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MuhMur Radio Broadcast February 2 2023.


This programme is topped and tailed by The Lonely Bell, the project of sound artist / musician Ali Murray. The Lonely Bell is from the west coast of the (remote) Isle Of Lewis, off the Scottish mainland. The first two pieces are from the release "The Broken Heart Of Man", a 7" square lathe-cut single on the US label Somnimage. The single is limited to 33 copies only. for further details. 

The final two pieces in the programme are taken from The Lonely Bell's latest album "Kingdoms Of The Deep". Released last October on the Minnesota based Shady Ridge Records label "'Kingdoms Of The Deep' is a deep sea ambient concept album - a dark underwater journey into a cold watery abyss. In this album, The Lonely Bell experimented with various synths, guitars and organic oceanic sound recordings to create murky underwater sounds / frequencies, which eventually morphed and evolved into an interesting atmosphere and foundation for a cold ambient / drone album. This is the story of a tragedy at sea, and a vast mysterious unexplored world .. but it's also a metaphor for something much more deep and personal to the artist". Discovering the sound of The Lonely Bell / Ali Murray (thanks to David Warmbier) has made this a great start to 2023 and I'm looking forward to hearing what is produced over the coming months. Contact Ali at : or via Shady Ridge Records at :
The Current 93 track is from the triple LP "I Am Last Of All The Field That Fell (A Channel)/My Name Is Nearly All That's Left" released in 2014 on The Spheres. 
The first Memotone track is the B-Side of the "Kota" 7" single released in 2013. Memotone is William Yates, a sound artist / musician from Bristol (UK). The second piece from Memotone is from the 2020 LP "Invisible Cities". All things Memotone can be found here :

U.V. Pop were / is John K. White from Sheffield. (U.V. standing for Ultra-Violent). Well ... that's what is says on t'internet, I always thought U.V. Pop were from Doncaster. I met John once, back in May 1982 at a 23 Skidoo gig at The Porterhouse in Retford. We were both at the front awaiting to here the bass line from "The Gospel Comes To New Guinea" come from the speakers ... chatting .. and John mentioned that his band (U.V. Pop) should have been support as they were more compatible than the band that had just played. If I remember right, they were called 'Or Was He Pushed'. John had travelled from Doncaster to see 23 Skidoo. Anyway ... later in the year I bought the first U.V. Pop 7" on Pax Records (the Sheffield label run by there infamous Marcus Featherby) and kind of agreed ... they should have been support! 
Internet searching and I discover that U.V. Pop are still active, recording, releasing and performing all over the world and Or Was He Pushed appeared on the 1981 compilation LP "Owt Fer Nowt". John and U.V. Pop activities can be found here :
Regular listeners to MuhMur Radio will be no stranger to the sounds of Anla Courtis. I have been 

meaning to play a side of the wonderful "Live In Reykjavik" cassette album that Anticipating Nowhere Records released in March last year. It arrived at MuhMur HQ at a time we were 'off-air' for three months or so, and I've never got around to playing it on the radio .... maybe I should do an 'On This Day' next month? In October last year the Berlin based label I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free released the split Edward Sol / Anla Courtis CD "Askanian Virgin". I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free supports Ukranian resistance by donating profits to self-defence and humanitarian foundations. The label is dedicated to all fighters for freedom and independence. The label has releases by Merzbow, Muslimgauze, Ilpo Väisänen and Zavoloka amongst others. Support the label - buy the albums (physical or download) here : 

This broadcast's cover version comes courtesy of C Cat Trance. Their version of the Phil Spector/Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil classic is on the LP "Zouave" released in 1986. I am liking this new 'feature' of cover versions, expect a few more in the next programme.
"Contact" by Column One is from the 5xCD box set "W.Transmission 1-5" released in October last year by the Polish Zoharum label. It appears on the alternative version of "W.Transmission 1". Copies can be bought from Zoharum at : Last month I did a live 'End Of The Year' 4 hour broadcast which included "Variation B" by Cei Hill. This programme I play "Variation A". Cei Hill is the project of Benjamin Hallatt and is the new moniker for his Kay Hill project. Ben is based in Nottingham (UK). Copies can be found here :

"Nādalaya" is the latest release by London based artist Anji Cheung. I hadn't heard any new releases by Anji since the 2018 split cassette with Burial Hex so jumped at the chance of getting a copy of this CD. "Nādalaya is an ataraxic drone soundscape, exploring the movement and quality inner states during pānāyāma". It's a 23 minute CDR available from : Guido Möbius is a German composer / artist based in Berlin. "A Million Magnets" is Guido's eighth album since 2002's "Klisten" released by Klangkrieg Produktionen. It's released on Guido's own Emphase Records. 

There is a supplementary release of the album, the cassette version is titled "A Million Magnets (And More)". It's a co-release with Superpolar Taips. Guido has a great website :
Well worth a visit. The Schwund tracks are from the excellent ""Dieezer Tübe" cassette which came out in November last year. Schwund are also from Berlin. for more details. 

'On This Day' in 1978 Stiff Records released "Lucky Number" by Lene Lovich. Back in 1978 Stiff Records were still a label to collect, along with Rough Trade Records, Fast Product, Factory Records and later Mute Records with excellent records by the likes of The Damned, The Adverts, Wreckless Eric, Devo and Ian Dury & The Blockheads. "Lucky Number" originally appeared on Lene's debut single as the B-Side to "I Think We're Alone Now" but months later got re-released as an A-Side and became a chart topping hit all over Europe. About 15 years ago I found myself in Toronto and out record shopping and found the Canadian pressing for Lene's "Stateless" album (which includes the single), it's a treasured possession. 

The Mothmen were a great group from Manchester. In 1979 they released their first 7" single on the Absurd Records label, another one of those labels that ... at the time .. were essential to collect with singles by Bet Lynch's Legs, Gerry & The Holograms, Cairo and Naafi Sandwich to name but a few. They then put out an LP on the emerging On-U Sound label before signing with Do It Records. The Mothmen were formed by ex-Durutti Column guitarist David Rowbotham and ex-Durutti Column bassist Tony Bowers. Keyboardist and ex-Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias member Bob Harding and ex-Pink Military drummer Chris Joyce made up the quartet. Both Bowers and Joyce went on to join Simply Red, Chris Joyce now plays with Suns Of Arqa. David Rowbotham was murdered in 1991. More information on The Mothmen can be found here :
Just to prove that MuhMur Radio is (just) me playing my old records and tapes ... and whatever has landed on the doormat at MuhMur Radio HQ in recent weeks, I play one of my favourite singles "Living On The Ceiling" by Blancmange. This is the remastered version that Electronic Sound Magazine released last year. 

Please take a listen here : 

Playlist :

01: The Lonely Bell : "Centuries Of Guilt" (Somnimage) 2022.
02: The Lonely Bell : "The Burden Of Shame" (Somnimage) 2022.
03: Current 93 : "Those Flowers Grew" (The Spheres) 2014.
04: Memotone : "Goldair" (Black Acre) 2013.
05: U.V. Pop : "Just A Game" (Pax Records) 1982.
06: Anla Courtis : "Askanian Virgin Ritual Part Two" (I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free) 2022.
07: C Cat Trance : "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" (Ink Records) 1986.
08: Column One : "Contact" (Zoharum) 2022.
09: Cei Hill : "Variation (A)" (KIKS/Girlfriend) 2022.
10: Anji Cheung : "Nādalaya" (Oakseer) 2022.
11: Guido Möbius : "Abayanga" (Emphase Records) 2022.
12: Guido Möbius : "Schlucht" (Emphase Records) 2022.
13: Schwund : "Gameboy Freak" (Nachschlag/Flennen) 2022.
14: Schwund : "Interlude" (Nachschlag/Flennen) 2022.
15: Lene Lovich : "Lucky Number" (Stiff Records) 1978.
16: Mothmen : "Wadada" (Do It Records) 1982.
17: Blancmange : "Living On The Ceiling" (Electronic Sound) 2022.
18: Memotone : "Wrapped One Within The Other" (Diskotopia) 2020.
19: The Lonely Bell : "Kingdoms Of The Deep" (Shady Ridge Records) 2022.
20: The Lonely Bell : "The Dancing Seagrass" (Shady Ridge Records) 2022.

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MuhMur Radio Broadcast January 19 2023


The programme opens with Sugai Ken's "Boundary" from the compilation LP "Aquapelago : An Oceans Anthology", released last year on Discrepant. I must admit that this was my first hearing of Ken's work and I like what I hear. More discovery is needed. There is a fascinating interview with Sugai and his approach here : 

"Variant, Number Two" is from the latest LP by Jim Haynes released last year on Verlautbarung. No stranger to the programme Jim also released the CD "Insomnia" on the Ukranien Sentimental Productions label. This album featured Variants numbered ten, four and six. 

"Turbulence is a prequel of sorts, with two twenty minute studies in smouldering noise and concretized electricity, as evidenced through shortwave radio, corroded metal-on-metal, and glass being vibrating just shy of the point of shattering ..... Thick, fluttering, heated rays of sound building a slow tension of rhythmic, oppressive structures. Piercing, crackling tones increase and decrease, layered with icy cold precision. Muffled segments of bass pressure enters and are abruptly cut short, leaving just enough room to breathe inside the mechanical stasis".

The album has a sleeve of hand drilled holes of varying amounts and sizes making each cover unique. Something that is so Verlautbarung. Copies are available direct from the label at :

On the recommendation from the folk at Sensory Leakage I bought a copy of the MÆkur album "Conditions : 1218 - 0719". A new project to my ears MÆkur is the collaborative project of Maia Urstad, Anton Kats and Eva Rawson. The album (which is played in full on the programme) features three live pieces. "Distant Voices Still Live" was performed and recorded live at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthalle in Norway. "The sonic material for this performance is gleamed from recordings on FM, AM and satellite radio transmissions. Bergen Krigkaster, the Deutsche Wielle radio archive, and excerpts from a sonic collaboration with Hilda Hauan alongside modules, crackles and electromagnetic listening devices". The piece "Small Crystal" was performed and recorded at ILYICH HQ in Berlin and is based on an original live performance at Landmark. "RS 52" "Using sounds recorded at the Blind Veterans UK Amateur Radio Society, Brighton. Improvised and recorded live at Lighthouse, Brighton and re-mixed with Njål Paulsberg, Bergen, Norway". At the core of the MÆkur collaboration is an ongoing archive, to gather and emphasise multiple soundings of technical development and the different communities that form around it.  Great stuff! The LP isn't on any label, it's a collaborative release between the Bergen Kunsthalle (Norway), Lighthouse (UK), Sonic Arts and Paradiso (Netherlands). Part of the Re-imagine Europe co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Copies can be obtained in the UK from :

A new year, a new 'feature'? Now MuhMur Radio has entered it's eleventh year I was wondering whether or not to keep the 'On This Day' section where I play records that (according to my diaries) were released on the day of broadcast. The section itself replaced the 'Classic From The New Wave Era' feature ... that used to be introduced by Alan Hempsall (Crispy Ambulance). After asking a few folk I have decided to stick with 'On This Day' (quite a popular feature apparently) when appropriate and add a cover version or two on to the playlist. I do like cover versions. So ... Almagest! covering the Jefferson Airplane classic "White Rabbit"

Regular listeners to the programme will recognise the sound of Andrea Borghi. I first came across his work in 2013 when Chris Groves of Cipher Productions gave me a copy of the split Borghi / VipCranco cassette "C-46". Chris handed me the tape outside Barbie World in Berlin along with other Cipher Productions releases .. it's a long and complicated story! Ever since that day I have been hooked to the sound of Andrea Borghi and his VipCranco project although I believe that VipCranco have ceased activity.  "Lato" was released in 2021 on the Canadian Buried In Slag And Debris label. (Last year BIS&D put out a great cassette by Les Horribles Travailleurs). "Lato" is a 2xC25 cassette release with Andrea using VHS sound samples and real time computer processing. Recorded in 2021 it's an extension to the "VHS" LP (Misanthropic Agenda 2018) and "VCR" cassette (Second Sleep 2020). Mastered by Riccardo Mazza of Lettera 22 and available from

Nurse With Wound's "Mandragore" is the eleventh in the Lenka Lente series of NWW releases. Each release is a mini CD accompanied by a book of surrealist / DaDaist literature. "Mandragore" is a piece by Jean Lorrain. Jean Lorrain (Paul Duval) was a French poet and novelist of the Symbolist School. The Book / CD is available at :

No stranger to MuhMur Radio is no stranger to the sound of Swedish project Arv & Miljö. If MuhMur Radio is just some old bloke playing his records and tapes (and it is!) then I am going to playing Arv & Miljö. Back in 2012 when I was playing at The Fylkingen in Stockholm Dan Johansson (Sewer Election / Neutral etc) handed me a copy of the Arv & Miljö CD "Orientering I Denna Värld" which he'd just put out on his Ljud & Bild Produktion label. He also gave me releases by One Dark Eye, Macronympha and Lettera 22 but the Arv & Miljö CD was the addictive one. Arv & Miljö is Matthias Andersson, the man behind the Discreet Music and I Dischi Del Barone labels. (Also Release The Bats at the turn of the century). The new Arv & Miljö album is called "Vålnad Av Fornskog", the three tracks here are all from that LP. Grab a copy from :

"Dangerous Rhythm" was the first single by Ultravox! and released 'On This Day' in 1977. (Looking at a few sites on t'internet it says it was a February release, but I am going by my dairies, the internet also fails to mention their 1977 gig at Lincoln Tech College. My older sister went and brought back an A0 poster for the gig ... picture of the first album cover ... it was on my bedroom wall for years). Also 'On This Day' in 1981 the first Crispy Ambulance John Peel session was broadcast. Earlier in the month (Jan 1981) I had seen Crispy Ambulance support New Order at The Porterhouse in Retford and was absolutely blown away by them. I knew nothing of the band before the gig and came out a devotee. I went to see New Order (their 11th gig) but thought (and still think) Crispy Ambulance were the better band that night. I must have seen New Order half a dozen or so times in 1981 ... and the support bands were always better, it ended up being the only reason to go to their gigs. "Sexus" was the final Crispy Ambulance single before they split in 1984. The wonderful LTM released the Crispy Ambulance John Peel session on the CD "Frozen Blood (1980-1982)" available here :

Playlist :

01: Sugai Ken : "Boundary" (Discrepant) 2022.

02: Jim Haynes : "Variant, Number Two" (Verlautbarung) 2022.

03: MÆkur : "Distant Voices Still Live" (Not On Label) 2020.

04: Almagest! : "White Rabbit" (Tourette Records) 2013.

05: Andrea Borghi : "Lato 1" (Buried In Slag And Debris) 2021.

06: MÆkur : "Small Crystal" (Not On Label) 2020.

07: MÆkur : "RS 52" (Not On Label) 2020.

08: Nurse With Wound : "Mandragore" (Lenka Lente) 2022.

09: Arv & Miljö : "Brittsommar" (Discreet Music) 2022.

10: Arv & Miljö : "Rid Över Skog" (Discreet Music) 2022.

11: Arv & Miljö : "Tunga Lager Av Jord" (Discreet Music) 2022.

12: Ultravox! : "Dangerous Rhythm" (Island Records) 1977.

13: Crispy Ambulance : "Egypt" (LTM) 2000.

14: Crispy Ambulance : "Sexus" (Factory Benelux) 1984.

Please take a listen to the broadcast here :

Once again, big thanks to Chris Booth (and Skunk) for assistance and company. Back on February 2 with sounds from The Lonely Bell, U.V. Pop, Anla Courtis and Anji Cheung amongst others ... 21:00 kick-off on SoundArt Radio 102.5FM.

                                                          Chillin' Chris & Skunk The Dog.

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MuhMur Radio Broadcast January 05 2023.


Last Saturday (December 30 2022) MuhMur Radio presented a live 4 hour 'End Of The Year' broadcast playing releases from 2022 that never made it on to a regular two-hour fortnightly programme. (And some other stuff that was released a while back ... but I only managed to get hold of in 2022). 

Whilst broadcasting Chris (Booth, head mandarin at SoundArt Radio) said he would like to have MuhMur Radio back on air on January 5, but there was no time to pre-record a two hour slot. (All MuhMur Radio broadcasts are now pre-recorded). So a decision was made, pre-recording starts for the two hour programme to be broadcast on January 19 soon and for the January 5 MuhMur Radio would present a 'Modelbau Special' featuring "Annex Annum". "Annex Annum" is a two hour piece released on Frans de Waard's label 'Now DAT's What I Call Music'. "Annex Annum" was commissioned by Quinten Dierick for an exhibition entitled "The Vault" at De Groen, Arnhem in 2022. All sounds were recorded in 2021. 

It is a DAT (and download) only releases available at

'Now DAT's What I Call Music' is a series of DAT only releases also featuring Roel Meekop, Radboud Mens, Howard Stelzer, Tim Olive, Pool Pervert and Vertonen amongst others. To hear the broadcast please go to:

As mentioned the next MuhMur Radio Broadcast is on January 19th with a 21:00 hour (GMT) kick-off time. Available on the FM dial at 102.5 and live stream via :, so far ... sounds from Jim Haynes, Almagest!, Andrea Borghi, Arv & Miljö and MÆkur will feature as well as a beautiful 'On This Day' from 1977. 

Saturday, 31 December 2022

MuhMur Radio Festive Four Hour Feast Broadcast 30 December 2022


Breaking in to the schedule of SoundArt Radio's annual "Jingle Hell" playlist and after a 24 month break, MuhMur Radio is back with the 4 Hour 'Festive Feast' of live radio broadcasting. This year's programme is more of a Vid Slutet Av Året, an In Fine Anni, an "End Of The Year" show than others have been. You will hear some of what has come through the doors of MuhMur Radio HQ in the past 12 months. Some of the sounds are old ... but I have only managed to get hold of them in 2022. This year SoundArt Radio lent its' playlist and air time over to Radio Art Zone for 3 months over the summer and MuhMur Radio stopped broadcasting, so I have tried to select sounds / releases from this period as they didn't get air time. 

The programme starts with a track from the album "Horde" by Fossil Aerosol Mining Project. (The album title does sound like title Soviet France would have used in the 1980's). 
"Horde returns to the topic of emptied places, both artificial and authentic. And once again, those spaces are populated by various forms of decomposed resurrection, both artificial and authentic. Listeners will hear the familiar, the archaic, as well as some territory that hasn't been previously explored ... If you or someone you know isn't familiar with our work, this is probably the place to start". 
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project spent a lot of 2022 releasing their material as files for download via their Bandcamp page, "Horde" was also a limited double CDR release : for more details. 
Both Fossil Aerosol Mining Project and Pinkcourtesyphone appear on the 2019 10 x Cassette compilation "On Corrosion" released by Helen Scarsdale Agency. As an aside and jus' sayin' apart from the inclusion of Alice Kemp, Neutral and Francisco Meirino this compilation introduced me to the sounds of Himukalt and Relay For Death. Both of which I have come to love and adore. Pinkcourtesyphone is the solo project of Richard Chartier, a Los Angeles based sound artist. "But It Felt / In Other Dreams" is from the 2022 double album "Shouting At Nuance", the album contains material released on the "On Corrosion" compilation as well as two pieces from the 2017 cassette "Something You Are Or Something You Do", released by The Tapeworm. for more details. 
This year I discovered the sound of Deux Filles. I bought the double CD "Silence & Wisdom & Double Happiness", a compilation of their first two albums (originally released in 1982 + 1983) on a bit of a whim. I was 'bulk' buying from LTM and the more I bought, the cheaper the postage became. I was familiar with the name of project, seeing the albums in the 'Experimental' or 'Avant Grade' sections in independent record shops at the time, but I never delved and my friends at the time certainly weren't buying so I left the vinyl in the racks. (Sanctuary Records in Lincoln had a great 'experimental / avant garde' section back in the 1970's/80's ... I bought LPs by This Heat and A. More because I liked the look of the sleeve ... and LPs used to be around £3 back then). 

Deux Filles were Simon Fisher Turner and Colin Lloyd-Tucker. I have just finished reading Dorothy 'Max' Prior's autobiography and learnt that Simon Fisher Turner was a van driver / roadie for the original line ups of The Monochrome Set and Adam & The Ants back in 1977. "John Clare's Garden" is from the 2021 album "Shadow Farming", whether these are new recordings or archival, I do not know. Brilliant LP though. Available as download here :
Earlier in the year I managed to get a copy of the Drone Records / Substantia Innominimata promo CDR 'Volume 6' that includes a piece by Joe Colley. The track is called "Limit" and is on a forthcoming 10" which I hope to get my hands on ... Joe Colley is a name I see cropping up on distro' lists and such like so I thought I'd try and discover more. "Trying To Play Nothing" is a 7" on the Dutch Meeuw Muzak label released in 2021. 
"A recording of Samuel Beckett's 'Text For Nothing #8' read by Jack McGowan in 1958 (used without permission) is burned to a CDR with 99 index points. A Sony Discman in shuffle mode attempts to play the disc. Electromagnetic signals of struggling CD player mechanics are recorded, edited and collaged into two extracts". 
It is a beautiful single and Jack McGowan has always been a favourite since I saw him in Polanski's "The Fearless Vampire Killers" and "The Exorcist". (Two of my favourite films). I have only recently discovered the Joe Colley is the man behind Crawl Unit and the Povertech Industries label of both I have many releases ... 2023 and I shall be discovering more Joe Colley. 

Meeuw Muzak can be contacted here : Meeuw designed the original Modelbau label back in 2012 (the year MuhMur Radio started). The tenth year of Modelbau was an incredibly busy one culminating in the release of the book "Modelbau X" published by Korm Plastics and the first in the 'Vanity Series'. (available here : @022 saw Modelbau release on the labels : Grisaille (Germany), Astipalea (New Zealand), Maneki Neko Tapes (Germany), Sounds Against Humanity (Italy), Hyster Tapes (Finland) and Dark Passage (UK). Modelbau also self released files available through their Bandcamp page on the Form Digital and Now DAT's What I Call Music imprints. There was also a series of collaborations with Dutch artist Pool Pervert and a double LP called "Loess" - a collaboration with Scanner released on the excellent Moving Furniture Records label. "Buchstaben" was released in June. An impressive six cassette collection on Maneki Neko Tapes. Limited to 23 copies, I wrote about it in the summer :
Modelbau can be contacted here :
Plans are afoot for a 7" single by Modelbau on my Haemoccult Recordings label for early 2023. 

"Let Me Tell You About Sweden".

2022, and some great sounds are coming out of Sweden. I seem to have discovered a direct line through to the Gothenburg based record shop and label Discreet Music. (Discreet Music are also behind the labels I Dischi Del Barone, Förlag För Fri Musik and Fördämning Arkiv). 

Also there is Millstone Vinyl in Stockholm, the home of Verlautbarung who released records by Ochu and Jim Haynes this year. At the time of typing these records are somewhere between Stockholm and Torquay but hopefully I will get to include them in a MuhMur Radio broadcast in the near future. The same goes for the latest Arv & Miljö album "Vålnad Av Fornskog". Anyway ... I dedicate an hour (or so) to some of the sounds that came out of Sweden in 2022 starting with Bolivian Fireships. 
"From Stockholm sails the majestic Bolivian Fireships, bringing pieces of home-spun and field-gathered ambient electronica to enrich your shores ... Bolivian Fireships is the nom de plume of James Buchanan, a sound artist and noisemaker resident in Stockholm, Sweden. James is also behind J.G. Sparkes; an artist referred to as a creator of 'deep ambient sound and light from a place between dreams and reality' by Waltz founder Taro Tusunoda, and is a founding member of the elusive radiophonic explorers The Wyndham Research Institute, alongside renowned producer LesserThanOne". 
Amateur Hour are a trio of noise-explorers from Gothenburg comprising of Discreet Music stalwarts Hugo Randulv (Skiftande Enter, Typical Girls, Enhet För Fri Musik a.o.), Dan Johansson (Sewer Election, Ättestupa, Heinz Hopf, Enhet För Fri Musik, Enklav a.o.) and Julia Bjernelind (Typical Girls, Westkiust). The two pieces here are from the double LP "Krökta Tankar Och Bräanda Vanor" recorded between 2020 and 2022. 

The Skiftande Enheter 7"EP arrived by mistake. I bought a copy of the Sprigs tape "Before I Glare Up At The Sun Through The Top Soil" and when it arrived there was a copy of the Skiftande Enheter 7". I apparently got someone else order, I did offer to pay for the EP (naturally) but Matthias at Discreet Music said it was their mistake and enjoy the single. Which I did and still do! Skiftande Enheter are a trio of nine-pop explorers from Gothenburg comprising of Discreet Music stalwarts Hugo Randulv (Amateur Hour, Typical Girls, Enhet För Fri Musik a.o.), J.J.Ulius (Monokultur) and Elin Engström (Monokultur, Liechtenstein). In 2020 Treasury Of Puppies released their eponymous debut album on Förlag För Fri Musik following in 2021 with the excellent "Lollos Dagbok" 7" single on I Dischi Del Barone. This years release was the album "Mitt Stora Nu" on Discreet Music. Always wanting to hear more I decided to look in to the history of Treasury Of Puppies and discovered the sound of Facit. Facit is / was the electronic project of T.O.P. mainman Joakim Karlsson (not to be confused with fellow Svenska noise merchant Joakim Karlsson of Karmanjakan Intonarumori & Bestializer). "Om Igen" is from the 2013 12"EP "Mat Åt Duvorna" released on the New York label Cititrax. 

Cheap Imitation were a duo from Gothenburg. Ann-Charlotte Rugfelt and Anders Olofson. At the start of the year I bought the Cheap Imitation 7" "Selektiv Döhvet" (mainly because I liked the sleeve artwork) and decided to delve further in to their catalogue. "Adjö Farväl" is a track from the 2018 cassette release "No More Weekend". I have a feeling Anders is now recording and releasing solo material ... but I could be wrong. Contact Anders here :
Again, going back to the start of 2022 I bought a cassette by Swedish project Vanligt Folk. I bought the "Black Friday Hele Uka" cassette on iDEAL Recordings via Discreet Music. Like the Cheap Imitation single, it as an 'impulse' purchase, I like the name, I like iDEAL Recordings releases. (Vanligt is Swedish for 'plain' or 'boring'). Vanligt Folk are the Gothenburg duo David Sunqvist and Jessie Aron (aka Andreas Carlsson). "Bah Sød" is from the 2020 LP on Kess Kill / Kontra-Musik called "ALLT E'NTE". 

Gothenburg Sound Workshop remain a mysterious project. With releases on the Förfall and Förlaf För Fri Musik labels in 2020 and 2021 and with a compilation of those releases being released as a double CD this year on Discreet Music I have conceded that those involved will be Discreet Music stalwarts ... maybe Dan Johansson, Matthias Andersson and Gustaf Dicksson (?). I have written and asked but I've had no reply so until I do .... All Gothenburg Sound Workshop pieces are untitled. Last year the new Swedish label Happiest Place re-released an old 1987 cassette only release of Engürdetz's 1987 industrial classic "Svin". (I say 'new' Swedish label, Happiest Place was created in 2017 in Gothenburg. Their first releases were live tapes by Neutral, Altar Of Flies and Blodvite, with an LP by Amateur Hour and single from J.J. Ulius following in 2918. I became aware of the label in 2020 and the Typical Girls 7" EP). 
"Engürdetz was formed in 1986 by Anders Bryngelsson (Drajan) and Lars-Anders Orre (Launchy). The ambition was to create experimental noise, influenced by contemporary bands such as Einstürzende Neubauten, Whitehouse, The Residents, Nurse With Wound and Throbbing Gristle. The recordings were made on a modified cassette deck with a microphone, guitar and amp, a couple of effect boxes, drum machines and some radio and video samplings".
In November this year Happiest Place re-released "Sillmjölke". Originally released on cassette in 1988, it was a split release on Stånd Tapes with Lille Roger. 

Happiest Place is a label worth keeping an eye / ear on : Blod are another project entered around Discreet Music stalwart Gustaf Discussion. Gustaf being a member of Enhet För Fri Musik and N.V.B. This year I managed to pick up the re-issue of the 2021 album "Missväxt" on Grapefruit Records. 

In 2012 Dieter Müh shared the stage with White at The Fylkingen in Stockholm. Also on the same evening Contrastate, Dusa and Kristian Olsson played. An excerpt from the White performance is on YouTube. White was the project of Discreet Music stalwart Dan Johansson (Neutral, Sewer Election, Enhet För Fri Musik, Amateur Hour a.o.). I am still a couple of releases short to complete my White collection, but this year I have managed to pick up the cassette "Tears Of Piss" on Spanking Ritual, a label run by Dan, and the compilation album "Rosehip, Scallop, Dance" on which White appears alongside Street Drinkers, Croation Amor, Vår and Marching Church amongst others. 

Cumulus Nimbus Floats By

                                                                   C. GlöOmy Artwork.

Hairs Abyss are the duo Paul Harrison (Expose Your Eyes, Feral Copse, Smell & Quim a.o.) and multi disciplined artist Chandor GlöOmy. Chandor operates the label Coma Kulutur. "Obscure Session For Broadcast" is a piece mailed to MuhMur Radio and 'The Institute Of SpectraSonic Sounds' radio programme for exclusive broadcast. David Warmbier (ex-The Hearing Trumpet) is the DJ / host of 'SpectraSonic Sounds' and has granted MuhMur Radio the international exclusive debut playing. Contact Chandor at :, and you can listen to all 'SpectraSonic Sounds' on MixCloud here : It's a weekly show. 
I have been listening to the sounds of Benjamin Hallatt for nearly 10 years now ... in 2013 he appeared on the split 7" with Nacht Und Nebel under the moniker of Wasps or W>A>S>P>S as it was spelt, probably to save confusion over the mighty Wasps that released the punk classic "Teenage Treats" in 1977, or indeed "Rubber Cars" in 1979. Benjamin then progressed with projects such as Murder Cult, SCKE// and Windows Of Europe with many releases on his own KIKS/Girlfriend and A.N.T.I. labels. His project Kay Hill has also released on the Hairdryer Excommunications, Invisible City Records and Strange Rules labels. For the past couple of years Benjamin / Kay Hill have been quiet but 2022 sees the resurrection with the cassette "Variation" and Kay Hill becoming Cei Hill, an ancient spelling. Cei Hill are based in Nottingham (UK), expect more to be heard in 2023.

One of my favourite albums of 2022 is "Traditional Music Of South London" by Dale Cornish. The album is unique, I own nothing else that sounds like it (apart from previous Dale Cornish releases ... natch). His voice, poetry, delivery suck me in to his world, a few tracks on the album are instrumentals and the use of rhythm and space grab the imagination. Brilliant album. Released on the The Death Of Rave label, a Boomkat subsidiary, contact Dale here : In the spring of 2021 Jan Warnke released the cassette "Crystalline Fragility" on his own Geräeuschmanufaktur label. In the winter of 2022 Jan re-issued the cassette as a 12" lathe cut album (limited to 15 copies). The album came with a cassette of remixes by Ato Varl, The Dead Mauriacs, Thorsten Soltau and Vanity Productions. All Geräeuschmanufaktur releases can be found here : A couple of years ago I bought the Howard Stelzer & Steffan de Turck cassette "For Charlie Mopps"on Steep Gloss. March 2022 saw the release of another Steffan de Turck collaboration release, this time with Dutch guitarist Michiel Klein. Michiel is in bare-boned rock group Lewsberg. 

"'A New City' is a collaborative album by Dutch sound artists M. Klein and Steffan de Turck. Field recordings and keyboards come together in two engaging sound collages. Diaristic everyday fragments are sequenced and layered to tell a story that remains just out of reach. There is a dream logic going on where things look oddly familiar but the proportions are not right. Things move either too slow or two fast. Overly familiar sounds like wind, rain, traffic and humming air conditioning units pass by. Simple but surprisingly melodic keyboard chords suggest a part of a song played over and over again, like a memory barely remembered but still felt". 
A New City" is on the Het Generiek label, limited to 100 copies only, as I type this vinyl copies are still available at :
Virgin Prunes "Yeo" is from the double CD version of the 40th Anniversary edition of the classic "... If I Die, I Die" album. The track was originally the B-Side of the 7" version of "Baby Turns Blue" released by Rough Trade Records in 1982. 

More festive cheer from the people behind Brachliegen Tapes. Last December George Rayner-Law released the C20 cassette "The Tryal Of Old Christmas", this year George's project Degradation released the C20 cassette "The Yule Goat". Degaradation are Rayner-Law and Vinegar Tom, in July this year they released their debut (vinyl) album "Leadlined". 2022 was a busy year for Brachliegen Tapes with releases by Jo Montgomerie, Left Hand Cuts Off The Right, Knowing, Like Weeds, Gorgeous George and the aforementioned Degradation amongst others. Always worth keeping an ear on and following. Go to : It is also worth checking out George's bandcamp page. In August he posted his MuhMur Radio 'session' for download :
The final half hour of programme features (mainly) re-issues and archive recordings from 2022 beginning with Wire and "The Other Window" from the CD "Not About To Die (Studio Demos 1977 - 1978)". This is a great album for Wire fans who believe "Chairs Missing" and "154" are among the greatest albums ever released. It was fun in 1978 - 1979 going to see Wire live and hearing live 'raw' songs that finally ended up being on these two albums, and in completely different versions. 

I love The Adverts and have written about them many times on this (and the previous blog), so I won't bore you. I recently found this review on the Internet about the time The Adverts and The Damned visited Lincoln in 1977. It is from the Sheffield fanzine 'Gun Rubber' and could have be written by Adi Newton (Clock DVA) or Paul Bower (2.3) - they were the chaps behind the fanzine. 
In September Fire Records re-issued the debut album by The Adverts, "Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts" as a double LP with bonus live tracks, a booklet and their Stiff Records singles. A great re-issue. Copies from : Unfortunately I never went to this gig but a few months later I did see The Adverts live at the Technical College in Lincoln supported by Chelsea and again, it was a very violent gig with fights between the punks in the crowd and local football fans. Lincoln City FC played Grimsby Town FC on the day ... not a great combination. Anyway .... 
My sister (older sister ... Julie) was at The Damned / The Adverts gig at the Drill Hall and in March 1977 brought "Damned Damned Damned" in to the house .... it changed my life, a kind of out with the old and in the new situation. Out went my old records and I was left with two albums in my collection. The Damned's first LP and Ultravox!'s first LP. I stopped shopping at Woolworths and Rumbelows and started going to Sanctuary Records (Lincoln). 

Since 1977 there have been 121 re-issues of "Damned Damned Damned" and this year BMG put out a version for 'Record Store Day'. With my old copy being more snap, crackle and pop than neat neat neat I decided to invest in a new copy. 

2022 was quite a quiet year for MuhMur Radio favourites. In June they released the seven track seven inch EP "Lambada" on the German Phantom Records label. In August under the disguise of Grupo Pisse Y Las Hermanas Martinez Phantom Records released a cassette EP called "Los Alemanes No Pueden Bailar". More information here : I must add that I had difficulty getting the Group Pisse cassette as Phantom Records don't sell to UK buyers. I got my copy through the Hastings based record shop Pressing Matters.

Speaking of really good record shops, at the beginning of this month I was in Plymouth and called in to Really Good Records and found Starjets "War Stories" 7" in mint condition an picture sleeve. I saw Starjets in Lincoln in 1979 supporting Stiff Little Fingers (at The Drill Hall no less)! Two years after the infamous Damned / Adverts gig and it was still as violent as ever. The only gig I have been to where I got beaten up. As The Piranhas would say "Getting Beaten Up, Getting Beaten Up, It's Part Of Growing Up, It's A Part Of Life". It's a track that appears on their first album (1980) that this year was re-released by German punk label Mad Butcher Classics. 

The album was recorded in Worthing in 1980 and was to be released on the Brighton based Attrix Records label but shortly after recording the tracks the album was shelved as The Piranhas signed to Sire Records. Only test pressings exist (apparently)., has more information. The sleeve is a great 'colour by numbers' picture of the band. Not as violent as any 1970's gig at Lincoln's Drill Hall (or indeed Technical College on Monks Road), I did see The Piranhas live in 1979 at Lincoln Art College. A memorable night and a varied bill with Com-Sat Angels playing one of their first gigs and local bands Collide (I was their roadie / sound guy) and XS Energy supporting. My DJ license allows me to follow The Piranhas "Fiddling While Babylon Burns" with The Ruts "Babylon's Burning", a classic, also from 1979. 
The programme ends with a song from the new 5xLP/1x7" box set from Essential Logic. The track played is from the "No More Friction" album, a series of recordings from 1991 to 1998. It's on the Hiss And Shake Records label and available through Cargo Records : Essential. 

Playlist :
01: Fossil Aerosol Mining Project : "After The Island 11.21 pm" (Afterdays Media) 2022.
02: Pinkcourtesyphone : "But It Felt/In Other Dreams" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2022.
03: Deux Filles : "John Clare's Garden" (Glass Modern) 2021.
04: Joe Colley : "Trying To Play Nothing (A)" (Meeuw Muzak) 2021.
05: Modelbau : "Buchstaben (C)" (Manege Neko Tapes) 2022.
06: Bolivian Fireships : "Ships III #7 (Ghost Forests)" (Not On Label) 2021.
07: Amateur Hour : "Tidens Tempo" (Appetite) 2022.
08: Amateur Hour : "Jag Släpper Dig ..." (Appetite) 2022.
09: Skiftande Enheter : "Statsepidemiolog" (Happiest Place) 2022.
10: Facit : "Om Igen" (Cititrax) 2013.
11: Cheap Imitation : "Adjö Farväl" (Oma333) 2018.
12: Vanligt Folk : "Bah Sød" (Kess Kill/Konta Musik) 2020.
13: Gothenburg Sound Workshop : "Untitled" (Discreet Music) 2022.
14: Engürdetz : "Fy Fan, I Helvete" (Happiest Place) 2022.
15: Treasury Of Puppies : "Dödens Soffa" (Discreet Music) 2022.
16: Blod : "En Dejlig Tid På Året" (Grapefruit Records) 2021.
17: White : "Sex Dwarf" (Posh Isolation) 2013.
18: Hairs Abyss : "Obscure Session For Broadcast" (Not On Label) 2022.
19: Cei Hill : "Variation (B)" (Not On Label) 2022.
20: Dale Cornish : "Foxhole" (The Death Of Rave) 2022.
21: The Dead Mauriacs : "The Evaporation Of Faces, The Birth Of Other Forms" (GeräuschManufaktur) 2022.
22: Vanity Productions : "Polycristalline" (GeräuschManufaktur) 2022.
23: M. Klein & Steffan de Turck : "Two Mountains" (Het Generiek) 2022.
24: Virgin Prunes : "Yeo" (BMG) 2022.
25: Degradation : "Forbidden Tones" (Brachliegen Tapes) 2022.
26: Degradation : "Borealis" (Brachliegen Tapes) 2022.
27: Degradation : "Julebukker" (Brachliegen Tapes) 2022.
28: Wire : "The Other Window (Demo)" (Pink Flag) 2022.
29: The Adverts : "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" (Fire Records) 2022.
30: The Adverts : "Bombsite Boy" (Fire Records) 2022.
31: The Damned : "I Feel Alright" (BMG) 2022.
32: Pisse : "Komfortzone" (Phantom Records) 2022.
33: Pisse : "U.N.I.T.Y." (Phantom Records) 2022.
34: Pisse : "Dünne Decke" (Phantom Records) 2022.
35: Pisse : "Cocktails" (Phantom Records) 2022.
36: Starjets : "War Stories" (Epic Records) 1979.
37: The Piranhas : "Fiddling While Babylon Burns" (Mad Butcher Classics) 2022.
38: The Ruts : "Babylon's Burning" (Virgin Records) 1979.
39: Essential Logic : "Do You Believe In Christmas?" (Hiss And Shake Records) 2022. 

For easier listening pleasure the broadcast is available in two two hour segments. Part One and Part Two. Part one ends with White, and part two begins with Hairs Abyss. 

* As it is a live broadcast there are a few mis-haps ... The CD player kept sticking at the start of a few tracks, Track 13 is Track 12 and the Essential Logic track starts at the wrong speed! 

As ever and always, thanks to Chris Booth at SoundArt Radio for helping out. He brought some SoundArt Radio T-Shirts to the station .. available from the website for only £15! All sizes available. Go to to look as cool as these two dudes.

Saturday, 24 December 2022

MuhMur Radio Fin de Partie : 30 December 2022.


MuhMur Radio will be LIVE in the SoundArt Radio studio on December 30 for a four hour festive special  featuring some of my favourite sounds from 2022 as well as some records of old that arrived this year at MuhMur Radio HQ ... I needed an excuse to play Starjets! 

Broadcast begins at 13:00 GMT and is available on 102.5 FM if you're in the South Hams district of Devon, or listen to the live stream on : If you want to pop along ... bring beer, it'll be lovely to see you. 

MixCloud Archive will follow.


Sunday, 11 December 2022

The Spoils Of Plymouth


Out and about trawling the streets of Plymouth this weekend (it's about 45 miles South of where I live) with the eldest (Oscar) and managed to find time between the Skateboard parks and emporiums to pop in to the wonderful 'Really Good Records' shop on Exeter Street, just opposite The Barcode for those with local knowledge. 

I came out a pony lighter and a very happy man. I found a good copy of the Starjets "War Stories" 7". It was the follow up single to the magnificent "Ten Years" 7", both released in 1979. 1979, the year I saw Starjets live in Lincoln supporting Stiff Little Fingers on their "Gotta Getaway" tour. A prime slice of late 70's New Wave Pop. The singer of Starjets, Terry Sharpe, went on to be in The Adventures. I love C Cat Trance, I have followed them since the release of their 1983 12"EP simply called "C Cat Trance". The EP includes a spine chilling version of the Chairman Of The Board classic "Dangling On A String". C Cat Trance were the group formed in 1983 by Medium Medium ex members Nigel Kingston Stone and John Rees Lewis. Back in 1979 (could have been 1978 ... not too sure) I was the 'roadie' and part time sound engineer for a Lincoln New Wave Politico-Pop trio called Collide and they had a Sunday night residency at The Hearty Goodfellow in Nottingham supporting Medium Medium. The residency lasted maybe two months or so before Medium Medium hit the big time and a Derby band called The Models took over (No, not the The Models that turned in to Rema-Rema, these were a bunch of Blondie wannabes who were bloody awful)! Collide supported them once, and that was it ... "Zouave" is C Cat Trance's third LP from 1986. Now the age of the Internet is upon us I looked up the band Pinski Zoo. I always thought that they were (like C Cat Trance) a 'splinter' group from Medium Medium. I saw Pinski Zoo twice in 1982, supporting Household Name at the Lincoln Art College and supporting Pigbag on their "Doctor Heckle And Mr Jive" tour when it hit the Retford Porterhouse. Pinski Zoo were more of a freeform jazz ensemble than anything I had heard up to that point (I always take the 'Spinal Tap' side of the story when it comes to jazz). But it now turns out that I was completely wrong, or misinformed about the Medium Medium connection.

The final piece of vinyl I managed to find was the 1981 compilation album "Start Swimming", A 'promo version' no less, on the Stiff America label. I saw the names The Bongos and Bush Tetras on the front cover and knew it was mine! The album was recorded on December 30th 1981 at The Rainbow Theatre in London. Two tracks from five bands. Bush Tetras doing a great version of John Lennon's "Cold Turkey" and The Bongos "In The Congo" has Cosey Fanni Tutti on Cornet, Chris Carter on Electronics and Genesis P-Orridge on synthesiser and vocals. (He gets to shout "We Need Discipline In Here" down the microphone towards the end). I never knew this LP existed and I never knew I like the sound of Fleshtones and The Raybeats. It's a great LP. 

Really Good Records in Plymouth .... it never fails.

Thursday, 8 December 2022

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 8 December 2022


Over ten years of MuhMur Radio broadcasting and a broadcast has never fallen on my birthday ... until now. So, the playlist is a little eclectic, some favourites from the past and some sounds from recent arrivals at MuhMur Radio HQ. It was whilst compiling the programme that I read of the passing of Keith Levene, a piece of news that saddens me. One of the finest guitarists and inspirational artist over the past 50 years. I was planning to play a track from PiL's first album ("First Issue"), as it was originally released on December 8 1978 adding the Steel Leg 12" and his production work with Vivien Goldman. Great records. After the summer hiatus I wasn't going to include the 'On This Day' section in the broadcasts anymore ... but checking the diaries I find that Crispy Ambulance's "Unsightly & The Serene" 10" single was also released on December 8. 1981. The year I first saw them live, supporting New Order at Retford Porterhouse. January 1981. Memories ... as the old PiL song goes ... 

The broadcast kicks off with a track from the new Column One 5xCD release on the Polish Zoharum label.

Entitled "W. Transmission I-V" the CDs cover the complete catalogue of Column One's World Transmissions series which began with the cassette release in 1992 with "W. Transmission 1 - New Re-Generation" on the A.N. Column Release label. The CD version in this box set is completely different. 

"World Transmission 1 was originally released in 1992 on cassette tape under the title 'New Re-Generation'. The meaning and function of this series were not clearly defined at that time. Various unreleased versions of this first transmission took shape, all of which followed a diverging emphasis in their conceptual and formal direction. The originally released version, which is not included here, became a marked terminus rather than an origin. .... This releases focuses on the roots of Column One that lie in a combination of coded key sounds and images. The associated degrees and movements of immersion and submersion into the consciousness that is Column One moved, according to this pattern, in a clear process'.

"W. Transmission 2" followed a year later with "W. Transmission 3 + 4" being released as a double LP on StateArt in 2000. "W. Transmission 5" is compiled of previously unreleased material, although the Column One Box Set "No One" includes the piece "World Transmission 5 : Continuum". It is a magnificent release and congratulations to Zoharum for making it real. There is a limited edition with the CDs packaged in a wooden box with badges, a tote bag, signed photographs and a poster. Contact Zoharum for details :

Jut as an aside. In 1998 I (along with Mick McDaid of Outsider Records) created the CDR label 'The Mouth Label'. "Mouth" being an amalgamation of Muh & Out. Our final release was the Column One album "Live Im Hybridraum 23.12.97". Limited to 50 copies, our previous releases by Dieter Müh and Government Alpha had been 15 and 20 respectively. I moved around a lot in the late 90's and mislaid my copy (and master cassette), fortunately I was sent an unplayed copy this summer. 

Sticking with the Germans, there are two tracks from Hoyerswerda based band Pisse. In August Phantom Records released the cassette "Los Alemanes No Pueden Bailar" by Grupo Pisse Y Las Hermanas Martinez. Four tracks of prime Cumbia-punk. "Cucha Chuchumeca" is from this cassette. "Pumafrau" is from the 2015 album "Mid Schinken Dutch Die Menopause" on Beau Travail / Phantom Records. The track features Israeli MC Miss Red (aka Sharon Stern). All Pisse and associated can be found here :

It's my party and I'll play what I want to ... Joy Division, Deutsch Amerikansische Freundschaft and Laibach. The Laibach version of "Sympathy For The Devil" is from the 12" Promo EP for the "Wirtschaft Its Tot" release. The track is mixed by Daniel Miller of Mute Records and Paul Kendall. I recently mentioned that I received a copy of the book "69 Exhibition Road", an autobiography of Dorothy 'Max' Prior. It's a great book, a fascinating and easy read from a person who was there at the birth of The Monochrome Set, Adam & The Ants and Rema-Rema. She worked at the ICA at the time of the famous "Prostitution" exhibition / performance by COUM Transmissions and was close friends with TG, especially Genesis P-Orridge. Unfortunately the book doesn't go as far as her time as drummer with Psychic TV. I remember seeing her play with PTV at both the 'Feast Of Flowering Light' in London and at the Royal Northern College Of Music in Manchester. Dorothy also put out a solo single on Industrial Records. "Softness" is the B Side to the "I Confess" 7" and was written by P-Orridge and Alex Fergusson. The Monochrome Set track has Max on drums. It comes from the compilation album "Black & White Minstrels 1975-1979". 

Schwund are a Berlin based band who I discovered through their "Technik Und Gefühl" which was co-released by Phantom Records and Harbinger Sound back in 2019. "Gespenst" is from the latest release, the cassette album "Dieezer Tübe". The cassette comes dubbed on to recycled German folklore, military and church tapes from the 1970's and 80's. All tapes very in length and colour and a filled up with sound collages created last summer. Grab a copy!

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, my small tribute to the late great Keith Levene followed by an 'On This Day' track from Crispy Ambulance. I had forgot I had written this and I think I was wrong when I mentioned that Crispy Ambulance had already released the 10" single by the time they played the gig. I am ready to be corrected. And, I have met up with Mark since writing this .. he lives a few miles North in Gloucestershire. Recently I bought the book "Savage Impressions : An Aesthetic Expedition Through The Archives Of Independent Project Records & Press". It's a complete catalogue of the work of Bruce Licher. And now I am collecting his solo recordings and trying to complete my Savage Republic collection. 

"The Penstemon Field" is from the 3" CDR EP "Exploratorium". Recorded in 1997 but not released until 2006 the CDR is packaged on 12" square of heavy chipboard and hand letter pressed in seven different colours. The Savage Republic track is from the new 7" on Polish 'Don't Sit On My Vinyl' label. Released in April this year, the single is a lathe cut limited to 66 copies with all profits going to the Polish Humanitarian Action that helps the victims of there war in Ukraine. 

The 7" is called "For Free Ukraine". "Meteora" was an album released by DSOMV in 2021. Contact them here : Back to the books, before the Dorothy Prior autobiography and after the Bruce Licher / Independent Project Records compendium I found time to read "Hungry Beat" by Doug Macintyre. Subtitled "The Scottish Independent Pop Underground Movement (1977-1984)". Ahh, the leisure of retirement, I now find time to read. I did mention the book a few programmes ago when I played the Josef K single that came with initial copies of the book. The Flowers feature Hilary Morrison on vocals. Hilary was the co-founder of Fast Product alongside Bob Last. Also "Food" has Simon Best on drums, Simon left shortly after to join Delta 5. "Food" is from the "Ballad Of Miss Demeanour" 7"EP put out on Pop Aural, Last & Morrison's label after ceasing the activity of Fast Product. The book is a great read. Also featured heavily (natch!) are Scars. 

"Your Attention Please" was a 'giveaway' flexi-disc with issue #3 of the trendy "i-D Magazine". It's a live 1980 recording of vocalist Robert King reading lines of the "Protect & Survive" leaflet published by the government with instructions of what to do in case of a nuclear attack along with lines from a poem by Peter Porter. A studio version in on Scars LP "Author! Author!" (I'll play this version soon!). 

November saw the 40th anniversary of the Virgin Prunes LP "... If I Die, I Die". Forty years! Now that makes me feel old. I must have heard the "Twenty Tens" 7" being played on the John Peel radio show that lead me to their sound / brilliance. The same year I saw them play live at the Futurama 3 Festival in Stafford (Bingley Hall). They played Manchester Hacienda to promote the ".. If I Die, I Die" album. One of the most frightening / enthralling gigs I have been to.

The album comes in two versions, the single LP and the double CD. The CD version has extras. Rough mixes, alternative mixes and demo versions. It also has a booklet of photographs and lyrics, it's a really well done re-issue. I don't know much about the label BMG, they have also re-released the first album by The Damned with a great booklet. Another wonderful and memorable gig I went to a few years back was to see Dale Cornish at Ryan's Bar in Stoke Newington, London. Dale has a new album out on The Death Of Rave label. I have been following the work / sound of Dale since his days as part of Baraclough, the project he was in with Eddie Nuttall (later of Aqua Dentata) and Paul De Casparis. Their "Vulpas Vulpas" cassette on Beartown Records is well recommended. "My Geography" is the opening track from the "Traditional Music Of South London". The Death Of Rave is a sub label of Boomkat. Copies available there : Or contact Dale :

Der Plan originally formed in 1979 and included DAF members Robert Görl and Chrislo Haas. They folded in the early 1990's only to reform again as a trio in 2014. The 7" EP  'Gefährliche Clowns" contains three recordings from 1979, 1988 and 2016. for all details Der Plan. 

Peet & De Teefjes is the project of Dutch performance artist and musician Peter Fengler. Earlier this year Chris Booth (Head of SoundArt Radio) organised a gig for Peter's band Coolhaven at Dartington Space Studios (where the radio station is located). A great event. Coolhaven also includes ex Trespassers W. members Lukas Simonis and Hajo Doorn. If I knew this at the time I would have taken my Trespassers W. records along to get signed! On the night they did a cover of the Peet & De Teefjes song "Tena Lady" (or is it the other way around)? The version here is from the only album by Peet & De Teefjes called "Complete Afgedraaid". 

                                                 Myself with Peter Fengler in Dartington.

The Nocturnal Emissions piece is from volume 6 of Nigel Ayer's ongoing series of 'Minimal Works'. They are CDR and / or cassette editions only available for 24 hours via his Bandcamp page. For more information go to : Knight Of Funk is the pseudonym of Masaya Nakahara of Violent Onsen Geisha and Hair Stylistics fame. The track here is from the 1994 compilation CD "Mi Calallito Chulo ... !Como Lo Quie Ro..." on the Japanese Los Apson label. 

The broadcast ends on the 20 minute piece "Smaller Revolutions" by Illusion Of Safety & Z'ev. 

"What we have here is a potent cocktail of scrap metal, processed field recordings, modular synthesis and plenty of aptly placed intermittent percussive clatter. The overall impression I'm left with is a very calculated sound collage that still feels like the sonic equivalent of a deep epiphany, or maybe a catalyst for one. What seems like a casual interweaving of a wide range of unexpected elements slowly becomes sewn together into a journey that makes perfect sense, but leaves the listener wanting more at the same time. Both of these intensely driven characters continued to evolve and change creatively over decades, into new and challenging directions while others have come and gone , and still more continue to be one-trick ponies. That Daniel Burke and Z'ev did collude during our short tenure on this earth is certainly a matter worthy of applause, and simply could not sit on the shelf any longer".

Th eponymous album has been released by a myriad of labels including Cipher Productions in Tasmania, NO PART OF IT in USA and Korm Plastics in Europe. Available on vinyl (and I think CD in the USA only) .. contact Arvo Zylo for more details.

Thank you for listening ... an archive for this broadcast can be found here : 

Playlist :
01: Column One : "W. Transmission 4 : Part 3" (Zoharum) 2022.
02: Grupe Pisse Y Las Hermanas Martinez : "Cucha Chuchumeca" (Phantom Records) 2022.
03: Joy Division : "She's Lost Control" (Factory Records) 1979.
04: Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft : "Sato-Sato" (Virgin Records) 1981.
05: Laibach : "Sympathy For The Devil (Who Killed The Kennedy's Mix)" (Mute Records) 1988.
06: Pisse : "Pumafrau" (Beau Travail/Phantom Records) 2018.
07: Dorothy : "Softness" (Industrial Records) 1980.
08: The Monochrome Set : "We Are Zarbie" (Cherry Red Records) 1995.
09: Schwund : "Gespenst" (Nachschlag/Flennen) 2022.
10: Public Image Limited : "Annalisa" (Virgin Records) 1978.
11: Steel Leg Vs The Electric Dread : "Haile Unlikely" (Virgin Records) 1978.
12: Steel Leg Vs The Electric Dread : "Unlikely Pub" (Virgin Records) 1978.
13: Vivien Goldman : "Launderette" (Window) 1981.
14: Crispy Ambulance : "Not What I Expected" (Factory Records) 1981.
15: Bruce Licher : "The Penstemon Field" (Licher Art & Design) 2006.
16: Savage Republic : "Meteora (For Ukraine Version)" (Don't Sit On My Vinyl) 2022.
17: The Flowers : "Food" (Pop Aural) 1980.
18: Scars : "Your Attention Please (Live)" (i-D Magazine) 1981.
19: Virgin Prunes : "Pagan Lovesong (Demo Version)" (BMG) 2022.
20: Dale Cornish : "My Geography" (The Death Of Rave) 2022.
21: Der Plan : "Gefährliche Clowns 2016" (Bureau B) 2016.
22: Peet & De Teefjes : "Tena Lady" (De Player) 2020.
23: Nocturnal Emissions : "Evermund" (Not On Label) 2022.
24: Knight Of Funk : "Nee Nee Is A Love Message" (Los Apson) 1994.
25: Illusion Of Safety & Z'ev : "Smaller Revolutions" (Korm Plastics) 2022.

Again, huge thanks for listening, comments are always welcome and I am contactable on muhmur (dot) radio (at) MuhMur Radio will be LIVE with an end of the year show on December 30th. Proposed kick off time of 1pm (13:00 GMT). Four hours of post-prandial festive fun. I will post definite timings closer to the date.
Again, huge thanks to Chris Booth for being there when needed, it would not exist without him ... 

                                                         Chris & Skunk at SoundArt Radio.

MuhMur Radio Broadcast February 2 2023.

  This programme is topped and tailed by The Lonely Bell, the project of sound artist / musician Ali Murray. The Lonely Bell is from the wes...