Wednesday, 15 June 2022

The Power Of The Witch


'The Power Of The Witch' is a new cassette released on the increasingly collectable Industrial Coast label. The recordings are from a live performance (by memotone) originally written for Think Tank, Leeds 2017. "The Power Of The Witch" is a BBC documentary from 1971, Very rarely seen these days the documentary is about Witchcraft in the UK and features contributions from Eleanor Bone, Cecil Williamson, Alex and Maxine Sanders and Doreen Valiente. The documentary has rare footage of ceremonies and rites and includes the fascinating story of the unsolved murder of Charles Walton on Meon Hill.

The cassette begins with a prelude on piano before incidental music and samples of spoken word from the BBC documentary are brought in. The tone of the narrator and interviewees have a great 1970's British sound about them. Alongside and sometimes underneath the incidental music (again probably taken from the documentary and treated) a short repetitive leitmotiv of looped tones build with an increasing heartbeat. A minimal electronic rhythm and polyphonic organ brings to a psychedelic mood, there are orchestral swathes that could be lifted from other 'Witchcraft' classics like "The Blood On Satan's Claw" or "Witchfinder General"(?). It is riveting stuff. The sounds change again as the voices fade. Pulsations, vibrations and tones float, chase and race across the speakers creating an aura of occult and unnerving sounds. It is all very reminiscent of Adi Newton's TAGc (The Anti Group) project. After 20 minutes side one fades ... 

Side two fades in where side one finishes with the sound creating a plateau before switching to clarinet and an undercurrent of chattering disembodied voices. Around this time I was trying to visualise the live performance and could imagine a large cinema screen showing (perhaps) Benjamin Christensen's 1922 classic "Häxan" .... or perhaps as the sounds slow down, black & white images of blurred flames and naked dancing. It really is an album to get lost in, especially as the first ten minutes or so of side one sets the scene as were. 

The information on the cassette is minimal. Just below the Industrial Coast logo in the bottom corner of the cassette sleeve's reverse is the name memotone. I bought the cassette on the intrigue of the cassette's title and the artwork of the sleeve. I have had to investigate memotone. memotone is the project of Bristolian William Yates which he began in the earlier 2010s. William has also released under the moniker of Half Nelson and O.G. Jigg. It's a new project to my ears and I have just bought some memotone on vinyl to 'check out'. It might be a rabbit hole to disappear down. 

The cassette is still available at Industrial Coast. I do not know the limited edition number, but IC tapes are usually around 50. Act fast.

memotone can be contacted and explored here :

And finally "The Power Of The Witch" original 1971 documentary cane be watched via YouTube here :

Friday, 10 June 2022

MuhMur Radio Broadcast June 09 2022.


The programme starts with "Winter Hare Dance" by Masstishaddu. The piece is from the CD re-issue of their 1988 album "Shekinah" released on United Dairies. "Winter Hare Dance" is the 'bonus track', an unreleased gem. Masstishaddu were the trio of Mike Watson, Richard Rupenus and Sean Breadin (aka Sedayne). They were previously known as Metgumbnerbone with Rupenus more known for his noise as a New Blockader. 

"Shekinah" has been re-issued by the Italian Old Europa Cafe label. for more information. 
Sevan_Oh brings four exclusive pieces for MuhMur Radio. Sevan_Oh is Manchester based artist Sean Rorke. I have known Sean for about forty years, in 1983 we created the project IBF (Ideas Beyond Filth) with Tim Bayes. Sean was only part of IBF for a few months before settling in Manchester and creating the Carnifex Organisation, alongside Gary Warrington and Andy Wright. The Carnifex Organisation was an umbrella for artists to work under, creating sounds, art and organising live events. IBF played a Carnifex Organisation event at the PSV Club in Hulme, Manchester in 1985, also playing on that night were Systemlaw Violator and Furious Fish. Other Carnifex Organisation associates include Kava Kava, Joint Plan, Secret Cinema, Swivel Hips, Landishkrill and UbuHuHa amongst others ... I remember a band called The Ingrid Slugs used to rehearse in the Carnifex Organisation 'studio'. They were a band that featured the post Un-Kommuniti and pre Stereolab member Tim Gane. 
At the end of 1985 / beginning of 1986 when Tim and I decided to end IBF I joined Sean and formed the Mühviertel project. In 1989 we released a 3xC46 cassette called "Morsjusti" on Carnifex Organisation. Andy Wright became a full-time member later in 1986. Carnifex Organisation kind of dissolved (or went into hibernation) in 1990.

At the turn of the century Sean and Andy began recording and performing as Stray2. Sevan_Oh is Sean's solo project away from Stray2. All pieces were recorded at The Fault in Manchester 2021 and mixed in 2022. You can contact Sevan_Oh here :

Sophie Sleigh-Johnson is a former member of UK art-rock band These New Puritans. "Nuncio Ref!" is her debut solo album on Yorkshire label Crow Versus Crow. Cassette copies and download are available here : 

Regular listeners to MuhMur Radio broadcasts will know that I am a big 'fan' of the output of the Helen Scarsdale Agency. UK and European distribution for the new cassette release by Jo Montgomerie was very hard to track down and resulted in me contacting Jo personally to see if she had any copies to sell, unfortunately she didn't but she did put me in touch with Juno Distribution and I grabbed a copy from there. "From Industry Home" was released in May this year. The following is from the Helen Scarsdale Agency Bandcamp page : 

"An elegant decay amassed from the sounds of detritus, that may be an apt introduction to the work of Jo Montgomerie. Of course, the Helen Scarsdale Agency has a long standing infatuation with disintegrated sound in various forms. So, it makes perfect sense we should publish her work! That said Montgomerie has a fascinating strategy to her long-form smears of blackened mascara ambient and soldered noise. As a teenager she was a classically trained musician with an eye towards a career in sound design, foley work, and post-production. It may be of note to some that she was an uncredited soul responsible for thousands upon thousands of audio clips rendered for Boomkat during a lengthy tenure at that institution. These forms of production and editing necessitate a flawlessness which also hides the process entirely, and Montgomerie began to ruminate on that which was left on the cutting room floor (or the digital version of such a space), and thus, she took these unwanted sounds telescoped them into sinewy drones, forced them to collapse in a crucible of noise, and even rarified their essence into fluid harmonic tones ..... The source material to much of her work is the urban landscape of her Manchester home, but she also will decontextualise traditional instruments and even the creaks, groans and snaps of her own body amidst the thickets of details, obfuscating noise and thrumming din. The original sounds are dissolved with new layers and accretions become audible. They still address a heavy melancholy augmented through a dilated sense of time. From Industry Home becomes tantalising, uncanny album of the once familiar."

Jo Montgomerie has also self released cassettes, there's a new split cassette with Hauras which is very recommended. Contact Jo here : All things Helen Scarsdale Agency can be sought here :

The Sudden Infant track comes from the 7" "Head" on Raubbau, it also features on the new album "Lunatic Asylum".

On This Day features a couple of releases. Firstly from 1978 with The Lurkers and their "Fulham Fallout" album on Beggars Banquet. 

In 1978 I was fifteen (and some of the time sixteen), I had all The Lurkers records and even got to see them live a couple times in Lincoln (and never paid a penny!). The Lurkers played Lincoln in 1978 on their "The Lurkers Say Bollurks To John Travolta" tour (local support from The Whizz Kids). A couple of us underage teenagers back then used to hang around in the afternoon outside the local AJ's Club in Lincoln and wait for the bands to arrive. Usually they were in battered white transit vans. The venue was on three levels and equipment had to be carried up flights of stairs, so I used to offer to hump the gear for free entry, then just hang about the venue avoiding the eyes of the bouncers and Alex Jackson (the owner).  I did this twice with The Lurkers, hence my "I roadied for The Lurkers" claim. It also (in 1978) worked for The Rich Kids, Slits, UK Subs ('Business Unusual' tour), Ultravox! and Jenny Darren. "Fulham Fallout" is one of those albums that has never left the collection. 

The second On This Day is the 7" "Another One" by The Mekons. Released in 1980 it was their first single for Red Rhino Records after leaving Virgin Records. It came out just after the 7" "Teeth", their last single for Virgin Records. "Another One" also features on their eponymous album on Red Rhino Records. 

The Neil Campbell track is from the compilation CDR "The Juice From Your Pen Is Running Down My Leg Volume 1". (It did take me a couple of hours to 'get' the title). It's a spoken word album that also features Of Habit, Sophie Cooper, Seymour Glass and Malcy Duff amongst others. It's released by Chocolate Monk and available here :

Avvitagalli are a trio made from Pino Montecalvo, Efisio Biancofiore and Valentina Magaletti. The piece here comes from the new LP "None Corsa" on the Horn Of Plenty <0 label. All three members of Avvitagalli are exponents of free and experimental jazz with Valentina being a member of the London Improvisers Orchestra. 

"Variegated percussion + WTF jams inspired by a visit to an abandoned, torched palazzo somewhere in Southern Europe. It's charred, decaying splendour casts a fitting backdrop to the surreal push-pull of Valentina & Pino's aural capers. None Corsa explores presence and absence, purpose and chance, and the tension between serenity and disquiet. Composing and decomposing, grabbing at modern composition, jazz, dub and post punk along the way"

Last year Horn Of Plenty <0 released the excellent Paul Chain retrospective, it's proving to be a label worth exploring, they have also put out a 10"EP by Warm Currency. Both records are available here : A few weeks ago I was scrolling trough some bistro lists, mail order outletters and the like and was surprised to find an album by Thomas LaRoche's Creep Of Paris project. Released in the autumn of last year on the Australian Index Clean label. The album is called "Karaoke World I & II", I play "Karaoke World II". I found a copy via Millstone Vinyl of Sweden but copies are available direct from Index Clean :

                                                                         CREEP OF PARIS
                                                                THE DEAD MAURIACS

The broadcast ends with part one of "Les Perruches Les Ambassades" by The Dead Mauriacs. Subtitled 'Music For Steve Cammack' this is a pressing of 1 and presented as a retirement gift from The Dead Mauriacs. After 20 years in the NHS I retired in May this year. The album came the day before recording and it will be played in full later in the year. 

Playlist :
01: Masstishaddu : "Winter Hare Dance" (Old Europa Cafe) 2021.
02: Sevan_Oh : "A.R. Comp. 091121a (101121a)" (Not On Label) 2022.
03: Sophie Sleigh-Johnson : "RIP Gentlemen" (Crow Versus Crow) 2022.
04: Sevan_Oh : "Faulted Future 1" (Not On Label) 2022.
05: Jo Montgomerie : "1038" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2022.
06: Jo Montgomerie : "Inside" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2022.
07: Sevan_Oh : "Faulted Future 2" (Not On Label) 2022.
08: Sudden Infant : "Head" (Raubbau) 2022.
09: The Lurkers : "Gerald" (Beggars Banquet Records) 1978.
10: The Mekons : "Another One" (Red Rhino Records) 1980.
11: The Mekons : "Teeth" (Virgin Records) 1980.
12: Sevan_Oh : "This One's For You 111121a" (Not On Label) 2022.
13: Neil Campbell : "Ghost Story" (Chocolate Monk) 2022.
14: Avvitagalli : "The Last Shiny Bones Of The Duno Ghost" (Horn Of Plenty <0) 2022.
15: Creep Of Paris : "Karaoke World II" (Index Clean) 2021.
16: The Dead Mauriacs : "Les Perruches Les Ambassades (Music For Steve Cammack) Part One" (NPH) 2022.

So ... this will be the last MuhMur Radio broadcast until September. SoundArt Radio. From June 18 at 13:00 (GMT) SoundArt Radio will be broadcasting "Radio Art Zone". It's a radio art project by Radio ARA and Mobile Radio for the European Capital of Culture Esch-Sur-Alzette in 2022. (Esch is in Luxembourg). "Imagine A Radio That Sounds Different Everyday". The Radio Art Zone schedule consists of newly commissioned 22 hour radio productions, created by more than 100 international and local artists. "Welcome To The Zone Where Radio And Art Mix Freely". SoundArt Radio broadcasts on the FM 102.5 in the South Hams (Devon) and streams live here : The Radio Art Zone continues through to the 26th of September. 

I shall be continuing to write on the RemuhMuration Blog, news and chat about what is coming and going (on) at MuhMur HQ. 
Many thanks to Chris Booth for assistance and organisation and to all those that have provided sounds throughout ... 

                                                                         Chris Booth.

                                                            Outside SoundArt Radio Studios

Here's a picture of Sean Rorke (aka Sevan_Oh) - if this picture is still here it means Sean doesn't mind, or he never reads this!

Friday, 3 June 2022

Heimito Künst : Post Exoticism


Heimito Künst is a mysterious sound artist / multi-instrumentalist from Italy. In 2021 he released his debut and eponymous CD album on the Dissipatio label, the Italian label run by Nicola Quiriconi of VipCranco. (Are VipCranco still in existence)? 

"Post Exoticism" is a C50 cassette on the Californian based Shrimper label. "Post Exoticism" is an album in three parts, if not parts then certainly atmospheres. The first three (opening) pieces ;  "Terminus Radioso", Soloviei" and "Slow Speckled Train" are built on slow melodic drones. It's as if it was all recorded at 45rpm and played back and mixed at 16rpm. (if that makes any sense)? It's the trumpets, the horns that give these tracks a Throbbing Gristle feel .. it does carry an 'industrial' feel. "Soloviei" evokes the atmospheres of those early Last Few Days recordings. It's a joy to sit back and immerse in the sounds. One downside is that the pieces just end ... no 'ad lib to fade' (an in joke for 70's Queen fans there), or an obvious endgame ... just end. Side One finishes on "Sovchoz Red Star", a change in approach. The sound is much cleaner with a more spaced ambient sound, synthesisers to the fore. 

Side two is another shift. If Side one of "Post Exoticism" explores two aspects / atmospheres of the sound of Heimito Künst then side two is part three. Opening with "Ugdel" and its' heavy organ lead drone a la Nico and/or Ivor Cutler, a voice wails, swims along, a calling to all angels. It all continues into "49 Days After Death", a funereal dirge. I think Heimito is exploring an unhappy place here. "SKS 56" follows, again layering the use of the organ sounds, it all becomes less unsettling and reaches a calming plateau. "I Wait For The End" is a rapturous end to the album. An epiphany. It has some minimal percussive clicks (ticks) that lie beneath the droning vocals. Brilliant. 

Released in the USA by Shrimper : It's limited to 100 copies with artwork by Dennis Callaci. Dissipatio have picked up a handful for European distribution (it's where I grabbed mine from) :, where it is also available for download. 

Enjoy .... I do. 

Thursday, 26 May 2022

MuhMur Radio Broadcast May 26 2022.


One of the great pleasures in life is receiving a package of cassette tapes through the post. The other week I bought some cassettes and the sender had put it some extras ... tapes and the like .. amongst these was a cassette on the French Bi-Gout label. The cassette contains four words, one one side it's 'Faux Passé' and on the other it says 'Vrai Futur'. The label is listed on Discogs but the cassette is not. 

I do not know which is the artist(s) name and which is the cassette title ... (confused .. you will be .. as they used to say at the end of every episode of "Soap"). The first thirty or so minutes are the side that says "Vrai Futur". If anyone can help .. knows more than I do (and that's not difficult) then please drop me a line. Both sides are excellent. 

"On This Day" features releases from Wire, Clock DVA and Crisis. "Our Swimmer" was the final Wire 7" before they went their solo ways in 1981. Colin Newman released his first solo album in 1980, the same year the Bruce Gilbert & Graham Lewis projects Cupol and Dome. "Midnight Bahnhoff Cafe" is the B-Side. "Happiness To Go" appears on the latest Sudden Infant album "Lunatic Asylum". I play this track after Wire as it reminds me of a Wire song. Not a particular song .. just in construct and delivery .. it reminds me of Wire. The version here is from the 7" (promo) single "Heads To Go" on the Raubbau label. The single comes wrapped in a SI Newspaper. The album is released by Fourth Dimension Records. Like the "Vrai Futur" cassette the Exitcode tape came as a sneaky little extra in a package from the USA a few weeks back. The cassette is called "Too many TV's" and was released by Orphanology & Bluesanct. Two labels operated by Michael Anderson of Drekka. 

I first came across the name Club Moral at the beginning of 1986 when I was doing some recordings at the Recloose Organisation studios in New Cross, London. I was there as part of IBF and staying for a few days at the studio with Simon Crab. In what was the Recloose Org 'office' was a huge A0 poster for Club Moral with the words "Nazis Of The Night" encircling the Club Moral logo. A few weeks later I was buying the Club Moral eponymous cassette on Staal Tape that included this track. I think I bought the tape from Mark Durgan at Birthbiter .. which then began our correspondence and friendship. Club Moral formed in 1981 with performance artist Danny DeVos and Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven. Club Moral was also the name of the club they operated in Antwerp until 1987. In 1983 they published the influential magazine "ForceMental". I was fortunate to see Club Moral live at the Broken Flag Festival in London 2012. A memorable evening ... "Nazis In The Night" also appeared on the album "To All Who Are Interested .. " released in 1989 by Cthulu Records. A German label run by Will-I Stasch. Cthulu Records ceased to be in the mid 1990's and Will-I has been releasing as Aussaat since 2016. Earlier this year they re-issued the album. Contact Will-I here :

Vanligt Folk (Common People) are the Gothenburg based trio of Jonas Abrahamsson, David Sundquist and Carl I Carlsson. The two tracks here are from the recent cassette release "Black Friday Here Uka" on Ideal Recordings. More information at :

"Expedition is a collaboration between sound artist The Dead Mauriacs (aka Olivier Prieur) and collage artist Evan Crankshaw, based on their mutual interest in treating exotica as both a subject and a material. Evan Crankshaw's 2015 collage book, also entitled Experdition, is assembled and collaged by hand from a vast archive of popular exoticist printed materials, and explores recurring motifs in expedition narratives, simultaneously evoking and alienating the exoticist fantasy."

"In 2018, the book was interpreted for a live performance at Festival BBMix (Boulognes-Billancourt, France) in collaboration with The Dead Mauriacs, who created a complete exotica-concrète score accompanying projected images of the book & live narration. That collaboration can be heard on this album, an armchair-travel virtual-voyage to the heart of an imagined actual elsewhere, stitched from pieces of narcotizing fabulisms, disturbing actualities, and incomprehensibilities - an interior excursion into the exotic immensity."

"Narration read by Evan Crankshaw, with text excerpted from his collage book, Expedition. All text was created by a collage method using Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki as the source." All text above from the Akuphone website.

At the turn of the 1980's the 'Sound Of Sheffield' became a focus for the major labels. I guess it was the success of The Human League and then Heaven 17 / British Electronic Foundation on Virgin Records that made the majors scramble. Where there's muck there's brass I guess. Vice Versa transformed into ABC and signed to Phonogram and Cabaret Voltaire slimmed down to a two-piece and signed up with Virgin Records and later Parlophone and Polydor Records swept up with The Com-Sat Angels and Clock DVA. 

On This Day in 1982 Clock DVA released their first single on Polydor Records with a new line up of Ads Newton (Trumpet + Vocals), Nick Sanderson (Drums), Paul Browse (Saxophones), John Valentine Carruthers (Guitars) and Shaun Ward (Bass). Clock DVA did not stay with Polydor Records for very long but in that time they produced what is my favourite DVA album "Advantage" and some classic singles. Shaun Ward left after this single to join Floy Joy, and later Simply Red and was replaced by Dean Dennis. Paul Browse later created System 01, Valentine Carruthers left to join Siouxsie & The Banshees and Nick Sanderson joined The Gun Club and later Earl Brutus. After the break up of this DVA era Adi Newton concentrated on his Anti Group project. 

The Drekka piece is from the "Grieve" cassette. Originally released in 1996 the cassette was reissued last year. Contact Drekka :

The final On This Day comes from Crisis and their 12"EP (Mini-LP) "Hymns Of Faith" from 1980.

"Hymns Of Faith" was the final Crisis release after a couple of 7" singles in 1978 / 79. Originally formed in 1978 by Douglas Pearce and Tony Wakeford as a far-left Trostkyite / Marxist group. At the time they stood out as one of the more interesting 'punk' bands around. Since their demise in 1980 they have had their back catalogue pillaged for many releases, and in 2015 they 'reformed' with Tony Wakeford being the only original member. The drummer on "Hymns Of Faith" is Luke Rendall who went on to join Theatre Of Hate. The 12"EP was released on Crisis's own imprint Ardkor Records. There's a great and informative interview with Tony Wakeford about his days in Crisis, with some excellent photos on the 'Fear And Loathing' website. Take a look :

1990 and I went shopping at Red Rhino Record shop in York. In those days Red Rhino was on two floors and the more interesting stuff was on the first floor. Walking up the stairs I heard this great sound of heavy electro-dub, deep bass with a fluid guitar sound .. On-Uesque, Tackhead Maffia kind of sound but in another way totally different. I asked what was playing and it was the first album by Minister Of Noise, the project of a guy called Sir Freddie Viadukt. I bought it there and then. Only a few months later I was at The International Club in Manchester to see Revolting Cocks and the support was from Minister Of Noise.  There was a break in the 'disco' and the (now) familiar to me sound of Minister Of Noise came through the PA. Folk gathered around the stage but there was no performer, no band to see just the sound of Minister Of Noise. In the next thirty minutes or so a chap wandered across the stage a couple of times, sometimes to applause but he didn't acknowledge the audience. A woman crossed the stage too a couple of times. Was this Sir Freddie?  .......... Ten years or so later and the rise of the internet I was looking for information on Minister Of Noise. I still have the "Heaven In Hell" LP and wanted to see what else was out there. That is when I discovered that Sir Freddie Viadukt was / is Gerry Kenny of Naafi Sandwich fame. Naafi Sandwich existed for one 7" in 1979 on the Mancunian Absurd Records label. Instant classic. I have a feeling that Naafi Sandwich were from Merseyside. I saw them play live once at the Futurama 4 Festival in Deeside (Wales), although I think they had dropped the sandwich by then and were just Naafi. The other week a friend asked me if I had ever heard a band called Minister Of Noise? He had heard some on the radio somewhere and wanted to find out more .. so I pointed him to the "Heaven In Hell" LP. He told me that Gerry Kenny had passed away and (another thing I didn't know) his wife Brenda was the same Brenda as in Brenda & The Beachballs who I saw support Psychic TV in the late 1980's at Manchester International. Memories ... so I dug the 7" out and gave it a spin. 

Sad to hear of the passing of Chris Bailey. The saints were a favourite back in the 1970's. The track here is from the 1978 compilation "Hope And Anchor Front Row Festival". RIP Chris. 

You can here the broadcast here :


01: Faux Passé : "Vrai Futur" (Bi-Gout) 2019.

02: Wire : "Our Swimmer" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.

03: Sudden Infant : "Happiness To Go" (Raubbau) 2022.

04: Exitcode : "Ch.4" (Orhanology/Bluesanct) 2019.

05: Club Moral : "Nazis Of The Night" (Aussaat) 2022.

06: Vanligt Folk : "B F H U" (Ideal Recordings) 2021.

07: Vanligt Folk : "För En Bärj Eller Typ Ingenting" (Ideal Recordings) 2021.

08: Evan Crankshaw & The Dead Mauriacs : "Expedition" (Akuphone) 2022.

09: Clock DVA : "Son Of Sons" (Polydor Records) 1982.

10: Drekka : "Grieve (Vocal 1)" (Bluesanct) 2021.

11: Crisis : "Back In The U.S.S.R." (Ardkor) 1980.

12: Crisis : "Afraid" (Ardkor) 1980.

13: Naafi Sandwich : "Slice One" (Absurd Records) 1979.

14: Wire : "Midnight Bahnhof Cafe" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.

15: The Saints : "Demolition Girl" (Warner Brothers Records) 1978.

Thank you for listening. Comments are always welcomed. The next broadcast will be on June 9 and feature a 'session' from Manchester based artist SEVAN_OH. This will be the last broadcast until September as SoundArt Radio is stopping live broadcasting and concentrating on summer workshops, summer schools, organising live performances and setting up workshops at local festivals throughout the summer. All exciting stuff. 

                                                 Tamsin (Mrs MuhMur) keeps me company.

Saturday, 14 May 2022

MuhMur Radio Broadcast May 12 2022

Tonights programme features four exclusive pieces from George Rayner-Law. I first heard the sound of George in 2021 when I stumbled across the name Schwerpunkt a noise based project from Manchester and a cassette called "The Lion Hunt" on Brachliegen Tapes. Schwerpunkt was the name George was recording under, the cassette also features contributions from members of Elk Blood and Werk both mainstays from the I Hate My Records label. In 2021 George also released two cassettes under his own name on Brachliegen Tapes. "Cantonese Tapework" (in July) and "The Tryal Of Old Christmas" (in December) ... both have been played on MuhMur Radio this year. At the time of writing this limited quantities of the cassettes are still available at :

The programme starts with "Baskerville House" which I thought as quite apt seeing that SoundArt Radio is broadcast from the edges of Dartmoor in Devon and quite close to Buckfastleigh which I believe was an inspiration for "Hound Of The Baskervilles" but doing a quick internet trawl I discover Baskerville House is in Birmingham and formerly known as 'The Civic Centre'. The final piece is "Improvisation For Meg Stuart Exercise, Mixer & Oscillator 28th November 2021 (Edit)". Meg is an American choreographer and leader of a dance troupe called 'Damaged Goods'. It is all fascinating and enlightening and more information can be found at : George has just released a split 5" lathe cut single with Vinegar Tom, it's limited and available at the Brachliegen Tapes bandcamp page. 
The Sturmpercht piece is from the double album "Bergentrückt". A piece of traditional Austrian Folk storytelling. Sturmpercht are a traditional and experimental folk and neo-folk musical group inspired by indigenous alpine tradition. 

The sound of Mark Vernon is becoming a regular pastime on MuhMur Radio. Two pieces here from the LP "Tape Letters From The Waiting Room" released last year by Psyché Tropes. The album is an extended  soundtrack to a film by Steven McInerney. Steven also records and releases under the name of Merkaba Macabre. About the album ... "An existential drama exploring the universal themes of death and rebirth. Tape Letters From The Waiting Room is an experiment in film archaeology and the magnetic memory as it navigates past life experiences. Shifting in succession from the mundane to the metaphysical, the film is composed of extant 16mm found footage from the past century. The original soundtrack by Mark Vernon encompasses a rich collection of domestic tape recordings; audio letters, dictated notes, found sounds and other lost voices". Grab a copy from : Soft Focus is the trio of harpist Mia Theodoratus, bassist Larry 7 and legend Jimi Tenor. As far as I know they released one album and one single, "Sleep Terror II" is th B-Side to the 7" "Emergence Delirium". 

Skiftande Enter are a Swedish 'supergroup' comprising of JJ Ulius and Elin Engström from Monokultur and Hugo Randulv from Typical Girls, Enhet För Fri Musik and many more projects ... his solo LP "Radio Arktis" was one of my favourites of 2021. The track here is from the new 4-Track EP "Öppna Landskap" on Happiest Place. Happiest Place is becoming a new label to keep an eye and ear on. In the last five years or so they have put out essential sounds from (and by) Neutral, Altar Of Flies, Typical Girls and Amateur Hour amongst others. Contact :

This broadcast's On This Day feature features Cabaret Voltaire and The Stranglers. Cabaret Voltaire released their "2x45" album in 1982, a record made of ... two twelve inch singles. I have a feeling, although I could be wrong, that this was the last time Chris Watson appeared on a Cabaret Voltaire release. If I am wrong then please let me know. I am still reading the excellent Cabaret Voltaire interviews book by Fabio Méndez but haven't got to 1982 yet. The album has been pre-released lots of times over the past 40 years (mainly by Mute Records) in all formats. I still prefer the original vinyl release with the envelope sleeve by Neville Brody. 

"Sun Damaged Crown" is the new three track cassette from Neil Campbell on the Finnish Ikuisuus label. Limited to 80 copies only. Essential : "Shipwreck n' Roll" is the new two track 7" from Nurse With Wound. Recorded in 2004 and constructed from flotsam, jetsam and driftwood gathered in the Lofoten Islands (Norway) by Steve Stapleton and Colin Potter. The recordings were reassembled at the IC Studios in 2021. 

'Engürdetz might not be among the most well known names within the world of Swedish mid-80's cassette industrial - during their brief existence as Engürdetz, Drajan and Lanchy would produce three cassettes (two of these splits) and feature tracks on three compilation tapes. All of these between the period of  '86 - '88. In many ways it seems to have been like youth, much as the one in which it was created - a quick, intense and abstract time'. (Mattias Rörström). A quote taken from the 8 page fanzine that comes with the new re-issue of the second Engürdetz album "Svin" on Happiest Place "Svin" was originally released in 1987 on the Stånd Tapes label. 

The fanzine contains artwork and a conversation with Anders "Drajan" Bryngelsson. I must admit that up until April this year I had never come across Engürdetz, but as I mentioned earlier Happiest Place releases are becoming essential. 

"Orwell Skabs Poesy, Trafik" is from the new CD "Op. 184 (160c) Goodday Mr. Orwell, Green-Ear-Year" on the Henning Christiansen Archive label. The recordings are from a performance at the Møn Music Festival (Denmark) in 1984. I managed to get hold of the CD through Penultimate Press (the album is produced by Penultimate Press maestro Mark Harwood), try them for copies. Henning was a member of the Fluxus Group. He died in 2008. I seem to be recapturing sounds from my past lately and in that category comes the album "The Inevitable Chrystal Belle Scrodd Record". The album was originally released in 1985 on the United Dairies label and re-issued by Klanggalerie in 2005. Chrystal Belle Scored is Diana Rogerson a past member of Nurse With Wound, Fistfuck and The Murray Fontana Orchestra. The album also features contributions from Karl Blake and Robert Haigh. It's an album I remember being on rotation at various squats around the Hulme Crescents in 1985 / 86 ... as were most United Dairies releases back then. 

No need to repurchase The Stranglers 1978 album "Black And White" as I have always had a copy. You can see by the picture how battered and worn the sleeve is. Released on this day in (as mentioned) 1978. I went to see them live on the 'Black And White' tour (September 1978), they were supported on tour by The Skids. That was the last time I saw The Stranglers live. 
The sound of Tarkatak is familiar to regular MuhMur Radio listeners. "I" is from the latest album on the Auf Abwegen label. Tarkatak is Lutz Pruditsch. for more information. 

01: George Rayner-Law : "Baskerville House" (Not On Label) 2022. *
02: Sturmpercht : "Der Schlafende Kaiser" (Percht) 2013.
03: Mark Vernon : "Beforetime Guests" (Psyché Tropes) 2021.
04: Mark Vernon : "Terraium Beautant (Revision)" (Psyché Tropes) 2021.
05: Soft Focus : "Sleep Terror II" (Apolkalypso/Gagarin Records) 2012.
06: Skiftande Enheter : "Lychan I Din Hand" (Happiest Place) 2022.
07: Cabaret Voltaire : "Get Out Of My Face" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.
08: Neil Campbell : "Sun Crown Damaged" (Ikuisuus) 2022.
09: Nurse With Wound : "Shipwreck n' Roll" (ICR) 2022.
10: George Rayner-Law : "Lake Voices" (Not On Label) 2022. *
11: Engürdetz : "Anal Vibrator II (How Does It Feel?)" (Happiest Place) 2021.
12: Henning Christiansen : "Orwell Skabs Poesy, Trafik" (The Henning Christiansen Archive) 2022.
13: George Rayner-Law : "Radio Piece" (Not On Label) 2022. *
14: Chrystal Belle Scrodd : "Relax" (Klanggalerie) 2005.
15: The Stranglers : "Outside Tokyo" (United Artists Records) 1978.
16: Tarkatak : "I" (Auf Abwegen) 2022.
17: George Rayner-Law : "Improvisation For Meg Stuart Exercise, Mixer & Oscillator. 28th November 2021 (Edit)" (Not On Label) 2022. *

All pieces marked * are exclusive to MuhMur Radio. Thanks George. (A Hiss And A Hum And No Harm Done). 
The next broadcast will be on May 26th. 20:00 hours GMT kick-off as always .. please listen on SoundArt Radio 102.5 FM, reachable at : Comments and contact always welcome. 


Thursday, 28 April 2022

MuhMur Radio Broadcast April 28 2022


The broadcast starts with "On The Edge Of The Outside" by Nurse With Wound released in July 2020 on the French Lenka Lente label. The 3" CD accompanies the book "Minuits Pour Géants" (Midnights For Giants) by Tristan Tzara. It's published in French so I haven't read it (yet!). The book was originally published in 1949. This is the 10th Nurse With Wound Lenka Lente release. All are recommended. More information here :

Two of giants of experimental / industrial / electroacoustic noise from the 1980's have joined together to release the LP "Erosion Of The Monolith" on the Nihilist label. Phillip B. Klinger (PBK) and Nigel Ayers (Nocturnal Emissions). Nihilist the the US label operated by Andy Ortmann. More information on the LP is here :

This month's Modelbau track is from the compilation album "Struppig Tanzen". "End of 2021 we hold the first Struppig Tanzen event since exactly two years. Not everyone invited could make it, neither artists and audience, because of pandemic reasons. That's why we decided to put out this compilation, which is kind of the second part of the event. Some pieces are documents of the evening, others representing artists, who could not participate in the end, in presence. And it's for the audience, who decided (not) to come ..... Released in context of the Strupping Droehnen! event at Kulturausbesserungswerk Opladen, Dec 3rd 2021". The album also features Buck Moon, Marc Behrens, Denise Ritter and N + Licht-Ung. Copies are available for around €5 from :

"Watching The Burning Bride" is the first part of a quartet of releases by Asmus Tietchens and Terry Burrows. It was released on Terry Burrows's own label Hamster Records And Tapes in 1986 .. the second part is the Asmus Tietchens "Abfleischung" from 1989, also on Hamster Records And Tapes. The third in the series is Terry Burrows's "The Whispering Scale" from the same year (and label) and the quartet was finished in 1998 with the collaborative album "Burning The Watching Bride" on the German Disaster Area label. Parts one and four were issued as a double CD in 2017 by Auf Abwegen / Die Stadt and includes bonus tracks. All are still available on line. This gem I found nestling in the racks of Hussar Records in Exeter. I met Asmus once, albeit briefly when he performed live with Dieter Moebius in Hamburg University in 2013. Apparently (according to a friend) he's always grumpy! 

Human Larvae released their 9th album earlier this year on the Freak Animal Records label. Sounds of increased deprivation, filth and destruction. Human Larvae is Berlin based musician Daniel Burfoot. Contact him at : Oxidation is becoming an ever increasing interesting label. With a recent register of releases by the likes of Howard Stelzer, PBK, Modelbau and BºTong. The label is run out of Illinois by Marc Benner who has just put out a split C10 cassette with Howard Stelzer ...(spoiler alert ... it's very good) ... And now they have put out the double CDR "Rest" by Expose Your Eyes. "Inspired and disappointed in equal measure by the 1980's power electronics and noise scenes, Expose Your Eyes has been attempting to stretch the boundaries of sound since the early 1990's. REST features choice cuts and specially reworked pieces of some of the more recent output". Expose Your Eyes is West Yorkshire based artist Paul Harrison who is also known for his work with Feral Copse and Smell & Quim. "Bertram Russell Fucker Remix Edit" is from the "Rest" album. A title I am guessing is inspired by Derek & Clive. 

The programme also features two 'exclusive' pieces from Frans de Waard. Frans was kind enough to mail some sounds for MuhMur Radio. I don't know whether or not Frans performed as Kapotte Muziek or under another pseudonym, I think the recordings are pre his Modelbau project. Also Olivier Prieur from The Dead Mauraics sent a piece called "Maman", a collaboration with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. The story goes ... "Three or four years ago I was involved in a broadcast for Radio France concerning poetry during the summer season. I sent a series of translations of GPO texts to the producer and as I was not paid he sent me the complete recording he made with GPO at home. I forgot the file and found it on a hard drive in November while looking for GPO archives as I was thinking to do a new edition of "To Be Ex-Dream" and I did a track with this part of the recording .... That's the story!" All information concerning The Dead Mauriacs can be found here :

The eponymous Flaming Tunes album is a record I have been searching for and was happy to find that San Francisco's Superior Viaduct label had reissued a couple of years ago. Originally released on cassette in 1985 Flaming Tunes were Gareth Williams and Mary Currie. Gareth Williams was the original bass, keyboard and tape splicer with This Heat. Gareth passed away in 2001. 
Niandraz are a Bulgarian project formed in 2018. On "Ten Of Swords" they collaborate with fellow Bulgarian Ivan Shopov. The track is from the 2021 compilation cassette "Vanishing Standards II" on Angel Simitchiev's Amek label. Copies can be found here : As mentioned before I have discovered the works of Mark Vernon. Expect more before the summer recess! "Vardǿger" is from the album "Paper Gestures" on Jason Lescalleet's Glistening Examples label. 

One day, and hopefully one day soon the world will wake up and realise that Duncan Harrison is a genius. His 2020 split album with Ian Murphy is one of the most essential slabs of vinyl of the 21st Century (so far). I first came across the works / sound of Duncan when he was part of Plurals. My first 'solo' gig as Dieter Müh was with Plurals at a pub in Peckham Rye called The Ivy House. This was 2010. It was rather a shambolic evening with other projects, the organisers and the backline showing up at sporadic times. Plurals were 'headlining' and within 5 minutes of them cranking up the sounds the PA failed. They took it in very good humour ... a few weeks later they played 'Uff - Fest' - a field in Uffculmbe, Devon and I got the full Plurals effect ... still one of my favourite live shows ever. A clip of my live performance at The Ivy House appears on the compilation CD "Bacteria" released in 2010 by the Australian Adeptsound label. "Live At Realistic" is from the 2021 cassette release "A Fleet Of Scratched Backs" on the Italian Joy De Vivre label.

"On This Day" features the second album by A Certain Ratio. "To Each .. " it was released in 1981 on the Factory Records label. I sawACR live a few times around this time, it was usually with other 'Factory' bands like Section 25 or The Durutti Column. Always superb! The LP was produced by Martin Hannet and has a sleeve designed by Throbbing Gristle's Peter Christopherson. As an introduction to the sound of A Certain Ratio I played a track from their debut album "The Graveyard And The Ballroom" from 1980. The programme ends on a classic 7" single by Danish group Sort Sol.

When this record came out (in 1981) I knew nothing of Sort Sol. I bought it because it was on the 4AD label. I bought everything on the 4AD label at that time ... they were releasing sounds from Modern English, Mass, Rema-Rema, My Captains, Bauhaus, The The, The Cocteau Twins, Gilbert & Lewis, Past 7 Days etc etc ... Sort Sol were an extension of the Danish punk band The Sods who in 1979 had their debut LP "Minutes To Go" released in the UK by Step Forward Records. A year later they put out the album "Under En Sort Sol" on the Danish Medley records label ... this is where "Marble Station" comes from ... in 1984 they ended being the Sods and became Sort Sol. Confusing? It is and since 1981 has always been one of my favourite songs, the drumming by Tomas Ortved is exceptional!

I hope you enjoy the programme, please take a listen here :

Playlist :
01: Nurse With Wound : "On The Edge Of The Outside" (Lenka Lente) 2020.
02: PBK & Nocturnal Emissions : "The Piasa Bird" (Nihilist) 2022.
03: Modelbau : "Absentia (Life From Home)" (Struppig Tanzen/Licht-Ung) 2022.
04: Asmus Tietchens & Terry Burrows : "Watching The Burning Bride (#10)" (Hamster Records And Tapes) 1986.
05: Human Larvae : "Electric Daze" (Freak Animal Records) 2022.
06: Expose Your Eyes : "Bertram Russell Fucker Remix Edit" (Oxidation) 2022.
07: Frans de Waard : "Various Excerpts Going At Once From A Concert At Maakhaven, 05 May 2009" (Not On Label) 2022.
08: Frans de Waard : "Various Excerpts Going At Once From A Concert At The Hörbar, Hamburg 17 May 2012" (Not On Label) 2022.
09: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge & The Dead Mauriacs : "Maman" (Not On Label) 2018.
10: Flaming Tunes : "It's Madness" (Superior Viaduct) 2020.
11: Niandraz & Ivan Shopov : "Ten Of Swords" (Amek) 2021.
12: Mark Vernon : "Vardøger" (Glistening Examples) 2020.
13: PBK & Nocturnal Emissions : "Sarcophagus Of The Sun" (Nihilist) 2022.
14: Duncan Harrison : "Live At Realistic" (Joy De Vivre) 2021.
15: A Certain Ratio : "I Fail" (Factory Records) 1980.
16: A Certain Ratio : "Winter Hill" (Factory Records) 1981.
17: Sort Sol : "Marble Station" (4AD Records) 1981.

It is aways a treat when folk pop in to say 'hello' whilst recording the broadcasts ... On this occasion I had a visit from Andrew Fletcher, the man behind the excellent 'Intrusive Signals' magazine. Andrew also performs and releases as Soloman Tump and has his own programme on SoundArt Radio called "The Tump Clump". Well worth hunting down ... 

Issue #3 of 'Intrusive Signals' can be found here : It features interviews with Coldsore, Himukalt and Brachliegen Tapes. George Rayner-Law (one of the operators of Brachliegen Tapes) will appear 'in session' on the next MuhMur Radio Broadcast on May 12th. 

Thursday, 14 April 2022

MuhMur Radio Broadcast April 14 2022.


In my top five of favourite bands (of all time) the Swell Maps will always be there. Alongside the likes of Throbbing Gristle and Virgin Prunes ... the position is never in any doubt. I cannot remember the first time I heard Swell Maps, I am guessing it would have been the 1978 single "Read About Seymour". Maybe John Peel, maybe a chance encounter whilst perusing the racks at Sanctuary Records in Lincoln or maybe around at my friends' place? Mark Collins was the only other 'punk' in North Hykeham and I used to go round on a Saturday afternoon whilst his Mum & Dad were out shopping so we could play music on his Dad's rather expensive Hi-Fi .. it was Mark that opened my ears to the sound of Alternative TV and Warsaw, he was a big Swell Maps fan too ... anyway.

On this day in 1981 Rough Trade Records released the double LP "Whatever Happens Next" by Swell Maps. A collection of home and studio recordings made between 1975 and 1980. Demos, live recordings, home recordings on dodgy tape recorders and the second John Peel radio session. For those of us who couldn't quite believe that the days of Swell Maps were over it came as a blessed relief ... or blessed release. 

A great companion to "Whatever Happens Next" is the recently published book "Swell Maps 1972 - 1980". The only official biography of the band by Jowe Head. So this programme celebrates both. 

I have also included songs by bands who were associated with Swell Maps. On their own label, Rather Records, they released singles by Cult Figures and Steve Treatment. They also ended up as 'backing band' on both these records. Pre-Swell Maps both Jowe and drummer Epic Soundtracks (aka Kevin Godfrey) rehearsed with vocalist Ken Spiers (aka Spizz), hence the SpizzEnergi and Spizz Oil singles. Jowe Head (aka Steve Bird) also hung around with and collaborated with members of Television Personalities. 

Swell Maps ended in 1980 after two albums, a handful of singles and sporadic live dates throughout UK and Europe. Unfortunately I never got to see them live. They did play live with Scritti Politti, The Raincoats and The Fall which is why they appear in this broadcast. Post the split Swell Maps went on their solo projectiles. The Jowe Head tracks are from the LP "Pincer Movement". The Phones B Sportsman band (aka David Barrington) track is from his debut single "I Really Love You". Phones also plays on the "Pincer Movement" album and the Epic Soundtracks song is from his first 7"EP "Popular Classical". Epic also played with Red Crayola and Crime And City Solution. It's Robert Wyatt on vocals.

I know James Pogo of Armedalite Rifles is a big Swell Maps fan and the song included here (from the 'Revel In The Beauty Of The Sour Note' LP) reminds me of Cult Figures ... The Felix Kubin cover of "Bandits One Five" is from the compilation CD "Your Song, My Foot" on WFMU. This month the UK label Industrial Coast are releasing a tribute album to Swell Maps, The Prestigitators "Nothing Ever Happens Next" is from this album. I have no post Swell Maps songs by guitarist / singer Nikki Sudden (aka Adrian Godfrey) so I slipped in Eater's version of "Jeepster" as Nikki was a big Bolan fan. I know this because of his autobiography "The Last Bandit" ... a worthy read.

Please enjoy the programme, buy the Jowe Head book ... it includes a 6 track 7"EP recorded in glorious Mono. It is published by Sounds On Paper and available via various distributors throughout the world. And available in one good record shop - Pressing Matter Records of 185 Queens Street, Hastings. 

Playlist :

01: Swell Maps : "Steven Does" (Rather Records/Rough Trade) 1979.

02: Swell Maps : "Clearasil Record (Stuck)" (Rough Trade/Rather Records) 1981.

03: Swell Maps : "Let's Build A Car" (Rough Trade/Rather Records) 1980.

04: Swell Maps : "Vertical Slum" (Rough Trade/Rather Records) 1981.

05: Swell Maps : "Forest Fire" (Rough Trade/Rather Records) 1981.

06: Swell Maps : "Midget Submarines (II)" (Rough Trade/Rather Records) 1981.

07: Swell Maps : "Armadillo (II)" (Rough Trade/Rather Records) 1981.

08: Swell Maps : "Bandits One Five" (Rough Trade/Rather Records) 1981.

09: Swell Maps : "Read About Seymour (April '77)" (Rough Trade/Rather Records) 1981.

10: Swell Maps : "Real Shocks" (Rough Trade) 1979.

11: Television Personalities : "Smashing Time" (Overground Records) 1992.

12: Swell Maps : "Harmony In Your Bathroom" (Rather Records/Rough Trade) 1979.

13: Swell Maps : "Securicore" (Rather Records) 2022.

14: Swell Maps : "Come Upstairs And See My Chemistry Set" (Rather Records) 2022.

15: Swell Maps : "Harmony In Your Bathroom" (Rather Records) 2022.

16: Swell Maps : "Deliferous Mistail" (Easy Action) 2021.

17: Swell Maps : "Hey Johnny! Where's The Chewing Gum" (Alive Records) 1999.

18: SpizzEnergi : "Where's Captain Kirk?" (Rough Trade) 1979.

19: Swell Maps : "Paul's Dead" (Rough Trade/Rather Records) 1981.

20: The Transmitters : "Paul Is Dead" (Heartbeat Records) 1981.

21: Cult Figures : "Playing With Toys" (Rather Records) 1979.

22: Cult Figures : "Zip Dub" (Rather Records) 1979.

23: Steve Treatment : "Taste Your Own Medicine" (Rather Records) 1978.

24: Steve Treatment : "Danger Zone" (Rather Records) 1978.

25: Scritti Politti : "The Sweetest Girl" (Rough Trade) 1981.

26: The Raincoats : "Shouting Out Loud" (New Musical Express/Rough Tapes) 1981.

27: The Fall : "Cary Grant's Wedding" (Rough Trade) 1980.

28: Jowe Head : "Vatican Chime" (Hedonics Records) 1981.

29: Jowe Head : "Cake Shop Girl" (Hedonics Records) 1981.

30: Cult Figures : "I Remember" (Rather Records) 1980.

31: Jowe Head : "Radio Vatican" (Hedonics Records) 1981.

32: Jowe Head : "Crawfish" (Hedonics Records) 1981.

33: Jowe Head : "Swissair" (Hedonics Records) 1981.

34: Epic Soundtracks : "Jelly Babies" (Rough Trade) 1981.

35: The Prestigitators : "Nothing Ever Happens Next" (Industrial Coast) 2022.

36: Felix Kubin : "Bandits One Five" (WFMU) 2011.

37: The Armedalite Rifles : "The Saddest Boy" (Wrinkly Dink Records) 2017.

38: The Phones Sportsman Band : "I Really Love You" (Rather Records) 1980.

39: Eater : "Jeepster" (The Label) 1977.

40: Spizz Oil : "Cold City" (Rough Trade) 1979.

41: Crime And City Solution : "Free World" (Mute Records) 1992. 

Please take a listen to the broadcast here:

All comments and suggestions welcomed. 

                                                                 "Let's Build A Car" 7"

                                                            "A Trip To Marineville" LP.

                                                                 "Pincer Movement" LP.

                                                  Phones Sportsman & Epic Soundtrack 7"s.

                                                                          Swell Maps.

                                                     It's serious work playing Swell Maps!

The next broadcast is on April 28. 20:00 GMT Kick-Off time, tune into SoundArt Radio on 102.5 FM if you're in the firing range of Totnes / Dartington / Berry Pomeroy & Rattery or listen to the live stream via their website : The programme will feature exclusive sounds from Frans de Waard along side Human Larvae, Nurse With Wound, Mark Vernon, Expose Your Eyes and Duncan Harrison amongst others, with an 'On This Day' featuring A Certain Ratio.
If you are in the area I shall see you at the Wildlife Disco in Dartington on the 24TH.

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