Saturday, 18 January 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast January 16 2020.

And so MuhMur Radio begins 2020, a happy new ear to all the listeners! MuhMur Radio is well in to its' eighth year of broadcasting on SoundArt Radio, a small community radio station set inside the studios of the Dartington Hall Estate in Devon.
When MuhMur Radio began the plan ... the idea ... was to play new releases mixed in with old favourites from my record/tape/CD collection. Also to invite friends, colleagues and folk whose work I greatly admire to provide 'exclusive piece(s)' for broadcast. So far MuhMur Radio has broadcast over 70 exclusive pieces, hopefully in 2020 I can entice a few more artists / projects to provide some 'exclusive ' sounds.
On the 12th day of Christmas I broadcast a four hour programme from 2pm to 6pm and hopefully came across some new listeners who tuned in to this broadcast and will be looking at this blog for the first time.


The first programme of 2020 starts with Andrea Borghi and a track from his new release on the Italian cassette label Sounds Against Humanity.

Andrea has been producing soundscapes and producing limited run releases for over ten years. This 'mini EP' (it's a C23 tape) features sounds produced from prepared turntables, electro-acoustic devices and text imprinted metal discs. The tape is limited to 30 copies only and available direct from the label : Andrea is also a member of the great Italian Soundart project VipCranco.
I was moving some CDs around at MuhMur HQ and rediscovered "The Audience Is Sleeping" album by Column One. Released back in 2002. The piece here is from this album. The 90% Wasser (Column One's label) website seems to be defunct but copies of this CD are available at a quite reasonable price on Discogs .. The Cabaret Voltaire track is from their first album "Mix Up" and features the great drumming of Haydn Boyes-Weston, a former member of They Must Be Russians. 

Back in 1983 / 1984 I started to discover the sounds of Whitehouse and the Come Org cassette releases. I remember seeing an advert for the Ramleh "Hand Of Glory" 7" single (I think it was advertised in 'Interchange' magazine), I grabbed a copy and (this was 1985) so began my love affair with Ramleh. It was soon after getting this EP I created my own PE outfit called <<A:A:K>> and produced a tape called "We Pissed A Piss That Was Pure". Basically layers and layers of pink and white noise generated from a couple of old Korg synths and the traffic of Monks Road (Lincoln) mic'd up ... I stuck a microphone out of the front room window. 
Since then I have managed to support Ramleh live, as Dieter Müh not <<A:A:K>>! At the turn of the 1990's they seem to progress from pioneers and leaders in the Power Electronics to producing some great psychedelic / art rock sounds. Ramleh seem to develop in to a three-piece with Phil Best and Stuart Dennison joining on synths and drums. The run of 7" singles released from 1991 to 1995 are essential (in any bastard's language). 
And now Ramleh have produced the single "It's Never Alright" for Fourth Dimension Records. The track is a hark back to the glam and glitterbeat of Kenny, a touch too much of Arrow. It is back in the New York groove of Hello. The B-Side "Kerb Krawler" is a psychedelic walk through the crowds of Altamont. It has a Jagger drawl...all synth and phased flares. It is prime Ramleh. The single is on lurid green vinyl and available here : 

Zoskia Meets Sugardog "That's Heavy Baby" was a one-off 12" for Temple Records. Shortly after its release ZosKia formed in to Agent Provocateur. At this time Sugardog featured Jim Whelan who joined John (Zos Kia) Gosling in Agent Provocateur and Fritz Catlin, formerly of 23 Skidoo.
On the first of January The Dead Mauriacs posted the piece "Danses Pour Amazones De Charmeurs De Sangsues" as a New Years gift for a limited time on their Facebook page. I don't (as a rule) play files or downloads, mainly because I have no means of playing them at MuhMur HQ therefore finding it difficult to build a playlist ... but fortunately the head mandarin of SoundArt Radio kindly dubbed me a CDR copy and so I was able to broadcast .. and share.
The terribly named Pinkcourtesyphone is the project of Richard Chartier. The piece here is from the 10xCassette compilation "On Corrosion". This is the only Chartier piece I have in my collection but certainly an artist I will "investigate" this year.

Current 93. It was a great pleasure to discover that the albums that made up the 8 album box set released by Vinyl On Demand back in 2010 were now available individually. The two pieces here are from the "Unreleased Rarities, Out-Takes And Rehearsals Volume II 1991-1995".
Skeppet were a Swedish project consisting of Andreas Malm (of AmPh) and Henrik Wallin. They had both previously been members of the psychedelic free-improvisational band Fria Konstellationen. The track here is from the 7" released by short-lived Malmö based label Solförmörkelse.

A regular feature of MuhMur Radio is the "On This Day" section where I will play records that were released on the day of broadcast ... according to my diaries and that of George Grimarc. January 16 1982 saw the release of Non's "Rise" 12"EP.

Both Non pieces played here are from this EP. I first heard Non back in 1980 when they released the two-holed multi speed split 7" with Smegma on Mute Records. This 12" has been very influential to me and the sounds I produce and listen to. All Non releases are essential.
Also released on this day was the debut 7" single by Bauhaus on Axis Records. It was soon re-issued on 4AD Records when Axis Records were forced to change their name because there was already a label with that moniker. The version I play here is from the compilation album "Crackle".

The Nevari Butchers are Aaron Dilloway and Mike Travis. They also include Skin Graft member Wylatt Howland but whether or not he is on this track is not known. "The Herbst Silo" is a single sided 7".

For reasons I cannot go in to at the moment. Alcohol, an urge to wee and a snooker match being shown on the BBC iPlayer may have taken part but between the Neil Campbell piece and the Virgin Prunes track there is a minutes silence. It is this type of professionalism that gives MuhMur Radio its' reputation.
Please take a listen here:

01: Andrea Borghi : "txt_und #1" (Sounds Against Humanity) 2019.
02: Column One : "Inch Bin Nicht Da..." (90% Wasser/Moloko +) 2002.
03: Cabaret Voltaire : "On Every Other Street" (Rough Trade Records) 1979.
04: Ramleh : "Kerb Krawler" (Fourth Dimension Records) 2019.
05: ZosKia Meets Sugardog : "JG" (Temple Records) 1985.
06: The Dead Mauriacs : "Danses Pour Amazones De Charmeurs De Sangsues" (NPH) 2020.
07: Pinkcourtesyphone : "Alternatory" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2019.
08: Current 93 : "The Inmost Light/Pattripassian Loop/Greensleeves" (Vinyl On Demand) 2010.
09: Skeppet : "Passagen" (Solförmörkelse) 2010.
10: Non : "Rise" (Mute Records) 1982.
11: The Nevari Butchers : "The Herbst Silo" (Hanson Records) 2007.
12: Bauhaus : "Dark Entries" (Axis Records) 1980.
13: Ramleh : "It's Never Alright" (Fourth Dimension Records) 2019.
14: Neil Campbell : "Cloud Drag 1979 #5" (Not On Label-Self Released) 2019.
15: Virgin Prunes : "Jigsawmentallama" (Baby Records) 1985.
16: Non : "Romance Fatal Dentro De Un Auto" (Mute Records) 1982.
17: Current 93 : "Earth Covers Earth" (Vinyl On Demand) 2010.
18: Public Image Limited : "Another" (Virgin Records) 1979.

It was great to see Dave sat in the engineer's chair once more.
The next programme will be on January 30. Kick off at 20:00 GMT.

Friday, 10 January 2020

MuhMur Radio Festive Four Hour Feast Broadcast 5 January 2020.

I can only apologise for the lateness in this posting ... things are quite hectic here at MuhMur HQ for reasons I'd rather not mention and (quite frankly) you wouldn't be interested ... but expect (ab)normal service to resume.
SoundArt Radio once again let me have a Sunday afternoon in the studio whilst others went wassailing around the gardens of Dartington Hall singing of the demise of Ab'ram Brown and suchlike ...
Unfortunately I do not have the time to write a full report of what was played in the broadcast, but here is the link to the programme(s) - they're split in to two two hour segments - and the playlist.

01: Karmanjakan Intonarumori : "Tradition Curse" (Karmanjakanintonarumoriprodukt) 2004.
02: Dale Cornish : "Straw Camel Back" (Vanity Publishing) 2017.
03: Portion Control : "Breaker Breaker" (Dead Man's Curve) 1986.
04: Brume : "Paris La Salope" (EE Tapes) 2019.
05: Brume : "Acid Age Cartoon" (EE Tapes) 2019.
06: Brume : "HP Lovecraft Memorial Church" (EE Tapes) 2019.
07: Brume : "Spanish Harlem Hamburger Sauce" (EE Tapes) 2019.
08: Brume : "Sci-Fi #1" (EE Tapes) 2019.
09: The Fall : "In My Area" (Step Forward Records) 1979.
10: Soviet France : "Gustr" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
11: Soviet France : "Kirke" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
12: Andrea Marutti : "A Cypher For Glitchbusters" (Taâlem) 2019.
13: Andrea Marutti : "Peter's Psychedelic Breakfast" (Taâlem) 2019.
14: Hairs Abyss : "Magic Train" (Xemporium) 2019.
15: Vance Orchestra : "Organising The Evidence #1" (Taâlem) 2019.
16: The Cure : "Grinding Halt" (Fiction Records) 1979.
17: Killing Joke : "Requiem" (Virgin Records) 2005.
18: W. Bro. Frank Holmes : "Hands Across The Sea" (Not On Label) 1975.
19: Organum : "Horii" (L.A.Y.L.A.H. AntiRecords) 1986.
20: UK Decay : "Werewolf" (Corpus Christi) 1982.
21: The Dead Mauriacs : "Merrily We Dance" (GerauschManufaktur) 2019.
22: BU.D.D.A. : "Magischer Rochentanz" (Attenuation Circuit) 2019.
23: The Outsiders : "Freeway" (Raw Edge Records) 1977.
24: Distributors : "TV Me" (? Records ?) 1979.
25: The Art Attacks : "Neutron Bomb" (Albatross Records) 1978.
26: The Weirdos : "We Got The Neutron Bomb" (Dangerhouse Records) 1978.
27: The Diagram Brothers : "Isn't It Interesting How Neutron Bombs Work" (New Hormones) 1981.
28: Quest : "Winter's Sun" (Fuzzy Panda Recording Company) 2019.
29: The Dead Mauriacs : "The Magician" (NPH) 2019.
30: A Certain Ratio : "Winter Hill" (Factory Records) 1981.
31: The Film Cast : "Stations & Answers (True Friends Music) 1979.

Part One ends on UK Decay and part two begins with the first piece by The Dead Mauriacs. MuhMur Radio will return to its' regular Thursday Night two hour slot on January 16 at 20:00 hours (GMT).

Monday, 30 December 2019

MuhMur Radio Festive Holiday Special. (Update).

The Annual MuhMur Radio Festive Four Hour Feast of Fun will begin this Sunday (January 5) at 14:00 GMT live on SoundArt Radio. If you're in the Dartington / Totnes / Berry Pomeroy area of Devon then please tune in to 102.5 FM, or listen to the live stream on the SoundArt Radio website :

Working on the playlist as I type ... be prepared for sounds from Karmanjakan Intonarumori, Killing Joke, Brume, Portion Control, Andrea Marutti, Hairs Abyss, The Art Attacks, BU.D.D.A. and UK Decay amongst others ...

Regular broadcasting resumes on Thursday January 16 ... all being well with the world.

Sunday, 22 December 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcasts December 19 2019

December 19 seemed like MuhMur Radio Broadcast day with two programmes being aired. One programme on the Russian New New World Radio station and also the 'regular' programme on SoundArt Radio in the UK.
Back in October I was invited by Angel Simitchiev, host of Bulgarian based radio programme "Beauty Sleep" to take part in an epic eight hour broadcast celebrating the second anniversary of his show. "Beauty Sleep' is broadcast by New New World Radio. Angel is no stranger to MuhMur Radio through his work as MyTrip, Dayin, Leaver and also being head of the Amek label in Sofia.

Information on 'Beauty Sleep' broadcasts - it's a monthly show - can be found via the New New World Facebook page and through their website.
There is also links to the broadcasts via Soundcloud & MixCloud.

Playlist :
01: Neznamo : "Aery (Remix)" (Not On Label) 2018.
02: BU.D.D.A. : "Menopausen Massaker" (Attenuation Circuit) 2019.
03: Aaron Dilloway : "Ghost" (Dais Records) 2018.
04: Cabaret Voltaire : "Your Agent Man" (Les Disques Du Crépuscule) 1981.
05: Contrastate : "The People Who Control The Information" (Black Rose Recordings) 2017.
06: Soviet France : "Shout The Storm" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
07: Brume : "V s/M 3-44-65" (Drone Records) 2000.
08: Eyeless In Gaza : "The Feeling's Mutual" (Ambivalent Scale Recordings) 1980.
09: W. Bro. Frank Holmes : "Lullaby & Goodnight Set To Brahms" (Not On Label) 1975.

The Neznamo piece which opens the broadcast is from the self-released split cassette with Notum. I played the Notum side of the tape earlier in the year. BU.D.D.A. is the name of the new project formed by Chris Sigdell (BºTong/Leaden Fumes) and Sascha Stadlmeier (Emerge).

                                                                   Chris Sigdell.

The Soviet France track is from the album "Eostre", originally released by Red Rhino Records in 1984 this version is from the remastered re-issue on Vinyl On Demand.
Please take a listen to the 57 minute broadcast here :

The programme was aired at 19:00 Moscow time. At 20:00 GMT the broadcast on SoundArt Radio began. There was/is a tiny 'glitch' between the Dead Mauriacs track and the Jim Haynes track where I forgot to flip a switch (switch glitch) to turn the audio on the turntables ... silence is about 15 seconds (not 15 MINUTES as the drunken fool on the microphone says), I hope it doesn't spoil the listening pleasure.

The programme starts with two pieces from the Dutch project Beequeen taken from their "Port Out, Starboard Home" album. Beequeen is the project of Frans de Waard and Frank Kinkelaar. The Dead Mauriacs piece is from a cassette especially made for my birthday. A two-track C10 cassette, the other track will be aired on the January 5 broadcast.
The Drekka and Rivulets tracks are from the shared EP "November 2002 Tour EP". (The 7" EP also features Jessica Bailiff). The 7" was pressed especially for their 'Glacial Dreaming' tour and sold on the live dates, a few copies made it to Europe and is available via Discogs.

                                                Drekka/Rivulets/Jessica Bailiff 7"EP.

"The Rusty Seeds" is the new album by French artist Brume. A 12" vinyl LP in an edition of 100 released by Belgian stalwarts EE Tapes. For availability please visit

I was recently in conversation about German noise maker Stefan Roigk. I was telling someone about my experiences being labelled/taggged as a Tesco Organisation artist back at the turn of the century, and I was hearing similar stories (albeit secondhand) from Stefan. I never knew Stefan was a member of Kenotaph or had released material under the moniker Skalp for Tesco Organisation. Kenotaph were a favourite of mine in the late 1990's. Stefan was a name I knew from releasing material via Tochnit-Aleph and Fragment Factory. I also have a poster on my gimproom wall for a concert featuring Stefan and Alice Kemp in Berlin from last year. Anyhoo ... this conversation made me want to hear Skalp so I bought the 10" EP and the track "Heartbeat" is from there. This also set me off on a 'Heartbeat' trip as you can tell. Apologies for the Wire version of "Heartbeat" being all crackling and jumpy .. the LP "Chairs Missin" is one of the oldest albums I own ... it has been with me and regularly played for the past (nigh on) forty years!

You can listen to the complete broadcast here :

Playlist :
01: Beequeen : "Good Day, Good Bye" (Important Records) 2011.
02: Beequeen : "Patience" (Important Records) 2011.
03: The Dead Mauriacs : "The Writer" (N.P.H.) 2019.
04: Jim Haynes : "He Stopped At A Picture Of A Naked Woman" (Drone Records) 2014.
05: Troum : "Riurja" (Myotis Records) 1998.
06: Telepherique : "Wir Brauchen Die Natur, Aber Natur Braucht Und Nicht" (Darkness Productions) 1999.
07: Fossil Aerosol Mining Project : "A Resolute Nothing" (Afterdays Media) 2017.
08: Drekka : "Silent Duty (Tonal)" (Honeyspiderthree) 2002.
09: Rivulets : "Swans (Reverb)" (Honeyspiderthree) 2002.
10: Swans : "We'll Hang For That" (Young Gods Records) 1991.
11: Brume : "Family" (EE Tapes) 2019.
12: Brume : "Deep Habits" (EE Tapes) 2019.
13: Brume : "Dervishes On Fire" (EE Tapes) 2019.
14: Brume : "Oyster Sandwich" (EE Tapes) 2019.
15: Brume : "C'Est L'Appel D'Air (EE Tapes) 2019.
16: Skalp : "Heartbeat" (Tesco Organisation) 1996.
17: Wire : "Heartbeat" (Harvest) 1978.
18: Chris & Cosey : "Heartbeat" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.
19: The Psychedelic Furs : "Heartbeat" (CBS Records) 1984.
20: Tubeway Army : "Bombers" (Beggars Banquet Records) 1979.
21: Stuart Chalmers + Taming Power : "4.026 - The Electric Guitar And Bowed Swarmander" (Blue Tapes) 2019.

As mentioned these are the final broadcasts of MuhMur Radio in 2019. Thank YOU all that have listened and passed on comments, and thank YOU to all sound makers and artists that have contributed to MuhMur Radio, not only this year but throughout the past seven years. Big shout out to Dave Mutch, my silent companion and to Chris and Lucinda the SoundArt Radio mandarins for letting us loose in their studios twice a month!
2020 will kick off with a 4 Hour broadcast on January 5 to honour Horus and Ptar! All starts at 14:00 (ish) GMT .... bring nibbles ...

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 5 December 2019.

It was in the last two weeks that I saw a plethora of 'lists' mentioned across certain sites and pages whilst perusing the internet. The 'Best Of 2019' lists and 'Top Ten LP's Of 2019' lists ... and there's still another month to go! One great release and one of the best releases of all years, never mind 2019, is the 10xCassette compilation "On Corrosion" on the Helen Scarsdale Agency label. Unfortunately it won't hit any of this years all important 'top ten' or 'best of' lists because it came out in the latter half of November .. and we all know the lists are written at the start of October.

This broadcast features four artists who appear on the compilation.

The Fossil Aerosol Mining Project cassette is called "Hydration Desquilibrium", The Alice Kemp cassette is called "Nine Dreams In Erotic Mourning", the four tracks here make up side A. The Francisco Meirino cassette is called "A Collection Of Damaged Reel Tape Loops". Again I play side A  of this tape and the Neutral cassette is called Lågliv", the two pieces here make up side B. Other artists / projects on this release are : Kleistwahr, Pinkcourtesyphone, G*Park, Ready For Death, She Spread Sorrow and Himukalt. The whole concept and curation of this release is by Jim Haynes. Expect to hear more over the coming broadcasts ...

                                                                Francisco Meirino.

The Cromlech Shadow track is from their new album, an eponymous split with Hairs Abyss. The CDR is available from Coma Kultur.
Still playing the new double CD from Metgumbnerbone. I have been asked questions about this release, availability, label, distribution etc and I am afraid to say that I have no idea. I have a 'promo' copy with very little information - just the track listings.

I imagine it will be listed on 'Discogs' soon and available in the UK via the likes of Cargo Records or Cold Spring Records. Speaking of Cold Spring Records, they have just re-issued two classic albums from the past thirty years. SPK's "Zamia Lehmanni - Songs Of Byzantine Flowers" from 1986 and Coil's "Stolen And Contaminated Songs" originally released in 1992. I am not a great Coil 'fan'. I did like the tape on Nekrophile and the "How To Destroy Angels" 12" when they were first released but I just could not get my ears around "Scatology" or "Horse Rotorvator" and by the time their version of "Tainted Love" came out I had given up completely. Some times I'd be at a friends house and some groovy sounds would be coming from the speakers and I would ask who we were listening to and be pleasantly surprised when "Coil" was the answer ... but I have never consciously bought a Coil release for quite a while. I am now enjoying listening to Coil again - especially the less dramatic late 1980's early 1990's material.

Being somewhat bowled over with the "On Corrosion" box set of tapes I went out and bought a Jim Haynes album. I always thought Jim was a member (if not the whole) of Fossil Aerosol Mining Project and after hearing the LP "Flammable Materials From Foreign Lands" I still think he might be.

                                            "Flammable Materials From Foreign Lands"

The final piece is from an album Dave brought into the studio ...

Please take a listen here :

Playlist : 
01: Fossil Aerosol Mining Project : "Only The Green, Blue And Black" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2019.
02: Post Scriptvm : "Nausea Vortex" (Tesco Organisation) 2010.
03: Alice Kemp : "All Is Crushed All Is Perfect" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2019.
04: Alice Kemp : "The Headless Saint" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2019.
05: Alice Kemp : "A Gold Blade To The Back Of The Head" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2019.
06: Alice Kemp : "Song For Unnamed Things" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2019.
07: Cromlech Shadow : "To Be Anywhere The Pale Hand Glows" (Coma Kultur) 2019.
08: Francisco Meirino : "Untitled" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2019.
09: Earzumba : "Blowing In The Weed" (Absurd) 2010.
10: Metgumbnerbone : "Black Middens" (Not On Label) 2019.
11: Coil : "Who'll Tell" (Cold Spring Records) 2019.
12: Neutral : "Ganska Lågt" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2019.
13: Neutral : "Ooskå" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2019.
14: Jim Haynes : "Electric Speech : Nadiya" (Elevator Bath) 2016.
15: W Bro. Frank Holmes : "Lullaby + Goodnight Set To Brahms" (Not On Label) 1975.

The next broadcast is set to be on December 19 but at this moment in time I cannot commit to that .. (family commitments taking a priority) but there will be a four or five hour festive feast to be broadcast on January 5. times to follow ... but if there is no broadcast on December 19 I am certain the mandarins of SoundArt Radio will broadcast something from the archives.
Finally I am often asked about the programme that precedes MuhMur Radio. It is called "Sgt Barnaby Combover" and presented by a chap called Gino. He has taken to playing some choice slices of Krautrock (old and new) for a half hour or so before I take over the decks ... always worth tuning in a few minutes early ...

                                                              Gino aka Sgt Barnaby!

Monday, 2 December 2019


I found this single floating around on the Internet. Mint copy for a tenner ... thought it was worth it. I was looking for the Starjets single "Ten Years (Lincoln Edition)" and in reality .. I still am, but couldn't turn down a MINT Copy.
I saw (The) Starjets live, just the once, back in 1979 they played the Drill Hall in Lincoln supporting Stiff Little Fingers on their "Gotta Getaway" tour. Stiff Little Fingers had played live in Lincoln a few months earlier promoting their 'Inflammable Material' album. It was one of those Rough Trade Package tours and alongside SLF were Essential Logic (when they still had William Bennett on guitar) and Robert Rental & The Normal. I am not a 'fan' of Stiff Little Fingers, a couple of good singles but the album was really terrible. The cover of "Johnny Was" is worse than The Clash's cover of "Police & Thieves" on their first album. But Lincoln being Lincoln and it being 1979 I went along ... and happy I did as I was entranced and blown away by Robert Rental & The Normal.
Lincoln Drill Hall hosted a couple of Rough Trade Package gigs back in 1979. The Raincoats, Kleenex and Spizz Energi was a good one but Cabaret Voltaire, Scritti Politti and Swell Maps got cancelled due to poor ticket sales.
The Drill Hall was a great venue for live bands back in the day. I saw my first ever live band there, (I am not counting the time that me and my big sister sneaked out of the Pontins Holiday Camp in Brean Sands whilst our parents were enjoying 'an evening with Ray Illingworth'* to go to the pub down the road to drink pints of cider and inadvertently see Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders in 1976.) Judas Priest & Magnum (1977). It was the 'bigger' bands that came to The Drill Hall, the likes of The Jam, The Psychedelic Furs, The Vibrators, The Damned, Magazine, Secret Affair, Adam & The Ants, The Stranglers to pluck just a few from my fading memory, with some bands bringing great supports like The Adverts, Prag VeC, Squire, The Depressions and The Jolt. I think the booking was done through the students union at the local Tech College ... but I could be wrong. At the same time Lincoln had its' own 'punk' club in AJ's as well as sporadic gigs at the Art College and Bishop Grossettes (the teacher training college in the North of the City .... Satans Rats played there in 1978!). 1979 and Lincoln was a hive for live bands.

It was only a couple of months after the SLF Rough Trade Package that they were on the road again, this time promoting the "Gotta Getaway" single ... and not a bad single either. It was their last for Rough Trade Records before signing up to Chrysalis Records. Admission would have probably been around 75 pence to maybe a pound. Support came from fellow Northern Irelanders Starjets.
Two memories from this gig ... one is getting beaten up, the shit was well and truly kicked out of me during the Starjets set and then getting a copy of the "Ten Years (Lincoln Edition)" 7" single after the gig. Starjets were promoting this track as a forthcoming single and had a hundred or so white label copies with 'Lincoln Edition' rubber stamped on the label. I remember the singer (Terry Sharpe) saying that 'they only cost the price of a packet of three and looking at the sight of you, you won't be needing one of them'. I had no idea what he was on about.

'Ten Years' is not a great stand out single from 1979. It is average New Wave Power Pop .. more Peter Powell than John Peel. File under Bram Tchaikovsky or Fabulous Poodles but I still want a copy of the Lincoln Edition. In the meantime the 'official' release will suffice.
Now we have the wonderful world of the Internet, research finds that Starjets went on to have a 'hit single' and appear on Top Of The Pops and that Terry Sharpe formed The Adventures after Starjets folded and the bass player Sean Martin later joined SLF frontman Jake Burns in Jake Burns & The Big Wheel. What comes around ... I suppose.
If anyone reading this has a spare copy of "Ten Years (Lincoln Edition)" or wants to sell their copy then please get in touch ...

God Bless The Starjets.

* An Evening with Ray Illingworth is not a euphemism. Ray Illingworth toured the holiday camps at the time and gave a talk reminiscing about his days as England and Leicestershire cricket captain. My parents were both keen cricket fans ... on the same holiday the Pontins camp was visited by such sporting greats as Ray Reardon, Chester Barnes and Kendo Nagasaki.

Saturday, 23 November 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 21 November 2019

The first 50 seconds or so of the broadcast are not part of the programme. Unfortunately there was a CD player malfunction, so please ignore the first 50 seconds or so ... Although playing back the recording it doesn't sound too noticeable.

The first track comes from the upcoming double CD from Metgumbnerbone called "Anthropological Field Recordings For The Dispossessed". I have a pre-release copy and I am uncertain to what (if any) label the release will be on. Metgumbnerbone were active in the mid 1980's morphing out of Funeral Danceparty comprising of New Blockaders Richard and Philip Rupenus alongside John Mylotte, Clive Powell, Mike Watson and Sean Breadin. Mike and Sean were also the sounds behind Masstishaddu. This album is built from the two albums released in 1983 "Legeliahorn" and "Druen", as well as previously unheard material.

November 23 is Howard Stelzer's birthday, so I thought I would play something from his latest release "Anathemization Of The World Is Not An Adequate Response To The World" a double CDR on UK's Chocolate Monk label.

I wrote a bit on Howard when I played his split 7" with Frans de Waard on the October 10 broadcast. Needless to say Howard is master of the tape loop and manipulation, organic soundscapes and cosmick noise. On the track here he collaborates with Peter Hope. Peter provides the voice on the piece. Peter used to be the vocalist in The Box the Sheffield based group that formed out of the ashes of Clock DVA in 1981. "Cage" by Clock DVA  originally appeared on the self-released cassette "Fragment" in 1979. The version here is from "Horology 1" a six LP box release from Vinyl On Demand. I am lead to believe that the whole Horology series by Clock DVA (there's 3 of them) will be re-issued next year on CD.

Last weekend I spent time in the Devon town of Plymouth buying records and seeing Drekka perform live. (Lifted from the Facebook biography) .... "Working under the name DREKKA since 1996, composer Michael Anderson has toured, travelled and collaborated extensively; all the while  collecting memories and building a very personal archive of sound that dates back to the end of the 1980's"

                                                Drekka live at Union Corner, Plymouth.

"DREKKA has released a large body of work on labels such as Dais, Auris, Apothecary, Morc, Silver and Anderson's own label Bluesanct. Anderson has also recorded and toured as a member of such projects as Turn Pale, Jessica Bailiff, In Gowan Ring, Stone Breath, Annelies Monseré, Rivulets and Dylan Ettinger. DREKKA owes something to the soundscapes and non-linear impressionism of Cindytalk or Coil, the industrial gravity of Einstürzende Neubaüten or Hafler Trio, and the cinematic collaborations of Edward Artimiev/Andrei Tarkovsky or Simon Fisher-Turner/Derek Jarman. But his work is very apparently unique and personal'.
"Throughout years of performing and recording, DREKKA has explored early industrial tape culture, fragile bedroom noise-folk and expressive cinematic textures. His work and performances touch on themes of silence, memory and forgetfulness, But rather than obscure himself, as is often the effect of experimental music, DREKKA functions as a direct line to Anderson's mind and his tenuous cache of memories. These personal aspects and this fragility are clearly on display rather than being obfuscated by poetic abstractions".
"While 'haunting' and 'hypnogogic' are words often used to describe experimental music and art, DREKKA unequivocally occupies and deals in those dark spaces which compromise the tenuous province of memory and dreams. These are the real ghosts of time and sound".
"But just as prominent, particularly in the live setting, is a sort of confrontation, a wrestling with frenetic energy that approaches mania and ecstasy. Just as DREKKA recordings serve not to obscure but to exhibit Michael Anderson's mind , his performances serve to exhibit his person, his body. DREKKA's audiences behold not an anonymous face in the glow of a laptop, but a man riding his flimsy card table strewn with tape players, bells, trinkets, metal and pedals. They behold a man's spirit riding him, contact microphone in mouth, hands, shifting cassettes collected over time and distance. DREKKA's audiences behold a confrontation of spirit, body, memory and sound".

                                           Drekka LP "No Tracks In The Snow" (Dais).

The DREKKA performance at the Union Corner was certainly one I will never forget, very much a personal banishing ritual, cassette loops, calling of spirits, spinning and spitting of stones and the sway of bells, it was truly an unforgettable and thought provoking experience.
I did manage to pick up a few items from the merch' stall including the triple cassette package "Held There, Beside The Signified" released by Idle Chatter and curated by Drekka. The release features Skrei, Drekka and Pillars And Tongues. The two tracks here are from one side of their cassette.

                                              "Held There, Beside The Signified" Tape.

Pillars And Tongues are a new name to me, although I haven't read it anywhere I have a feeling they are from Chicago. Pillars And Tongues are (on this release) a quartet featuring Ben Babbitt, Elizabeth Remfs, Evan Hydzik and Mark Trecka. Another pick up from the merch' stall is the Drekka / REMST 8 split 7", both artists mix each others source sounds, both sides are played here with Vir in between. It turns out (in conversation) that Michael Anderson along with Scott Cortez were Vir who produced one of the finest 7"s on Drone Records.
Listening to the excellent 'Institute Of Spectra-Sonic Sounds' radio broadcast the other week I heard AUME and became aware of the work of Scot Jenerik. I bought the F-Space album as it is a collaboration between Scot and Savage Republic member Ethan Port. Also involved is former Chrome drummer Aleph Kali.

                                                                        Ethan Port.
This programmes "On This Day" features The Diagram Brothers who released their one and only album "Some Marvels In Modern Science" on the New Hormones label ... on this day. The Diagram Brothers were based in Manchester, forming in 1979 at Manchester University - they were all studying science.

Another great Manchester band Tools You Can Trust follow with their second single "Show Your Teeth". Formed as a duo in Hulme in 1983 and named after an advertising catchphrase by Spear & Jackson. I was living in Hulme at the time of Tools You Can Trust ... they were what we called a "White Horse Band". That was the student pub in Charles Barry Crescent. Ben and Rob would always wear grey suits, red braces and red Doc Martens - they cut an impressive figure amongst the drug addled youth of Hulme. Last weekend I managed to find a copy of their second (and final) album "Again Again Again" at Really Good Records in Plymouth, it's not as immediate as their first couple of 7" singles but still a great listen. Everything they released was on their own Red Energy Dynamo label.

Bocksholm are also a duo, a supergroup if you like. Comprising of Peter Andersson of Deutsch Nepal and Peter Andersson of Raison D'etre. There name comes from the town in Sweden they are both from. Bocksholm is the old Swedish spelling of Boxholm. The track here is from the new compilation CD "Metalchemy" on Phage Tapes. The album also features Sudden Infant, The New Blockaders, Grunt and Das Synthetische Mischgewebe amongst others. The fact that it features a track by Putrefier made me contact Mark Durgan (Mr. Putrefier) and asked if he was resurrecting his old projects name to find out that the album project began when Putrefier were still active and was to be a double vinyl LP.

Please take a listen to the programme here :

01: Metgumbnerbone : "Taghaim" (Not On Label) 2019.
02: Howard Stelzer : "Chaos Is Handsome And Attractive And More Durable Than Regret" (Chocolate Monk) 2019.
03: Clock DVA : "Cage" (Vinyl On Demand) 2012.
04: Envenomist : "Rising" (Bloodlust!) 2006.
05: Drekka : "We Who Are Not Lonely" (Dais Records) 2019.
06: Drekka : "Tracking Shot (Wide)" (Dais Records) 2019.
07: Swans : "Love Will Save You" (Young Gods Records) 1991.
08: Pillars And Tongues : "You/Attempted" (Idle Chatter) 2018.
09: Pillars And Tongues : "Painting Dust" (Idle Chatter) 2018.
10: REMST 8 : "Tarweststrasse 52 (V1.57)" (Red Frost Industries) 2018.
11: Vir : "Solaris" (Drone Records) 2000.
12: Drekka : "Lissajous (V2.13)" (Red Frost Industries) 2018.
13: F-Space : "Shining Light" (Mobilization Records) 2009.
14: The Diagram Brothers : "Put It In A Bigger Box" (New Hormones) 1981.
15: Tools You Can Trust : "Show Your Teeth" (Red Energy Dynamo) 1984.
16: Bocksholm : "Forging Hammers" (Phage Tapes) 2019.

It really was a wet and blustery night across the Bay and South Hams so it was great to have a visit from Alice Kemp. Alice has just returned from the Tochnit Aleph 25th Anniversary gig in Berlin as well as having new releases on the Tochnit Aleph label and Helen Scarsdale Agency label. Releases that I will attempt to play over the coming broadcasts ...

                                                                   Alice & Dave.

Next broadcast will be on December 5. It will be what has become known as the 'birthday broadcast'. A few ideas of what to do ... probably 57 songs in 120 minutes ... but then again, probably not!

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 7 November 2019

An incredibly busy last few days, I apologise for the delay in posting this.
One of the things that kept me busy over the weekend was planning and recording a radio broadcast for 'Beauty Sleep' a programme hosted by MyTrip's Angel Simitchiev broadcast by Moscow station New New World. MuhMur Radio have submitted an hour of sounds that will feature on a seven hour special broadcast later in the year. I will keep this blog updated.
Also friends and followers of the MuhMur Radio Facebook page will know that I have no iPad at the moment due to accidental damage (as I type Tamsin (Mrs. MuhMur) is picking up my new iPad from Exeter). So, there are no pictures of what is on the playlist.
This will be rectified for the next broadcast.

So : as a "one-off" blog here is the playlist for the programme which can be heard here :
Normal bloggage service will be resumed later in the month.

01: Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus : "Repentance" (Occultation Recordings) 2015.
02: Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus : "Sama" (Occultation Recordings) 2015.
03: Throbbing Gristle : "Convincing People (Live In Derby 12.04.79)" (Illuminated Records/ Karnage Records) 1982.
04: Dieter Müh : "Grube #2" (Grubenwehr Freiburg) 2019.
05: The Gerogerigegege : "Stairway To Promotion" (Work In Progress) 1994.
06: Soviet France : "Vlaag Morgen" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
07: Soviet France : "Gathering Nostoc" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
08: Virgin Prunes : "Bau-Dachōng" (Rough Trade Records) 1982.
09: Cabaret Voltaire : "She Loved You" (The Grey Area/Mute Records) 2019.
10: Notum : "Aery" (Not On Label-Self Released) 2018.
11: Paul Giovanni : "Hum" (Trunk Records) 1998.
12: Paul Giovanni : "Approach" (Trunk Records) 1998.
13: Contrastate : "War Against The Other" (Old Europa Café) 2019.
14: Beequeen : "Breathing" (Klanggalerie) 2000.
15: Drekka : "Prosperity Is Future" (Bluesanct) 1997.
16: The Lines : "Come Home" (Fresh Records/Red Records) 1981.
17: Slits : "Animal Space/Spacier" (Blast First Petite) 2007.
18: General Strike : "Reach For N" (Sub Rosa Records) 1985.
19: Throbbing Gristle : "Persuasion (Live in Derby 12.04.79)" (Illuminated Records/Karnage Records) 1982.
20: Thomas LaRoche : "NChSh #2" (Research Laboratories) 2019.

MuhMur Radio will return on November 21 at 20:00 GMT. There will definitely be some Diagram Brothers as their first LP was released "On This Day" and seeing that I am going to see Drekka live in Plymouth on Saturday Night ... I'll see what I can grab from the merch' stand.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 24 October 2019.

Back in the early 1980's I used to swap / trade a lot of 'bootleg' tapes with various folk from around the planet. Lots of live recordings (mix desk quality only) of bands like Bauhaus, Section 25, Wire etc. A few tapes were John Peel Sessions and the likes. I think I still have the Virgin Prunes Dave Fanning Sessions somewhere in a box of tapes, also demo tapes were quite popular, The Pop Group being a favourite at the time. "Don't Sell Your Dreams" was a pop song back then. Throbbing Gristle beat the racket (of course) by releasing all their live gigs and demos as official releases on Industrial Records. A couple of favourites that I had back then were Clock DVA's "Alternative Soundtrack For The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" cassette and Cabaret Voltaire's "Chance Vs Causality" tape. The former is in a box somewhere in the house ... probably with the Prunes tape whilst the latter has been re-issued on CD by The Grey Area/Mute Records.
An extract to the soundtrack appeared as a B-Side on the 1979 single "Silent Command", but with little information. Now 40 years or so later I can say that "Chance Versus Causality" is/was the soundtrack to a 16mm film for two projectors by Babeth Mondini recorded at Cabaret Voltaire's Western Works Studio in Sheffield.
Cromlech Shadow are the Dutch/UK duo Chandor Gloomy and Andy Jarvis. Chandor operates the Coma Kultur label and have just released a split CDR with Sexton Mings Porridge Van (the UK duo comprising of Sexton Ming and Jason Williams). "The Other Girl Cried" is from this release and available here :

Cromlech Shadow also provide an exclusive piece for this broadcast called "A Slow Night". Andy Jarvis and Marky Loo Loo are Dirty Swords. The two tracks here are from the second Dirty Swords album "The Devil's Paste". Andy and Marky used to be part of the mid 1990's performance group DogLiverOil. Copies of the album are available, get in touch with Andy through the Dirty Swords Facebook page :

                                              Dirty Swords live in Stoke-On-Trent 2019.

M.Nomized is the project of Parisian sound artist Michel Madrange. Michel has been releasing cassettes of his noises since 1983 when he created Fraction Studio. The track here is from the compilation cassette "Music For A Few People Volume 2" released by Dutch label Non-Interrupt.

The first five 7" singles by Cosmonauts Hail Satan are five of my favourite singles from the 1990's. "Pittsburgh Voodoo Ritual" is from their fifth 7" called "Mortuary Sorcery". There was to be an album released by CHS around the time they were putting out all these amazing singles but sadly the label that was to release it ran into financial problems and when it finally came out in 1998 CHS had ceased to be. There should be a label prepared to release an album of CHS singles. At the time they were shrouded in mystery mascarading as Mr Cosmonaut & Mr Satan but I have since learnt that CHS were Darren Wyngarde (of Vile Plumage and Filthy Turd fame) and Neil Campbell (AKA Astral Social Club).

"A Sunday Night In Biot" comes from Cabaret Voltaire's "1974-76" album, originally released on cassette in 1980 on Industrial Records it has now been re-issued as a double album on The Grey Area/Mute Records. My copy is on Orange vinyl. The sound is more accessible/commercial than the "Chance Vs Causality" album and a great way to discover the early sound of Cabaret Voltaire. "A Sunday Night In Biot" also appeared on the "Industrial Records Story" that Illuminated Records put out in 1984. It's a great slice of DaDa Music & Poetry.

"Su Se Stesso" is the first album in two years from Italian sound manipulators VipCranco. One studio piece and a live recording from 2017 make up this CD. The album is a search for personal solutions orientated towards characters and gestures, according to the typical methods of a concrete matrix improvisation.

                                                       Andrea Borghi of VipCranco.

The CD is available from Lisca Records : Limited to 100 copies.
Since buying the re-issue of "Klaar" in the summer I have started filling holes in my John Duncan collection. "Black Moon" is a new 12" single on Dutch label De Player. It is two sides of sounds constructed from shortwave radio signals  recorded at the Technical University of Enschede. Another release limited to only 100 copies and available via De Player at : is Matt Waldron a Californian based sound artist who seems to have been active forever! His recent activity includes collaborating with Toronto based genius William A. Davison on the "Stactirrm Radioo" programme. "Sleep Turbines" is from a 10" single on the Drone Records side label Substantia Innominata.

01: Cabaret Voltaire : "Chance Vs Causality (Part 3)" (The Grey Area/Mute Records) 2019.
02: Cromlech Shadow : "The Other Girl Cried" (Coma Kultur) 2019.
03: M.Nomized : "The Binding Loop" (Non-Interrupt) 2019.
04: Chris & Cosey : "This Is Me" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.
05: Dirty Swords : "Kazaki Neptus III" (Not On Label/Self Released) 2019.
06: Dirty Swords : "Masters Of Seas (The Lung Worm)" (Not On Label/Self Released) 2019.
07: Cosmonauts Hail Satan : "Pittsburgh Voodoo Satellite" (Suggestion Records) 1996.
08: Cabaret Voltaire : "A Sunday Night In Biot" (The Grey Area/Mute Records) 2019.
09: Cromlech Shadow : "A Slow Night" (Not On Label) 2019.
                                         (An exclusive recording for MuhMur Radio).
10: VipCranco : "Ex Musica" (Lisca Records) 2019.
11: John Duncan : "Black Moon (A)" (De Player) 2019.
12: : "Sleep Turbines" (Substantia Innominata) 2019.
13: German Army : "Flogged Ritual" (Dub Dutch Picnic) 2017.

Next broadcast is on November 7th - 20:00 GMT on SoundArt Radio 102.5FM (In SE Devon) or via the SoundArt Radio website :

Sunday, 13 October 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 10 October 2019.

Due to a hectic and jet-setting lifestyle over the last few weeks I was unable to gather the playlist around the old h-fi and take a picture ... (as is usual), apologies for that .. but here's a picture sent in by a couple of listeners who wanted to hear more Frans de Waard!

The programme opens with HomoErotic Plague and their piece from the "Scandinavian War Crimes Volume One" compilation cassette. This compilation features Arkhe, Blitzkrieg Baby, Capers and Koeff alongside a few unfamiliar names whose output seems to be only on this 2015 cassette. HomoErotic Plague being one of them as well as Cops and Vader Has Meg Near Mitt Timeglass Utrinder. It does make me wonder if these 'one-off' projects are projects from the labels' owner Andreas Johansson (AKA Arkhe, Backasvinet and Pestdemon). It has happened with other compilations before.

If HomoErotic Plague do exist and someone reading this knows how to get in contact can you please let me know as I would really like to hear more. I also look forward to Volume Two. There are a few copies of Volume One available via :

One of the highlight releases of the year has to be the fifteen album box set "Chåsse" by Soviet France. (I think I covered the S/Z thing in the last post ... not to be confused with S/Z who released a great split 7" with Last Few Days on Touch Records back in 1985). Fortunately Frank at Vinyl On Demand has decided to release a limited number of the albums individually. The Lp version of "Gris" (originally a 10"EP) comes with bonus tracks recorded around the same time (1983/84), and I still think "Mohonomische" is one of the greatest albums ever recorded.
I have been fortunate to play alongside Soviet France back in 1995, back then they were the solo project Ben Ponton, it was fascinating to watch him with a handful of cassette decks and effects boxes create a sonic soundtrack to (what I think was) "Koyaanisqatsi".


Around the same time as releasing "Chåsse" Vinyl On Demand released "Recordings 1979-1981" by Two Daughters. A double album containing their 1980 debut eponymous cassette and 1981 LP "Kiss The Cloth/Gloria" which was originally self released then re-issued on cassette by United Dairies. I first came across Two Daughters when they had a track on the "Perspectives & Distortion" compilation LP released by Cherry Red Records in 1981. An air of mystery surrounded the project then .. pretty much as it does now. The Internet seems to think that Two Daughters were Anthony Burke and Nick Rogers. Nick Rogers was also part of Current 93 and The Bombay Ducks, both aligned to Nurse With Wound at the time. The only credit I have seen is that Jon More played clarinet on "Return Call/We Are" that appears on the compilation and the first eponymous cassette. According to Discogs Anthony Burke passed away in 2004.

There is also the 'theory' that Two Daughters were Anthony Burke and Simon Fisher Turner. A couple of years after the demise of Two Daughters the project Deux Filles appeared - Deux Filles being French for Two Daughters, but this theory is widely dismissed despite the sounds being very similar.

The "On This Day" feature of the programme comes in two parts. Deux Parties in French. On October 10 1979 The Human League released the first (and in my opinion best) album "Reproduction" and Pere Ubu released the 7"EP  "The Fabulous Sequel (Have Shoes Will Walk)". This was the EP from the "New Picnic Time" album. 

                     The Human League (Insert from Portuguese pressing of "Reproduction").

The Cent Ans De Solitude piece is from the compilation CD "Tonwellen 3 Konferenz". It was produced for the Tonwellen Festival that took place in Leipzig earlier this year. I played the Nocturne piece from the same album on the last programme. Cent Ans De Solitude is the solo project of Jean-Yves Millet. Originally from Tours, when I played with Cent Ans De Solitude in 2013 (in Lille) he was living in Paris. Jean also formed the label Les Nouvelles Propagandes in the mid 1980's releasing French industrial and drone projects. 

                                                              Cent Ans De Solitude.

I bought a few singles to fill the gaps in my Frans de Waard collection the other week, one of those being the split 7" with Howard Stelzer. I wasn't too certain if it was a split or collaboration. Frans and Howard collaborated last year for the excellent "The Rebels Fold Scratchy, Relaxed Meanings Into Their Smallest Actions" cassette on the Park 70 label. On this split single Frans uses sound sources from Stelzer material and on the flip side Howard works with sound sources from their 2002 collaborative album "Torn Tongue". (Also on the Absurd label). Interestingly packaged in a butterfly shaped brown paper cover. 

Howard Stelzer is a prolific sound artist, and operates the excellent Intransitive Records label. He has recorded / released many many albums since beginning over twenty years ago. He is also a prolific collaborator working with (as mentioned) Frans de Waard, The Cherry Point, Brendan Murray, Jason Talbot and Jazzkammer to name a few, and this summer saw the release of "Warm Bones" a collaboration project with Ukrainian artist Edward Sol. "Warm Bones" is a CDR + 5" Reel To Reel Tape packaged in a wooden box with various ephemera and artworks. It is on Edward's own Sentimental Productions imprint. Available here :

Part two of "On This Day" and from 1978 comes a track from the Joy Division 12"EP "An Ideal For Living" released by Enigma Records. I don't have a copy of the 12" anymore but have taken the track "Warsaw" from the 'bootleg' CD "Warsaw". I think it is the same version. JD aficionados probably know better? "My Place" comes from the 1979 album "A Cast Of Thousands" by The Adverts. For me The Adverts were always a singles band and "My Place" was one of the singles from this album. I did see The Adverts when they were touring with this LP. They played Lincoln Tech College with Chelsea and it was one of the most violent gigs I have ever been to. I think Lincoln City had been playing a home match against Grimsby Town that day and they decided to have a battle against the 'punks' at the gig ... every man woman and child for themselves kind of thing. I think because of this evening all gigs at the Tech College stopped, which was kind of ironic because punk gigs were banned from Lincoln's Drill Hall venue in 1977 after mass fighting at a Damned gig ... and The Adverts were the support on that night. The Adverts are from Torquay where I now live, and they played their debut gig at The Links Hotel (now called The Snooty Fox) a pub that is spitting distance from Hartop Towers. 

The Expose Your Eyes track is from the Greek cassette "Harrison's Hand". E.C.T. have their own You Tube page.

Earlier in the evening I played the Soviet France track "Mohonomische #4" by mistake and ended with a few more minutes than planned so I slotted in Wreckless Eric's "Whole Wide World" single (I always carry an emergency track or two to play). The broadcast was always going to end with Cabaret Voltaire.

01: Homoerotic Plague : "Bruten Fōrtrollning" (Kafé Kaos) 2015.
02: Soviet France : "Gris" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
03: Soviet France : "Mohonomische #4" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
04: Two Daughters : "Air Lair" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
05: Two Daughters : "AAAAAAR" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
06: The Human League : "Zero As A Limit" (Virgin Records) 1979.
07: The Human League : "Empire State Human" (Virgin Records) 1979.
08: The Human League : "Blind Youth" (Virgin Records) 1979.
09: Pere Ubu : "The Fabulous Sequel (Have Shoes Will Walk)" (Chrysalis Records) 1979.
10: Cabaret Voltaire : "Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself)" (Virgin Records/Some Bizarre) 1983.
11: Cent Ans De Solitude : "Pour Des Hommes" (Atacama Records) 2019.
12: Soviet France : "Mohonomische #3" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
13: Frans de Waard : "Gravity At Half Speed" (Absurd) 2010.
14: Two Daughters : "Ladder Of Souls" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
15: Edward Sol & Howard Stelzer : "Hotel Rats" (Sentimental Productions) 2019.
16: Pere Ubu : "Humor Me (Live In London 1979)" (Chrysalis Records) 1979.
17: Pere Ubu : "The Book Is On The Table" (Chrysalis Records) 1979.
18: Warsaw : "Warsaw" (Factory Of Sounds) 2017.
19: The Adverts : "My Place" (RCA Victor) 1979.
20: Edward Sol & Howard Stelzer : "Warm Bones" (Sentimental Productions) 2019.
21: Edward Sol & Howard Stelzer : "Clerks Just Want To Have Fun" (Sentimental Productions) 2019.
22: Expose Your Eyes : "I Don't Want Your Mumbo Jumbo Bullshit" (E.C.T.) 2017.
23: Wreckless Eric : "Whole Wide World" (Stiff Records) 1977.
24: Cabaret Voltaire : "Yashar" (Factory Records) 1983. 

Next broadcast will be on September 24.

MuhMur Radio Broadcast January 16 2020.

And so MuhMur Radio begins 2020, a happy new ear to all the listeners! MuhMur Radio is well in to its' eighth year of broadcasting on...