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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 22 November 2018.

Back when I was a youth (the 1960's) I had an old Nan who lived in the small Lincolnshire hamlet of Jerusalem, it was a tag on to the village of Skellingthorpe which probably isn't a village anymore. Jerusalem was about half a dozen houses, a farm, a hide and skin company and my Nan's bungalow. (The people who owned the farm and hide & skin company were my godparents...the Hughes'). Anyway. Nan had a huge black & white TV on a four foot high table with casters. It was covered with a crocheted blanket and was wheeled out for the weather forecast. The BBC weather forecast. This would be (in those days) at lunchtime, tea-time and at the close of transmission (usually around 11pm). Apart from 'It's A Knockout' (with the legendary line-up of Hall/Ellis/Waring) no other programme was watched. This did (of course) cause hilarity with me and my sister and (indeed) mum and dad. Nan lived her life by the BBC weather forecast, decisions were made on the result of the broadcast .. and my mum would always say "Forecast is just another word for guess".
Leap forward fifty years and I am stood on Newton Abbot train station trying to catch a train to Totnes to get to the SoundArt Radio radio station. It's not a bad evening, certainly coat and trousers as opposed to fleece and shorts but it's not 'bad' weather but trains between Exeter and the Deep South seem to be cancelled because of the (and I'm quoting the tannoy) "forecast bad weather" Forecast bad weather ... forecast ... but - Forecast is just another word for guess how the hell can trains be cancelled 'on a guess'? Luckily one train did make it through ... the London to Penzance super fast train. Stress levels run high, train station, panic station .. not a conducive state of mind for two hours of radio ... anyway. A brisk two mile walk from Totnes to the radio station (in fine weather) cleared the head and realigned the stress levels...only to discover that the speakers in the studio were not working and all CD/Tape play had to be done through the headphones ... There be Omens!

For the second time running Modelbau open the programme. Modelbau always deliver the goods. The first two pieces are from the new double CDR release "A Hundred Yards" on the Econore label.

Limited to 21 copies the two CDRs (5" & 3") are packaged in a sealable bag, the smaller disc being housed in an empty packet of Fran's medication with small plastic vial. I don't know what powder was in the silver foil pouch (it's all Dutch to me) but the title "A Hundred Yards" bears relevance. It all put me in mind of Klangkreig's "Medical Aid Kit" cassette that came in a sealed metal tin with syringe and pills, and also Grey Park's "Le Odyssey J.G. (Juri Gasolin)" CDR that came in a used silver coffee bag with thermoprinted receipt. The 3" CDR is played in full later in the broadcast.
In a few weeks time I am heading off to Basel to play a few gigs in Switzerland and Germany. I will be playing and staying with Chris Sigdell aka BºTong. Back in 2013 BºTong and Dieter Müh played a couple of shows in Bremen and Hamburg, it was so enjoyable that five years later we're going to do it again. The track here is from the 2014 split CD with Re:Drum called "Hush!/Ascending In The Light Of An Alien Sun". Our first gig kicks off in Lausanne on December 11 at Librarie HuMus.
I see that the 2006 LP "The" has got a re-issue on the German 90% Wasser label.

The Chen Yi commune was founded in 1978. The aim of the commune was to create a closed subsystem, a kind of subsociety and to narrow down its contact with the outside world only on very few specific actions. Life In the commune was lead hermetically closed. All circuits, all food, culture and communication circuits had to be self contained. The commune was housed in an old school near Chelmsford. The Chen Yi commune was never interested in producing records, some of the members refused any form of release whatsoever. In 1981 one member (Chen 8) released a tape edition called "Hanging". The title referred to the first 3 English witches that were hanged in Chelmsford, where the commune house was located. The cassette was sent to various record companies. John Peel saw potential in Chen Yi which led to a recording contract in 1981/82 with CBS. About 7 tracks were produced for the first Chen Yi LP "The Rape" in 1982. 
The above (in italics) is from the sleeve notes to "The" written in 2006 by Chen 26. The album itself is dedicated to his/her father Chen 4.
I have heard that this LP is "a hoax" and I have been given the names of those behind it ... whatever - it's a great LP. Copies available from in the UK.
For the second broadcast also, Monokultur. Another 2 tracks from their 4 track EP on I Dischi Del Barone. Really digging this record at the moment. It has a great late 70's DIY vibe about it. Hopefully a full album will appear next year.
I never thought I'd say it but Harbinger Sound Records are releasing some of the finest Deutsche-Punk these days. A month or so ago the 12" mini-LP by Berlin based Muscle Barbie. I know very little about this band .. and Steve at Harbinger isn't saying much, but I think the band is a side project of Berlin punk band Heavy Metal. Contact Harbinger Sound for a copy here : Staying on a Deutsche-Punk trip the noises continue with Werewolf In Aspik. "Verhungen" is from the compilation album "Verboten In Deutschland II - Hausverbot Im Esso". The LP also features Harbinger Sound groups The Toylettes and Pisse. The Pisse track on this programme is from the new 4 track EP "Hornhaut Its Der Beste Handschuh" on Phantom Records. The bass line reminded me of Warsaw hence "They Walked In Line".

In September Dieter Müh played their first gig in two years at The Kaarst Gallery in Plymouth. Also on the night was a performance by Kostis Kilymis.

                                                                   Kostis in Kaarst.
                                           After show party with Trin, Tony, Alice & Kostis.

Last month Touch label subsidiary The Tapeworm released the cassette "Second Saturation" by Kostis. The four pieces here take in all of side A and was recorded live in Stockholm in 2016. Slow building improvised electronic soundscape at its best. Limited to (I think) 100 copies the tape is available here :
At the turn of the century I used to be in correspondence with Finnish artist Pekka Perä-Takala. He was running the labels Clay Records and Musically Incorrect Records releasing mainly his own sounds such as Clay Figure, Paraffin Affiliates and Russian Vitamins.

The track here is from the CDR "Against AvantGarde" released in 2001. (Just as a side note there's a great Clay Figure split tape with Grey Park on the Herkät Kelat label that if you ever see is worth grabbing). Pekka went on to form harsh electronic noise project Gelsomina and the 'super noise' group Bizarre SS Mania (with members of Bizarre Uproar and Edwige).
Please take a listen :

01: Modelbau : "A Hundred Yards #4" (Econore) 2018.
02: Modelbau : "A Hundred Yards #5" (Econore) 2018.
03: BºTong : "Vision Of Eluctable Destiny" (Zoharum) 2014.
04: Chen Yi : "Rug" (90% Wasser) 2006.
05: Chen Yi : "Wargame" (90% Wasser) 2006.
06: Die Form : "Chains Of Love" (Parade Amoureuse) 1991.
07: Monokultur : "Lindholm Steinpiren" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2018.
08: Monokultur : "Sex Jävla Ben" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2018.
09: Chen Yi : "Honey Money" (90% Wasser) 2006.
10: Column One : "Der Schrei Der Lebenden (Parts 1-3)" (Laub Records/90% Wasser) 2005.
11: K.K. Null : "Toki No Dansom" (Quasi Pop Records) 2013.
12: Lille Roger : "My Girl" (Cold Meat Industry) 1993.
13: Muscle Barbie : "Anti" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
14: Werewolf In Aspik : "Verhungen"(Verboten In Deutschland) 2018.
15: Corna Kruswa : "Bambi" (Phantom Records/Mamma Leone) 2015.
16: Pisse : "Dresden" (Phantom Records) 2018.
17: Warsaw : "They Walked In Line" (Factory Of Sounds) 2017.
18: Psychic TV : "I.C. Water (Radio Version)" (Temple Records) 1990.
19: Modelbau : "Ramco B-Model Mix" (Econore) 2018.
20: Kostis Kilymis : "Control Baggage" (The Tapeworm) 2018.
21: Kostis Kilymis : "From This Here Edge" (The Tapeworm) 2018.
22: Kostis Kilymis : "In Slow Metallic Grace" (The Tapeworm) 2018.
23: Kostis Kilymis : "Voices Go Back" (The Tapeworm) 2018.
24: Desmond Simmons : "Alone On Penguin Island" (WMO) 1995.
25: Russian Vitamins : "The Great Kubla" (Clay Records) 2001.

The next programme is scheduled to be on December 6 at 20:00 GMT - listen to the live stream via the SoundArt Radio web site or 102.5FM if you're in the Totnes area.
(I am expecting a new Modelbau tape through the post so you never know ... it might be three in a row).

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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 08 November 2018.

Firstly I will apologise for not posting on this blog after the 25th of October broadcast. I was planning to and then it all (as in life) got a little hectic and before I could catch myself coming the other way I was having a weekend break in Hastings and the East Sussex coast. So I apologise.
Here is the link to the broadcast (25:10:18) -
The start of the broadcast has a sneak preview of the upcoming Maze + Lindholm album "Where The Wolf Has Been Seen" released on 16:11 by Aurora Borealis.

                                                                 Maze & Lindholm.

The rest of the programme has some Of Habit & Dane Law, Pisse, Thomas Leer and EXTNDDNTWRK amongst others, the track listing is on the MixCloud page. If you have any questions about what you're hearing please don't hesitate to get in touch. And so on to last Thursdays broadcast.
The programme begins with a 45 minute track from Modelbau. Side A of the cassette "Ypsilon". 'Yesterday Afternoon' is dedicated to the memory of Dmitry Vasilyev. Dmitry ran the Monochrome Vision label and sadly passed away in the summer. "Ypsilon" is released as cassette or double CD. Available here :


Whilst away in Hastings I chanced upon a great secondhand record shop called Wow & Flutter and managed to pick up some great records. Tod Dockstader 10" being one of them. This is my first hearing of Dockstader's work and it's a remix by Mordant Music (aka Baron Mordant). Dockstader produced long pieces of musique-concret starting in the early 1960's. His library seems to be available on the Belgian Sub Rosa label. Strangely enough (and coincidently) later in the day I was chatting with Danny Gromflin who used to live in Arlington Massachusetts and cycle pass Tod's house every day but never got up enough courage to knock on the door and say "Hi".
This month saw the release of a brace of 45's on the I Dischi Del Barone label. Monokultur being one of those. I also managed to pick up a copy of the Leda single released in the summer. Two fine cuts of the Swedish underground.


In 1987 I was living in Manchester. Hulme, Manchester and I was buying my sounds from Piccadilly Records and a stall on the top floor of Affleck's Palace that later became Eastern Bloc Records. (There were there shops too, but these were the main outlets I remember). At the time I was buying 'Industrial' stuff and On-U Sound records ... travelling the length and breadth of the country to go and see Gary Clail's On-U Sound System! The Manchester music 'scene' had taken a turn for the worse with bands like Stone Roses and Happy Mondays being the talk of the town (or Hacienda). Factory Records were more or less dead in the water. It's why I didn't pay much attention to Biting Tongues. There were chances to go and see them at Band On The Wall or The Boardwalk but ... they were a Factory Records band so what was the point. It was only a few years later that I found out that Graham Massey was a member and as we all know Graham was Danny & The Dressmakers. Graham also went on to join 808 State who (at the beginning) weren't that bad. I saw them a few times in 1988 .. all dry ice and dungarees .. but they were good nights out. Anyway. Back in Wow & Flutter I saw the Biting Tongues 12"EP for a fiver and thought it worthy of a punt. It's really good, I can here the 808 state connection in composition, it has a great vibrant sound. I am now on the look out for more Biting Tongues. I may have seen them live in 1999 supporting Crispy Ambulance at The Band On The Wall, it was a jazz fusion type band with Graham Massey playing guitar ...

                                                          Biting Tongues 'Compressor'.

Please take a listen to the broadcast here :

Playlist :
01: Modelbau : "Yesterday Afternoon" (Zhelezobeton) 2018.
02: Throbbing Gristle : "Distant Dreams (Part Two)" (Industrial Records) 1980.
03: Tod Dockstader : "Bellstomp/Pond Dance (ReMMix By Mordant Music)" (Mordant Music) 2012.
04: Sudden Infant : "Hong Kong Nursery" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
05: Monokultur : "Äckel" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2018.
06: Eyeless In Gaza : "Taking Steps" (Cherry Red Records) 1982.
07: Leda : "The Silent Contest" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2018.
08: Pink Military : "After Hiroshima" (Eric's) 1098.
09: Biting Tongues : "Compressor" (Factory Records) 1987.
10: MyTrip : "I Am Mud" (Depressive Illusions Records) 2011.
11: Ulex Xane : "Farewell To Matters Of Principle" (Cipher Productions) 2018.
12: Sudden Infant : "Tourists" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.

The next broadcast will be on November 22 at 20:00 hours GMT.
And for those wondering who Danny Gromflin is :

                                                         Myself, Danny + Linea.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast October 11 2018.

This broadcast (just before Storm Callum hit the shores of Devon) starts with a track from the new release from Thorsten Soltau & Max Kuiper. "Vox Catuli" (on the ever impressive Sentimental Productions label) is the follow on from 2016's "Animi Sub Volpe Latentes" cassette album on Chondritic Sound. Thorsten is no stranger to MuhMur Radio. Max is also a member of Belgian art group Les Horribles Travailleurs.
Last month (as Dieter Müh) I played a gig at Plymouth's Kaarst Gallery with Kostis Kilymis. During the set up Kostis played Wanda Group through the sound system. I knew nothing of this project and grabbed a 12" from Thanasis who was operating his 'Electric Knife' merch' stall at the back of the venue.

                                           Thanasis and his Electric Knife table. Plymouth.

As far as I can work out Wanda Group is the solo project of Louis Johnstone who is based in Hackney, London. Louis goes under various aliases depending on what style or mood he is producing. Of the three tracks played on this programme two are from the "Piss Fell Out Like Sunlight" album on Opal Tapes and one is from the 12" single "Masculinity Is A Wonderful Thing".

Throughout October in the Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock, Glasgow is the exhibition "From Port To The Bridge". The exhibition (curated by Simon Dell) is celebrating the work of Thomas Leer and Robert Rental. (two sons of Port Glasgow). With their debut singles in 1978 they became pioneers of the independent DIY home electronics 'scene'. I remember when there singles were being distributed by Company Records in Lincoln I went to the address on the sleeves hoping to pick up some freebies - posters, flyers etc. Fort Barnes on Rookery Lane was just a mail drop off address. There was nothing there, just an empty one-level building. Still, Rookery Lane was home to the best chip shop in Lincoln (at that time). Company Records also released singles by Com-Sat Angels, Fatal Charm, Wavis O' Shave and The Cigarettes.
The exhibition features artwork and instruments used by Thomas and Robert, as well as various letters and ephemera (photographs etc). There's also a film especially made for the exhibition featuring Chris & Cosey, Glenn Wallis and Daniel Miller. One of my favourite gigs of all time was Robert Rental & The Normal at Lincoln Drill Hall in 1979.
Also out in conjunction with the exhibition is the mini-album "Different Voices For You Different Colours For Me (Demos 1980)" on Optimo Records and a split 7" single that comes with this months "Electronic Sound" magazine.

                                                                      Leer & Rental.

The AntiChild League track is from the new cassette "Infect Your Gut, Infect Your Thoughts". It is a cracking album which (I think) was released to promote the recent dates in New York. Limited to 100 copies it's worth visiting the label to see if they've any copies ...
The Distel track is from the split 12" of Coil songs along with Trepaneringsritualen. Distel are an industrial / cold wave duo from Holland. The 12" itself is a die-cut Chaos Symbol.

On the plus side, talking on this broadcast is down to a minimum because it was mainly vinyl and now MuhMur Radio is being followed by the programme "Jam On Top" and Dave & Chris were showing them 'the ropes' so I kept quiet and out of the way! Please take a listen here :

01: Thorsten Soltau & Max Kuiper : "Vox Catuli II" (Sentimental Productions) 2018.
02: Wanda Group : "Her Stomach On Terror" (Opal Tapes) 2012.
03: Wanda Group : "Gorgeous Lucio" (Where To Now?) 2013.
04: Ultra : "Subway Etiquette" (DOM America) 1989.
05: Unknown Singing Objects : "All The Young Dudes" (Not On Label) 2018.
06: Eater : "Queen Bitch" (The Label) 1977.
07: The Damned : "Smash It Up" (Chiswick Records) 1979.
08: Gerry + The Holograms : "Gerry And The Holograms" (Absurd Records) 1979.
09: Gerry + The Holograms : "Increased Resistance" (Absurd Records) 1979.
10: The Birthday Party : "Friend Catcher" (4AD Records) 1980.
11: The Birthday Party : "Waving My Arms" (4AD Records) 1980.
12: Robert Rental : "Big Day" (Optimo Music) 2018.
13: Robert Rental : "Double Heart (Demo)" (Optimo Music) 2018.
14: Thomas Leer : "International" (Company Records/Oblique Records) 1978.
15: Robert Rental : "Open Air" (Optimo Music) 2018.
16: Robert Rental : "On Location (Demo)" (Optimo Music) 2018.
17: Wanda Group : "Pans Out In The Afterlife" (Opal Tapes) 2012.
18: AntiChildLeague : "Your Truth Won't Make Me Free" (Bacteria Field) 2018.
19: Distel : "Solar Lodge" (Ant Zen/Rabbau) 2018.

Next programme will be on Thursday October 25 at 20:00 GMT. There's a lot of good stuff coming in to MuhMur Radio HQ at the moment with new stuff from Fourth Dimension Records and Harbinger Sound and sounds from the likes of Of Habit, Andrea Borghi, Kostis Kilymis and Modelbau .. as well as Cabaret Voltaire featuring in the "on this day" section ...

Monday, 1 October 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 27 September 2018.

It was 21 years ago that Chez Müh moved from the penthouse suite overlooking the City Ground in Nottingham to more compact and bijou surrounds of West Parade in Lincoln. One of the first things I did on my brief return was contact Mick, the guy who was putting out interesting vinyl on his Outsider Records label. I remember walking to the address on the back of the Meixner/Band Of Pain 7" knocking on the door and introducing myself. This was all pre-Internet / social media when a firm handshake and the offer of a pint meant 'befriending' someone.
Anyway, it was Mick who introduced me to the output of EE Tapes. (He also brought to my attention the works of Inade, Column One, Origami Galaktika, Indra Karmuka the releases of Drone Records and much much more). Mick had lots of EE Tapes stuff, varied, independent and all interesting and intriguing. Droneament, This Window, Psych Krist Kastrator, Disumana Res and the compilation series "Elegy" + "Notre Dame". It was through these releases I got to hear Tarkatak, Konstruktivists (again), Hautnah, S*Core, Brume .. the list of discoveries is massive - and the impact it had on my listening and imagination.
In 1998 I mailed off a copy of Dieter Müh "Black Square" CD for feedback and to see if we could appear on a compilation release and here began what has been a 20 year friendship with EE Tapes and Eriek Van Havere. In 1998 EE Tapes was being operated by Eriek and Sven Vercauteren out of an address in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Eriek asked us to be part of the new "Ambient Intimacy" series of compilations and play live at the '11th Festival For Independent Music & Arts' in Sint-Niklaas.

In 2000 EE Tapes released the Dieter Müh album "Cari Saluti" on CDR format ... and the rest (as they say) is history.
Earlier this year Belgian magazine 'The Word'  did an interview with Eriek and EE Tapes where he talks about his beginnings in music and operating the KK label in the 1980's before starting EE Tapes. It's a great piece and worth a read. I think it was about five years ago that Eriek started the compilation series "4 in 1". The concept itself coming from a 1982 compilation cassette on the Belgian Grafika Airlines label. October 2018 sees the fifth volume in the series being released with contributions by I Scream, Bene Gesserit, M.A.L. and Human Flesh. MuhMur Radio was fortunate to get an advance promo copy and tracks marked * in the playlist are from this album. It does seem that (in the past few years) that EE Tapes have been reissuing material from Belgian electronic projects of the 1980's as well as releasing new material by these artists. A lot of the projects were first released by Insane Music, a label from Belgium run by Alan Nieffe. Alan is the man behind Bene Gesserit, Human Flesh, Kosmose and Pseudo name just a few.
The first tape I ever bought (or maybe traded come to think about it) from EE Tapes was Hellfiller's eponymous album in 1998. Hellfiller were from Ghent. Sveen are the duo of Eriek and Sven. The track "Teetonic" is from the compilation CD "The Walls Are Whispering". No (another cassette release from 1998) is the project of Jan Iwers from Keil, Germany. The track here is from the album "Ziellos". The complicated life of minimal wave band Nine Circles can be found here:
EE Tapes have a comprehensive website with news on future releases and a full discography of their past. Get in touch!

The programme begins with a new releases from Edward Sol. The track is from the cassette "Monstrous Artlessness" on Edward's own label Village Tapes. Cacophony '3.3' are from Lincoln. Cacophony '3.3' is multi-instrumentalist Kev Kettle.

Kev has been releasing his own sounds since 1982, fully involved in the 'cassette culture' of the 1980's. I first became aware of Kev's work in the mid 1990's when his tapes were getting reviewed in "Music From The Empty Quarter" magazine. Interest in his sounds have picked up since the "Park Holmes Recordings 1983-1989" LP+7" on Vinyl On Demand came out in 2015. Kev is a big fan of The Legendary Pink Dots (sometimes this is very obvious in his songs!), that is why their track follows ... Kev/Cacophony '3.3' don't have a web presence but you can write for information, his address is here :
To keep a Belgium feel throughout I played the Section 25 track "Sutra". This is from their second album "The Key Of Dreams" released by Factory Benelux. Repetition, as far as I am aware were based in Belgium .... I could be wrong.
Please take a listen :

01: Edward Sol : "19.00" (Village Tapes) 2018.
02: Human Flesh : "Monotopi (For Sharon Tate)* (EE Tapes) 2018.
03: Cut The Light : "Aphotic #1" (Black Mara) 2018.
04: Hellfiller : "Atheistic Ballroom Dancing" (EE Tapes) 1998.
05: Sveen : "Teetonic" (EE Tapes) 2003.
06: Nine Circles : "Falling" (EE Tapes) 2017.
07: Bene Gesserit : "Ceci N'est Pas Une Chanson"* (EE Tapes) 2018.
08: Bene Gesserit : "Les Fourmis"* (EE Tapes) 2018.
09: Cacophony '3.3' : "Seaming" (Park Holme Recordings) 2018.
10: The Legendary Pink Dots : "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" (Yangki) 1985.
11: Pseudo Code : "Drunk" (EE Tapes) 2017.
12: Section 25 : "Sutra" (Factory Benelux) 1992.
13: No : "Soundtrack To The Film 'Hitchiker's Delight (Excerpt 3)" 1998.
14: M.A.L. : "Turkish Morning"* (EE Tapes) 2018.
15: Kosmose : "The Fifteenth Untitled Track" (EE Tapes) 2017.
16: Bene Gesserit : "Who Stole Our Pride?"* (EE Tapes) 2018.
17: M.A.L. : "Indian Song"* (EE Tapes) 2018.
18: Nine Circles : "Preconception" (EE Tapes) 2017.
19: Repetition : "A Still Reflex" (Les Disques Du Crépuscule) 1981.
20: Bene Gesserit : "Les Bijux" (EE Tapes) 2015.

One notable change since SoundArt Radio reopened after its' summer sojourn is the decoration .. was it not the great Oscar Wilde who said ....this wallpaper will be the death of me  - one of us will have to go ... that is what it is like at the SoundArt Studios at the moment!

Back on the 11th of October ...
Oh yeah, there's a great film showing by Sabine Kussmaul in the foyer of Darlington Space Studios (where the radio station is situated). It's called "Lines Across The Moor", it's playing on a loop until October 17 and is totally free ... well worth a view if you're in the area.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 13 September 2018.

And so the new Autumn / Winter 2018 SoundArt Radio schedule begins, marking six years of MuhMur Radio. The evenings' are still long enough for me to enjoy a two mile walk along the River Dart before hitting the studio ... but I know it won't last long. The birdsong has definitely diminished and I am yet to hear a grasshopper this summer ... ah well.
This broadcast (the first after a 4 week lay-off) features some exclusive sounds brought by Thorsten Soltau & Comrades. Regular listeners to the programme will recognise that Thorsten is a MuhMur Radio favourite. Eight exclusive pieces. "Brittle Like Seagrass Exposed To The Sun (Album Mix)" starts off the exclusive sounds ... I have no idea which "album" this is to be a mix from ... The collaboration with Emerge is soon to be released on an album which also features RLW. I am uncertain of the label though. The Mala Remix is for a supposed digital release of Mala material and the collaborative recordings with Pharmakustik (aka Siegmar Fricke) will be released on GerauschManufaktur. The tracks by Marina Stewart, Ragpole Reel and the reworking of Jane's "It's A Fine Day" will be released soon on 10" vinyl by UnicatipH and will also include a CDR.

Thorsten Soltau releases are often very limited, but it's always worth keeping an ear and eye out for his stuff. Go to 

The broadcast kicks off with 2 pieces from the new Edward Sol & Stuart Chalmers cassette "Syncopated Soundmirror" on the Finnish Ikuisuus label. Ikuisuus put out some fine Grey Park tapes a few years ago. The Stephen Cornford track is from his new 7" single on the US label A Wave Press. 

Back on September 13 1979 This Heat released their first album "This Heat". I remember buying it from Sanctuary Records in Lincoln on release. It was one of those albums that had a sound that, as a sixteen year old I had never heard before. Blew me away. 
In a few days the new Sudden Infant album "Buddhist Nihilism" will be with us. "Rationality" is from the album. The SI line-up here is Joke, Christian + Alexandre. It's a follow up to 2014's "Wolfli's Nightmare", and even more powerful - there's a great version of Cat Steven's "Maybe You're Right" on there. Available in both vinyl + CD format, grab a copy from : and whilst you're there get a copy of the Consumer Electronics single "The Weight". 

This weekend sees the Wolf Eyes residency at the Cafe OTO in Dalston, London. Making a special appearance will be Universal Eyes. Universal Eyes are the combination of Universal Indians and Wolf Eyes members. Universal Indians began in the early 1990's in Michigan (USA) as a trio with John Olson, Gretchen Gonzales and Bryan Ramirez. After moving to Detroit sometime in the late 90's Rameriz was replaced by Aaron Dilloway, who at the time was a member of Wolf Eyes, Nate Young (also of Wolf Eyes) joined later. Universal Indians gave up in 2000 when Gretchen joined Slumber Party + Wolf Eyes recruited John Olson. Earlier this year all four members met up in Detroit, started jamming, then recording ... and the album "Four Versions On 'Artificial Society'" is the fruits. Released on vinyl on September 8th by Olson's Trip Metal label when they played at Detroit City Airport, the track here is from the CD version which (I believe) is being released at the weekend on Lower Floor Music. The LP is produced by Warren Defever who I saw live back in 1993 playing the ICA as His Name Is Alive. 

One of the joys over the past five years or so has been listening to the German project Unknown Singing Objects. A mysterious group who may or may not operate out of Hamburg. Since declaring an interest members and friends of members mail me their releases. The latest is the double CDR "Little China Girl In The Land Of The Man Who Sold The Scary Monsters Kooks". Over two hours of Bowie covers / reinterpretations. 

01: Edward Sol & Stuart Chalmers : "Sombretone Pier" (Ikuisuus) 2018.
02: Edward Sol & Stuart Chalmers : "Stock Newsreel" (Ikuisuus) 2018.
03: Stephen Cornford : "Electrocardiographs Of A Cathode Ray Tube (B)" (A Wave Press) 2018.
04: Sudden Infant : "Rationality" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
05: Thorsten Soltau : "Brittle Like Seagrass Exposed To The Sun (Album Mix)"* (Not On Label) 2018.
06: Emerge & Thorsten Soltau : "Kalk & Schiefer"* (Not On Label) 2018.
07: This Heat : "Water" (Piano) 1979.
08: This Heat : "Twilight Furniture" (Piano) 1979.
09: Universal Eyes : "Four Versions On 'Arificial Life' #3" (Lower Floor Music) 2018.
10: Consumer Electronics : "The Weight" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
11: Thorsten Soltau : "Jane-It's A Fine Day (Clicked By Thorsten Soltau)"* (Not On Label) 2018.
12: Kallabris : "Pause" (Inselkind-Schalltraeger) 2018.
13: Mala : "Lovers And Rivals (Thorsten Soltau Mix)"* (Not On Label) 2018.
14: Unknown Singing Objects : "Scary Monsters And Super Creeps" (Not On Label) 2017.
15: Unknown Singing Objects : "Ashes To Ashes" (Not On Label) 2017.
16: Pharmakustik + Thorsten Soltau : "Pulsationsokidenz"* (Not On Label) 2018.
17: Pharmakustik + Thorsten Soltau : "Fugale Zentripation (Geröntgt)"* (Not On Label) 2018.
18: Brutial Orgasme : "Seuil Perceptif De La Durée" (Silken Tofu) 2015.
19: Ragpole Reel : "K'ro 120 (Edit)"* (Not On Label) 2018.
20: Marina Stewart : "Amends As Heresy (Rainier Lericolais Remix)"* (Not On Label) 2018.

                           (tracks marked * are exclusive plays on MuhMur Radio).

The next MuhMur Radio is on September 27 at 20:00 (GMT). It will feature sounds from the upcoming "4 In To 1 - Volume 5" compilation LP on EE Tapes. Expect some M.A.L., Human Flesh + Bene Gesserit alongside other EE Tapes releases.......

Monday, 10 September 2018

Back On The Radio.

After a summer break MuhMur Radio will be back on the air on Thursday night at 20.00 hours GMT. You can catch the broadcast live on 102.5 FM if you live in the Totnes - Buckfastleigh - Tuckenhay triangle or listen to the live stream broadcast on :
The new autumn season starts with some exclusive sounds from German artist Thorsten Soltau as well as some new noises from Consumer Electronics, Kallabris and Sudden Infant. September 13 also saw the release of This Heat's first LP back in 1979. (This will be celebrated).

                                                                  Buddhist Nihilism.

The radio broadcast happens the night before I play a gig in Plymouth so please be patient with the MixCloud Archive Upload and the blog playlist. And if you're in Plymouth on Friday Night (Sept 14), please feel free to drop in and watch myself + Kostis Kilymis perform!

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

MuhMur Radio Nocturnal Emissions Wireless Broadcast 26 August 2018.

                                             Chris Booth, Nigel Ayers + Tony Whitehead.

For a few weeks every summer SoundArt Radio closes it's doors to live broadcasting so it can have a tidy up, clean the spittle from the microphones, buff the sliders and re-solder the wiring ... but there seems to be time for a summertime special. Last year was the wonderful SoundArt Radio live "DroneFest" and a couple of years before that MuhMur Radio presented a live 4 hour DJ Set from Harbinger Sound mainman Steve Underwood.
This year MuhMur Radio proudly presented a live performance from Nigel Ayers (Nocturnal Emissions) + 'In Conversation' with Tony Whitehead from Very Quiet Records. Tony also has his own radio programme on SoundArt Radio called "Radio Warblers" .. well worth listening in.

The broadcast starts with (roughly) two hours of sound from Nocturnal Emissions and related releases starting with The Pump who were Nigels first band alongside his brother Daniel and Caroline K. The Pump released 3 cassettes in 1980 - mainly sold in Rough Trade Records (London) before morphing in to Nocturnal Emissions. The two Pump tracks here are from the 2009 CD anthology on Klanggalerie. I then try to follow the progression of Nocturnal Emissions by playing releases in chronological (ish) order. I put in a couple of releases on Recloose Organisation because of Nigel's close friendship with Simon Crab and their involvement in The Ambulance Station, a squatted fire station on The Old Kent Road in London. Occupied between 1984 and 1986 it became a centre for live bands and home to political organisations such as 'Stop The City'. I have always associated the work of Recloose with Nocturnal Emissions although I don't think Nigel ever released on that label.

The programme has been archived on MixCloud in two parts for ease of listening ... The second part includes the live performance and conversation.

                                                Nigel & Tony. (Photo by Alice Kemp).

                                                                     Nigel Ayers.

01: The Pump : Take Off All Your Clothes (Klanggalerie) 2009.
02: Nocturnal Emissions : Backwards Man Regressive Music (Sterile Records) 1980.
03: The Pump : Inner Riot Cola (Klanggalerie) 2009.
04: Nocturnal Emissions : Sperm Count (Dark Vinyl Records) 1992.
05: Nocturnal Emissions : Delgado Monkey Torture (Illuminated Records) 1983.
06: Nocturnal Emissions : Too Many Wounded (Illuminated Records) 1983.
07: Nocturnal Emissions : Body Count (Illuminated Records) 1983.
08: Nocturnal Emissions : Wee Wee Wee (Illuminated Records) 1983.
09: Nocturnal Emissions : Suffering Stinks (Illuminated Records) 1983.
10: Nocturnal Emissions : Going Under (Third Mind Records) 1983.
11: Nocturnal Emissions : No Separation (Concrete Productions) 1986.
12: Caroline K : Tracking With Close Ups (Earthly Delights) 1987.
13: Nocturnal Emissions : Metal Frames (Sterile Records) 1985.
14: Nocturnal Emissions : Rusting Shells (Sterile Records) 1985.
15: Bourbonese Qualk : 100 Years (Recloose Organisation) 1986.
16: I.B.F. : Why The Confusion? (Recloose Organisation) 1986.
17: Nocturnal Emissions : No Sacrifice (In Love & Revolution) (Sterile Records) 1985.
18: Nocturnal Emissions : Vegetation Flesh (Earthly Delights) 1987.
19: Nocturnal Emissions : Vegetation Narration (Earthly Delights) 1987.
20: Nocturnal Emissions : Shankini Nadi (Earthly Delights) 1987.
21: Nocturnal Emissions/Psilocybeast : World Peace Mix (Insofar Vapor Bulk) 2002.
22: Nocturnal Emissions : Electric Horizon (Earthly Delights) 1993.
23: Nocturnal Emissions : Earroo (Earthly Delights) 1990.
24: Bourbonese Qualk : Duas Lingus (Regelwidrig) 1991.
25: Nigel Ayers : Wireless Broadcast 26 August 2018.
26: Nigel Ayers/John Everall/Mick Harris : Mesmeric Enabling Device #2 (Soliellmoon Recordings) 1999.
27: Nigel Ayers + Tony Whitehead : In Conversation. (26 August 2018).
28: Nocturnal Emissions : The Rapture (Dark Vinyl Records) 1992.
29: Nocturnal Emissions : Bird Position (Earthly Delights) 1987.

* Track 10 is from the compilation cassette "Rising From the Red Sand Volume 3".
* Track 11 is from the compilation album "Funky Alternatives Volume 1" and is produced by ex-Moody Boy and 400 Blows member Tony Thorpe.
* Track 16 is I.B.F. I played bass guitar and backing vocals on this track. Simon Crab (Bourbonese Qualk) played the Moog Synth.
* Track 28 (and Track 2) are from the CD reissue of "Befehlsnotstand" and are exclusive to the CD.

                                                                        Nigel Ayers.

                                                       Nigel & Tony 'In Conversation'.

                                                                       Alice Kemp.

                                                    Nigel Ayers (Photo by Alice Kemp).

MuhMur Radio will return in September. Lined up for this month is an exclusive piece from Thorsten Soltau and a retrospective of EE Tapes (including some 'unheard' material) ... stay tuned!

Monday, 20 August 2018


The MuhMur Radio Summertime Special will commence at around 14:00 (GMT) on Sunday August 26. It will feature an 'in conversation' with Nigel Ayers & Tony Whitehead and a live performance by Nocturnal Emissions. I shall also be spinning some NE + related sounds throughout the afternoon.
Tune in on 102.5 FM if you're anywhere near Totnes or listen to the live stream via the SoundArt Radio website.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast August 16 2018.

And so to the final Thursday night broadcast of the summer. SoundArt Radio is now closed until the second week of September. I am uncertain when the next MuhMur Radio broadcast will be ... but I am fairly confident it will be back in the Autumn!
On August 26 there is a MuhMur Radio Summertime Spectacular happening. Times have yet to be decided but it will be in the afternoon. Details will appear before the end of the week ....
And so to tonight's broadcast.
Nurse With Wound start the sounds with a track from the CD "Zero Mix" that came with the book "Images / Angry Electric Finger". The book contains 100 individually hand painted discs using recycled paint found in a landfill site in Southern Ireland. The discs were then exhibited in Galway and Portland (Oregon...not Dorset). It's quite a beautiful and impressive collection. I think all discs were sold to fund future Nurse With Wound projects.

                                                                 Nurse With Wound.

The MNEM piece is from the new 'art box' edition of "Hegonon" on Sentimental Productions. As well as the LP, the box contains a C20 cassette, 7" single and various prints / artwork. "Vestigia Version 2" is from the cassette. To find a copy go to :


The next 23 minutes or so are taken with the compilation album "Mask". A single sided album featuring artists from the German underground. The mysterious and secret Unknown Singing Objects are the only "band" I know of on the album but as I am a collector of their output I had to find and buy this record. All tracks are cover versions, leading me to think that maybe a 2 hour programme of covers is on its way in the Autumn. The LP is limited to 100 and was not for sale on release ... I found a copy via Discogs.


The Nocturnal Emissions piece was recorded live in Berlin at Naherholung Sternchen on June 8 2012. Contact Nocturnal Emissions here :
On This day in 1980 Swell Maps released the second and final album "Jane...From Occupied Europe" on Rough Trade Records. The track here is from the LP. The programme finished with two pieces from the excellent Mark Vernon tape "Orphaned Works".
Please take a listen here :
One thing I have noticed is that now on the MixCloud page a full trackless for the broadcast appears. It's a great addition.
For this programme I had my son Oscar help out on 'the decks'. Spinning Ramleh + The Swell Maps.

                                                                   Oscar Cammack.

01: Nurse With Wound : "Zero Mix #1" (Beta-Lactam Ring) 2008.
02: MNEM : "Vestigia Version 2" (Sentimental Productions) 2018.
03: The Eleccent People : "House With No Door" (m.m.label) 2015.
04: Damien Bartok : "Steh Auf" (m.m.label) 2015.
05: Unknown Singing Objects : "Riders On The Storm" (m.m.label) 2015.
06: Whitey Hudson : "Na Na Na" (m.m.label) 2015.
07: Weiss : "Red White & Blue (Weiss Remix)" (m.m.label) 2015.
08: Nonson : "Lve Without Sound" (m.m.label) 2015.
09: Xocolatlit : "Sonora Before" (m.m.label) 2015.
10: Nocturnal Emissions : "Spinal Correction Shred" (Earthly Delights) 2012.
11: Mitsuru Tabata : "Wormhole Is My Wilderness" (Brainticket Death) 2018.
12: Ramleh : "Black Moby Dick" (Shock) 1991.
13: Swell Maps : "The Helicopter Spies" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.
14: Mark Vernon : "Decades Of Unlearning" (Research Laboratories) 2018.
15: Mark Vernon : "Sentient Dust (Go Thou Must)" (Research Laboratories) 2018.

Thanks for listening ...

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Dieter Müh Live Performances.

(Seeing that Dieter Müh have some live performances lined up in the UK, Germany & Switzerland for later in the year (first live performances since 2016) I thought I would document the performances and add to the list of previous gigs. This list first appeared on the MuhMur Blog but seeing as I can't seem to access that at this moment in time it seems to make sense to put them here).

01: York : Bonding Warehouse. 20/10/94. (with Sähkö Crew).
02: Nottingham : The Narrowboat. 17/12/94. (with Putrefier & Ramleh).
03: Bradford : The 1 In 12 Club. 21/01/95. (with Zoviet*France).
04: Bradford : The 1 In 12 Club. 25/08/95. (with Scorn).
05: York : Fibbers. 29/08/95. (with R:M:D).

All the above were Dieter Müh as : Tim Bayes, Steve Cammack & Dave Uden.

06: Lincoln : Grafton House. 12/06/98. (with Cacophony '3.3').
07: Nottingham : The Old Vic. 08/07/98. (with M:S:B:R & Government Alpha & Ashtray 
                                                                     Navigations & SSHE Retina Stimulants).
08: Sint-Niklaas : The OJC Kompas. 31/10/98. (with Troum & Konstruktivists & LD50).
09: London : The Red Rose. 05/08/99. (with Inade & The Grey Wolves & AntiChildLeague
                                                                 & Con-Dom).
10: Leeds : The Fenton Arms. 08/08/99. (with Inade & The Grey Wolves).
11: Nottingham : Bunkers Hill. 04/11/99. (with Das Synthetische Mischgewebe).
12: London : The Brixton Windmill. 13/11/99. (with Das Synthetische Mischgewebe & Colin Potter
                                                                             & Putrefier & Nomex).
13: London : The Red Rose. 12/05/00. (with Dual & Ora & Joshua Norton Cabal).
14: Jyväskyla : Ilokivi Restaurant. 01/06/00. (with Putrefier & Sefahat).
15: Mantsala : The Seurojentalo. 03/06/00. (with Putrefier & Temple Of Tiermes & Strom E.C. &
                                                                        Grunt w/ Cloama).
16: Dresden : A.Z. Conni. 11/06/00. (with Putrefier & Ultra Milkmaids).
17: Leipzig : Club Zoro. 12/06/00. (with Putrefier).
18: London : The Red Rose. 09/02/01. (with The Digitariat & Knifeladder & Bad Sector).
19: Stockholm : The Fylkingen. 17/11/01. (with Treriksröset & Vibrasåg & Cotton Ferox).
20: London : The Red Rose. 10/05/02. (with Cthonic Force & Mimetic).
21: London : The Elektrowerkz. 21/08/02. (with Arkkon & The Knives & Knifeladder).
22: London : The 291 Gallery. 05/12/02. (with Cotton Ferox & Karl Blake & Penny Rimbaud).
23: Exeter : The Cavern. 15/12/02. (with King Mob Collective & Germseed & Concrete Cancer).
24: Cleckheaton : The Mead Hall. 04/07/03. (with The Ceramic Hobs).
25: Augsburg : Das Kantine. 23/11/03. (with Derniere Volante & Genocide Organ).
26: London : The October Gallery. 05/12/03. (with Cotton Ferox & Amal Gamal Ensemble &
                                                                           Current 93).
27: London : The Horse Hospital. 13/03/04. (with Barry William Hale).
28: London : The Slimelight. 24/07/04. (with Knifeladder & Naevus).
29: Manchester : The Retro Bar. 01/10/04. (with The Grey Wolves).
30: Bristol : The Cube Microplex Cinema. 29/10/04. (with Stimulus & Putrefier).
31: London : The Fringe. 15/05/05. (with The Groop & Tropics Of Cancer).
32: Bristol : The Full Moon. 04/06/05. (with Anenzephalia & Anti-Valium).
33: Nottingham : The Old Angel. 17/04/06. (with Burning Star Core & Consumer Electronics &
                                                                       Bologna Pony & Prurient).
34: Leipzig : Der Anker. 06/06/06. (with Propergol & Apoptose & Land:Fire & Novy Svet).
35: London : Bardens Boudoir. 01/08/06. (with Cutting With Pink Knives & Hair Police).
36: Exeter : The Cavern. 25/03/07. (with Mark Durgan & Astral Social Club).
37: Exeter : The Cavern. 13/03/08. (with The Durds & Nocturnal Emissions).
38: London : St Giles In The Field Church. 18/04/09. (with Skullflower).
39: London : Conway Hall. 14/06/09. (with Threshold House Boys Choir & The Anti Group &
                                                               Aethnor & Pestrepeller).

All the above were Dieter Müh as Steve Cammack & Dave Uden.
Pete Bright performed vocals at #18 + 24. Steve Underwood played Bass Guitar at #24. Gaya Donadio performed vocals at #22 and Lon Milo DuQuette provided vocals on #26 + #31.
All performances below Dieter Müh is Steve Cammack. (Michael Parker played Balalaika at #48).

40: London : The Ivy House. 19/03/10. (with Plurals & Rajinder & Lion Lies Down).
41: Exeter : The Cavern. 03/08/10. (with Silver Apples).
42: Paris : Le Yono. 10/09/10. (with Praying For Oblivion & Bulanz Orgabar & Pentothal).
43: London : The Others. 09/12/10. (with BBBlood & Aqua Dentata & Cheapmachines).
44: Helsinki : Malmitalo. 13/04/11. (with Grey Park).
45: London : The Brixton Windmill. 07/09/11. (with Z'ev & Kylie Minoise & Andrew Perry).
46: Nottingham : The Chameleon Arts Centre. 11/03/12. (with Cheapmachines & John Wiese &
                                                                                     These Feathers Have Plumes & Con-Dom).
47: Stockholm : The Fylkingen. 28/04/12. (with Contrastate & Kristian Olsson & Dusa & White).
48: Berlin : NK Projekt. 15/02/13. (with Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim & Allseits).
49: Berlin : Marie-Antoinette. 15/06/13. (with Trepaneringsritualen & Anemone Tube & Ke/Hil &
                                                                   Post Scriptvm).
50: Bremen : Der Elefant. 12/10/13. (with BºTong & Tarkatak).
51: Hamburg : Gangeviertel. 13/10/13. (with BºTong & Fiene Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim &
                                                                  1000 Schoen & Der 2te Freund).
52: Dartington : Studio 20. 13/11/13. (with Germseed & Shokku & The Oima Orchestra).
53: London : The Elektrowerkz. 26/04/14. (with Black Light Ascension & M.A.O. ).
54: Lille : El Diablo. 29/11/14. (with Cent Ans De Solitude & Le Syndicat).
55: London : Café OTO. 20/03/16. (with DJ Thurston Moore & Aaron Dilloway & Vicky Langan).
56: Plymouth : KARST Gallery. 14/09/18. (with Kostis Kilymis).

Sunday, 5 August 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 2 August 2018.

Another hot summers night. Another hot summers MuhMur Radio Broadcast.
I got to befriend Howard Stelzer through 'social media', a couple of years ago he was putting sections of his record collection up for sale ... and I wanted some of it. At this time I hadn't heard of Howard's work so I began to explore and found it all on the 'noisier' side of experimental electronic music. File under Wiese or Marhaug. Good stuff but not necessarily what I want to listen to at this moment in time, but I found the addition of the name Frans De Waard on his latest collaborative release intriguing. Now I find out that this is their umpteenth collaborative release in the past 26 years, I'm going to have to spend time hunting for tapes on Discogs.
Their new collaborative release is the cassette "The Rebels Fold Scratchy, Relaxed Meanings Into Their Smallest Actions" on Park 70. The tape is built of component sounds from all past Stelzer / De Waard collaborations from 1996, and it is an incredibly intricate and masterfully built sonic building held together by musique concret. I was pleasantly surprised on first listen and now it's a firm favourite here at MuhMur HQ.
I got a package of sounds through from Sirenwire. Sirenwire is the label run by artist Susan Matthews.

Operating since 2005 the label has seen some great releases by Susan and her prolific collaborative works with the likes of Tony Wakeford (as Window Tappers), Thorsten Soltau, Alistair Crosbie, The Dead Mauriacs, Rainier Lericolais and Clint Newton (as Harme) to name a few. It was through her collaborative releases with The Dead Mauriacs and Thorsten Soltau that I became aware of her work.
In June and July of this year Susan exhibited at the King Street Gallery, Carmarthen (Wales). The exhibition was called "Transference" and was a collection of her "Graphic Scores". Susan invited various artists to interpret her 'scores' and this played as soundtrack for the exhibition. "Strange Variations" is a collection of these sounds and was released as a CD in July. The Thorsten Soltau piece "A Sheer For Fallen Kings" is part of this compilation. The CD (with booklet) is available here :
In the past few days I have been rediscovering and revisiting some old records, hence the inclusion of Five Or Six and The Transmitters. The Transmitters track is on the 1981 album "And We Call That Leisure Time" on Heartbeat Records. I discovered The Transmitters in a backwards kind of way, first hearing this LP in 1981. I probably bought it because it featured ex-Glaxo Babies singer Rob Chapman. I certainly didn't buy it for the cover.

Working backwards I bought the 1979 Step Foward Records 12" EP "Still Hunting For The Ugly Man". This is a great record ... well recommended. I then made the mistake of buying the 1978 album  "24 Hours" on Ebony Records. I think I found it for 20p in "Mary's Records" on Broadgate in Lincoln circa 1984/85. Bland and tame as I remember. I don't have a copy now as it sells for around the 40 bob mark and that still is too expensive. In 2006 Elsewhere Records released a collection of The Transmitters on CD, unfortunately not from the Heartbeat Records period but from their Ebony/Step Forward days. Called "I Fear No-One" it is worth getting for the hard to find 12" tracks and a B-Side track called "0.5 Alive".
Dirty Swords are the new project of Marky Loo-Loo and Andy Jarvis. Marky + Andy were founder members of seminal UK noise group Dogliveroil along with Ashtray Navigator Phil Todd back in the early 1990's. Marky went on to be part of Target Shoppers with Phil Todd and Tea Culture whilst Andy joined forces with Filthy Turd to become Vile Plumage as well as releasing solo work for Sheepscar International, First Person and Fencing Flatworm labels (to name but a few). And now they are back together as Dirty Swords. Their releases can be found here :

In December this year I shall be performing as Dieter Müh once again in Switzerland and Germany. My first live performances since last years Dronefest at Space Studios in Darlington Hall. On the 14th I shall be in Freiburg with BºTong and Grodock. The Grodock piece here is from the album "CD 2 - Verwerfungen" on the US label Obsfucated Records. It's a reinterpretation of "Lady In The Radiator" song from "Eraserhead". I remember seeing Bauhaus use the original as an intro tape a few times back in the early '80's. (Useless Information as Chris & Cosey would say).
The Tarkatak and Contrastate pieces are from the new compilation "Troum Transformation Tapes : The 20th Anniversary Celebration 1997 - 2017" double CD on Transgredient Records. I had planned to play them on the last programme but left the CD back in the player at MuhMur HQ!

The Altar Of Flies track is from the split 7" with Darksmith on Hästen & Korset Records. Over the past 12 years of listening to Mattias Gustafsson's project he has never disappointed.
The programme ends on some kind of 'post-punk' revision with two tracks from the 1983 album "For A Reason". Lifetones were the project of Charles Bullen after the crumbling of This Heat. Recently US label 'Light In The Attic' have re-issued the album on CD. The second of August 1982 saw the release of the Modern English single "I Melt With You". It's about the last decent Modern English single ... I stopped following them around this time. The track here is from the album "After The Snow". I don't know if it's a different version to the single. Like The Transmitters I have a fear that they are still treading the boards. The programme finishes with a classic B-Side from The Bush Tetras. Please take a listen to the programme here :

Playlist :
01: Howard Stelzer & Frans De Waard : "The Rebels Fold Scratchy Relaxed Meanings Into Their Smallest Actions (Side 2)" (Park 70) 2018.
02: Susan Matthews : "End Of The Want" (Sirenwire) 2018.
03: Throbbing Gristle : "AB/7A" (The Grey Area) 1991.
04: Chris & Cosey : "Useless Information" (Wax Trax! Records) 1990.
05: The Conet Project : "2 Letter N U" (Irdial Discs) 1997.
06: Thorsten Soltau : "A Sheer For Fallen Kings" (Sirenwire) 2018.
07: Five Or Six : "Consider This" (Frizz Bee) 1982.
08: The Transmitters : "The Beat Goes On" (Heartbeat Records) 1981.
09: Dirty Swords : "Touching The Apex" (Death Slap) 2018.
10: M.O.W.E. : "Vom Leben Ins Tod" (90% Wasser) 2001.
11: Tarkatak : "vs. Brinnan" (Transgredient Records) 2018.
12: Grodock : "Lady In The Radiator" (Obsfucated Records) 2013.
13: Altar Of Flies : "Brittle Bones" (Hästen & Korset) 2011.
14: S.P.K. : "Another Dark Age" (Side Effekts Records) 1983
15: Susan Matthews + Rainier Lericolais : "On Solomon's Mountain" (Sirenwire) 2008.
16: Contrastate : "The Silent Fish" (Transgredient Records) 2018.
17: Mark Vernon : "Love In The Form Of A Personal Attack" (Research Laboratories) 2018.
18: Lifetones : "For A Reason" (Light In The Attic) 2016.
19: Lifetones : "Good Side" (Light In The Attic) 2016.
20: Modern English : "I Melt With You" (Sire Records) 1983.
21: Bush Tetras : "Das Ah Riot" (Fetish Records) 1981.

The next broadcast will be on August 16 and then there will be the official SoundArt Radio summer hiatus where they wipe all the spit off the microphones and solder some wires back together for the new schedule starting in September. Unfortunately the mighty Dave Mutch won't be with me on the next broadcast as he will be in Aberdeen, but he'll be back in September.

                                                              Dave and the tea trolley.

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 22 November 2018.

Back when I was a youth (the 1960's) I had an old Nan who lived in the small Lincolnshire hamlet of Jerusalem, it was a tag on to the...