Saturday, 25 July 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 23 July 2020.

A chance meeting at weird garden event last year in Lincoln with Gavin Morrow has brought me in to the sonic world of Grey Frequency. Gavin records and performs under the moniker of Grey Frequency. His latest release is a split cassette with London based electronic musician Steve Nolan. 

"Intercept" is released on Nolan's own label 'Spun Out Of Control'. Copies are limited but still available. Try here :
The Maeror Tri track is from a new compilation of early singles (A & B Sides) released by Belgian label EE Tapes. Imaginatively called "The Singles" the track "Phyein" was originally released in 1995 on Fools Paradise Records. 
The Steve Roden piece is from a compilation CD that was given away to subscribers of The Wire magazine back in 2006. At a recent clear out and tidy up at SoundArt Radio Studios I chanced upon this CD lying on the floor ... so I picked it up. I am not a subscriber to The Wire magazine.
Tech Riders are Frans De Waard and Sindre Bjerga. This summer they have (had) released two essential albums. "Double Factorial" on the UK based Sleep Fuse label and "Of The Lost Ark" on the Finnish Ikuisuus label. "(Do) The Rotation" is from the "Of The Lost Ark" album. Limited to 60 only it is available here :

The regular 'On This Day' feature returns with a couple of singles from 1982. The Stranglers "Strange Little Girl" and Blancmange's "Feel Me". Between 1980 and 1985 I saw Blancmange live a few times, from Lyndsays Disco Bar in Lincoln to the grand Apollo Theatre in Manchester. It was at the gig at the Apollo that the support was from Portion Control.

"Raise The Pulse" was a 12" on Illuminated Records. "Abbo Dabbo" comes from the mini LP "Hit The Pulse" released in the same year on Portion Control's own label In Phaze Records. 

One of the most interesting releases this year is the cassette "_____________" on the new Steep Gloss label. 

The Throbbing Gristle tracks are from the double LP "The Mission Is Terminated". This LP is 'partly official' only the Throbbing Gristle tracks credit them as a Sinclair/Brooks production. Two tracks are edited / compressed versions of recordings from the "Journey Through A Body" sessions (1981), whereas "You Don't No" is a live recording from Sheffield. The other LP is a compilation of artists that appear on the Italian Nice Label. 

The Skullflower 7" is from 1992 on the highly collectable Dying Earth label, and features the dulcet tones of Stuart Dennison on vocals. 

Please take a listen to the broadcast here :

Playlist :
01 : Steve Nolan & Grey Frequency : "Been" (Spun Out Of Control) 2020.
02: Maeror Tri : "Phyein" (EE Tapes) 2020.
03 : Steve Roden : "22 Letters And The Resonance Of A Three Pointed Star" (Wire Magazine) 2006.
04 : Tech Riders : "(Do) The Rotation" (Ikuisuus) 2020.
05 : Pere Ubu : "Cloud 149" (Radar Records) 1978.
06 : The Stranglers : "Strange Little Girl" (Liberty Records) 1982.
07 : Blancmange : "Feel Me" (London Records) 1982.
08 : Portion Control : "Raise The Pulse" (Illuminated Records) 1983.
09 : Portion Control : "Abbo Dabbo" (In Phaze Records) 1983.
10 : Diurnal Burdens/George Concrète/Phil Maguire/Richard Garet/Rovellasca : "_________" (B) (Steep Gloss) 2020.
11 : Ora : "The Sun Sheds A Golden Tear" (Die Stadt Records) 2004.
12 : Throbbing Gristle : "Medicine For Catholic Sex (Love Song For Paula)" (Nice Label) 1983.
13 : Throbbing Gristle : "Exotic Violence Della Morte" (Nice Label) 1983.
14 : Family Underground : "Sand Between Us" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2020.
15 : Skullflower : "Bad Alchemy" (Dying Earth Records) 1992.
16 : Throbbing Gristle : "You Don't No" (Nice Label) 1983.

The next broadcast is on Aug 6, kick off time TBA.

Sorry this is a little brief / rushed - I am just about to head up North and will be away from a computer for a few days ......

Saturday, 11 July 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 09 July 2020.

The broadcast starts with a track by Hinageshi Bondage. Hinageshi Bondage was the solo project of Helsinki based sound artist and multi instrumentalist Janne Martinkauppi. Janne has since gone on to play in (and create) such projects as Can Can Heads, Doroga, Haare, Killer McHann, Mohel and he is now part of the group Gunk. Hinageshi Bondage only existed for a couple of years (1999 - 2001) releasing a couple of 7" singles on Janne's own label Verdura Records and the mini album "Pariisi Vuonna 1959" on the Finnish label Nihil Market. Nihil Market was a side label to Kaos Kontrol, the industrial label operated by Jukka Mattila. Jukka now plays in the noise-rock band Throat.

                                                                Janne Martinkauppi.

"Villto" is from the "Pariisi Vuonna 1959" release. Back at the turn of the century I used to correspond / trade tapes and records (etc) with Janne. I started to collect releases on Verdura Records, the early releases were from Circle side projects like Ektroverde and Eturivi as well as Kroko and Hinageshi Bondage. We sort of lost touch when I moved to the Deep South, but a couple of months ago Janne got in contact thanks to Facebook and I am now slowly catching up on Janne's activities in the 21st Century, as well as filling gaps in my Verdura Records collection. Expect more Janne Martinkauppi sounds on MuhMur Radio in the coming months.
Verdura records catalogue can be bought here :

How much longer will it be before Dale Cornish is the poet laureate? It could happen ... Harbinger Sound have had records in the Top 20 album charts .. anything can happen. Dale has just released the infectious album "Thug Ambient" on his own Vanity Publishing label. On this programme I play one of his more 'experimental' pieces' from the album. Contact Dale here:

The short Neil Campbell piece is from the download only album "In Plague Boudoir" available via the Neil Campbell Bandcamp site.
It's one of those 'name your price' downloads and highly recommended.

The oeuvre of Duncan Harrison is quite remarkable, from his days (over ten years now) with Plurals through his collaborations with artists such as BBBlood, Ute Wassermann, Dylan Nyoukis and Aidan Baker (to name just a few) and as a solo artist and vegan chef at various eateries in Brighton. Releasing on labels such as Index Clean, Research Laboratories, RRRecords, Sound Holes and Chocolate Monk (to name just a few). His latest release is the highly listenable "Music From Amplified Flexible Discs" a cassette on the (new to me) Cardboard Club label.
Don Mandarin (like Duncan Harrison) also has released via the label Research Laboratories. "Cape Town" is from the new CDR "Take Me To Cape Town (Mary Visits Elisabeth)". Don Mandarin is at the alias for Bristol based musician Richard Beale. Richard was in the 1980's Pop-Rock band Head and 1990's Trip-Hop band Receiver.

FRKSE are a mysterious one man project from the West Coast of America. I remember chancing upon the 2012 cassette release "Scholar Drugs" on its' release and have been tracking down their/his/her releases since. I recently grabbed this 7"EP from the bargain bins of the Internet. "Denigration Rapture" on Iron Lung Records. It's a problem with limited USA releases, trying to pick them up from UK or European sellers to save on the ridiculous UK-US postage terms. If any UK based folk are reading this and have some FRKSE they would like to pass on ... please get in touch.

Since its release a few months ago the new MNEM LP "Elyktrion" has not been far from the turntable at MuhMur HQ. "Peripheral Intervention" is from the album.

                                                                      Mykel Boyd.

"Fever Dream Three" is the new CDEP from Illinois based conceptual and sound artist Mykel Boyd. Mykel also operates the label Somnimage Records. Visit:

Arv & Miljō should be no strangers to the MuhMur Radio listener. Their (I say they - in fact Arv & Miljō is the solo project of Heinz Hopf and Neutral member Matthias Andersson) new release is the cassette "Raelianerna". A C20 based around close encounters of the third and fourth kind.

Matthias also operates the I Dischi Del Barone and Fōrdämning Arkiv labels. He can be contacted here: Like the sound of Matthias Andersson the sound of John Duncan is often heard on MuhMur Radio. The track here is from the single sided LP "MMXX-02". It was recorded at EMS Studio 3 in Stockholm in 2019.

Copies of this record can be found here:

Thanks for listening, a link to the broadcast is here :

01: Hinageshi Bondage : "Villto" (Nihil Market) 2001.
02: Dale Cornish : "A Better Dancer" (Vanity Publishing) 2020.
03: Neil Campbell : "In Plague Boudoir" (Not On Label-Self Released) 2020.
04: Duncan Harrison : "Music From Amplified Flexible Discs" (Side B) (Cardboard Club) 2020.
05: Don Mandarin : "Cape Town" (Research Laboratories) 2020.
06: FRKSE : "Burn First Then An Affront" (Iron Lung Records) 2018.
07: MNEM : "Peripheral Intervention" (Verlautbarung) 2020.
08: Current 93 : "If A Star Turns To Ashes" (Side A) (The Spheres) 2020.
09: Mykel Boyd : "Fever Dream Three" (Somnimage) 2020.
10: Arv & Miljō : "Raelianerna" (Side A) (Not On label-Self Released) 2020.
11: John Duncan : "Panic @ 11000 Feet" (Matière Mémoire) 2020.

The next broadcast will be on July 23 - it's pre-recorded so I can say that it will have included in the "On This Day" feature sounds from The Stranglers and Blancmange. It'll be a 9pm (GMT) kick off and available on FM if you're in the Totnes area of Devon and streamed live via the SoundArt radio web page. 

Saturday, 27 June 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 25 June 2020

It had been a while since I'd heard some new Aaron Dilloway sounds so I bit the bullet and paid the US postal price and ordered a few tapes from Hanson Records (the label and shop run by Aaron). Extracts from two of the tapes I got are in this broadcast. Christian Mirande's "Exercise" and the full side (A) of the collaboration release with C. Lavender called "Secret Destroyed Instantly"

C. Lavender is a New York sound artist, healing practitioner and educator. In the past she has worked with Pauline Oliveros and released on labels like Ecstatic Peace, Editions Mego and Spleencoffin Records. This collaboration is my first exposure to her sound but I think it deserves exploring. More information on her work can be found here :
The tape is still available here :

The MNEM track is from their latest album (and MuhMur HQ favourite) "Elyktrion".
Back at the turn of the century Finnish trio Aavikko played some live dates in America, their West Coast performances were seen by Peter Conheim of Mono Pause & Negativland. The plan was hatched to release a split single of each project covering one of each other's songs.

Mono Pause cover "El Cebo" an Aavikko track from their 1997 debut LP "Derek!" and Aavikko play "Of Stomping Men" from the 1999 LP "Peeping Through the Listen Hole". Like C. Lavender Mono Pause are a new name to me ... this single came recommended by Jim Haynes (another Aavikko fan).

M. Bryo & D.M.T. was the project created by Belgian artist Mark Burghgraeve in the late 1970s. Based in Antwerp (Belgium) M. Bryo released a split tape with Etat Brut on Club Moral's own label as well as appearing on a handful of compilations. In 1982 Mark formed the EBM band The Klinik, and carried on recording (but not releasing as M. Bryo & D.M.T.). In 2018 the French label Nuit Et Brouillard released the double album "Things I Was Due To Forget" a collection of unreleased material from 1979 to 2005.

Throughout the 1980s Mark worked with Belgian bands such as Vomito Negro, Insekt and Hybrids. Another project he created in the late 1970s was Somnambulist, in 2011 the Belgian label Walhalla released their album "The Withered Land".
The LP can be found here ;

The two Panansonic remixes are from the 12" EP of remixes by Soviet France and Muslimgauze. The tracks were recorded in 1995 and recently found in the Sähkō archives.
The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus are based in Liverpool. I was sent a tape of their debut album back in the early 1990s. Nature & Organisation were on the other side and I have always associated the two bands ... TRAOTIJ have their new album released by Exeter based label Occultation Recordings. "Songs Of Yearning/Nocturnes" is a double CD available direct from the label. When the pandemic is over and it is safe to do so I plan on knocking on the door of Occultation Recordings (Exeter is just 'down the road') and grabbing some more RAOTIJ albums. (Saves on postage)!

Now we (MuhMur Radio) are back semi-live so is the "feature" 'On This Day'. 25th June 1980 was the release date for the debut 7" by In Camera. In Camera encapsulated the 4AD sound of 1980 with the likes of Mass, The The, Dance Chapter and Bauhaus.

In 1982 (on this day) Bauhaus released the single "Passion Of Lovers", by this time they had left 4AD Records and signed to the mini-majors Beggars Banquet.
I managed to get a package through from Somnimage last month. They have just released a batch od CD's by the artists Mikael Boyd, Drekka and Timber Rattle and slipped in the jiffy was a 2019 CD by City Of Djin. Unfortunately the track here skipped a few beats ... I'll put another City Of Djin track in a forthcoming broadcast ... It did give me an opportunity to play two tracks by Fote though ... every cloud and all that ...
Furious Pig (so the story goes) are from Totnes in Devon. SoundArt Radio studios are situated a couple of miles outside Totnes. They only released the one 12" EP before transforming in to the bands Lights In A Fat City and Het. Dominic Weeks (one half of Furious Pig) is now in the band Dial, featuring ex members of UT and All Quiet.

Fote are from the same time as Furious Pig. A trio featuring Sema mainman Robert Haigh as well as future Monochrome Set member Trevor Reidy. The two tracks here are from a new compilation album of previously released singles on Robot Records.

In 2006 two ex A Band and Smell & Quim members joined forces to release the 8" lathe cut EP "Live At RRRecords" on the Newcastle based Alt. Vinyl label. In 2020 Sticky Foster + Neil Campbell have now let an ultra limited cassette called "Theme From Resonatache" escape. The tapes are long gone but a digital download is available here :

You can listen to the broadcast here :

Playlist :
01: Aaron Dilloway & C. Lavender : "Secret Destroyed Instantly" (A) (Hanson Records) 2020.
02: MNEM : "Stimulus Hauler" (Verlautbarung) 2020.
03: Mono Pause : "El Cebo" (Seeland) 2002.
04: M. Bryo & D.M.T. : "Let's Go To War" (Nuit Et Brouillard) 2018.
05: M. Bryo & D.M.T. : "The Lab" (Nuit Et Brouillard) 2018.
06: Aavikko : "Of Stomping Men" (Seeland) 2002.
07: Panasonic : "Untitled #2 (Muslimgauze Mix)" (Sähkō) 2020.
08: Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus : "Ave Maria" (Occultation Recordings) 2020.
09: Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus : "Opening"  (Occultation Recordings) 2020.
10: Panasonic : "Untitled (Soviet France Remix)" (Sähkō) 2020.
11: Christian Mirande : "Exercise" (Hanson Records) 2020.
12: In Camera : "Final Achievement" (4AD Records) 1980.
13: City Of Djin : "Hakawati" (Somnimage Recordings) 2019.
14: Bauhaus : "Passion Of Lovers" (Beggars Banquet) 1982.
15: Furious Pig : "The King Mother" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.
16: Fote : "Perfect Sense" (Robot Records) 2019.
17: Fote : "Lost Toy" (Robot Records) 2019.
18: Sticky Foster & Neil Campbell : "Theme From Resonatache" (Not On Label) 2020.

All being good the next broadcast will be on July 9th with a 9pm (GMT) kick off time.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 11 June 2020.

We move into phase 2, away from the posting of files and downloads on to the physical and the pre-recorded broadcasts ....
A big thanks goes out to the artists who mailed their files of exclusive material for broadcast and thanks to the label AMPLIFY 2020 for posting incredible sounds by incredible artists on their website for free. There was a sense of disconnect for me over the past few programmes as I was collecting files and mailing them over to Chris Booth (Head Honcho Ov SoundArt Radio) for him to compile and create a 2 hour broadcast ... Chris did great work and a big thanks goes to him ... so, now  we have moved into phase two. The almost live - if we all kept quiet and pretended it was. - you'd believe it phase. (Like Radio 6Music on a bank holiday).

The broadcast begins with a 30 minute piece from French Musique Concret Exoticists The Dead Mauriacs.   "Décors Cachés" was released on cassette back in February. Limited to just 20 copies it sold out quickly from the Mauriacs website but a few copies are still available via the GerauschManufaktur bandcamp page.

On the 14th of March this year Genesis P-Orridge  passed on. I had planned a whole G P-O / TG two hour tribute for the broadcast on 28th of March but unfortunately the world turned (became as sad as it seems) and the broadcasts ceased to exist for a while .. and now that MuhMur Radio is back on air I think I'll pass on that playlist and just slip in some classic G P-O from time to time ... The two tracks here are from the vinyl version of "TG Now" that came out in 2004. 
Earlier on in the year I bought The Specials "Singles" album on CD to play in the car and declared to family & friends that "Girlfriend" was my favourite single by the band. (I believe it was their last). I saw The Specials live once - I think they were Special AKA back then - in 1978 at Lincoln AJ's Club. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find a version of "Girlfriend" on the new John Paul album. Great version too. The LP is called "Subjects" and is available here : On the page there's also a link to download the track "Girlfriend" for free. 

Another passing this year, the German artist / poet / actor / writer Jürgen Ploog. I first became aware of Jürgen's name in 1999 when he collaborated with Column One on the album "Simulation", the track played here is from that album. There is a great biography / obituary by Jan Herman here : 

In April Current 93 released the album "If A Star Turns Into Ashes" on their The Spheres label. It was released in two editions with the music being the same on each edition, but the images are different. 

With being able to pre-record the programme now I am able to bring back the feature of "On This Day", and June 11 1978 saw the debut release by The Lines and their "White Night" 7". It was released on their own Linear Records label and re-released a year later on Illegal Records. 

                                                                           The Lines.

New Bristol label Spurge Recordings came into being last year, operated by Bristolian legend (Fat) Paul Horlick their raison d'être is to release vinyl only by "all girl bands". So far they have released albums by Slagheap and Slum Of Legs and have now collaborated with Harbinger Sound and Red Wig to put out Massicot's fourth album "Kratt". Copies can be found via Harbinger Sound here : 
The Crawling Chaos track comes from the recent re-issue of the 1984 album "The Big C" on EE Tapes. I first came across Crawling Chaos in the early 1980's and their single "Sex Machine" on Factory Records, I must admit to not liking the follow up LP "The Gas Chair", and never really thought about them again, not until EE Tapes released their "Spookhouse" album in 2012. They remain (as they always were) a mysterious project, they could be a three piece and could hail from Tyneside (Sunderland) ... who knows? I am having to rediscover The Crawling Chaos. 

In January this year Drekka, Timber Rattle and Mykel Boyd toured the USA. A commemorative CDR was released, limited to 66 copies. As of writing the last 3 copies are available from the link above! 
The Beequeen track is our usual MuhMur Radio Frans de Waard track ... 

01: Dead Mauriacs : "Décors Cachés" (GerauschManufaktur) 2020.
02: Throbbing Gristle : "X-Ray (Edit)" (Industrial Records/Mute Records) 2004.
03: Throbbing Gristle : "Splitting Sky" (Industrial Records/Mute Records) 2004.
04: John Paul : "Girlfriend" (Environmental Studies/Harbinger Sound) 2020.
05: Column One & Jürgen Ploog : "Second 3-D Picture" (Rendezvous Radikal) 1998.
06: Current 93 : "If A Star Turns To Ashes II" (The Spheres) 2020.
07: The Lines : "White Night" (Illegal Records) 1979.
08: Massicot : "Kubika Rubika" (Spurge Recordings/Harbinger Sound/Red Wig Records) 2020.
09: Crawling Chaos : "Gygno" (EE Tapes) 2020.
10: Beequeen : "With Anna You Get Eggroll" (Infraction) 2002.
11: Drekka : "Call To Slumber, Call To Being" (Somnimage/Bluesanct) 2020.
12: Val Dorr & Troy Schafer : "Nachtlaub" (Shifting Sands Congregation) 2014. 

The next programme will be broadcast at 21:00 GMT on June 25th. (Please note the new kick off time). 

                                                                     back in the studio

                                                                         Happy Days!

                                                          The 'Socially Distant' Chris Booth

Friday, 8 May 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast : 30 April 2020.

File under better late than never :

If you did not know my day job is at the local hospital here in the South-West and it has got rather busy in the laboratories over the past seven days. So apologies in the lateness of this post ...

This is the second "Isolation Mix" where I mail Chris at SoundArt Radio some files I have on my computer and he compiles them in to a 120 minute broadcast.
The programme begins with another from the 'Voor' series by Modelbau. The last programme featured eight 'Voor' pieces ... this piece was too long to fit onto that broadcast.
German composer and sound artist Thorsten Soltau mailed MuhMur Radio a couple of pieces in April. "To Let A Field Rest" was originally recorded in 2016 and remastered in 2019. This piece is to be released by UK label Holy Geometry in a split cassette with Belgian musician Neils Geybels.

The rest of the broadcast is culled from the AMPLIFY 2020 website. It's a label created for the quarantine by Jon Abbey, Matthew Revert and Vanessa Rosetto. The label started on March 20 and releases a new piece created in quarantine on a daily basis. The pieces are downloadable for free.
Expect a few more pieces from Amplify 2020 on MuhMur Radio whilst the lockdown is in operation.

Playlist : 
01: Modelbau : "Voor Jolanda" (Not On Label) 2019.
02: Thorsten Soltau : "To Let A Field Rest" (Not On Label) 2020.
03: Francisco Meirino : "To Make A Little More With A Little Less" (Amplify 2020) 2020.
04: Aaron Dilloway : "Chicken Traces" (Amplify 2020) 2020.
05: Howard D Stelzer : "Something To Do" (Amplify 2020) 2020.
06: Leif Elggren : "Ear Before Eyes In The Reversed Process" (Amplify 2020) 2020.

Please take a listen here.

Next broadcast (all going well) will be on May 14 at 21:00 GMT on SoundArt Radio.

Saturday, 18 April 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast : 16 April 2020.

The first MuhMur Radio 'isolation mix' features 122 minutes of the sound of Modelbau. Modelbau is the solo project of Dutch sound artist / writer Frans deWaard. Over the past two years Frans has been composing pieces for friends and allies birthdays and posting them on his Facebook page for all to hear (for a few days only). I have been collecting the pieces and for the first Non-Live MuhMur Radio 'isolation broadcast' I have chosen eight pieces. The files were assembled here at MuhMur Radio HQ and edited into broadcast format by Chris Booth at SoundArt Radio HQ in Buckfastleigh (Devon).

The programme will be broadcast at 21:00 GMT every night on SoundArt Radio until the end of April. Plans for another 'isolation mix' are underway ...

Please take a listen here :

Or tune in to SoundArt Radio here :

01: Modelbau : "Voor Pycram".
02: Modelbau : "Voor Peter".
03: Modelbau : "Voor Martijn".
04: Modelbau : "Voor Jos".
05: Modelbau : "Voor Sven".
06: Modelbau : "Voor Freek".
07: Modelbau : "Voor Lillia".
08: Modelbau : "Voor Steve".

Monday, 6 April 2020

MuhMur Radio Update : April 2020.

As you may well have noticed MUHMUR RADIO is now off-air. Live surface to airwaves broadcasting will begin again when it is safe to do so. At this time SoundArt Radio Studios and Dartington Hall Estate (where they are situated) are closed.
I do not have the facilities here at MuhMur HQ to do a "podcast" or mail in the radio programme to the Mandarins Ov SoundArt for broadcast, the set up here is quite simple. However, please feel free to explore the Muhmur Radio archive page on MixCloud.

Whilst we are "off-air" I will be posting some files I have here on my computer on to the MixCloud Archive page. Randomly and irregularly.
There will be some live recordings, old recordings and exclusive recordings posted during the "lockdown" so please keep an ear out. I am not in isolation at the moment as work at a major hospital in Devon ... but as you can appreciate days are long and very tiring so .... (hence the irregularity).

Anyway ...

Here are some links to click on and I hope you enjoy the sounds.üh-live-in-berlin-2013/

If there are folk out there who would like to contribute to the programme whilst we are in "LockDown", please get in touch.

We shall be back to live broadcasting when it is safe to do so.
Keep Your Distance!

Steve. X

Sunday, 15 March 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 12 March 2020

The programme ends and starts with a piece by Thomas LaRoche. Thomas has been pretty prolific of late with his releases via Chocolate Monk and Royal Sperm as well as on his own label Research Laboratories. Thomas is also part of the PE duo Active Denial and has a hand in the Creep Of Paris project. The piece here is from the latest CDR release by Research Laboratories called "Solo Babes". It's a split release with Cromlech Shadow and Vile Plumage dresser Andrew Jarvis.

As all Research Laboratories output the CDR is ultra limited, but write to Thomas, get on the mailing list and (maybe) he'll start releasing in larger numbers.

I have recently rediscovered the Robin Storey + Nigel Ayers collaborative album "Perfidious Albion" and in my naivety discovered it was part of a trilogy released in 1999 by the US label Soleilmoon. This made me grab the Nigel Ayers + Randy Grief CD "Build A Poison Fire". The third part of the trilogy is between Randy Grief + Robin Storey, hopefully I will be playing some of that album in the near future.

Soviet France & Fossil Aerosol Mining Project LP was released in a distressed laser etched steel sleeve making it one of the heaviest albums I have. Released by the Newcastle based Alt. Vinyl label in 2014 the release is long sold out although it may be worth getting in touch to see if it is avaiable as D/Load?
As mentioned in the 'blog' about the last programme I have been rediscovering the sound of O Yuki Conjugate and recollected times from my youth when we played together (on the same bills) as burgeoning young post-punk industrialists making a racket and having fun! From the ashes of Subway Razor (and I think Menticide) came Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis only released one vinyl LP "Great Babel Gives Birth" and a  cassette "Conception 1982" on the wonderful Flowmotion label. Gary Levermore's label Third Mind Records re-issued the LP in 1984 although I am lead to believe that it is a totally different version to the original. Can anyone confirm and expand on this please?

The Philip Sanderson track is from his latest album "Rumble Of The Ruins". The album is available as download only from here :
The Neutral piece is from the Helen Scarsdale Agency 10xTape Box "On Corrosion". Helen Scarsdale Agency is the label run by Jim Haynes and MuhMur Radio is in the process of organising a live performance by Jim alongside Nigel Ayers and Alice Kemp in the studio in Dartington this coming June. Ticket details will follow ....

It is always a pleasure to hear the mind and works of Stuart Chalmers. "The Heart Of Instinct" is a CD made of seven instincts released by (new name to me) TQN-Aut Records. The CD is available for only a fiver here :

Last month saw the release of "Red Sky", a live double CD recorded on the 2017 Japan tour. I decided to play the.whole of CD#2. It was early 1980's when I first came across the work of John Duncan, first as a performance artist and then as a recording artist - at the time I was reading ND Magazine and (probably) KATA (the Come Organisation magazine) and found his work fascinating. Dan of ND used to mail tapes like "Creed" and "Riot" .. I still have them. I find Johns' transformation in to an almost "lounge" singer as intriguing as it is brilliant and his choice of songs bring out a darker side of the original (If that makes sense)?

The broadcast can be heard here :
Thoughts and comments are always welcomed ...

01: Thomas LaRoche : "Platinum Silicone From Hong Kong (Edit)" (Research Laboratories) 2020.
02: Nigel Ayers & Randy Greif : "Hyperbolic Umbilic" (Solielmoon Recordings) 1999.
03: Soviet France + Fossil Aerosol Mining Project : "Lyra Turned" (Alt.Vinyl) 2014.
04: Soviet France + Fossil Aerosol Mining Project : "Fire In The Snow" (Alt.Vinyl) 2014.
05: Metamorphosis : "Great Babel Gives Birth #3" (Third Mind Records) 1984.
06: Metamorphosis : "Great Babel Gives Birth #4" (Third Mind Records) 1984.
07: Neutral : "Enhet" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2019.
08: Robin Storey & Nigel Ayers : "Spiritually Appraising Things" (Solielmoon Recordings) 1999.
09: Philip Sanderson : "Broken Morning" (Snatch Tapes) 2020.
10: MyTrip : "I Stood Still" (Drone Records) 2018.
11: Stuart Chalmers : "Instinct 9" (TQN-Aut Records) 2020.
12: Stuart Chalmers : "Instinct 4" (TQN-Aut Records) 2020.
13: John Duncan : "Mass Production" (Ideal Recordings) 2020.
14: John Duncan : "The Intruder" (Ideal Recordings) 2020.
15: John Duncan : "Smell My Scent" (Ideal Recordings) 2020.
16: John Duncan : "Reach Out" (Ideal Recordings) 2020.
17: John Duncan : "She's Not There" (Ideal Recordings) 2020.
18: John Duncan : "Final Solution" (Ideal Recordings) 2020.
19: John Duncan : "Dark" (Ideal Recordings) 2020.
20: John Duncan : "Red Sky" (Ideal Recordings) 2020.
21: Metamorphosis : "Great Babel Gives Birth #10" (Third Mind Records) 1984.
22: Thomas LaRoche : "Platinum Silicone From Hong Kong" (Research Laboratories) 2020.

Due to a hectic lifestyle, kids at various clubs or going away to sleep with sharks in Plymouth and working within the NHS - at this moment in time is getting pretty chaotic - I had to get Tamsin (aka Mrs MuhMur) to drive me to and fro the studio this week and we had to bring the 2 boys along with us ... still I kept them busy and involved. The voice you here is that of Oscar introducing John Duncan!

Please note Tamsin asleep in the background! Dave will be back with us next time. March 26 with an 8 o' clock kick off ... barring UK Lockdown!

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Jim Haynes / Nocturnal Emissions / Alice Kemp

MuhMur Radio with full co-operation of SoundArt Radio and Dartington Hall are hosting an evening of sound with Jim Haynes, Nocturnal Emissions and Alice Kemp.
I will announce ticket availability soon (Admission is £10) and provide a link to buy  although you can buy a ticket on the night  ...  there will be a bar.

Sunday, 1 March 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast February 27 2020.

A few weeks ago I was having one of those conversations on social media about the upcoming bio-pic of Cosey Fanni Tutti based on her book "Art Sex Music". It turns out that the film will be directed by Andrew Hulme of O Yuki Conjugate fame ... I mentioned that I met Andrew on a few occasions in the late 1970's / early 1980's, the first time being at the "Waking Up Newark" festival at the Palace Theatre in Newark in 1980. Andrew was involved in one (if not some) of the bands playing. From Newark and the surrounds there was Subway Razor and Passive Resistance. Members of these bands did morph in to OYC. Another voice then joined the conversation ... Nick Cope who was also involved with Subway Razor and/or Passive Resistance. I saw Nick play the Ad Lib in Nottingham in 1981 either as 'Music From The Death Factory' or 'Tiab Guls' ... like a new dawn my memory fades. Nick went on to become 391 and then Metamorphosis.
In 1981 myself (with Dave Uden and Mark Collins) recorded two tracks for a compilation cassette that was to be issued with the last ever copy of Newark fanzine "Cautious Talk Seduces Young Children". We spent a day (again) at the Palace Theatre in Newark along with Passive Resistance, D+7 and Menticide who were also recording for the cassette. We recorded as E.S.P. Disk-rd and the tracks were called 'Radical Art' and 'Instrumental'. I am pretty certain the tape/'zine never came out ..

Anyway, this brief foray in to social media conversation made me dig out the O Yuki Conjugate 4xLP / DVD / 7" EP Box Set "Ambiguism 1983 - 1987" on the Vinyl On Demand label.

                                                                O Yuki Conjugate.

"Kyrie" is from the album "Scene In Mirage" released in 1984 on A-Mission Records. A-Mission Records was the label operated by Possession member Gordon Hope, he also put out the stunning Metgumbnerbone LP "Ligeliahorn". "In The Bog Garden" is from the LP "Rumours Of Music". This is an album of unreleased material from 1983-84. The track the programme finishes with, "Mute Calm" is from the LP "Soundtracks", again, another album of unreleased material.
I did dig deep in to my tape archives to see if I had any recordings from the 'Waking Up Newark' days but unfortunately the search proved fruitless ... however I did find a tape of old that featured the three minute opening track ... no idea who or what it is but it seemed a good track to open with.
I doubt whether Vinyl On Demand have any O Yuki Conjugate boxes left but copies can be picked for around £45-50 via Discogs. OYC themselves have recently resurfaced more information can be found here :

The Jim Haynes track comes from the LP "Flammable Materials From Foreign Lands". I am happy to announce that Jim will be playing live in June at the Dartington Space Studios (home to SoundArt Radio) along with Nocturnal Emissions and Alice Kemp. The date is Saturday June 6, details to follow. The two Mattias Gustafsson pieces are from his latest album "Frusen Musik".

                                                                   Robert Turman.

The two Robert Turman pieces are from the LP "Macro". Originally released as a cassette in 2012 on the American Fabrica label the album was re-issued on vinyl in 2015 on the Italian La Délirante label. Copies can be got here : https://ladelirante.bandcamp.com
Dome seemed to fit afterwards so I played a track from Dome "3" for that reason.

This programmes "On This Day" section features The Desperate Bicycles and a track from their debut LP "Remorse Code" which they put out themselves on their Refill Records imprint in 1980. The Desperate Bicycles formed in 1977 and were more or less finished by the time "Remorse Code" was released. A staunch DIY / Independent group they released a quartet of 7" singles and one LP in 3 years of existence. I never saw them live, they hardly played live and certainly never made it to the East Midlands. They are a treasured band from my youth.

Sterile Garden is the project of Portland, Maine based sound artist Jacob Deraadt. The piece here comes from the split cassette with Les Horribles Travailleurs. "Urban Blight Catalog" is a collection of City sounds made during their 2019 European tour. The cassette is released by US label Basement Tapes and can be found here :

Last November I ventured south to see Drekka live in Plymouth. Whilst chatting to Michael (Drekka) about his Bluesanct label he pointed me towards Timber Rattle and their "Phantoms Of Place" album. It has taken me a few months to 'get in to" this LP and the sound of Timber Rattle, but now I find it hard to get off the turntable, often suiting my 'post-work' mood. I know little about Timber rattle other than they are from California and have just finished a US tour with Drekka and Mykel Boyd. Bluesanct can be found here :
Blood Rhythms are also from America, this time Seattle in Washington State. Blood Rhythms is the project of Arvo Zylo. The piece here is from the LP "Civil War". "Paris Window" also features noises from Bruce Lamont and Dave Phillips. The album itself is wonderfully packaged in a gatefold sleeve and comes with an art booklet with works by Bradley Kokay, Sarina Brewer and The Reverend Steven Leyba.

It is on Arvo's own No Part Of It label.
The Kant track comes from a 7" I got a few years back when I bought a pile of 'Drone Records' from a chap on the Internet, he kindly threw in some extras as it made no difference to the postage and the Kant single was one of the extras. Information on the project is scant but Mykedroner is a Norwegian label ... so ...

I'm not a big fan of lathe cut singles. I have a few that simply don't play. Singles from Thorsten Soltau, Neil Campbell, Stephen Meixner, Colin Potter ... they either skip, pop and dance or the aperture isn't big enough to fit the spindle on my deck. I don't seem to have the same problem with lathe cut LP's ... just singles, and mainly 5" singles at that. But ... I could not resist the new 5" lathe cut from Modelbau! And it plays! Double-sided and on the American Humanhood label it is ultra limited. Still available as a file though :

The two pieces from Claus Poulsen and Stuart Chalmers are from the cassette "Fictions In The Age Of Reason" released by Bristol based boutique label Aphelion Editions. Released in an edition of 50 on cassette and 50 on CDR copies are available here : (Digital album also available) :

Whilst playing sounds from the early 1980's at MuhMur HQ I dug out some Human League. This was the last decent record they released ...

..."Dreams Of Leaving" is from this album.
Please take a listen :

01: Unknown Artist(s) : "Unknown Title".
02: O Yuki Conjugate : "Kyrie" (Vinyl On Demand) 2010.
03: O Yuki Conjugate : "In The Bog Garden" (Vinyl On Demand) 2010.
04: Jim Haynes : "Of Blast And Beach" (Elevator Bath) 2016.
05: Mattias Gustafsson : "Inre Dialoger" (Careful Catalog) 2019.
06: Robert Turman : "Cold Hot Fire" (Fabrica) 2012.
07: Robert Turman : "From Nowhere" (Fabrica) 2012.
08: Dome : "An-An-An-D-D-D" (Dome Records) 1981.
09: The Desperate Bicycles : "Blasting Radio" (Refill Records) 1980.
10: Sterile Garden : "Urban Blight Catalog" (Basement Tapes) 2019.
11: Timber Rattle : "Skeleton Head" (Bluesanct) 2018.
12: Blood Rhythms : "Paris Window" (No Part Of It) 2019.
13: Bourbonese Qualk : "Dereliction" (Platform 23/Mannequin Records) 2020.
14: Kant : "Sol, Moll" (Mykedroner Records) 1996.
15: Modelbau : "Dreamland II" (Humanhood Recordings) 2019.
16: Claus Poulsen & Stuart Chalmers : "...Eclipse" (Aphelion Editions) 2019.
17: Claus Poulsen & Stuart Chalmers : "...Phantasmagoria" (Aphelion Editions) 2019.
18: Mattias Gustafsson : "Titthålt" (Careful Catalog) 2019.
19: The Human League : "Dreams Of Leaving" (Virgin Records) 1980.
20: O Yuki Conjugate : "Mute Calm" (Vinyl On Demand) 2010.

Next Broadcast on March 12. 8 0' Clock kick off ...

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 23 July 2020.

A chance meeting at weird garden event last year in Lincoln with Gavin Morrow has brought me in to the sonic world of Grey Frequency. Gavin ...