Saturday, 6 July 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 04 July 2019.

A few weeks ago I was listening to the rather excellent broadcast The Institute Of Spectra-Sonic Sound which comes out of Eugene Oregon and I heard an amazing piece by Juice Machine, one thing lead to another and started hunting down Juice Machine releases - mainly cassettes - and this brought me in to the orbit of Andrew Quitter who released a split tape with Juice Machine as well as a split tape with Chefkirk. Chefkirk are a project featuring Juice Machine members.
All these projects are based in Eugene Oregon. I started a correspondence with Andrew and he sent me a parcel of amazing sounds. Apart from producing solo material under his own name Andrew records and performs as Regosphere and operates the DumpsterScore label.

                                                                  Andrew Quitter.

The opening piece of this broadcast is by Andrew Quitter and Nick Hoffman, it is from the cassette album "Aptheosis Putrefactum" released by Weird Ear in 2016. Nick also operates a label called Pilgrim Talk. The cassette is still available from the label. or contact Andrew direct :

                                                                    Nick Hoffman.

The broadcast closes with a solo Quitter piece "Cenobite". This is from the 4-Track EP "Kill Your Parents". I have a cassette version but it is available for downloading (if that's your bag) from the DumpsterScore website.
I don't usually play Dieter Müh tracks on MuhMur Radio, but after Dome I thought I would spin the Muh tribute to Dome taken from the "Eponymous" album. On this track we manipulated a Dome rhythm and I try whispered voices a la Graham Lewis underneath a (I think ... memory fails) How to speak Balinese tape. When Dome collaborated with Daniel Miller of Mute they became Duet Emmo so this track was called "Dumhome". "Eponymous" was originally released on CDR via the French Naninani label, this track is lifted from 2017 vinyl re-issue on the Ukranian Sentimental Productions label.
The Grey Frequency piece is from the "Ufology" cassette album, one of my favourite releases of 2019 (so far).
I am uncertain about the Otto Muehl 7" single "Psycho-Motorik Musik". I can't remember where I got it from.

Listed as unofficial on Discogs I imagine it features cuts / excerpts from the 1971 LP of the same name. I like the fact that the LP was not to be sold to anyone under 21 when it originally released. It reminds of a boy I knew at school who thought he couldn't by an album by The Stranglers because it was called "X Cert" and he was under 18.

The Hunting Lodge track is from their fourth LP "Nomad Souls". Originally released in 1984 on their own S/M Operatons label this piece is from the 1985 UK re-issue on Side Effekts Records. "Nomad Souls" is one of my favourite albums from the '80s and around this time Side Effekts Records were putting out great records by S.P.K. Lustmord and Gerechtigkeits Liga.
One of the greatest live performances I have ever witnessed was Dave Phillips at The Arnolfini in Bristol in 2012. Performing in total darkness (blacker than black) Dave produced a sense of ecstasy, paranoia and fear through voice and electricity. In Bristol I remember the sounds of insects began the performance and he had folk move around whispering and bumping in to people (it was very dark) and then a 20 minute sound of ... well, very close to what can be heard on this piece. It all ended with bursting of a hundred or so balloons and with Dave stood on a table in the middle of the room as the lights came up. It was almost a religious experience.

"dp Live Action 171214" is from the split tape with Tiny Tramp and available on the Belgian label Thirdtypetapes.
The cassette version is sold out but you can download it (if that's your bag) at a 'name your price' fee.

The last weekend of June I spent travelling the secondhand record shops and record fairs along the South East Coast of East Sussex and Kent. I can thoroughly recommend 'Wow & Flutter' in Hastings (Dieter Müh CDs for £4 a pop), 'Platform One' in Bexhill-On-Sea (run by a chap who used to play bass in The Bevis Frond) and a shop in Eastbourne whose name I forget, but it was a basement in an antique shop that smelled of mildew and rat piss. In this shop I managed to get a green vinyl bootleg copy of Coil's "Unnatural History" LP. Over the days I planned to meet some old friends, one of which was Simon from Bourbonese Qualk. Unfortunately Simon had to go to Huddersfield (late call) so I thought I would spin some Qualk. The pieces here are from "The Spike" album and recorded live at Bloomsbury Theatre, London in January/February 1985.

I did get to meet and drink with a few old friends including Phil Sanderson who kindly gave me a CDR of Storm Bugs and solo rarities, expect to be hearing that over the coming broadcasts.

"On This Day" July 4 1980 and Comsat Angels release "Independence Day" (of course they did)! It was re-released on July 4 in 1984 on Jive Records too. The Comsat Angels were (to me) one of those bands that peaked before their first album was released. Their first EP came out in 1979 and was Junta Records a label distributed by Lincoln's Company Records. One of their first gigs was at Lincoln Art College where I was in a band who were bottom of the bill - I was doing sound mixing/gear humping at the time for the New Wave trio Collide - also on the bill were X-S Energy and The Piranhas were headlining. I don't remember much about the evening but I do remember The Comsat Angels all dressed in Chinese Red Army uniforms and it looking quite impressive. Strangely enough this was at the same time Bill Nelson and his Red Noise project had the same image.
Another great record I managed to grab whilst in the Sussex area was a copy of "Solid Gold" the second LP by Gang Of Four. I have a Yugoslavian pressing the lists the track "Cheeseburger" as "Cheese Burger". Some folk find that interesting.

Please take a listen :

01: Andrew Quitter & Nick Hoffman : "The Tower" (Weird Ear) 2016.
02: Dome : "And Then" (The Grey Area) 1992.
03: Dieter Müh : "Dumhome" (Sentimental Productions) 2017.
04: Grey Frequency : "The Cosford Incident" (Grey Frequency) 2019.
05: Raison D'Etre + Troum : "Epȏdós" (Transgredient Records) 2017.
06: Vance Orchestra : "Monstrance 1" (Dachstuhl) 2001.
07: Otto Muehl : "Psycho-Motorik/Musik (Excerpt)" (Play Naked) 2005.
08: Regosphere : "Death, Like A Thief" (Obfuscated Records/Phage Tapes/DumpsterScore) 2013.
09: Hunting Lodge : "God Loves The Rock Stars" (Side Effekts Records) 1985.
10: Dave Phillips : "dp Live Action 171214" (Thirdtypetapes) 2019.
11: Bourbonese Qualk : "Call To Arms" (Dossier Records) 1985.
12: Bourbonese Qualk : "Frontline" (Dossier Records) 1985.
13: Bourbonese Qualk : "Spanner In The Works" (Dossier Records) 1985.
14: Bourbonese Qualk : "In-Flux" (Dossier Records) 1985.
15: Bourbonese Qualk : "Deadbeat" (Dossier Records) 1985.
16: The Comsat Angels : "Independence Day" (Polydor Records) 1980.
17: Gang Of Four : "Cheese Burger" (Jugoton/EMI Records) 1981.
18: Robert Turman : "Flux #1" (Spectrum Spools) 2019.
19: Andrew Quitter : "Cenobite" (DumpsterScore) 2018.

The next broadcast will be at 20:00 GMT on July 18. Pleased to have your ears.

Here's a picture of myself and Jason Williams (Deepkiss 720/Mothers Of the Third Reich) trying to recreate the 20 Jaxx Funk Greats cover on Beachy Head last Saturday ...

Sunday, 23 June 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 22 June 2019.

A little later than planned due to SoundArt Radio covering the "Evolving The Forest" event that was taking place throughout Dartington during the week. A mid afternoon programme did mean I had to alter the planned playlist and save the Ubiquitous Meh! tracks for the next programme.
The programme starts with Creep Of Paris and an excerpt from the new cassette "Helix Pomatia". Creep Of Paris is Active Denial member and Research Laboratories main man Thomas La Roche. As all Research Laboratories releases this one is ultra limited. Nine copies. This is the third release from C.O.P. within 12 months.

I first met Thomas when we were both drumming for Vagina Dentata Organ in Bristol in 2012. It's always worth getting in touch, try writing to Thomas at :
Paul Harrison has been creating noises since the mid 1990's, usually under the moniker of Expose Your Eyes or as a member of Smell & Quim. Recently he has been collaborating with Chandor Gloomy in (MuhMur Radio favourites) Hairs Abyss. The track here is from the album "Eye Fiend Edits" released on Paul's own but now sadly defunct Fiend Recordings label.
ELS is the solo project of Circuit Breaker keyboardist Edward Simpson. "Weeping" is from his second cassette album "Winters Split Part 2", a follow up to 2017's "Winters Split".

A couple of weeks ago I was in Plymouth to watch Contrastate, Alice Kemp & the Nocturnal Emissions at KARST Gallery, and it was a pleasure to walk in to a quality second hand record shop. (No tapes or CDs!). 'Really Good Records' is on Exeter Street, friendly, reasonably priced and well stocked with punk/post-punk/DIY and experimental 7''s and LP's. It was here that I managed to pick up a mint copy of Current 93 "Swastikas For Noddy" LP.

Released by L.A.Y.L.A.H. in 1988, I remember being decidedly non plussed when I first heard this. I remember feeling similar about 1987's "Dawn" LP and the Aryan Aquarians "Meet Their Waterloo" LP. in the late 1980's I used to live near a chap called John Price (aka Little John of Landishkrill) who bought everything by David Tibet and he played these albums continuously. I was cautious about buying "Swastikas For Noddy" but recently Current 93 haven't put a note wrong so I thought it worth a listen and now I am playing it continuously. I will slowly retrace my steps. I am going to Hastings next weekend and hopefully pick up some Current 93 from the second hand record shops there ...
Mattias Gustafsson is also known as Altar Of Flies and half of Cryme. "Rening" is from this years album "Frånvarande", a sequel to "Nattmusik" released in 2017. Released on the Belgian B.A.A.D.M.  label and available here :
Dayin is the drone project of Bulgarian sound artist Angel Simitchiev. "Vision Loss" is from the cassette album "Light Is Polluting The City" on the Swedish Purleiu label and available here :

Going back in time again, not as far as the late 80's this time ... but 1998 and I was living near a chap called Kev Kettle (aka Kev Kettle of Cacophony '3,3'). Kev is a big record collector and it was a pleasure to go round for a drink and a chat and listen to old Industrial, Krautrock and experimental music. Like Little John Kev also had a huge collection by the works of David Tibet. Anyway .. Kev used to talk about a tape by Bourbonese Qualk that came enclosed in a clay car (I remember him saying it was a VW Beetle). He either had a copy stored away in the attic or had seen a copy. I thought I knew everything Qualkian but had never heard of this cassette. This was all pre-Internet (or at least before such a thing had hit the households of Lincoln) and had no reason to disbelieve Kev. Fast forward a few years and I frantically search Discogs and the Bourbonese Qualk back catalogue but kept drawing blanks until earlier this month I was reading 'Vital Weekly' and saw a review that began 'Achwghâ Ney Wodei are not a Bourbonese Qualk side project'. The review is of a vinyl re-issue of a 1986 cassette that came packaged inside a clay car - a Citreon DS as it turns out. At last I have found the release that Kev was talking about. Originally released on the French V.I.S.A. label and now reissued on the new Portuguese Table Sports label. It is hard to understand how folk thought this was a side project of Bourbonese Qualk, the music is more theatrical and avant garde and very ... French. The sound reminds me of D.D.A.A. or maybe (in parts) Band Of Holy Joy. They did release a 3x12" box set on Simon Crab's New International Recordings label .. perhaps this is where the confusion set in?

Shaun Robert has been releasing cassettes of experimental DaDaesque noises since the mid 1980's, firstly with his factor x project and more recently under the moniker of Mutant Beatniks. Shaun operates the Institute For Alien Research and his debut 7" single 'Atavist' can be found here :

"On This Day" features 3 classic releases - it should be 4 but I don't have a copy of The Stranglers "Something Better Change" 7" which was released in 1977. I thought I had and was surprised to find it wasn't on the first album either. (Note to self ... buy some more records by The Stranglers). "Mother Moon" by Artery is part of a 3 track EP released on Marcus Featherby's Limited Editions record label. Artery were from Sheffield. I saw them in early 1980 play live at The Punch & Judy Bar, a venue that was inside The Palace Theatre in Newark. I think Attrition were supporting and a pre O Yuki Conjugate band called Music From The Death Factory. I had already seen MFTDF when they were called Passive Resistance. I think they became Metamorphosis before becoming O Yuki Conjugate, anyway .. Artery impressed. I remember it was a small crowd but Artery gave a very intense performance. I saw them a few times live afterwards. They became one of those bands that I use to go and see live and was always cautious. There was always a sense of 'fear' whenever they played - I'll also include The Birthday Party, Fad Gadget and The Cramps in this category. Small rooms with 50 or so excited folk and the evening could descend into chaos and/or violence. I suggest hunting the video of Artery live at Futurama 2 on YouTube.

                                                Artery 1980. Picture by Roger Quail.

Unfortunately I never saw Vice Versa live. "Eyes Of Christ" is the B Side to "Stilyagi" their second single after "Music 4". It was after this single was released that they changed their name (and style) to ABC. The Bill Nelson track comes from the 1982 album "The Love That Whirls (Diary Of A Thinking Heart)". Well, it's the single from the album as I don't have the LP. (Note to self....), although I did see Bill Nelson live just before he formed Red Noise at a very small club in Retford (Nottinghamshire), back then his band had Don Snow on keyboards who I am certain played keyboards for The Vibrators even though this isn't mentioned on Discogs. 

Anakrid is a new name to me. When I saw that Tasmanian label Cipher Productions had just put out a 7" and the sleeve was by Jan Warnke I knew I had to hear it. "Ugly/Pretty" is a great single. Side A is electric drones, layered guitars and tones, a sound that would have been put out on Drone Records 20 years ago. "Pretty" reminds me of a sound created by Organum. It's a great single, just the right length (if that makes sense)? Write to Chris at Cipher Productions to secure a copy :

Swedish label I Dischi Del Barone have just put out the first Small Cruel Party vinyl record in over 15 years. I have a feeling I played it at the wrong speed! At least I played the right side! I'll play it at the correct speed in the next programme, or you can play it at the correct speed yourself by grabbing a copy here :

01: Creep Of Paris : :Helix Pomatia" (Excerpt) (Research Laboratories) 2019.
02: Paul Harrison : "Tension-Charge-Discharge-Relaxation" (Fiend Recordings) 2017.
03: ELS : "Weeping" (Gateway) 2019.
04: Michael Idehall : "Built Apart" (Ant Zen) 2018
05: Current 93 : "The Summer Of Love" (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Anti Records) 1988.
06: Current 93 : "(Hey Ho) The Noddy (Oh)" (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Anti Records) 1988.
07: Current 93 : "Beau Soleil" (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Anti Records) 1988.
08: Current 93 : "Scarlet Woman" (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Anti Records) 1988.
09: Current 93 : "The Stair Song" (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Anti Records) 1988.
10: Current 93 : "Angel" (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Anti Records) 1988.
11: Current 93 : "Since Yesterday" (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Anti Records) 1988.
12: Current 93 : "Valediction" (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Anti Records) 1988.
13: Current 93 : "Malediction" (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Anti Records) 1988.
14: Helm : "I Knew You Would Respond" (Pan) 2019.
15: The Tights : "China's Eternal" (Cherry Red Records) 1978.
16: Mattias Gustafsson : "Frånvarande. 2nd Movement : Rening" (B.A.A.D.M) 2019.
17: Dayin : "Vision Loss" (Purlieu Recordings) 2019.
18: Robert Haigh : "Juliet Of The Spirits" (Vinyl On Demand) 2014.
19: Achwghå Ney Wodei : "La Valse Du Baron Rouge" (Table Sports) 2019.
20: Kallabris : "Consideration Sur Le Café" (Genesungswerk/Jazztone Records) 2001.
21: Artery : "Mother Moon" (Limited Editions Records) 1979.
22: Vice Versa : "Eyes Of Christ" (Backstreet Backlash Records) 1980.
23: Bill Nelson : "Eros Arriving" (Mercury Records) 1982.
24: Coil : "Wrong Eye" (Shock) 1991.
25: Neutral : "Berg 211" (Omlott) 2017.
26: Anakrid : "Pretty" (Cipher Productions) 2019.
27: Small Cruel Party : "Titania" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2019.
28: Achwghâ Ney Wodei : Mario" (Table Sports) 2019.
29: Throbbing Gristle : "Dead On Arrival" (Industrial Records) 1978.

Being broadcast on a Saturday afternoon meant that I got a chance to catch up with SoundArt Radio mandarin Chris who was building some mobile sound device for the summer fayres.

Next programme will be back at the regular time of 20:00 GMT on Thursday July the 4th .. when I do know was the day that ComSat Angels released their "Independence Day" single...for the first time!

Sunday, 9 June 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 06 June 2019.

At the beginning of April this year I found myself in Lincoln. I was staying at a place near the venue Decimal Place. Whilst I was there I discovered the venue was holding a 'tape noise night' and one of the attendees was going to be Gavin Morrow. I knew Gavin by name and association with Ben Hallatt  (Widows Of Europe / Murder Cult) so I got in touch and planned a meet and a chance to grab some of his releases as Grey Frequency. "Tape Noise Night" occurs on the first Thursday of every month and it's a chance for folk to meet, chat play their latest noises, show their films or chat about whatever has excited them over the past weeks. A kind of 'show and tell' for noiseniks.

                                                            10 Decimal Place, Lincoln.

So, Grey Frequency is Gavin Morrow, a visual and sound artist based in Nottingham. Grey Frequency began in 2012 with the album "Second Sight" on US label Darker Days Ahead. The sound of Grey Frequency explores modern mythologies and the paranormal using soundscapes and audial painting. It's quite an 'organic' sound built by tape machines, effect pedals and spoken word sampling.  Really immersive. Earlier this year Grey Frequency released the cassette album 'Ufology' via his bandcamp page : it has sold out of it's cassette version but still available as download.

For MuhMur Radio Grey Frequency provided four new pieces. "Earth Recycled" is a studio edit taken from the live improvised performance that took place at The Church Of Sound in Nottingham in May this year (also included in full). "Rendlesham Forest (1980) (Edit)" and "You Will Improve Or Disappear (Edit)" are special edits from the tracks pulled from the "Ufology" album. "Broad Haven (1977)" is also from "Ufology". "Dyatlov Pass" and "Cascade" are from the compilation album "Exhibition". Released (again) via the Grey Frequency bandcamp page and still available.  Gavin also has a website : Well worth a visit.

The broadcast starts with a track from the new album by BºTong "Probing The Boundaries". The sound of BºTong is very similar in construct and concept to Grey Frequency.  I once travelled by train between Hamburg and Bremen with Chris (aka BºTong) and for the whole time he had his head in an old 1970's pulp sci-fi paperback. The sound of this CD is very much the sound of that book.
The Bass Communion track comes from a 5xTape album by Pyramids. I bought this release the year it came out (2010) because it featured Burial Hex and after playing with Clay in 2009 and being enthralled by his sound I was buying anything by (or with) Burial Hex at the time ... I still am if truth be told! Also on the compilation are Windy & Carl who I saw supporting Tactile and The Silver Apples back in 1997 at Sam Feys in Nottingham. Again, I felt entranced by their live sound but what I heard on vinyl at the time left me cold ... I was keen to know what they sounded like ten years after.

Here is the blurb : "Each artist in this collection received original Pyramids music with no instructions other than to make a new work from any or all of the sounds provided along with anything else they wanted to add to the mix. All forms of manipulation were encouraged and utilised. "Wvndrkmmer" contains fifty-two pure interpretations of the same music, which was not so much a song, but four operate, cooperating textures". 
The Anemone Tube + Jarl track comes from the new album "The Hunters In The Snow - A Contemplation Of Peter Bruegel's Series Of The Seasons". It is available from The Epicurean direct :

It's always a treat to get a new Helm release and this month Pan Records put out "Chemical Flowers". As far as I can work out this is Helm's 16th album. Conjecture is the solo project of Greek artist Vasilis Angelopoulos. "Flesh" comes from the album "V" released last month on the Bulgarian Amek label. Following the 2015 cassette album "XX" Italian label Xn Recordings have just out out the new 7" single by Swedish industrialists Proiekt Hat. "Freeloader" is the A side to the single ""XXIII". About six years ago I met the main man behind the Proiekt Hat, he handed me a load of cassette tapes of the project and that of Wintheer, a side project. All really good stuff, but I seem to remember him saying that the band was to be called "Projekt Hat" but a misprint on the first release gave them their new name. (Now I was drunk at the time so may have mis-remembered, but.....).
Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Contrastate live in Plymouth and I managed to pick up a CD re-issue of their first LP "Seven Hands Seek Nine Fingers". The final tack on this broadcast is from that album.

                                            Contrastate live at KARST Gallery, Plymouth.

Please take a listen here :

01: BºTong : "Sinister Overture" (Marbre Negre) 2019.
02: Grey Frequency : "Earth Recycled" (Not On Label) 2019.
            (Exclusive piece recorded for MuhMur Radio).
03: Grey Frequency : "Dyatlov Pass" (Grey Frequency) 2017.
04: Grey Frequency : "Cascade" (Grey Frequency) 2017.
05: Bass Communion : "Untitled" (Small Doses) 2010.
06: Anemone Tube & Jarl : "The Gloomy Day" (The Epicurean/Auf Abwegen) 2019.
07: Grey Frequency : "Rendlesham Forest (1980) (Edit)" (Not On Label) 2019.
                  (Exclusive piece recorded and edited for MuhMur Radio).
08: Helm : "Leave Them All Behind" (Pan) 2019.
09: Conjecture : "Flesh" (Amek) 2019.
10: Grey Frequency : "Live At The Church Of Sound, 16 May 2019" (Not On Label) 2019.
                                   (Exclusive piece recorded for MuhMur Radio).
11: Proiekt Hat : "Freeloader" (Xn Recordings) 2019.
12: Inade : "Quartered Conclusion" (Membrum Debile Propaganda) 2000.
13: Grey Frequency : "You Will Improve Or Disappear (Edit)" (Not On Label) 2019.
                             (Exclusive piece recorded and edited for MuhMur Radio).
14: Grey Frequency : "Broad Haven (1977)" (Grey Frequency) 2019.
15: Contrastate : "The Man Seeking Experience Requires His Way Of A Drop Of Water"
                             (Fin De Siėcle Media) 2005.

The next programme is on June 20 at 20:00 hours GMT. Thank you for listening, and thank you to Gavin Morrow / Grey Frequency for the support and sounds that made this broadcast....

                                         Sneaky Studio Selfie whilst Dave engineers away!

Sunday, 12 May 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 09 May 2019.

Back in 2005 (maybe 2006) I decided to promote the sound of Dieter Müh on MySpace, I think it was to make folk aware of the Dieter Müh & Lon Milo DuQuette collaborative LP "The Call" ... I don't usually like putting my head above the parapet so to speak but we were releasing the LP ourselves and I felt it needed a presence .. anyway .. during the Dieter Müh MySpace years (it ended in 2009) I heard the band Teingmouth Electron. At first I thought that they were (probably) from Teignmouth (the Devonshire coastal town that is about 10 minutes down the road from me) and would like to do a gig or something local .. but it turned out that they were from Brighton (about five and a half hours away and what we call "the far North") and had no connections to Teignmouth.
I lost contact with the project when I left MySpace, so I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago when I discovered that the great UK label Research Laboratories label were about to put out a cassette by Teignmouth Electron. Limited to 20 copies the tape is called "Disappointment" and comes wrapped in William Morris wallpaper. I now know that Teignmouth Electron is the solo project of Massachusetts born and Brighton based artist Maureen Hallomas. Maureen is also a member of the post-punk band Structure. As a strange co-incidence I met Maureen last year without knowing she was Teignmouth Electron, we both danced at Steve Underwood's wedding in Bexhill-On-Sea. Small world, eh? Anyway ... hopefully more is to come from this great project.


I was reading Frans De Waard's "Vinyl Weekly" blog the other month and was interested in his Blacktop_Audio review. Blacktop_Audio were a three piece experimental tape noise group from New York that existed between 1980 to 1983. There were other players involved (The Blacktop_Audio Family), but the main members were Penny Chapman, Eric Chapman and Rebecca Anderson. Last year Blake Edwards of Vertonen put out a compilation CDR on his Ballast NVP label. The CDR is enclosed in a 30 page tract that includes a full discography and a transcript of a phone cal between Penny and Jeph Jerman. It's limited to 50 copies only, but maybe still available (I got a copy). Try contacting Blake at
Another great 'find' a few weeks ago was the sound of 3 Teens Kill Four. Again a New York based band that existed from 1980 to 1984. Very much grouped in to the "No Wave" movement of that time the name (and sound) was completely new to me. US re-issue label Dark Entries put out their only LP "No Motive" a couple of years ago. The LP comes with flyers and a small booklet. Recommended.

                                                                 3 Teens Kill Four.

Berlin based experimental pop band Schwund have just released their third album "Technik Und Gefühl". It's a collaborative released between German label Phantom Records and UK's Harbinger Sound. There are two versions; vinyl and cassette with the cassette version having bonus tracks ... Grab a copy here :

Peter Simpson is the singer / guitarist with Circuit Breaker. He has just put out a self released eponymously titled mini album comprised of six songs. It's quite an eclectic sound but Pete's voice and story-telling like arrangements draw you in to his world. "Albert Angelo" is played here as example. To my (old) ears it has the sound of Be Bop Deluxe and Jethro Tull in there but is still distinctly Peter Simpson. The mini album is produced by John Hannon a name I recognise from working with Tim Holehouse in the past.
This programmes "On This Day" section features three great records. Firstly Bill Nelson's "Do You Dream In Colour?" 7", then Jah Wobble's "Betrayal" album and finally The Fall's "Totale's Turns" LP. All released in 1980. A great day! I bought all three records on release from Sanctuary Records in Lincoln.
Ukranian sound artist Edward Sol is no stranger to MuhMur Radio. 2019 is becoming quite a prolific year for his sounds ... he recently put out a split cassette with Altar Of Flies as well as the cassette EP "Teen Sharp". The track "Guts To Ears" is from the "Teen Sharp" release. Edward now has a band camp page for all his releases and sounds he puts out on his great Sentimental Productions label. Well worth discovering.
On last months MuhMur Radio I played a couple of exclusive pieces by Hairs Abyss. Unfortunately the sound quality on the first track was pretty poor so Paul Harrison (one half of Hairs Abyss ... and all of Expose Your Eyes) kindly mailed a superior quality version on CDR (as opposed to the lo-fi cassette) and gave it the title "Anonymous Paradox".

Out soon on the Harbinger Sound label is the debut album from Catalonian power trio Dead Normal. Dead Normal are Mario, Oriol Rosell and Zoë Valls.

The Clock DVA track is from the third and final anthology "Horology 3". A four album box set put out by Vinyl On Demand. Over the past seven years VOD have released 15 albums and a 7" EP in the Horology series. It's an essential over sight and documentation of (probably) on one of the greatest and important bands of our times.
I played a couple of tracks by D.A.F. to compliment the sounds of 1980. "Co Co Pino" is from their second album "Die Kleinen Und Die Bösen". The first LP on Mute Records. DAF were (initially) the support band to The Fall on their 1979/1980 tour to promote the "Dragnet" LP but because The Fall audience (at the time) were against the sound of German experimental electronic pop they spat at and threw objects at them, so they went back home to Germany. The Fall then chose 'local' groups to support them ... and it's how I got involved and supported The Fall at Retford Porterhouse on their "Dragnet" tour ... but that's another story ....

Please take a listen here : Comments always welcomed but not often published!

01: Teignmouth Electron : "Public Decay" (Research Laboratories) 2019.
02: Blacktop_Audio : "Blinker 2" (Ballast NVP) 2018.
03: 3 Teens Kill Four : "Tell Me Something Good" (Dark Entries) 2017.
04: Schwund : "Binär-Indianer" (Phantom Records/Harbinger Sound) 2019.
05: Schwund : "Gut Gefunden" (Phantom Records/Harbinger Sound) 2019.
06: D.A.F. : "Kebab-Träume" (Mute Records) 1980.
07: Bill Nelson : "Dada Guitare" (Les Disques Du Crépuscule) 1980.
08: Peter Simpson : "Albert Angelo" (Not On Label) 2019.
09: Bill Nelson : "Do You Dream In Colour?" (Cocteau Records) 1980.
10: Re-Clip : "Untitled" (Not On Label) 2015.
11: Edward Sol : "Guts To Ear" (Village Tapes) 2019.
12: Hairs Abyss : "Anonymous Paradox" (Not On Label) 2019.
13: Dead Normal : "Reasons To" (Harbinger Sound) 2019.
14: Dead Normal : "Not Love" (Harbinger Sound) 2019.
15: John Paul : "Man About Town" (Harbinger Sound) 2019.
16: Jah Wobble : "Betrayal" (Virgin Records) 1980.
17: The Anti Group : "Zulu" (Sweatbox) 1985.
18: Clock DVA : "Mass" (Vinyl On Demand) 2019.
19: Schwund : "Kassensturz" (Phantom Records/Harbinger Sound) 2019.
20: Doctor Mix & The Remix : "Hey Joe" (Acute Records) 2004.
21: D.A.F. : "Co Co Pino" (Mute Records) 1980.
22: The Fall : "Rowche Rumble (Live)" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.
23: The Fall : "Muzorewi's Daughter (Live)" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.
24: The Fall : "In My Area (Live)" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.

Next broadcast will be on Thursday May 23 at 20:00 hours GMT and will feature Scars in the "On This Day" section ... that's all I know.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 25 April 2019

Tonights broadcast featured some exclusive noises from Government Alpha. Government Alpha is the solo 'noise' project of Japanese sound artist Yasutoshi Yoshida. Government Alpha began in the early 1990's after Yasutoshi tried to form a 'progressive industrial' band along the lines of Einsturzende Neubauten and Pankow. The band failed to materialise but Yasutoshi met a musician who introduced him to the sound of Whitehouse, Nurse With Wound and Throbbing Gristle and after witnessing a live performance by Incapacitants decided to create a solo noise project. To release his noise Yasutoshi created the Xerxes label and in 1994 put out the cassette "Doze". This was the same time as the Susan Lawley label released the outstanding compilation album "Extreme Music From Japan" which featured two tracks by Government Alpha.
Over the last quarter of a century the sound of Government Alpha has fluctuated between harsh noise,  industrial noise, dark ambient and mystique concret and Yasutoshi has collaborated with a host of other projects including Bastard Noise, M:S:B:R, Bruital Orgasme, Expose Your Eyes, Praying For Oblivion and ThirdOrgan to name just a few. One of the most interesting collaborations is with Setsuko "Isabelle" Martin and the project 'S. Isabella'. The broadcast starts with two pieces from their "Pleroma" album and their plundering of material by Bernhard Gunter and M:S:B:R.

On a rainy night in the summer of 1998 Steve Underwood brought Government Alpha (along with M:S:B:R, SSHE Retina Stimulants & Ashtray Navigations) to Nottingham to play at the first Harbinger Soundclash. Dieter Müh were also on the bill. Yasutoshi played a blistering 10 minute or so set where the glasses behind the bar smashed and a chap called Stream Angel tried to dance along ... the set was recorded and Mick McDaid (of Outsider Records) and myself decided to create a CDR label to release Government Alpha. The result being "Breaked Live Wires" on The Mouth Label. (Mouth being a amalgam of MUH & OUT). From that night a four or five year correspondence began with Yasutoshi, he even released a Dieter Müh cassette on his Xerxes label.
In 1999 Harbinger Sound released the lathe cut LP "Drowsey Eclipse". Limited to 25 copies the track "Perfumed Erinyes" is from this album.

                                                                  'Drowsey Eclipse'

Although not released until 2005, the track "The Vulture Gathers The Fear Of..." was also recorded around this time. This track is from the Harbinger Sound 3xLP compilation "...And The Vultures Miss Nothing". This release features the creme de la creme of the industrial / experimental noise scene of the 1990's with the likes of M:S:B:R, Con-Dom, Macronympha, Putrefier, Pain Jerk, Onomatopoeia, Dogliveroil, AMK and Contagious Orgasm to name just a few. Well worth hunting down. The track "Moral Plants" is also from a compilation, the double tape "Krimkall" released by Swedish label Krimljud.


In 2006 Government Alpha appeared on the 8xLP+7" compilation "Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders". The track "TaNgiBilty" is from this release as are the tracks by Aaron Dilloway and Smell & Quim. Earlier this year I (as Dieter Müh) was asked to play the Bhuton Festival in Pula, Croatia along with Nocturnal Emissions, Ramleh and Government Alpha. Unfortunately the festival has been cancelled due to financial fallouts but it did prompt me to get back in touch with Yasutoshi. No more streams of conscious thought on graph paper from Yasutoshi this time though .. straight forward electronic mail! I invited Government Alpha to provide sounds for the radio and "20141228" is the result. It is a 10 minute unreleased live performance.

More exclusive sounds on tonights programme! Two tracks from the Dutch/UK project Hairs Abyss. Hairs Abyss are comprised of Chandor Gloomy (Cromlech Shadow / Coma Kultur) and Paul Harrison formerly of Expose Your Eyes and Smell & Quim. Paul also used to operate the cassette label Fiend Recordings in the 1990's/early 00's. Hairs Abyss can be found on the net label Coma Kultur. alongside recordings by Cromlech Shadow.
I played the Con-Dom track "Rome Song" because it uses sound samples from Expose Your Eyes.

                                                                      Hairs Abyss

Also in the broadcast : A track from the new album by French industrialists Muckrackers. The album "HFx : Uck" was released last month to celebrate the start of their world tour. Their website is a fantastic place to visit with video clips and sound samples:

On this day in 1978 Pork Dukes released their "Telephone Masturbator" single. Back in the day ... I bought Pork Dukes records, their first single was called "Throbbing Gristle" and their sleeves always made me smile. I think they are still playing live! I managed to pick up this single from Chris Sigdell.

Last year Brighton based label Cheap Food Records released the eponymous cassette from Active Denial, a power electronics duo featuring Thomas LaRoche. This year after a few live performances in Brighton and London Active Denial return with the 4 track cassette EP "What Dreams Are Made Of". First edition was on Outsider Art, the second edition (the copy I have) is on Cheap Food Records. It's sound is set in 1980's power electronics evoking the ambiance of Anenzaphalia, Ramleh + Consumer Electronics. Thomas LaRoche also operates the Research Laboratories label, a label that puts out very limited cassette releases and has virtually no internet presence. They have released tapes by Mark Vernon, Duncan Harrison, The New Blockaders, Evil Moisture and Creep Of Paris to name a few .. the latest RL tape from Teignmouth Electron is superb, and hopefully I can put it in to the next broadcast. To get hold of Research laboratories / Cheap Food Records try writing to :

                                                          'What Dreams Are Made Of'

Please take a listen :

01: S. Isabella : "Trace Of Saint (The Sky Is Falling)" (Xerxes) 1998.
02: S. Isabella : "Dire Insomnia (Ideal Siesta)" (Xerxes) 1998.
03: Government Alpha : "The Vulture Gathers The Fear Of ..." (Harbinger Sound) 2005.
04: Contagious Orgasm & Government Alpha : "Background Sound" (SSSM) 2006.
05: Government Alpha & Bruital Orgasme : "Ligne De Pression Sélective" (Rhods Prod) 2013.
06: Muckrackers : "HFx : Uck #1" (LFA) 2019.
07: Hairs Abyss : "Untitled #1" (Not On Label) 2019.
08: Cromlech Shadow : "A Single Hidden Ditch" (Coma Kultur) 2019.
09: Con-Dom : "Rome Song" (Old Europa Cafe) 1998.
10: Bastard Noise/Government Alpha : "A Diabolical Journey" (Small Doses) 2014.
11: Macronympha : "High Velocity Resistance Components" (The Releasing Eskimo) 1998.
12: Government Alpha : "TaNgiBility" (Vinyl On Demand) 2006.
13: Aaron Dilloway : "Machine Rape (Blitzkreig)" (Vinyl On Demand) 2006.
14: Hairs Abyss : "Untitled #2" (Not On Label) 2019.
15: Government Alpha : "Perfumed Erinyes" (Harbinger Sound) 1999.
16: Bastard Noise : "GN-Z11" (Anthems Of The Undesirable) 2018.
17: Government Alpha : "20141228" (Not On Label) 2019.
18: Pork Dukes : "Telephone Masturbator" (Woods Records) 1978.
19: Government Alpha : "Moral Plants" (Krimljud) 2008.
20: Smell & Quim : "Tasting Nun's Blood" (At War With False Noise) 2010.
21: Active Denial : "Wish Harm" (Cheap Food Records) 2019.

The next broadcast will be on May 9 at 20:00 hours. Not too sure of what will be in/on the playlist but May 9 did see (in the past) releases from Bill Nelson, Jah Wobble & The Fall so perhaps the noises won't be as extreme as this programme! One of the joys of the springtime is that I get the bus to Totnes and walk along the River Dart to the studio (instead of trains and taxis). Here's a couple of pictures I took whilst waiting for the bus last Thursday.


                                                            Poster at the bus stop.

Monday, 8 April 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast April 11 2019.

When is an archive not an archive? Can something be pre-archived?
Due to other commitments I will be unable to broadcast a live MuhMur Radio on Thursday (April 11) so yesterday I pre-recorded the programme. It will be broadcast at 20:00 GMT this coming Thursday on SoundArt Radio 102.5FM (in the South Hams district of Devon) and streamed live via the SoundArt Radio website. I have posted the programme on MixCloud as I will not be anywhere near civilisation until the following weekend, and I know some folk like to listen to the programme over their Friday breakfasts.
Here is the link:

The programme starts with a piece from Italian sound artist and composer Andrea Borghi. His latest release is seven pieces of abstract electro-acoustic noises built around three vinyl discs. Entitled "3discos" it is on the Portuguese Rhizome.s label. I have been listening to Andrea's sounds since 2013 when I was introduced to VipCranco and the split tape on Cipher Productions. Andrea is a member of VipCranco (who have been a little quiet of late). Last year Andrea released the LP "VHS" on Misanthropic Agenda Records where he built sound pieces using old VHS recorders, VHS tapes and copper foil. Well recommended. "3discos" is available as a download from Rhizome.s here :
Mannequin Records of Berlin have re-issued the 1988 Nocturnal Emissions album "Spiritflesh". Recorded inside London Zoo and the Derbyshire Dales throughout 1988, the track "Raindance" features Steve Tanza (of Bourbonese Qualk) on drums.
Last year Finnish experimentalists Grey Park released the cassette album "Olic Banquet" on Hyster Tapes. I must admit that this album wasn't easy listening at first and it took me a few attempts to get past the first two tracks, but over the past few weeks I have 're-discovered' "Olic Banquet", some of Grey Park's finest works. I am uncertain as to who is active in Grey Park these days. I played live with them in Helsinki in 2011 and they were a five piece, but I have the feeling (mainly through sound changes) that they are now a two-piece. I am in contact with Heikke (AKA plaa), Heikke operates Hyster tapes and is the drummer in Nolls, but he keeps GP information close to his chest. It's well worth contacting Heikke at Hyster Tapes, they have a great catalogue and sell their tapes for €2. They also have a small distribution outlet.

"Invocations Of Always" by Current 93 is a 59 minute long soundtrack and installation song for an exhibition of David Tibet's work at The Begovich Gallery in Fullerton, California. Here is a link to a short film by David Pepe about the exhibition.

Harbinger Sound Ist Tot. -  Es Lebe Ein Vorboten Sound! Later in the year Harbinger Sound will release a 12" mini-LP by Barcelona duo Mentira. This will be the follow up to their 2017 7" single "Autointitulado" on Nada Nada Discos.
Around 20 years ago I asked a friend in Finland (Juri of MNEM) if he had any Bad Vugum records to pass on, or if he could get hold of any - the late 1990's was still pre-internet days for us provincial types. Juri kindly mailed the LP "Derek!" by Aavikko and the love affair began. Now Juri mails Aavikko releases whenever he can and the two tracks here are from their latest LP "Monopoly". Aavikko describe their sound as 'Disco Muysic', the trinity of melody, harmony and rhythm. They play - we dance! The album is released by Finnish label Ektro and available here :
The sound has elements (to these ears) of early Fad Gadget, hence "Handshake".
On this day (Aprill 11) in 1981 Manchester based band The Diagram Brothers released their second single "Bricks". Back in 1981 I was in love with the discordant sound of The Diagram Brothers (and still am). I saw them live at the Futurama festival in Bingley Hall, Staffordshire and thought they were one the best bands of that festival. (Ludus, Virgin Prunes & 23 Skidoo were also there). Anyway, I started corresponding with the band and received letters from band member Lawrence Diagram (AKA Lawrence Fitzgerald). It's funny thinking how I used to fire off correspondence back in them days .. I remember having correspondence with Craig Scanlon, The Door & The Window, Eddie Maelov, John Foxx, Industrial Records, SPK (as mentioned last broadcast) ... "proper fan-boy" as my mate Steve would've said. Anyway ... I did get to meet Lawrence, I introduced myself at Futurama 4, the one at Deeside in North Wales and Lawrence kindly invited me backstage to watch him play in Nico's live band from side-stage, which I strangely declined. Good set though if memory serves. A lot of The Diagram Brothers material has been re-issued by LTM Records. Andy Diagram also played in James and with David Thomas (David Thomas & The Two Pale Boys) and Fraser Diagram played with Eric Random & The Bedlamites.

01: Andrea Borghi : "Discomaterial #19 Part Two" (Rhizome.s) 2019.
02: Nocturnal Emissions : "Ch'i Sea" (Mannequin Records) 2019.
03: Nocturnal Emissions : "Raindance" (Mannequin Records) 2019.
04: Grey Park : "Explanations" (Hyster Tapes) 2018.
05: Current 93 : "Invocations Of Always Parts 1-9" (The Spheres) 2019.
06: Tam Quam Tabula Rasa : "Ataxia" (Drone Records) 1995.
07: Genocide Organ : "One Final Moment" (Tesco Organisation) 2009.
08: Mentira : "Sao Paulo Sao Cinzas" (Harbinger Sound) 2019.
09: Mentira : "Constantes" (Harbinger Sound) 2019.
10: Aavikko : "Go And Know" (Ektro Records) 2019.
11: Aavikko : "Volt Age" (Ektro Records) 2019.
12: Fad Gadget : "Handshake" (Mute Records) 1980.
13: Silent Types : "Upset" (Double Dose) 1980.
14: The Diagram Brothers : "Bricks" (New Hormones) 1981.

Being recorded on a Sunday afternoon I was able to invite Tamsin (Mrs. MuhMur) to help me on the decks whilst the kids turned the gardens of Dartington Hall Estate in to a NERF™ gun battleground.

Next broadcast will be LIVE! on April 25, 20:00 GMT. It will feature two "sessions" one from Hairs Abyss and one from Government Alpha.

Sunday, 31 March 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 28 March 2019.

As far as my diary is concerned, on the 28th of March 1981 SPK released their debut LP "Information Overload Unit" on their own Side Effekts Imprint. It was Dave Mutch's idea to dedicate the whole two hours of this programme to the sound of S.P.K.

The album has been a great inspiration for us both. I remember hearing SPK for the first time and it being exactly the sound I was looking for. Back in 1979 I was listening to a lot of electronic / D.I.Y. music ... steering away from the bass/drums/guitar 'punk + new wave'  bands (although I still had time for them) and listening to more electronic stuff. Ultravox's "System Of Romance", Cabaret Voltaire's "Extended Play", Tubeway Army's debut LP, Throbbing Gristle, The Door And The Window, Rough Trade Records releases etc. I used to write to bands/labels back in those days too and I remember getting a letter from Industrial Records recommending I wrote to a chap called Graeme T'uatara who had just moved over (from Germany I think) and was about to release a single on their label. He was living with Peter Christopherson at the time and his band were called Surgical Penis Klinik. I wrote and there started a correspondence with Graeme. He mailed me a copy of his "No More" 7" EP and that was it! The sound came from nowhere, I had never heard such power, such noise before. The rhythmic pulsing noise generators, the swirling guitar, the German vocals ... just what I needed to hear at that point in time. A year or so earlier I had bought a copy of Throbbing Gristle's "Second Annual Report" ... the sensation was the same.

I never got to see SPK live until 1983 and their UK "Metal Dance" tour. The classic line-up of Graeme, Sinan, Derek Thompson and John Murphy. Dave Kenny was the live engineer on the tour. It was after the gig at Manchester Hacienda that I decided I was going to follow the tour and Graeme invited me to be their 'roadie'. (Saving on admission and buying beer).
The same happened again the following year on the "Junk Funk" tour, this time I did a lot of babysitting whilst SPK sound checked. The last time I saw Graeme and Sinan was in 1984 at the 'infamous riot gig' at the ICA in London. It was a very tense evening and it was my job to look after the equipment (Fairlight Synthesizer) whilst the riot was taking place.

So here is two hours of SPK. "Information Overload Unit" in full and side one of "Leichenschrei". Also "Germanik", the first SPK track I heard (I think) and "Slogun" from their debut EP "Factory".
Please take a listen :

Playlist :
01: SPK : "John" (Theraputic/Adverse Recordings) 2012.
02: SPK : "Emantion Machine R.Gie 1916" (Side Effects) 1981.
03: SPK : "Suture Obsession" (Side Effects) 1981.
04: SPK : "Macht Schrecken" (Side Effects) 1981.
05: SPK : "Berufsverbot" (Side Effects) 1981.
06: SPK : "Slogun" (Side Effects) 1979.
07: SPK : "Ground Zero:Infinity Dose" (Side Effects) 1981.
08: SPK : "Stammheim Torturkammer" (Side Effects) 1981.
09: SPK : "Retard" (Side Effects) 1981.
10: SPK : "Epilept:Convulse" (Side Effects) 1981.
11: SPK : "Kaltbruchig Acideath" (Side Effects) 1981.
12: SPK : "Germanik" (Side Effects) 1981.
13: SPK : "Genetik Transmission" (Side Effects) 1983.
14: SPK : "Post-Mortem" (Side Effects) 1983.
15: SPK : "Desolation" (Side Effects) 1983.
16: SPK : "Napalm/Terminal Patient" (Side Effects) 1983.
17: SPK : "Cry From The Sanatorium" (Side Effects) 1983.
18: SPK : "Baby Blue Eyes" (Side Effects) 1983.
19: SPK : "Israel" (Side Effects) 1983.
20: SPK : "Internal Bleeding" (Side Effects) 1983.
21: SPK : "Chamber Musik" (Side Effects) 1983.
22: SPK : "Culturcide" (Side Effects) 1983.
23: SPK : "A Heart That Breaks (In No Time Or Place)" (Walter Ulbricht Schallfollen) 1983.
24: SPK : "Invocation" (Nettwerk) 1987.
25: SPK : "White Island" (Nettwerk) 1987.
26: SPK : "Kambuja" (Nettwerk) 1987.
27: SPK : "Flesh & Steel" (Elektra) 1985.
28: Graeme Revell : "Balinese Twilights" (Musique Brut) 1986.

Tracks #2-#5 + #7-#11 from "Information Overload Unit" LP.
Tracks #13-#21 from "Leichenschrei" LP.
Track #22 from "Dekompositiones" 12"EP.
Track #23 from "Auto Da Fe" LP.
Tracks #24-#25 from "Gold And Poison" LP.
Track #26 from "Off The Deep End" 12"
Track #27 from "Machine Age Voodoo" LP.

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 04 July 2019.

A few weeks ago I was listening to the rather excellent broadcast The Institute Of Spectra-Sonic Sound which comes out of Eugene Oregon a...