristle to Oundle School. It was originally a solo project but grew to include Mark Lancaster (from The Instant Automatons and the Rupenus brothers from The New Blockaders). The track played here may or may not be called "Conclusion". The CD lists 7 tracks, the CD player registers 23. Anyway, the track is from the recent re-issue of the debut album "Menial Disorders" originally released by Deleted Records in 1980. More information can be found here :

Staying with the DaDa, Phillipe Blanchard (Lieutenant Caramel) and Shaun Robert (factor X & Mutant Beatniks) have collaborated for the album "Cartes Postales Des Archipels". On this album Phillipe and Shaun make "postcards of the archipelagos, they chose to work with sound machines, toy drums, bass guitar, violin, radio waves, field recording and distorted voices. So to live a common experience they went beyond known landscapes. They came out of their terrestrial bodies to describe these amazing astral journeys. They made strange discoveries and found new friends along the way. At the end, there was only one way out of this story: move forward and backward in space until reaching eternity to no longer endure time and float like birds above these remote regions". Contact Phillipe here : or Shaun here :

Traag is the solo project of Detroit, Michigan based musician Travis Galloway. Travis also plays in the bands Roachclip and The Bibs. "Tropical Fruit" is from the cassette "UPN 50" released by the Italian Gang Of Ducks label. 

The sounds of the 90's are represented here by Clock DVA and the "Voice Recognition Test" 12"EP.

"The She-Butterfly" is the fourth in a series of collaborations between Pharmakustik (Siegmar Fricke) and Thorsten Soltau. The series began in 2017 with "Tektoplastie Art" on Craniotapes, in 2018 came "Periapsis 2251" on Holy Geometry, followed a year later By "Murgang 1971" on GeräuschManufaktur. "The She-Butterfly" is on the American label Park 70 with great packaging and design (as always) by Ryan Collins. The sounds on this album are assembled from the 1973 Yugoslavian vampire film "Leptirica (The She-Butterfly)". Watch it here : The cassette is a C36 release and available from Park 70 here :

The programme ends with the new 7" release by Bladder Flask. Bladder Flask are Phillip and Richard Rupenus (aka The New Blockaders) who released their debut LP "One Day I Was So Sad That the Corners Of My Mouth Met & Everybody Thought I Was Whistling" in 1981 on the Orgel Fesper Music label. In the past couple of years they seem to have resurrected with collaborations with Kommissar Hjuler and The Broken Penis Orchestra. The 7" appears on the American Anomalous label and available here : copies in the UK are available via Electric Knife Records.

Please take a listen to the broadcast here :

Playlist :

01: Gavin Morrow : "Untitled Piece" (Staaltape) 2020.

02: Hari Hardman : "U Can Be U" (Hari Hardman Produkts) 2020.

03: Pere Ubu : "Final Solution" (Hearthan) 1976.

04: Young Marble Giants : "Clicktalk" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.

05: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "Der Schraubkappen Das Kleinen Fritz" (Die Stadt) 2000.

06: Fad Gadget : "Ladyshave" (Mute Records) 1981.

07: AG Geige : "America" (Major Label) 2018.

08: The Fall : "Frightened" (Step Forward Records) 1979.

09: The Fall : "A Figure Walks" (Step Forward Records) 1979.

10: The Fall : "An Older Lover etc ..." (Rough Trade Records) 1981.

11: Kalata : "Blue Sky" (Not On Label - Self Released) 2020.

12: Prag VEC : "Wolf" (Spec Records) 1978.

13: Throbbing Gristle : "Slug Bait" (Industrial Records) 1979.

14: Alien Brains : "Conclusion" (Klanggalerie) 2021.

15: Noiseconcrete x 3CH15 : "Strange Prosperity (Joke Lanz Remix)" (Dizcollag) 2019.

16: Lieutenant Caramel + Shaun Robert : "Une Fois Trouvé" (Bruit De La Neige) 2020.

17: Traag : "Tropical Fruit" (Gang Of Ducks) 2014.

18: Kein Zweiter : "Komm Herein!" (90% Wasser) 2016.

19: Clock DVA : "Voice Recognition Test" (Contempo Records) 1993.

20: Pharmakustik & Thorsten Soltau : "The She-Butterfly (Pupation)" (Park 70) 2020.

21: Bladder Flask : "I Am As I Have Spoken" (Anomalous Records) 2021.

Next broadcast will be on April 1 (I'm not fooling!) - 20:00 GMT - and feature some new sounds from O Yuki Conjugate, Dave Phillips and Nick Edwards along with sounds from Shame, Exposure, Cranioclast, Steve Roden and The Cramps (amongst others) .. 

Comments always welcomed ... 

Saturday, 6 March 2021

MuhMur Radio Broadcast March 4 2021

 A shifting of boxes, a reorganisation of a room and I find the boxed edition of the M:S:B:R & Blazen Y Sharp split/collaborative album "Mass For Dead Insects". I hadn't heard this in years and is not as I remember it. I was given the box by Koji Tano when Dieter Müh shared the bill with M:S:B:R at the first Harbinger Soundclash in Nottingham 1998 ... we did that exchange of merch' thing that folk did back then. I also got some great Government Alpha and Ashtray Navigations releases and Steve Underwood gave me a test pressing for his Contagious Orgasm album release. T'was a great night! 

Since getting this album I have discovered more about Blazen Y Sharp (who were a new project to me at the time). Blazen Y Sharp were Chris Blazen and John Sharp, based in New York they operated from 1995 to 2002. John Sharp also played in Praying For Oblivion at the turn of the century before Andrew Seal took the project to Europe. He also played with The Haters. The bulk of their material was released on their own Gender-Less Kibbutz label. John died in 2014. 

Rediscovering this box makes me think, perhaps I should include a 'hidden gem from the 90's' in the next few playlists. (Answers on a postcard, please).

It's a busy start to the year for Francisco Meirino. January saw the release of the LP "A New Instability" on the American Helen Scarsdale Agency label. A label that is becoming more and more desirable. 

"In 2019, the Swiss power-acoustic musician Francisco Meirino presented 'A New Instability'. A commission for the venerable ina-grm of Paris. Of course, this institution is the pre-eminent centre for research and study of electro-acoustic music dating back to founding of 'groupe de recherches musicales' in 1958 by Pierre Schaeffer. To this day ina-grm continues to be at the vanguard of the electro-acoustic composition, and it is quite an accomplishment and very appropriate for Meirino to receive such a commission. This recording for "A New Instability" condenses the 32-channel original piece down to a very still active stereo version, here Meirino continues to amplify and refine his compositions that walk a fine tightrope between raw expressivity of brutalist noise and conceptual rigour of more academic pursuits. Such a work ranks him in with the likes of Zbigniew Karkowski, Dave Phillips, Puce Mary and Illusion Of Safety. Field recordings from a martial arts dojo in his hometown of Luasanne cast a pugilistic, combative arch to these recordings which snap, burst, explode and erupt with utterances of men and women engaged in hand to hand combat. Searing frequencies build, swarm and amass, out of these episodes rise to psychologically tense crescendo that rupture at their heights, quickly turning attention towards a violence that originates from within. It is as if the objective observations of those martial arts recordings are sublimated within a subjective experience of psychic unease, disquiet and imbalance". (From the Helen Scarsdale Agency Website). 

                                                              Francisco in Lausanne.

You can grab a copy of the LP direct from Francisco here : Next on the horizon is a 4xCD box set on the American Misanthropic Agenda label, although copies can be got from the same address. A few years back I spent an evening with Francisco in Lausanne, we went for a Chinese. A fascinating and funny man. 

Feral Copse is a new project created by Andy Jarvis (Vile Plumage, DogLiverOil), Chandoor Gloomy (Cromlech Shadow, Hair's Abyss) and Paul Harrison (Expose Your Eyes, Smell & Quim). Their first outing is an eponymous cassette released on two separate labels. There's a standard edition on the American SpleenCoffin label and a limited edition (25) that comes in a hand tied lotka-bush A4 wrap with art cards on the UK MuzaMuza Music label. Standard copies and a download are available still, go to :

The Robert Turman piece is from the album "Beyond Painting". Originally released in 2010 on the Actual Tapes label this version here is from the recent CD re-issue.
At the start of the year a friend asked me if I had a copy of the new Hive Mind album "Elysian Alarms" as he had a spare copy ... I hadn't so he kindly mailed .... anyway, this made me dig out what I have by Hive Mind and give them a spin, it made me buy a couple of collaborative 12"'s with Workbench which I found floating around cheap on Discogs. The two pieces here are from "Elysian Alarms". 

"Bish Bash Bosh" by Howard Stelzer and Steffan De Turck is from the cassette "For Charlie Mopps" released last year by UK label Steep Gloss. 

"All the sounds on this album have been generated by beer: bottles, cans, glasses, beer itself and the act of drinking it.
Steffan lives in Tilburg in The Netherlands, and I live in Massachusetts, USA. Via the super-nerdy social media app Untappd - which allows people to track, rate and comment on beers they drink - Steffan and I discovered that we have a similar taste in beer as well. One of us remarked that if we should ever find ourselves in the same country, it's be fun to get together for a beer .. even better, we could tour together and stop at breweries along the way. Actually, I'd be happy just to visit the breweries and skip playing shows altogether, but I suppose playing a gig would fund the next day's beers.
Our lovely idea isn't going to materialise for any time soon ... but we decided to have some beers together anyway and make an album out of it. All of the sounds on this album have been generated by beer"
"Pour yourself  something delicious, sit back and enjoy this sonic session ale. 
Charlie Mopps, by the way, is the mythical inventor of beer .. at least, according to a British folk song from the 1800s called 'Beer, Beer, Beer', which is a pretty good title. You probably noticed that his name rhymes with Barley and Hops. This album is dedicated to him......"
(Howard Stelzer).
The download is available here : the tape is long sold ... 

In one of those strange coincidences that happen once in a while, I was only thinking the other week that there hadn't been new studio recordings from Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim for some time, not since the 2016 CD "A Bug's Life", then the next day I see that there's a new FTBPD CD out called "Swinging With The Pinkels" on the Wolkenschädel Studios label. This CD is limited to 200 copies and comes attached to a plate. Each plate is different. Copies are being distributed by Drone Records of Bremen : 
In the same way as FTBPD, Astral Social Club releases are getting rarer, Neil Campbell (Mr Social Club) seems to releasing more under his own name and in collaborative mode. The two pieces here are from the new cassette "Space Draft Extended Play" and available exclusively on the Neil Campbell bandcamp page. There's also a chance to grab his new collaboration cassette with Nick Edwards (Ekoplekz, Holy Moloch). I shall be playing some of this tape in an upcoming broadcast. 

The Rebel is Ben Wallers, formerly of the Country Teasers. "Yes" is from the 2014 12" EP "Really?" on the German Slowboy Records label. 
The broadcast is on the MuhMur Radio Mixcloud Archive page. Please take a listen here : 

Playlist :
01: Blazen Y Sharp : "Balungan" (MSBR/Gender Less-Kibbutz) 1997.
02: Francisco Meirino : "A New Instability (Part One)" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2021.
03: Feral Copse : "The Crack In The Sky Was The Sign We Had Waited For" (MuzaMuza Music) 2020.
04: Robert Turman : "Al Qa'ida" (Chronditic Sound) 2020.
05: Hive Mind : "Come Alone" (Difficult Interactions) 2020.
06: Hive Mind : "Pawns Put Back Together" (Difficult Interactions) 2020.
07: Francisco Meirino : "A New Instability (Part Two)" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2021.
08: Howard Stelzer & Steffan De Turck : "Bish Bash Bosh" (Steep Gloss) 2020.
09: Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim : "Menschenfrosch" (Wolkenschädel Studios) 2021.
10: Astral Social Club : "Simple Mind Module" (Not On Label) 2021.
11: Astral Social Club : "Skank Of The Ancients" (Not On Label) 2021.
12: The Rebel : "Yes" (Slowboy Records) 2014.

The next broadcast will be on Thursday March 18 at 20:00 GMT, available on the FM dial id you're in or around Totnes or listen to the live stream via the SoundArt Radio website :

Saturday, 20 February 2021

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 18 February 2021.


The broadcast kicks off with a new piece by Nurse With Wound. "Alienation (The Devil's Interval)" is a 3"CD on the Lenke Lente label. It is a fifteen minute slice of a 'sleep concert' that Nurse With Wound gave in Ireland back in 2017. Sleep concerts are evening events that last over eight hours where Steve Stapleton DJ's his Nurse With Wound back catalogue whilst the audience chill out, relax and (I guess) go to sleep. This small section of the concert features whispered vocals by Aurelle Lierman. The CD is enclosed in the book "Un Home Sensible" by Octave Mirbeau and is all in French (like all Lenke Lente publications). I cannot translate, so the words remain a mystery - but it is probably decadent prose as Mirbeau also wrote "Diary Of A Chambermaid" and "The Torture Garden". 

Takahiro Mukai is a Japanese musician and composer based in Osaka. The piece here is from the cassette "Paraponera Clavata" recorded in 2016 and released in 2019 by Cruel Nature Records. Information on Takahiro is hard to come by on the Internet ... I was fascinated by the artwork on this cassette so bought it. Check out his website here :

Cloama is the project of Jasse Tuukki who is also half of Finnish power electronic masters STROM e.c. I am not too certain if Cloama is still an active entity, the last release in 2018 was a collection of old recordings. The track here is from the 2005 eponymous CD on Jasse's own New Old Sentinel label. 

The Dead Mauriacs new cassette is on the American Flag Day Recordings label. Flag day Recordings are a new name to me but their back catalogue seems to have some interesting names / releases to discover. Tapes and CDs by the likes of Terence Hannum, Francisco Meirino and Phillipe Petit. I'm not too sure if they have European distribution but check them out at : The Dead Mauriacs always deliver the goods with the piece here resembling their old approach of atmospheric, occult style construction. 

"Kassettmusik" by Sewer Election was originally released as a two part series released by Swedish label Spanking Ritual in 2007. In 2008 Swedish label iDeal Recordings released a CD featuring moments from both cassettes and last year Swedish label Fördämning Arkiv released a vinyl version. (with great liner notes by Chris Sienko). Sewer Election are Swedish (Chris is not). 

It is becoming apparent that I am collecting releases by American label Helen Scarsdale Agency. Since coming across the sound of Fossil Aerosol Mining Project in 2014 and their collaborative work with Soviet France, I discovered their output was on the Helen Scarsdale Agency label and bought their albums wherever and whenever I could ... still do. The 2019 compilation (10xcassette) "On Corrosion" ramped up my HSA addiction. 

The two tracks featured here are from the 2018 album "August 53rd". All information on FAMP can be found here : and Helen Scarsdale Agency releases can be bought from here :

Working around the realms of EVP and field recordings Gavin Morrow's Grey Frequency project have just released "Paranormal" Available as download here : the album originally came out on cassette with a booklet of images compiled by Gavin. A fascinating breakdown of the album can be found here : it's a great read. 

NO PART OF IT have just released a benefit CD for Chris Phinney. 

"Chris Phinney has been active within the realm of experimental music since 1982. Whether it has been his main recording project, Mental Anguish, or his label, Harsh Reality, Chris' involvement with the development of 1980's cassette culture and beyond, is immeasurable. 

In late 2019, Chris was hit by an uninsured driver. The collision compounded previous injuries, and found him in a wheelchair unable to work. Phinney is the father of four children, three of which are still dependents at the time of the incident. To top it off, the accident occurred not long after a divorce, the untimely passing of a new life partner, and the death of Phinney's mother. The aftermath of this incident involved multiple surgeries, as well as a month in the hospital with head trauma, hip trauma and numerous fractured bones.

This compilation was put together as a benefit for Chris to help offset some expenses. It is a multinational collection of work spanning decades, and was created in the spirit of early cassette culture compilations, with a mind for freeform college radio as well. Compiled by Arvo Zylo Modus Vivendi features some artists who've worked with Chris Phinney in the past, as well as Standout artists he's likely never heard of. Every penny in profit for this release go to Chris Phinney". 

The CD and download (which features a bonus piece from Modelbau) is available from NO PART OF IT here: His GOFundMe page is here :

Utmarken was a combined rehearsal room, record label, record shop, live venue and recording studio. It was based in Gothenburg, Sweden and was active between 2008 and 2011. It was operated by a handful of interesting characters who defined the Swedish DIY scene at this time. It was an old car repair shop, two floors, an unheated cold space with no soundproofing. One of the collective was Matthias Andersson, the guy behind Heinz Hopf, Arv & Miljö and Release the Bats Records, also involved were Dan Johansson and Viktor Ottosson of Åttestupa. 
                                                         Åttestupa in rehearsals at Utmarken.

The two tracks by Åttestupa here are from the compilation album "Utmarken" a 3xC20 release from 2011. This is the final Utmarken release. Matthias went on to create the I Dischi Del Barone label .

"On This Day" features a track from the split LP from The Birthday Party and Lydia Lunch. The Birthday Party side is called "Drunk On The Pope's Blood - 16 Minutes Of Sheer Hell" and was recorded at The Venue in London on November 26, 1981. It was released by 4AD Records on February 18, 1982. I remember at the time wondering why 4AD didn't just release a live album by The Birthday Party and ditch the Lunch stuff ... but there you go. 

Recently I have been playing what I have by guitarist Robin Simon. I first came across Robin with this single "Trans-Sister" by Neo. Robin then went on to replace Steve Shears in Ultravox! and appear on the "Systems Of Romance" album. After John Foxx left Ultravox! Robin joined Magazine and appeared on the live album "Play". Robin was then replaced by Ben Mandelson. After Magazine Robin went on to play with ex Ultravox! members John Foxx and Billy Currie (with his Humania project). Recently Robin has been playing with the reformed Visage and runs his own label Ajanta Music with his brother (and Neo drummer) Paul. After Robin quit Neo for Ultravox! Paul left and drummed with Cowboys International and Girls At Our Best. He also spent a brief time in Thomas Dolby's Fallout Club, and Radio Stars. Neo were formed in 1976 by former Milk n' Cookies bass player Ian North. Neo can be filed under - punk bands that signed to really uncool labels. They were on Jet Records, who at the time were also putting out records by The Electric Light Orchestra, Girl and Adrian Gurvitz. Other punk bands that can be filed thus are Gloria Mundi and Dead Fingers Talk ... I'm sure there's more but I can't think at this moment in time. The Neo single pops up now and again on Discogs. 

Comments always welcomed. 

Playlist :
01: Nurse With Wound : "Alienation (The Devil's Interval)" (Lenke Lente) 2021.
02: Takahiro Mukai : "Paraponera Clavata #211" (Cruel Nature Records) 2019.
03: Cloama : "Anoidi" (New Old Sentinel) 2005.
04: The Dead Mauriacs : "Extave Entre Les Lalmiers Givres" (Flag Day Recordings) 2020.
05: Sewer Election : "Kassettmusik (A)" (Fördämning Arkiv) 2020.
06: Fossil Aerosol Mining Project : "The Failed Resurrection Of Easy Listening" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2018.
07: Four Hands : "Mountain Of Mammon (Zoviet*France Version)" (Signals) 2012.
08: Fossil Aerosol Mining Project : "1991 From 2015" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2018.
09: Grey Frequency : "Haunted Tape (EVP 2)" (Not On Label) 2021.
10: Grey Frequency : "Apparition" (Not On Label) 2021.
11: Attrition : "The Pillar (For Ossington)" (NO PART OF IT) 2021.
12: Dieter Müh : "Bethlehem" (NO PART OF IT) 2021.
13: Åttestupa : "Orostider" (Utmarken) 2011.
14: Åttestupa : "Greppet Härdnar" (Utmarken) 2011.
15: The Birthday Party : "King Ink (Live)" (4AD Records) 1982.
16: Neo : "Trans-Sister" (Jet Records) 1978.

Due to technical difficulties this broadcast ran 10 minutes short of two hours, all was resolved for the next programme (on March 4) which is just a few minutes over two hours - swings and roundabouts. March 4 is the 200th MuhMur Radio Broadcast and features sounds from Francisco Meirino, Feral Copse, Blazen Y Sharp, The Rebel and Robert Turman amongst others ... please tune in. 

Saturday, 6 February 2021

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 4 February 2021.

 Robert Curgenven is a sound artist based in Cork, Ireland. I first came across his sounds / work at a festival he organised called "Open Provocation" that took place at a village hall in the small Cornish hamlet of Polruan in 2013. It was a three day event that also featured Nicholas Bullen, Nigel Ayers and Matt Davis. I formed a correspondence with Robert but his hectic and nomadic lifestyle made it very difficult to keep in touch. 

Robert has been releasing his sounds via his label Recorded Fields since 2007. Also releasing on other labels such as The Tapeworm, Line and Kaon. The opening piece here is from last years cassette release on the Irish Fort Evil Fruit label "Ar Ais Aris". This cassette compiles works from limited edition releases, installations, reworking and unreleased material. It was recorded in seven countries over the last fifteen years. Copies are still available : More information on Robert's work and contact is here :

Stuart Chalmers has been putting out his mix of ambient imaginations and experimental drones for over ten years. This broadcast features tracks from two of his most recent releases. "Exterminating Angel" is from the album "Self Destruction". Originally released in 2017 on the Reverb Worship label it has been re-issued as a CDR on the Electromagnetic Compact Discs imprint. The track "Dome Of Visions" is from the  ongoing collaborative project with Claus Poulsen. "When There Were Birds" is the third collaborative release and appears on the Blue Tapes label. "Dome Of Visions" was recorded live in Leeds in 2019. Copies are available on the Stuart Chalmers Bandcamp page :

10 Decimal Place is a cafe / meeting place / music venue situated on the corner of Burton Road and Occupation Road in Lincoln. In the past the place has hosted live shows by the likes of Grey Frequency, Yumah and MyTrip. The track "Occupation Road" by Rovar 17 Vs. Xpldnglke was recorded here in 2020. Rovar 17 are Hungarian, other than that I know next to nothing about them. The CD came courtesy of Idwal Fisher. Between 199 and 2001 I lived in a flat in the grounds of The Lawn in Lincoln and my garden backed on to Occupation Road, a shame the venue didn't exist back then. 

This programme features an extended "On This Day" feature and starts with Lemon Kittens classic 7"EP "Spoonfed And Writhing". 

This EP was the debut release from Lemon Kittens, back in 1979 they were a trio featuring Gary Thatcher, Karl Blake and Nick Mercer. Karl recruited Danielle Dax through the small ads in "Industrial News" (the in house TG fanzine), and they became a two-piece. The artwork of the EP is by Danielle Dax.  After a successful live tour of the East Coast of America Factory Records issued the 12" EP "Do The Du(Cause)" by A Certain Ratio on the new Factory US label. 

One of the most influential albums of all time has to be Throbbing Gristle's "Second Annual Report".  Released in November 1977 on Industrial Records - I bought it on February 4 1979 from a record shop in Doncaster (The Fetish Records re-issue that is) ... Gustaf Dickson is Blöd. Not to be confused with the band with the same name from the same country that released power electronics based noises on Xerxes and Segerhuva at the turn of the century, but the solo artist who has been releasing ambient Nordic folk and slightly obscure music on Förlag För Fri Musik and I Dischi Del Barone for the past five or six years. The track here is from the LP "Tusen Bitar", I like the LP a lot, it conjures incidental music from children's TV programmes from the 1970's. 

I managed to pick this album up from the Gothenburg based record shop Discreet Music. Discreet Music also operate a compact and bijou label called Förfall. They have released CDRs by Joachim Nordwall, Are & Miljö, Sewer Election and Blöd amongst others ... worth keeping and eye on.

The Jane track is from the excellent compilation album "Edward Not Edward". A collection of songs written by Edward Barton. Jane had a chart hit back in 1983 with the song "It's A Fine Day" written by Edward. All things Barton can be found here : Back in the 1980's I used to live in a flat above Edward when he was in a band called The Old Men - this was in Hulme, Manchester ... then a few years (and many moves) later I found myself living a few doors down from Edward. We appeared in a James video together. AntiChildLeague track is from the new CD album "Entrenched Extreme". Copies available here : Since the appearance on the 2019 compilation "On Corrosion", the 10xCassette box released by Helen Scarsdale Agency I have been looking out for releases by Himukalt. Himukalt is the project created by American noisician Ester Kärkkäinen. The track here is from the CD album "Come October" and is a reinterpretation of the Nurse With Wound track "I Was No Longer His Dominant" who in turn appropriated the text from Harold Pinter, 

Going back to the "On This Day" feature, Arista Records released the compilation LP "Celebration" by Simple Minds in 1982. I think by this time Simple Minds had left Arista and just about to hit the big time via Virgin Records. "Life In A Day" was included on this LP and also appeared on their first album. Also on this day in 1980 Not Sensibles released the LP "Instant Classics" on the Bent label.

Not Sensibles were from Burnley in the North West of England. Formed in 1978 and lasting for a few years they split in 1982 only to reform again in 2005. Crawling Chaos are from the North East of England., from Washington in Northumberland to be precise. They recorded an album and single for Factory Records in the early 1980's. "Berlin" was the single. They are still an active recording project releasing great albums on the Belgian EE Tapes label. Information can be found here :

After bad time keeping on the four hour festive feast live broadcast on December 29 I had to leave tracks by Magazine and Hunting Lodge off the playlist so here they are at the end of tonights broadcast. Magazine "In The Dark" is the B-Side on the 12" EP "About The Weather" and the Hunting Lodge track is pulled from the CDR that comes with the vinyl LP "Shack" and is previously unreleased. 

Please take a listen to the broadcast here : Thoughts and comments always welcomed. 

Playlist :

01: Robert Curgenven : "Wisla Reorientations" (Fort Evil Fruit) 2020.

02: Stuart Chalmers : "Exterminating Angels" (Electromagnetic Compact Discs) 2020.

03: Rovar 17 Vs. Xpldnglke : "Occupation Road" (Unsigned) 2020.

04: Lemon Kittens : "Lycanthrorhene" (United Dairies) 1980.

05: Lemon Kittens : "Chalet D'Amour" (Step Forward Records) 1979.

06: A Certain Ratio : "Son And Heir" (Factory US) 1981.

07: Throbbing Gristle : "Industrial Introduction" (Industrial Records) 1977.

08: Throbbing Gristle : "Slug Bait - ICA" (Industrial Records) 1977.

09: Throbbing Gristle : "Slug Bait - Live At Southampton" (Industrial Records) 1977.

10: Throbbing Gristle : "Slug Bait - Live At Brighton" (Industrial Records) 1977.

11: Throbbing Gristle : "Maggot Death - Live At Rat Club" (Industrial Records) 1977.

12: Throbbing Gristle : "Maggot Death - Studio" (Industrial Records) 1977.

13: Throbbing Gristle : "Maggot Death - Southampton" (Industrial Records) 1977.

14: Claus Poulsen & Stuart Chalmers : "Dome Of Visions" (Blue Tapes) 2020.

15: Pär Thörn & TR Kirstein : "Dold Mätning" (Topos) 2020.

16: Blöd : "Friehetens Musik" (Förlag För Fri Musik) 2020.

17: Jane : "I Slap My Belly" (Wooden Records) 1989.

18: Muckrackers + Igor!!!M + Flutwacht : "À Froid" (LFA) 2020.

19: AntiChildLeague : "Paranoid" (Obsessive Fundamental Realism/Phosgen Records) 2020.

20: Himukalt : "No Longer Her Dominant" (Found Remains) 2018.

21: Simple Minds : "Life In A Day" (Arista Records) 1979.

22: A Certain Ratio : "Do The Du (Casse)" (Factory US) 1981.

23: Not Sensibles : "Little Boxes" (Bent Records) 1980.

24: Crawling Chaos : "Berlin" (Factory Records) 1980.

25: Magazine : "In The Dark" (Virgin Records) 1981.

26: Hunting Lodge : "96 Tears" (S/M Operations/Easy Listening Records) 2020. 

Thanks for listening - back again at the same SoundArt Time on the same SoundArt Channel - February 18th. 

Saturday, 23 January 2021

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 21 January 2021.


The first broadcast of 2021. 2021 marks the ninth year of MuhMur Radio on SoundArt Radio broadcasting  from studios situated on the Dartington Hall Estate in South-East Devon. 

The programme starts with a small piece from the latest release by French multidisciplinary artist Rainier Lericolais. This track is from the cassette "Ondes Courtes" released on the Dead Mauriacs own imprint NPH. 

Unfortunately Rainier releases in limited editions, most being gallery editions and 'one-off' art pieces .. but contact NPH here, there still might be copies and downloads available. The Dead Mauriacs piece is a special piece recorded for MuhMur Radio. "HBSC" translates as 'Happy Birthday Steve Cammack' and was mailed as an audio birthday card for myself last December. 

SOON are a new project to me. A duo based in Nijmegen, Holland comprising of Jochem Van Toi and Liu Mottes. Extratool is a label set up by artists and musicians working out of the Extrapool Art Space in Nijmegen. The single was produced by Trepaneringsritualen member Peter Johann Nijland. SOON have a great website. Visit here :

Over the Christmas period (usually about 3 days if you work in the NHS) I spent a couple of days playing nothing but the sounds of John Duncan. Spurred on by the arrival of the 2016 album "Bitter Earth" to Hartop Towers. I first came aware of the work of John Duncan via ND Magazine, his performance art (actions) like "Blind Date" I find fascinating.  Dan (Plunkett) of ND then started mailing me tapes of John's audio and I have been "a fan" ever since. The two tracks here are from the "Bitter Earth" album. 

"The House On Highland Avenue" is a cover of a Gun Club song and "Dark" is an old Perl Ubu number. The BºTong piece comes from the split cassette with Fabio Orsi. BºTong is the solo project of Basel based Leaden Fumes bass player Chris Sigdell. On Christmas Day last year Frans deWaard posted audio files from his early incarnation "Construction". Sounds from Willem de Ridder's 'Radiola Improvisatie Salon' broadcasts alongside other recordings from 1981. Frans also posted a PDF of a little booklet designed by Alfred Boland to compliment the recordings, et voila! a Construction album. 

Songs Of The New Erotics were an experimental music and performance art project created by William A. Davison in Toronto in 1991. The project ceased to exit in 2014. William has been active on the Toronto underground 'scene' since the early 1990's and his work with Phycus. William has also been involved with Gastric Female Reflex, Six Heads and Wax Infant (with fellow Canadian Jim DeJong) and operates a radio  programme called "Re/Cycling" available on MixCloud. Information on William's work / art can be found at "Japanese Ghost" was released as a 3" CDR on William's own Disembraining Songs label. It was recorded live at Studio 303 in Toronto on June 27, 2010 and mastered by another ex Phycus musician Scott Righteous. 

The (ir)regular "On This Day" feature is "D.O.A. The Third And Final Report" by Throbbing Gristle. I bought this LP "on this day" back in 1979 from Sanctuary Records in Lincoln. It's one of those albums n my collection that I have 3 copies of. The original vinyl, the version that came with the "Five Albums" box set and the CD re-issue on Mute Records. 

The Creep Of Paris track comes from the new eponymous cassette on Beartwon Records. Creep Of Paris (or CREEP OF PARIS or C.O.P.) is the project of Thomas LaRoche. Thomas is no stranger to the MuhMur Radio playlist with releases with projects such as Active Denial, Poultry Breeders Union, Rotting Shrine and Pavlov's Children. Thomas is also head mandarin of Research Laboratories and occasional drummer for Vagina Dentata Organ. The cassette is still available from Beartown Records and is only £4.00. Grab it here : This track put me in a kind of 'funky mood' so I followed with 400 Blows.

400 Blows were formed in the early 1980's by Andrew E. Beer and Robert Taylor, they were previously known as Concrete. Robert was also a member of the band Six Minute War. "Movin'" is a cover of a Brass Construction song. "Tumba Rumba" by A Certain Ratio is the flip side to their 7" "Knife Slits Water". A new name to me in 2020 was Robert Millis. Robert is a founder member of the Seattle based project Climax Golden Twins. There were rumblings from folk I know have good taste about the new Millis LP "Related Ephemera" on Helen Scarsdale Agency, so I had to get a copy. "Samsara" is side one on the album created from old 78RPM records, shellac and wax discs, surface noise and feedback generated through various old gramophones. "Related Ephemera" is certainly one of the finer releases from 2020. The vinyl edition sold out pretty quickly (I bought from Discogs) but a digital file is still available here :

Tarkatak is Lutz Pruditsch from Oldenburg in Germany. Tarkatak began at the start of the 1990's with cassette releases on labels such as Trümmer Kassetten and Biotape Art Organisation. The track here is from the 1998 7" on Drone Records. I managed to get a copy of this when I played alongside Tarkatak at Der Elefant in Bremen. 

Please take a listen to the programme here :

Playlist :

01 : Rainier Lericolais : "La Bouche Du Chaos" (NPH) 2020.

02: The Dead Mauriacs : "HBSC" (Not On Label) 2020.

03: SOON : "The Inventor Dreams" (Extratool) 2020.

04: John Duncan : "The House On Highland Avenue" (Ideal Recordings) 2016.

05: BºTong : "From Insomnia To Revelation In 15 Minutes" (Grubenwehr Freiburg) 2020.

06: Construction : "Construction #1" (Korm Digital) 2020.

07: John Duncan : "Dark" (Ideal Recordings) 2016.

08: Songs Of The New Erotics : "Japanese Ghosts" (Disembraining Songs) 2012.

09: Throbbing Gristle : "Hamburger Lady" (Industrial Records) 1978.

10: Creep Of Paris : "United (Side B)" (Beartown Records) 2020.

11: 400 Blows : "Movin'" (Illuminated Records) 1985.

12: A Certain Ratio : "Tumba Rumba" (Factory Records) 1982.

13: Throbbing Gristle : "E-Coli" (Industrial Records) 1978.

14: Robert Millis : "Samsara" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2020.

15: Tarkatak : "Oroa" (Drone Records) 1998.

The next broadcast will be on February 4 - same time / same channel and features sounds from Robert Curgenven, Stuart Chalmers, Blöd, AntiChild League, Hunting Lodge and Throbbing Gristle amongst others. I know this because it's a pre-record!

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

MuhMur Radio Four Hour Festive Feast Of Fun Broadcast 29 December 2020.

                                                   The view from SoundArt Studios at dusk.

It's been a few months since I last did a live broadcast, and MuhMur Radio comes back with a live four hour festive extravaganza. The programme itself didn't go without any hiccups, I had skipping CD's, a CD player that was playing too fast therefore cutting the playlist timings down ... (bet you can't tell which 2 tracks are played at the wrong speed) ... I then added songs I wasn't going to play to make up the time then came a major fuck up with a Dieter Müh CDR and a Robert Turman CD that wouldn't read so Magazine and Hunting Lodge got bumped .. I will make certain those tracks get played on the next brace of MuhMur Radio broadcasts. 

Instead of going through what was played (source wise) I'll just supply the playlist and add a few pictures at the bottom. Many many thanks go to Chris Booth for giving up his Tuesday evening to watch me descend in to drunken panic (the panic being that I ran out of Stella an hour before the end of broadcast!) and help out with CD players when it all went a bit titsy skywards. 

Scritti Politti and Department S were played in the "On This Day" feature ... 

The programme has been split into two parts for easy listening :

Playlist :

01: The 39 Clocks : "78 Soldiers Dead" (Luxury Products) 2013.

02: De Tian : "Transcriptome #1" (Discus) 2020.

03: Bourbonese Qualk : "Boggy Creek" (Recloose Organisation) 1986.

04: Scritti Politti : "Scritlocks Door" (Rough Trade/St Pancras Records) 1978.

05: Scritti Politti : "OPEC Immac" (Rough Trade/St Pancras Records) 1978.

06: AG Geige : "Der Möbiousband/Zeychen Und Wunder" (Major Label) 2018.

07: Mezzanine Swimmers : "Kneelin' On A Knife" (Already Dead) 2020.

08: Mezzanine Swimmers : "Sexy Apology" (Already Dead) 2020.

09: Contrastate : "English Pastoral" (Old Europa Cafe) 2020.

10: Conjecture : "AAENH (Antechamber Mix)" (Amek) 2020.

11: Cabaret Voltaire : "Sensoria (12mx)" (Virgin Records) 2001.

12: Blue Orchids : "Bad Education" (Rough Trade Records) 1982.

13: Duncan Harrison : "Mount Zion Bathed In Lighting" (Sham Repro) 2020.

14: Soviet France : "Rays Parallel" (Vinyl On Demand) 2020.

15: Soviet France : "Swelled Out Downward" (Vinyl On Demand) 2020.

16: Soviet France : "Signing Papal Briefs" (Vinyl On Demand) 2020.

17: Robert Turman : "Spirals Of Everlasting Change (In)" (Helicopter/Hanson Records) 2020.

18: Swell Maps : "Harmony In Your Bathroom" (Rough Trade/Rather Records) 1978.

19: Swell Maps : "Don't Throw Ashtrays At Me!" (Rough Trade/Rather Records) 1978.

Part Two :

20: Grey Park : "Nothin' But A Sea Of Smoke" (Not On Label/Self Released) 2020.

21: Grey Park : "Corridor Of Maybe" (Not On Label/Self Released) 2020.

22: The Cure : "Primary" (Fiction Records) 1981.

23: A Certain Ratio : "Lucinda" (Factory Records) 1982

24: The Rebel : "Do U Think I'm Breathing" (Research Laboratories) 2020.

25: The Special A.K.A. : "(What I Like Most About You Is Your) Girlfriend" (Two Tone Records) 1984.

26: Blurt : "Fresh Meat For Martyrs" (Sartorial Records) 2020.

27: Blurt : "Spill The Beans" (Red Flame Records) 1983.

28: Ian Dury & The Blockheads : "Sex n' Drugs n' Rock n' Roll" (Stiff Records) 1977.

29: The Pop Group : "Snowgirl" (Radar Records) 1979.

30: Missing Presumed Dead : "Say It With Flowers" (Sequel Records) 1980.

31: Missing Presumed Dead : "Walkie Talkie Eyes" (Sequel Records) 1980.

32: Current 93 : "Niemandswasser I" (HomAleph) 2020.

33: Current 93 : "Niemandswasser II" (HomAleph) 2020.

34: Hula : "Not A Second Glance" (Red Rhino Records) 1986.

35: Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle : "Wir Gehen In Den Zoo" (A-Musik) 2016.

36: Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle : "Was Kostet Die Welt" (A-Musik) 2016.

37: John Cooper Clarke : "Thirty Six Hours" (Epic Records) 1980.

38: Department S : "Is Vic There?" (Demon Records) 1980.

39: 156: "Organ And Drum" (Goat Eater Arts) 2013.

40: The Cure : "Charlotte Sometimes" (Fiction Records) 1981.

41: Sisters Of Mercy : "Body Electric" (Merciful Release/WEA Records) 1984.

42: Dieter Müh : "Bethlehem (Live)" (Not On Label) 2004.

43: Robert Turman : "Vice" (Helicopter/Hanson Records) 2020.

44: Minny Pops : "Secret Story" (Factory Records) 1982. 

Regular service will be resumed on January 21. 20:00 hour (GMT) Kick Off ... 

Thanks for listening ... 

                                                                   AG GEIGE.

                                                             MISSING PRESUMED DEAD.

                                                               BOURBONESE QUALK

                                                       FREIWILLIGE SELBSTKONTROLLE


                                          156 / MEZZANINE SWIMMERS / THE 39 CLOCKS

                                           SOUNDART RADIO MANDARIN CHRIS BOOTH 

MuhMur Radio Broadcast All Fools Day 2021.

  The programme starts with a track from the new album by O Yuki Conjugate. "A Tension Of Opposites Volumes 1 & 2" was recorde...