Saturday, 7 July 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 5 July 2018

The South-West of the United Kingdom is in the throes of a heatwave. The journey to SoundArt Radio began with a walk across the sands of Torquay to catch a bus to Totnes to then walk the two miles along the River Dart and through the woods of Dartington Estate with the smell of wild garlic and the accompanying birdsong .. the sun beating down (no tan or hats for me ... I'm from the North y'know) warming up the bag of beer. I thought then, I shall remember this journey for the times it is dark and freezing cold with rain sleeting in my face. I shall remember the good days ...

This broadcast starts with a slice of Grodock. This piece is from the rather excellent "Tape One" release that Grodock self released last year. Grodock is the project of Freiberg based artist David Leutkart. David operates the label Grubenwehr Freiberg and is also part of the project Thenokirch.


Summery weather brings out the Sema in me. The sounds of acoustic piano and guitars. "Extract From Rosa Silver" was first released in 1983 on Robert Haigh's own Le Rey Records. The excellent German label Vinyl On Demand put out a four LP box set six years ago. This is the version I play here, and yes ... I am playing with the varispeed function at the start....
Summer also means Current 93. The two tracks here are from the "Honeysuckle Aeons" album.

July 5 1982 saw the release of The Gist's "Love At First Sight" single and has remained a firm favourite of mine since. The Gist were formed by Phil and Stuart Moxham after the demise of the Young Marble Giants. I was fortunate to see them live in Lincoln in 1983 when they played the Co-Op Regency Ballroom with The Nightingales. "Light Aircraft" is the B-Side.
Another firm favourite of mine since the 1980's is Frans De Waard, and the German label Maneki Neko Tapes put out an excellent compilation of his works called "The Many Faces Of Frans". The Goem track is from this cassette. Goem started in the mid 1990's with Frans joining Roel Meelkop and (later on) Peter Duimelinks ending as a Frans solo project some 7 or 8 years later. "Untitled" is a later Goem piece and is an unused / unreleased remix of an Esplendor Geometrico track originally to be used by a Japanese label. "Many Faces Of Frans" was released a few years ago but try contacting Meneki Neko Tapes at they may have copies still.

A new arrival at MuhMur HQ, Contrastate's single "Under The Line Laying North". Still filling in the gaps of my Contrastate collection ... "Locomotive Shudder" is the B-Side of this 7" and in cheesy DJ stylee I followed it with Stanier Black Five's "Double Headed". It's all train related.
25 years ago I was living in the North Yorkshire village of Thorganby and was a regular at Red Rhino Records shop and later Depth Charge Records in York. There used to be a guy behind the counter called "Mossy" who would put stuff aside for me - one-offs and/or limited release stuff. That is how I came across the H3ÖH 12", also known as The Hafler Trio Bootleg. H3ÖH were Andrew McKenzie, Einer Örn and Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson. This 12" white label mysteriously appeared in 1993 with no information (apart from obviously being Hafler Trio related) and now thanks to the Internet I now know it is a remix of "The Second Coming" by Frostbite, an Icelandic project of Einer and Hilmar. Mossy used to put aside the Dying Earth singles and Fourth Dimension releases ... stuff like that. He sold me the Die Form "Archives & Doküments" vinyl box set for a pound!
The Dieter Müh track is from the "Black Square" album. I dug it out of the Müh box recently and it brought back fond memories. This was the track that Colin Potter took control over, he produced the album and this was co-mixed by him and Dave Uden.

The programme is now archived on Mixcoud. Please take a listen:

01: Grodock : "Vorwärts" (Not On Label) 2017.
02: Stéphane Garin + Sylvestre Godart : "Chelmo-Kulmhof, Jewish Place Of Pilgrimage. August 10th 2006. (Bruit Clair/Greunrekorder) 2011.
03: Sema : "Extract From Rosa Silber" (Vinyl On Demand) 2012.
04: Current 93 : "Cuckoo" (Coptic Cat) 2011.
05: Current 93 : "Jasmine" (Coptic Cat) 2011.
06: The Gist : "Love At First Sight" (Rough Trade Records) 1982.
07: Goem : "Untitled" (Maneki Neko Tapes) 2011.
08: Mathias Delplanque : "Passporte 3 (Dieppe)" (Crónica/Bruit Clair) 2010.
09: Contrastate : "Locomotive Shudder" (Fourth Dimension Records) 1997.
10: Stanier Black Five : "Double Headed" (Argot) 2003?
11: The Gist : "Light Aircraft" (Rough Trade Records) 1982.
12: H3ÖH : "Mind Loss" (Ash International) 1993.
13: Thomas LaRoche : "Spiritual Enlightenment Through Inactivity" (Research Laboratories) 2017.
14: Templum N.R. : "Telepathic Resonances" (Aural Hypnox) 2018.
15: Dieter Müh : "Writhe" (Carnifex Recordings) 1997.
16: Cranioclast : "Heartbeats Of Mating Galaxies" (Auf Abwegen) 2003.

The programme was technically improved by the presence of Chris Booth. He pressed buttons and adjusted dials when needed......Thank You Chris. (Dave was on a short break in Driffield).

                                                                      Chris Booth.

Next instalment will be on July 19.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 21 June 2018.

This broadcast had two or three lifeforms before going out on air. Checking through old diaries and stuff I discovered that this was the day, in 1980, that Throbbing Gristle released their 4th and final studio album "Heathen Earth" and was also two days away (June 23) from the day that TG finally terminated their mission in 1981. So ... the plan was to play the whole of "Heathen Earth" and build two hours of Throbbing Gristle sounds around it. Then came the thought of playing the whole of "Heathen Earth" and playing the sounds of those that were present at the recording (as listed on the back of the LP sleeve). The likes of We Be Echo, Vagina Dentata Organ, Konstruktivists, Last Few Days, The Leather Nun, Alex Fergusson all became possible, as well as the sounds from the reformed factions of Throbbing Gristle.
I know to some this may sound a little obvious, maybe a little bit of a BBC 6Music idea but I do remember back in the late 1990's when Dieter Müh started to 'gig' a little and get noticed, folk wanted interviews and we started getting questioned by people at gigs .. especially abroad, and the oft asked question was "what are your influences"? My answer always had to be Throbbing Gristle and it came as a great surprise the amount of people who had not heard TG. Heard of yes, but actually Especially in the Scando countries where I was discovering that people were coming to 'industrial music' through black/death metal or pop music like Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode. This was in the days before internet access to music ... Soundcloud + Spotify etc. So maybe I could play some sounds that was new to some ears and lovingly familiar to others....
And then through the post came the new CD album from Inade and vinyl LP from MNEM. I have

also been playing a lot of the Templum N.R. three CD and tape box "Magnetic Visions" and the Marina Stewart CDR "Amends As Heresy" over the past two / three weeks and wanted to incorporate them in to a radio programme. So the playlist and broadcast took a new shape.

I have been in correspondence with David Leutkart (AKA Grodock) recently and he mailed a package of sounds of artists I have never heard before. Bruital Orgasme are a duo from Belgium and the opening track is from the split 3" CDR with Thenokirch called "Partikalfiltration No.1".
The new Inade album was released by Loki Foundation this month. "The Nine Colours Of The Threshold". Two tracks appear here as well as the 2012 track "Samadhi State Part III" which comes from the 2x10" compilation "Land:(Schaft)".
MNEM are old MuhMur Radio favourites. Three years ago I broadcast a MNEM 'session' which featured three tracks that appear on the new LP "Hegonon". "Disaster Marginal" appears on that session. (June 25 2015). MNEM are Weno + Juri and based across the Suomi lakes. The album is on the fine Ukranian Sentimental Productions imprint and available here and now:

The Sutekh Hexen track is from the 2xcassette release "Monument Of Decay" on Beläten. I was fortunate to get one of the limited box editions that includes a vial of human bone dust and a vial of human blood. (The Homer Simpson beermat in the picture has nothing to do with the release...I forgot to remove it from the shot ... DOH!).

                                                                      Alice Kemp

The playlist has now taken an occult like and ritual theme ... not through purpose but it is just how it (organically) grew. The Alice Kemp track comes from the compilation project "My Fair Lady (Keep the Faith)". A compilation of cover versions curated by German artist Mario Passarotto and released to coincide with his exhibition at Rumpsti Pumsti in Berlin, 2015.
To break the occult Section 25 appear with their Factory Records single released on this day in 1980.
One of my favourite gigs was Section 25 at Nottingham Rock City back in 1982. They were supporting A Certain Ratio who themselves were promoting the "Sextet" LP release. Section 25 were playing material from their "Always Now" album. I remember the guitarist had his back to the audience through the whole set. That (at the time) impressed me.
Stuart Chalmers ends the broadcast with a track from his new cassette "The Shadow". Released in April this year and available on the Was Ist Das? label or direct from Stuart himself here :

Next programme is on July 5.

01: Bruital Orgasme : "Soap And Bubbles" (Grubenwehr Freiberg) 2018.
02: Templum N.R. : "The Glow Breathed Out From The Aphotic Deeps" (Aural Hypnox) 2018.
03: Inade : "Ūber Dem All" (Loki Foundation) 2018.
04: Sutekh Hexen : "Lastness" (Beläten) 2013.
05: Lustmord : "Primordial Atom" (Side Effects) 1992.
06: MNEM : "Disaster Marginal" (Sentimental Productions) 2018.
07: MNEM : "Exoratum" (Sentimental Productions) 2018.
08: Throbbing Gristle : "Heathen Earth (Extract)" (Mute Records) 1991.
09: Marina Stewart : "Mania/Bull Baying" (m.m.label) 2018.
10: Alice Kemp : "Lucifer (I Wanna Be Your Man)" (Edizioni Passarotto) 2015.
11: Inade : "The Pinions Of The Sacred Time" (Loki Foundation) 2018.
12: Inade : "Samadhi State Part III" (Cold Lands Distribution) 2012.
13: Section 25 : "Girls Don't Count" (Factory Records) 1980.
14: Stuart Chalmers : "Primordial Emanation" (Was Ist Das?) 2018.

Please take a listen (Copy + Paste) :

Saturday, 9 June 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 7 June 2018.

Summer is approaching ...

This broadcast starts with a track from the new Templum N.R. release "Temple Of Nightside Revelations" a box set with 3 CD's a tape and various printed tracts.
Last week I received a package from Richard of The New Blockaders with the LP "Nurse With Wound Plays Les Changes Blockeurs". It is Steve Stapleton's reworking of the legendary debut LP from TNB released back in 1982. Twenty minutes of a carousel of vortex sounds. Dada in action.
Released last month was the collaborative album from MyTrip and Evitceles. The LP "Protective" features two tracks by each artist and two tracks from their collaborative project Protective. MyTrip opens the LP with the track "Relentless" which is a word I always associate with Clock DVA hence the playing of "Relentless" from the album "White Souls In Black Suits". Originally released on cassette format on Industrial Records in 1980. I play the remastered version from the 1990 vinyl LP on Italian Contempo Records. The 'same title different song' theme got me thinking and I managed to find "Industrial Estate" by Raudive Bunker Experiment twinned with the Fall classic from 1979. RBE existed in the early 1980's. Created by Andy Wilson in Weymouth (Dorset) they put out a handful of self released tapes before their one and only LP "Industrial Estate/A Knot" on Distant Heat Records. Andy also went on to play with Bourbonese Qualk. The two RBE tracks here are from the compilation box set released in 2009.
Last March I performed as part of Vagina Dentata Organ in Belper. Part of that performance (also) was Aja. Last month Opal Tapes released he first album. It is reviewed elsewhere on this blog, needless to say it has become a firm favourite here at MuhMur HQ. I do apologise - the levels were all over the place so the volume fluctuates somewhat.
On this day Young Marble Giants released their first EP on Rough Trade Records.

I have a habit of collecting the works / sounds of Thorsten Soltau at the moment. There are others, but Thorsten seems to have a habit of putting out sounds that I want to hear at the moment. Regular listeners to MuhMur Radio will have figured this out by now. The final quarter of the programme is dedicated to Thorsten. Twins Natalia are a project based in Brighton. There sound is synth-pop, electro dance music. There's a hint of cold wave in there but basically it is Dollar meets a Poundland Eddie & Sunshine. But their latest offering "When We Were Young - Rare Recordings And Demos" features a remix by Thorsten Soltau and Marina Stewart and it's available in the UK - saving on European P+P!
Black Letters For The Lilies is a collaboration between Thorsten and Susan Matthews. Buy the CD here : for only €9.00.
The new CD from Marina Stewart is a compilation / collection of songs from her vaults. It's called "Amends As Heresy" and is available on the m.m. label.

Please take a listen to the broadcast here :   (Copy & Paste). :

Playlist :
01: Templum N.R. : "Hymn Two, Seven, Three" (Aural Hypnox) 2018.
02: Nurse With Wound : "T.N.B. Amen" (United Dirter) 2018.
03: Unknown : "Oh Death (Excerpt)" (Beläten) 2018.
04: Andrea Borghi : "Fugqus" (Contour Editions) 2015.
05: The Dead Mauriacs : "Le Seuil" (Sire Wire Editions) 2012.
06: MyTrip : "Relentless" (Amek) 2018.
07: Clock DVA : "Relentless" (Contempt Records) 1990.
08: Clock DVA : "The Unseen" (Wax Trax! Records) 1989
09: Evitceles : "Fathom Away" (Amek) 2018.
10: Aja : "Rattles" (Opal Tapes) 2018.
11: Raudive Bunker Experiment : "Industrial Estate (Live)" (Youdonthavetocallitmusic) 2009.
12: The Fall : "Industrial Estate" (Step Forward Records) 1979.
13: Cabaret Voltaire : "Messages Received" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.
14: Raudive Bunker Experiment : "The Message Is Received" (Youdonthavetocallitmusic) 2009.
15: Young Marble Giants : "Final Day" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.
16: Young Marble Giants : "Radio Silents" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.
17: Twins Natalia : "Bear Me Up (Maladjustment Replet 1/2)" (Lavender Sweep/Anna Logue Records) 2018.
18: Black Letters For The Lilies : "A Grey Hare" (m.m.label) 2018.
19: Black Letters For The Lilies : "Arabesque" (m.m.label) 2018.
20: Marina Stewart : "Amends As Heresy" (m.m.label) 2018.

Next broadcast is June 21. 8 o'Clock kick off.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 24 May 2018.

This broadcast was quite close to being 'missing in action'. I should have guessed ... the omens weren't quite right ... I arrived at Newton Abbot train station to discover that the 18.12 to Penzance (stopping at Totnes) was delayed by one hundred and fifteen minutes. Some person further up the line at Cheltenham Spa had decided to walk in front of the train, hence the delay. Then I realised I'd forgot to pack my book so had a 35 minute wait at the station before I could catch the 18.45 to Plymouth (stopping at Totnes). A pleasant stroll along the River Dart to the studio, not too much vinyl to carry. The bag weight was coming from the tins of Stella. I arrived to find the studio locked up and in darkness. The chap who precedes MuhMur had gone AWOL. I quickly popped something from the SoundArt Radio files on to broadcast and got all lined up. (Not a drug reference).
A quarter to kick off and I'm sat back in the DJ chair listening to Chris Booth's "Scraping The Barrel" and BANG. Power cut .. everything goes off...mixing desk, computers, amplifiers, lights, decks etc .. The outage lasted about three or four minutes .. then everything came back on, but I could not broadcast as the station had gone in to 'emergency mode' and was broadcasting a SoundArt Radio jingle on a loop which I couldn't override. I don't have a mobile phone, I don't like the things. Intrusive. I couldn't call Chris or Lucinda (the SoundArt Radio mandarins) and the regular MuhMur engineer (Dave) is in Gabon. I was packing the CD's back in their cases when the main computer started flashing and Chris was operating it all from his house in Buckfastleigh.
Fifteen minutes later than advertised .. this MuhMur Radio programme was broadcast.

                                                                      All Lined Up.

It has been a busy start to the year for The Dead Mauriacs with releases on GerauschManufaktur, The Tapeworm and their own NPH label. I had to plan to make this a 2 hour Dead Mauriacs 'special', but then the Plurals LP and Spelk albums arrived. The first piece from The Dead Mauriacs is from the cassette album "Ici, Loin Du Monde Réel - Music For Shadow Play And Dada Poetry" on GerauschManufaktur released last March. This is the whole of side two featuring the soulful voice of Thorsten Soltau. Copies are still available for €6 direct from the label.
The second piece from The Dead Mauriacs is (I think) a live recording. It arrived at MuhMur HQ with no information. A treat.
If ever I am asked (whenever I am asked) what my top five (or so) live gigs are I will always say Plurals at Wattsfest 2011. Before commercialisation Wattsfest was a rough and ready spit and sawdust type affair that took place in a farmers field just outside Ullacombe in North Devon. They never fail to take the listener on expansive and fascinating journeys. "Sun Lock" is from the latest LP "Tri Tone" on Belgian Silken Tofu Records. Spelk is the duo of Neil Campbell and Daniel Thomas. Daniel used to be Hagman whereas Neil is a well known noise on MuhMur Radio through his work as Astral Social Club and being part of VibraCathedral Orchestra. The Spelk piece is the new album in full. All 39 minutes and nine seconds. The CDR is available for £3.50 direct from the label.

"On this day" features the mighty Minny Pops. They would also be in my top five gig list. 1981 at Nottingham Rock City supporting New Order. Minny Pops are one of my favourite Factory bands. "Time / Lights" single was released in 1982. After splitting from XTC and before playing in Fripp's League Of Gentlemen Barry Andrews released a couple of great solo singles. "Town & Country EP" on Virgin Records in 1979 was the first. XTC were the first 'punk' band I saw live in 1978. (unless I can count the support band The Secret?).

Always sad to hear of untimely deaths and in the passed few days Glenn Branca and Adam Parfrey have left the planet.

01: The Dead Mauriacs : "Ice, Loin Du Monde Réel-Music For Shadow Play And Dada Poetry Part Two" (GerauschManufaktur) 2018.
02: Dome : "Atlas" (The Grey Area) 1992.
03: The Dead Mauriacs : "Ritual Music For Beginners : Method. Drawings And Diagrams" (Not On Label) 2018.
04: Minny Pops : "Lights" (Factory Benelux) 1982.
05: Plurals : "Sun Lock" (Silken Tofu Records) 2018.
06: Spelk : "Spelk (Parts 1 - 3)" (Cherry Row Recordings) 2018.
07: Joy Division : "Auto-Suggestion" (Fast Product) 1979.
08: Theoretical Girls : "You Got Me" (Theoretical Records) 1978.
09: The Tards : "Pissed You In The River" (Sympathy For The Record Industry) 1995.
10: Minny Pops : "Time" (Factory Benelux) 1982.
11: Barry Andrews : "Me And My Mate Can Sing" (Virgin Records) 1979.

Please take a listen here : (Copy & Paste):

Next broadcast will be on June 7 barring train delays and power cuts!

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Aja Ireland

Earlier this year I participated in a performance in Belper (Derbyshire) as part of Vagina Dentata Organ. This was my third time alongside Jordi Valls and master drummer Michael Gillham. Bristol Arnolfini in 2012 and London Tate Modern in 2015. (Although I was at the VDO/TNB gig at the NK Gallery in Berlin in 2012 I wasn't one of the 'war drummers'). 
Each time with Vagina Dentata Organ Jordi has invited a performance artist to be part of the action. In Bristol it was New Noveta and at the Tate Modern it was Sonia Dietrich (aka BRUT). In Belper the performance was enhanced / coloured by Aja Ireland. Dressed in a costume that resembled internal organs, Aja writhed and howled along with the wolves and provided a sonic wall of intense madness to Jordi's 'Smash & Grab' antics and the cacophonous war drums. 

And now there is "Aja". A cassette release on the UK label Opal Tapes. 
Seven slices of industrial violence and visceral drones. 
This isn't some bedroom noise outfit looping noise and swearing over the top. Each piece is a carefully constructed soundtrack of a physical and desolate landscape in descent towards personal madness. Side one pulsates and scrapes punching hard and masking screams. There are moments when S.P.K's "Leichenschrei" is evoked. ("Charge"). Side two is a calmer affair beginning in the swirlpool, distortion lifting and the sound of machinery is clearer. The cassette ends on "Marbles". (Lost?). This piece is hard electronic rhythms - like the ones produced by Portion Control in the mid 80's. This might date the album in time to come, but right here right now it's a perfect fin de partie. 

Essential tape. Buy from Opal Tapes : 
Or contact Aja direct :

Sunday, 13 May 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 10 May 2018.

Eagle eyed folk might notice that in the above picture of this broadcasts playlist there is Dif Juz's "Out Of The Trees" LP (on 4AD Records). Unfortunately I never got to play the track "Mi" because I was running out of time due to myself waffling / rambling on like a drunken fool about other stuff that wasn't that important. I apologise. Lesson learnt : More Noise, Less Mutter. (It won't happen again).

The programme starts with an extract from the cassette "Oh Death" on the Beläten label. There are no artist credits on the release. The Beläten website lists it as "Unknown".

                                                                      "Oh Death"

I honestly thought Beläten had stopped functioning as a (physical) label and was pleasantly surprised to see this tape release along with a new tape from Blitzkreig Baby and 7" from Distel. It was back in 2015 when I came under the impression of Beläten were ceasing (or at least slowing down) and Thomas Ekelund was to focus on his Trepaneringsritualen project. Thomas mailed me a cassette with no titles or credits, telling me it was by an artist who wanted anonymity. I always thought it was by Thomas .... the same as this new "Unknown" tape.

                                                Anonymous tape on Beläten from 2015.

Less confusingly ... another new cassette that came out last month is the split release by Kazuya Ishigami and Xtematic on the News-318 label. "Drone Shrine" is lifted from this tape. "B-Men (MAR2017 Mix)" is from last years CD "A-Z-B Men" on Kyou Records. I really enjoy the unique drones, patterns of sound, looping and soundscapes that Kazuya creates. Kazuya is very prolific too releasing under his own name as well as the project Billy? The track "Grumbling" comes from the CD "Cleaner 583" on Slow Down Records. More information on Kazuya and his work can be found here:
At the start of the month I managed to grab three singles from Swedish labels. Altar Of Flies + Alvars Orkester from the Swedish distribution outlet Börft Records and Korea Undok Group from the label itself. Börft Records are well worth having a look at, some great bargains hidden in there (I managed to pick up some Savage Republic + Raionbashi vinyl for a bargain!).

                                                                   "Dos Cuacochis. "

Another fascinating label is the Italian cassette label Upside Down Recordings, releasing modern classical / mystique concret sounds. "Cuacochi II" by Angélica Castelló is a live recording from 2016. Recorded in Vilnius, Lithuania it was commissioned by DAR and AIR Krems for the Representative Wind Orchestra of the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior. Angélica has also released on the Russian Mikroton label. Go to for more information.

And then the programme seems to veer off in to the late 1970's and mid/late 1980's ... I was very tempted to go and see Nocturnal Emissions last Friday play live in London. Logistics and cash played a part in why I didn't go ... South of the river! This time of night! ... so I played a track from one of my favourite Emissions .. Nigel was playing in Peckham and from playing there myself in 2010 (with Plurals) I know how remote the place is .. and would be to get back to my base in Dalston.
"On This Day" features two great singles. Kleenex and Spizz Energi. It was at this time Spizz, Kleenex and The Raincoats played a cross the UK on a Rough Trade package tour. I have a memory that Spizz Energi were a late replacement for a band who backed out - either Cabaret Voltaire or Scritti Politti. They came to The Drill Hall in Lincoln, needless to say it was a great evening. Spizz Energi played Lincoln a few times in 1979/80. He had a girlfriend who worked in Sanctuary Records (Lincoln) called Bev. She and another girl were "The Spizettes", they even cut a 7" recorded at Playground Studios in Wragby. No information is available on the inter web - but it did happen! The Cure released their "3 Imaginary Boys" LP on Fiction records on May 10 1979. I know "Jumping Someone Else's Train" is not on the original UK release, but is on the US version ... and that is the version I have.

                                                            Poultry Breeders Union.

In March this year I travelled up to the Derbyshire town of Belper to be part of a performance by Vagina Dentata Organ. Also part of the performance was Thomas LaRoche, head of Research Laboratories and member of Poultry Breeders Union. "Companion Object" is the follow up to an untitled release back in 2016. This tape comes with sixty pence in a small brown envelope which invites you to call from a telephone box once you have reached your companion object.
Please take a listen - and sorry there is no Dif Juz ... later maybe ... (copy&paste)

01: Unknown : "Oh Death (Extract)" (Beläten) 2018.
02: Kazuya Ishigami : "B-Men (MAR2017 Mix)" (Kyou Records) 2017.
03: Kazuya Ishigami : "Drone Shrine" (Neus-318) 2018.
04: Altar Of Flies : "Cenotaphs (B)" (Hästen & Korset) 2011.
05: Korea Undok Group : "On Alibi" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2018.
06: Alvars Orkester : "Kateter (B)" (Ideal Recordings) 2009.
07: Angélica Castelló : "Cuacochi II" (Upside Down Recordings) 2018.
08: Kazuya Ishigami : "Grumbling" (Slow Down Records) 2016.
09: S.P.K. : "In The Dying Moments" (Side Effects) 1986.
10: Nocturnal Emissions : "Rusting Shells" (Sterile Records) 1985.
11: The Raincoats : "Shouting Out Loud" (NME/Rough Tapes) 1981.
12: Kleenex : "Ū" (Rough Trade Records) 1979.
13: Spizz Energi : "Where's Captain Kirk?" (Rough Trade Records) 1979.
14: The Cure : "Jumping Someone Else's Train" (Fiction Records) 1979.
15: Nurse With Wound : "Cooloorta Moon" (Idle Hole Records) 1989.
16: Poultry Breeders Union : "Companion Object (A)" (Research Laboratories) 2018.

Thank you for listening. The next broadcast will be on May 24. Same time, same channel and (hopefully) joined by SoundArt guru Chris Booth.

Monday, 30 April 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 26 April 2018.

Sorry in the delay in posting this ... it was a very busy weekend in the MuhMur household.
A bit of a grab bag and dolly mixture of sounds featuring a lot of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV.  This broadcast was the last one before MuhMur Radio engineer Dave heads off to Western Africa - to the Gabon and Libreville for the month of May. So I wanted to play some of Dave's favourites from a couple of his favourite groups. April 26 was also the day (in 1978) that Throbbing Gristle released their first single "United".

The live Throbbing Gristle tracks come from the gig at Manchester Factory on May 18 1979.
The AntiChildLeague track comes from the new split cassette with The Rita. This is ACL's second release on the German Obsessive Fundamental Realism label. Four really excellent pieces although I'm not too certain on The Rita, perhaps will take some growing in to? A genre called Harsh Noise Wall that isn't really grabbing me. Vomir is another exponent of HNW that I just can't seem to click with ... but the split ACL tape is excellent and available from :
Earlier this year Frans De Waard and Sindre Bjerga toured Europe as Tech Riders. The 2 pieces featured here are from the album "On The Storm" which was especially made for the tour. Also, I read that Joachim Nordwall had disbanded the Skull Defects project ... Like Vomir and The Rita (although NOT Harsh Noise Wall) The Skull Defects were a sound I just could not 'get in to', although I do like the Nordwall solo tape "The Skull Transmitter". Side B of this tape is played here. I did meet Joachim once - he was doing a DJ set with Henrik Rylander in a basement of a disused apartment block on the outskirts of Stockholm. The room was set to honour the work of Brion Gysin with TV Monitors showing his work and that of Psychic TV and dream machines situated along the perimeters. I very strange night that sometimes when thinking about it makes me wonder f I dreamt it all up.
The Troum track comes from the compilation "Da-Pu-Ri-To-Jo" on the Russian Black Mara label. A compilation of Troum 7" singles.

Exquisitely packaged in a wooden box which includes a bottle of sacred earth.
On this day in 1978 (along with Throbbing Gristle) The Stranglers released the single "Nice n' Sleazy", it fits nice n' sleazily after the Alien Brains here! Dave used to build electronic devices for The Alien Brains when they were based in Aberdeen. It felt apt.
The Hula track comes from the May 1985 John Peel Session. I don't know if it has been 'officially' released in any format?
There was a slip up at the end, whilst Dave was working on a playlist for SoundArt Radio to be on the air through the night the computer started playing up and after Negativland there is a track from Renegade Soundwave that was not supposed to be broadcast. It's not a bad track, certainly not one of RSW's best...but ... I apologise.
Please take a listen here: (Copy & Paste).

01: Throbbing Gristle : "Weeping" (Industrial Records) 1978.
02: AntiChildLeague : "Elephant In The Room You Can Control" (Obsessive Fundamental Realism) 2018.
03: Tech Riders : "Storm Riders" (Gold Sounds) 2018.
04: Joachim Nordwall : "The Skull Transmitter (B)" (Håsten & Korset) 2010.
05: Troum : "Victoria" (Black Mara) 2017.
06: Grunt : "Prologue For Plague" (Free Animal Records) 2018.
07: Grunt : "Sacrosanct Imperium" (Freak Animal Records) 2018.
08: Telepherique : "Recycle-S+C #1" (Duebel) 1999.
09: Throbbing Gristle : "Weapon Training" (The Grey Area) 1993.
10: Throbbing Gristle : "See You Are" (The Grey Area) 1993.
11: Throbbing Gristle : "United" (Industrial Records) 1978.
12: Alien Brains : "There's Going To Be A Riot Soon" (Vinyl On Demand) 2014.
13: The Stranglers : "Nice n' Sleazy" (United Artists Records) 1978.
14: Aaron Dilloway : "Switch 15" (Cejero) 2017.
15: Contagious Orgasm & Government Alpha : "Possessed Machine" (SSSM) 2006.
16: Bourbonese Qualk : "Moscow #1" (Klanggalerie) 2001.
17: Psychic TV : "Hymn 23" (Some Bizarre) 1983.
18: Psychic TV : "The Orchids" (Some Bizarre) 1983.
19: Psychic TV : "Magick Defends Itself" (Temple Records) 1986.
20: Renaldo And The Loaf : "Dying Inside" (Cherry Red Records) 2016.
21: Hula : "Gun Culture" (Not On Label) 1985.
22: Tech Riders : "Sound Proof" (Gold Sounds) 2018.
23: Negativland : "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Special Edit Radio Mix)" (SST) 1991.
24: Renegade Soundwave : "Howyoudoin'?" (Mute Records) 1994.

Next broadcast is on May 10 - flying solo and playing with myself! I have no idea what the sounds will be.
20:00 hours GMT on 102.5FM or streamed live at
I am contactable via :

Friday, 13 April 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 12 April 2018.

                                                         Automating/Sasha Margolis.

Second Language Records is a label based in Melbourne, Australia. It is operated by musician / artist Sasha Margolis. Sasha created the project Automating in 2007, the first release on Second language came two years later with the album "Transfer". Constant Light is another project from Sasha Margolis, this time with James Dean.

Spitfire Parade are a 'Ballardian Drone Punk' quartet from Melbourne. Their sound (at times) is very close to that of Swell Maps from whose song they take their name from. ("Spitfire Parade' itself being a Biggles story). Sasha Margolis provides vocals and tapes on the tracks chosen.

                                                                  Spitfire Parade.

Dark Monolith is the project of ex-Night Soil and Wolf 359 member Peter James. This track appears on the compilation tape "SLR016" and as far as I can work out is their only release. On this piece Peter is joined by Melbourne sound artist Zac Keiller. Back in the 1990's Zac used to release sounds under the name Bokor. Bokor have featured on MuhMur Radio in the past. The piece from Breathing Shrine + Scattered Order also appears on the "SLR016" compilation. I know little of Breathing Shrine but I have been listening to Scattered Order for quite a while thanks to Steve Underwood (of Harbinger Sound). He has been mailing tapes of S.O. for quite a while and it came as a surprise that they were still active. Formed in 1979 in Sydney and releasing on the (excellent) M Squared Records label. They reformed in 2011. The track here reminds me of early S.P.K. and late 90's Skullflower. But ... distinctively Scattered Order. They have a great web site ..

                                                                    Scattered Order.

Second Language Records can be contacted here :

The second half of the broadcast features "on this day". Firstly a track from Cabaret Voltaire that was on the compilation tape "C81" co-released by NME and Rough Trade Records. If I remember rightly coupons had to be collected and sent with P+P to get hold of the tape. At the time it featured the leading lights of independent music.... the aforementioned Cabaret Voltaire and the played at the end of the programme Furious Pig but also on the tape are Scritti Politti, Buzzcocks, D.A.F., The Raincoats, Essential Logic, Ian Dury, The Specials, The Beat, Gist, Pere Ubu, Blue Orchids, Subway Sect + lots more ... there are duff tracks by Lynx and James "Blood" Ulmer but the tape itself was like some kind of bible of independent music back in 1981. And now 37 years later the NME has disappeared after a very drawn out and slow death and Rough Trade Records has re-invented itself as 'Brand Rough Trade' selling shite to the white kids. A shame all round. A former Rough Trade band, The Monochrome Set released their first single on Dindisc Records on the 12th April, the title track  from the "Strange Boutique" album, I play the B-Side here ...

The Sons Of David Ginola is a project by Murray Royston-Ward and Kevin Sanders. Kevin also records and performs under the name of Petals. The track here comes from the CDR "Blood Too Thick Symptoms". The Hunting Lodge track is the B-Side to the 1983 single "Night From Night".

A couple of records that have hardly been of the turntable at MuhMur HQ are by Colin Potter. "Unstable Tennis" is from the album "The Abominable Slowman" and "Linda" is from the album "Shut Your Eyes On The Way Out" by Potter Natalizia Zen.

You can listen to the programme here: (Copy & Paste).

01: Dark Monolith : "Fatal Sunrise" (Second Language Records) 2012.
02: Constant Light : "Heartbeat" (Second Language Records) 2017.
03: Scattered Order + Breathing Shrine : "The Artificial Sympathetic Eye" (Second Language Records) 2012.
04: Automating : "Vox Pop #1" (Second Language Records) 2012.
05: Automating : "Our Swimmer" (Second Language Records) 2012.
06: Automating : "Vox Pop #2" (Second Language Records) 2012.
07: Constant Light : "X" (Second Language Records) 2011.
08: Spitfire Parade : "Parallel Gram" (Not On Label) 2009.
09: Automating : "Delta Wave" (Second Language Records) 2012.
10: Spitfire Parade : "This Time" (Second Language Records) 2012.
11: Cabaret Voltaire : "Raising The Count" (NME/Rough Trade Records) 1981.
12: The Sons Of David Ginola : "Kabra Kebabra" (Creative Commons Organisation) 2017.
13: Mentira : Históra Sem Graça (Nada Nada Discos) 2017.
14: The Monochrome Set : "Surfing S.W.12" (Dindiscs) 1980.
15: Hunting Lodge : "Untitled" (S/M Operations) 1983.
16: Colin Potter : "Unstable Tennis" (Abstrakce Records) 2017.
17: Potter Natalizia Zen : "Linda" (Ecstatic Records) 2018.
18: Copley Medal : "Keystone Period" (Robert & Leopold) 2014.
19: Furious Pig : "Bare Pork" (NME/Rough Trade Records) 1981.

The SoundArt Radio studios  are situated 2 miles south of Totnes in Devon. Furious Pig were from Totnes. If any ex-member or friend of the group are still in or around...please get in touch!
Next programme is on April 26, same time same channel and will be 'producer' Dave's last programme for a month as he heads of to the Iboga highlands of The Gabon.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

TG in Derby Exhibition : Kunst Gallery, Belper. 2018.

This weekend marks the final weekend of the 'Throbbing Gristle in Derby' photographic exhibition at the Kunst Gallery in Belper, Derbyshire. Over the past 4 weeks the gallery has been open showing the photographs taken by Anita Varney of when Throbbing Gristle performed live in Derby on April 12 1979.  Also on exhibition is ephemera from the gig, posters, press cuttings and other pieces of art by Anita Varney (including a jumper from 1976 that was sold in BOY).
The gallery itself is a small "Nail Shed', Belper used to be Britains main manufacturer of nails before the onset of the Industrial revolution of which Belper played a large part with its' Mills owned by the hosier Jedediah Strutt.

Gallery owner Jonny KGB was at work when Anita walked in with a pile of photographs she had just found in her home that included pictures of Throbbing Gristle live at the Ajanta Cinema in Derby. An idea of an exhibition grew ... Mute Records were not happy - this could not be advertised as anything to do with TG - but the gallery got the blessings of Gen who openly advertised it on his 'social media'.

I took these photographs from the gallery event, but did not want to take any of Anita's work ... her photographs are for sale, packaged in a limited edition of 79 in cassette boxes with a cover design similar to the TG Industrial Records tapes that were part of 'TG24'. These are still available from the Kunst Gallery.

The opening of the exhibition on March 24 was celebrated with performances by Glenn Wallis and Jordi Valls, both old Throbbing Gristle 'crew' from the 1970's. Jordi Valls brought his Vagina Dentata Organ and Glenn performed as Dark Union. The men who brought TG to Derby gave a little explanation to why and how this all happened. Teenage punks trying to bring live music to a dead city in the late 1970's struck a chord with me. The idea of TG in Derby seems to spring from the band Pre-De who rehearsed at a space behind a record shop owned by one of the promoters and wanted to support Throbbing Gristle. The Ajanta Cinema used to be an old 'adult' cinema and strip bar for Derby's Asian community. There's two things I learnt that evening.

With hassle from nearby residents and the local council over gallery content and noise the Kunst Gallery need support, so if you are in the area or need to go somewhere for 'a day out' make it Kunst Gallery Belper - Belper is quite a picturesque town with great walks and gardens.

                                                                        Jordi Valls.

                                                                     Glenn Wallis.

So as of April 15, the exhibition is terminated.

                                                               Jonny at The KGB.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 29 March 2018.

The great thing about British Summer Time is the lighter nights ... the later days, it means that I can walk along the River Dart for 2 miles from Totnes to the SoundArt Radio studios at Darlington Hall. A great walk to let the mind wander free and think about all those things I am going to say during the broadcast and then never do. Hot DJ chat that never makes it to air!

This broadcast features new sounds from German project Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg. D v. E-D is the work of Hamburg based artist / film-maker / politician Uli Rehberg. Before beginning this project Uli operated the Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien label releasing the likes of Throbbing Gristle, Laibach, The Hafler Trio and S.P.K. In 1986 Uli began the Werkbund project, a project surrounded in mystery and anonymity. in 1989 Abraum was set up as a label to release the works of Werkbund and associated artist Mechthild Von Leusch.

Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg began releasing in the late 1990's. I first came across his work via the singles released on the Bremen based label Die Stadt, then the collaborative releases with Column One. For MuhMur Radio Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg has submitted seven short pieces subtitled "Moviesoundtracks (of course) For Undone Movies". Each came with the name DDBE although I think this was just for filing purposes. I have listed them under their filed name. (If this makes sense), and play them in the order they were sent. Also included are tracks from compilation albums, collaborative work with Thorsten Soltau and a piece from the split 2x7" (with Asmus Tietchens, Thomas Köner and Illusion Of Safety) on Die Stadt.

                                           D v. E-D at the screening of 'Victory Of Reason'.

In 2015 Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg formed the Neo-Communist party KED. The party made the film "Victory Of Reason". A trailer for the film is available via YouTube. The film references Leifenstahl's 'Victory Of Belief' as well as Hegel's hypothesis that world history repeats itself as a 'lousy farce'.

So, also in the broadcast are tracks by Throbbing Gristle, S.P.K. and Laibach. Throbbing Gristle's "Journey Through A Body" was the first release on Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien in 1983. It is a recording of Throbbing Gristle's last studio recordings for an Italian radio station. S.P.K.'s "Auto Da-Fe" is a collection of their first 3 singles and three new pieces released (also) in 1983. The Laibach release is called "Rekapitulacija 1980-1984". Originally released in 1985 as a double LP I have the CD edition of 1989.

Also in the broadcast; Modelbau and two tracks from the recent "Xerox" album. This LP is limited to 25, another limited edition release is the Wagner Ödegärd 12" lathe cut "Skugg-Hasse" on Nazio Records. This is limited to 30 copies. The Modelbau LP is still available from the label here :
The Colin Potter track comes from the brilliant "The Abominable Slowman" LP, more of which in the coming broadcasts! The Crass track is the single sided 7" flexidisc that came free with the fanzine "Toxic Graffity" and was release 'On This Day' in 1980.

Please take a listen (Copy & Paste) :

01: Murray Royston-Ward : "Images In Hair" (The House Organ) 2018.
02: Modelbau : "X Marks The Spot" (Des Astres D'Or) 2018.
03: Modelbau : "Xelem" (Des Astres D'Or) 2018.
04: Wagner Ödegärd : "Skugg-Hasse" (Nazio Records) 2018.
05: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "Die Pickelbacke Des Kleinen Fritz" (Ironflame) 2008.
06: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "DDBE_Min 210" (Not On Label) 2018*.
07: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "DDBE_Min 213" (Not On Label) 2018*.
08: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "DDBE_Min 217" (Not On Label) 2018*.
09: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "Die Morgengnattel Des Kleinen Fritz" (Die Stadt) 2001.
10: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "Die Mietfussmatte Des Kleinen Fritz" (90% Wasser) 2005.
11: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "DDBE_Min 220" (Not On Label) 2018*.
12: Column One : "Electric Bones" (90% Wasser) 2001.
13: Werkbund : "Stahlhof" (Abraum) 2000.
14: Throbbing Gristle : "Catholick Sex (For Paula)" (Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) 1983.
15: Thorsten Soltau & Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "Wade" (Morbus Gravis/m.m.) 2016.
16: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "DDBE_Min 221" (Not On Label) 2018*.
17: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "DDBE_Min 222" (Not On Label) 2018*.
18: S.P.K. : "Walking On Dead Steps" (Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) 1983.
19: Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg : "DDBE_Min 226" (Not On Label) 2018*.
20: Laibach : "Sila" (Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) 1989.
21: Crass : "Rival Tribal Rebel Revel" (Crass Records) 1980.
22: Colin Potter : "Not Yeti" (Abstrakce Records) 2017.
23: Psychic TV : "Godstar (California Mix)" (Temple Records) 1985.
                         (all tracks marked * are exclusive for MuhMur Radio).

Next programme will be on April 12. Same time, same channel and more than likely same T-Shirt. Thanks as ever to Dave...without whom ... and Uli for the special sounds!

Sunday, 18 March 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 15 March 2018.

Back in the studio after a month away. "After The Snow" ... if only I had thought to open the programme with the Modern English classic ... ah well, hindsight is a wonderful thing. I suppose I could have chosen "Snow" by The Mekons, but I played that a few months back and as regular listeners know I don't like playing the same song twice. (Regular listeners ... who am I kidding?).
Time spent off air I was tidying up the CD's and CDR's at MuhMur HQ and I came across a pile of CDRs made for me by Mark Wharton. Mark being the guy behind the Idwal Fisher blog + Just Glittering fanzine. ( Back in the 1990's I used to exchange home built compilation tapes with Mark and at the turn of the century we both moved into CDR territory.  It's what folk at BBCRadio 6Music call 'Mixtapes' as if they'd invented it. So I sat and listened to these compilations for the first time in 10 / 15 years and a lot of what is on there is in this broadcast. Tunes by projects I know nothing about like Spacebox to classic German underground and the likes of Neu!, Einsturzende Neubauten and D.A.F. The William Basinski piece also comes from the pile.

Released in January on the Miami (Florida) based label 'Noir Age', the two pieces by Les Horribles Travailleurs and Mechanical Ape come from the cassette tape "Collaborative Soundworks". It is still available from the label.
The Crispy Ambulance track is from their debut album "The Plateau Phase". The album was released on March 1 1982 by Factory Benelux and would have been in the broadcast that was cancelled because of the snow. It fits in beautifully after the Psychic TV track. Representing the "On This Day" section here are Blancmange with the "I've Seen The Word" 7" and the 1979 classic album "Live At The Witch Trials".

The tracks by D.A.F., Pyrolator and Fehlfarben are from the compilation "Verschwende Deine Jugend (Punk Und New Wave In Deutschland 1977-1983)" on the Universal label and still available via Discogs. Highly recommended and keeping with the Deutsche theme are the Diagram Brothers (From Manchester) and their German version of "Right Git". A bizarre single, I didn't know the Diagram Brothers had a big German fanbase.

Please take a listen here (Copy & Paste):

01: Spacebox : "Dapp-Da" (Up Art Productions) 1983.
02: William Basinski : "Evening Scars" (2062) 2007.
03: Les Horribles Travailleurs/Mechanical Ape : "Outside With Borders" (Noir Age) 2018.
04: Les Horribles Travailleurs/Mechanical Ape : "With Fallen Dew" (Noir Age) 2018.
05: Psychic TV : "Thee Shadow Creatures" (Cold Spring Records) 2018.
06: Crispy Ambulance : "Chill" (Factory Benelux) 1982.
07: Neu! : "Für Immer" (Phillips) 1973.
08: Blancmange : "I've Seen The Word" (London Records) 1982.
09: Einsturzende Neubauten : "Kollaps" (ZickZack) 1981.
10: D.A.F. : "Ich Und Dich Wirklichkeit" (Universal) 2002.
11: D.A.F. : "Kebabträume" (Universal) 2002.
12: Der Plan : "Meine Freunde" (Les Diseuse Du Crépuscule) 1980.
13: Pyrolator : "It Always Rains In Wuppertal" (Universal) 2002.
14: Fehlfarben : "Apocalypse (Ernstfall)" (Universal) 2002.
15: The Diagram Brothers : "Right Git (German Version)" (Outatune) 1982.
16: Die Neue Prächtigkeit : "Ūberzeugen" (Rondo) 1980.
17: General Strike : "My Body" (Canal) 1979.
18: Repetition : "The Body Cries" (Les Disques Du Crépuscule) 1981.
19: The Fall : "Futures And Pasts" (Step Forward Records) 1979.
20: The Fall : "Music Scene" (Step Forward Records) 1979.

The next broadcast will be on March 29. 20:00 GMT on SoundArt Radio 102.5FM in the South Hams district of Devon or listen to live stream via the SoundArt Radio website:
Big thanks go to Tony Whitehead for getting me to the studio on time, I was stranded on Newton Abbot train station with trains being delayed and cancelled (After The Snow comes The Flood and Devon gets isolated!). Tony also managed to pre-record his "Radio Warblers" programme whilst I was broadcasting ... multimedia studios!

                                                                  Tony Whitehead.

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 5 July 2018

The South-West of the United Kingdom is in the throes of a heatwave. The journey to SoundArt Radio began with a walk across the sands of ...