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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 14 March 2019.

This broadcast starts with a twenty four minute ambient sound construction by Kazuya Ishigami + Boban Ristevski. Regular listeners to MuhMur Radio will recognise the sounds of Kazuya. I have played many of his sounds before and back in November 2015 he provided an exclusive piece for the programme. (Worth checking the MixCloud archive for that one). I have very little idea who Boban is  although my guess is that he is a Russian sound-artist. The tape is released by Asemic Sound Letters and they are based in Russia. The tape is also limited to 30 copies and (I believe) sold out from source. It's a great piece that puts me in mind of early Organum.

                                                    Artwork for Ishigami/Ristevski tape.

Last week I received a copy of "Death Of The Bull", a new release from Cumbrian based label Aurora Borealis. "Death Of The Bull" is a collaboration between Latvian artist Darja Kazimira and Russian artist Dagmar Gertor.

  "Darja Kazimira (Latvia) & Dagmar Gertor (Russia) are engaged in experimental art practices based on the research of various funeral and initiation rituals of the peoples of the world, with emphasis on the territory of the Balkans and Ancient Greece. With a solid foundation of musical and classical archaeology, religious studies, mythology, philosophy and thanatology, they have sought to create an entirely new ritualised imaginal space. Through improvisation and glossolalia, a new mythic realm is born.
  "For us, music is an opportunity to articulate a myth, to make tangible imaginary space, to deform the environment through sound, shifting its stable temporal and local criteria".
  "With a mix of various ethnic vocal traditions, extreme and academic vocal practices, and a radical approach to traditional notions of folk music in its truest sense, "Death Of The Bull" is undoubtedly highly demanding of the listener. While many albums can be termed immersive, the mythic-space and otherworldliness of "Death Of The Bull" holds the listener to it's rough hide and drags them into the underworld."

The CD is available from March 20 at

Regular listeners to this programme will be no strangers to the sound of The Dead Mauriacs. This is their second 'exclusive' piece for MuhMur Radio. "Les 418 Numáros Du Vice-Consul" is 14 minutes of classic French surreality. Also in the programme is a track from the recent CDR "Tension + Hypnose" released on their own L'Art Penultieme label. Cromlech Shadow are a new (to me) project comprised of Belgian artist Chadnor Gloomy and ex Dogliveroil and Vile Plumage member Andy Jarvis.

Their latest (could be debut) release is the eponymous mini CDR on Coma Kultur. 4 tracks comprising of concrete sounds, tape manipulation, scrapings and restraints. It does have the 'air' of Vile Plumage in the sound but I suppose that is to be expected. I think the CDR is sold out but is available for download :

I have said it before and I will say it again, one of the greatest 7" singles ever released is "Work" by Blue Orchids. "Work" was released 'on this day' in 1981. I was fortunate to see Blue Orchids live back when they were performing "Work" and other greats like "The Flood", "Disney Boys" and "Low Profile". (For those who don't know) Blue Orchids were formed by Martin Brahmah on his exit from The Fall, he also recruited ex-The Fall keyboardist Una Baines and Invisible Girl Rick Goldstraw. They released a trio of great singles and a classic LP on Rough Trade Records before disintegrating. For a brief period afterwards Martin and ex-The Fall drummer Karl Burns formed Thirst. I remember going to see Thirst at their debut gig at Manchester PSV Club. Eric Random and a street dance crew from Moss-Side that featured future Take That star Jason Orange were support. I sat on a table watching this all pass by drinking cheap Jamaican lager with Tony Wilson, Bob Geldof, Pete Shelley and ex SPK/The Cure bass player Derek Thompson. This was not a dream! Thirst released one single (also on Rough Trade Records) before Martin reformed Blue Orchids in the early 1990's. The A and B side of "Work" are sandwiched by a track from Sporten Är Dōd. Sporten Är Dōd were an all girl trio formed in Kungälv, Sweden in the early 1980's. Inspired by the sound of John Peel and the British 'new wave' the three girls grabbed instruments taught themselves the rudiments and started writing and playing songs. They played a handful of gigs and released one cassette before splitting and got on with their lives.

The LP is a straight copy of the cassette plus some live material. It has been released by Fordämning Arkiv, a side label to I Dischi Del Barone. It's a great LP, really refreshing with some catchy tunes. It does take me back to the late 70's/early 80's when bands were formed to fill 3 TDK C60's perform one gig and then on to the next project. It was something I did myself with (good friend) Dave Uden. We would form a band with another friend - Mark Collins, Rose Ingleton, Drew Cormack - write and rehearse a dozen or so songs, do a gig locally (Lincoln + Newark) then disband and on to the next. Great fun. Innocence. No trying to record demos in 8 track studios or get a record deal or tour support - just playing for the fun of it. All this is in the sound of Sporten Är Dōd.
Another re-issue this time from Belgian label EE Tapes is "Nothing Subtle (About Psychotic Demon Karaoke)" by Psych Krist Kastrator. The tracks on the CD album are culled from tapes released between 1992 - 1997.

Psych Krist Kastrator was the brainchild of Belgian artist Marc Ceulemans. Marc was also the creator of the project Brainquake. All information on EE Tapes is here : Staying in Belgium, it was sad to read that Ant-Zen is ceasing as a distribution / mail order outlet. Their latest releases of Michael Idehall and Trepaneringsritualen and staple diets here at MuhMur HQ.

Please take a listen :

01: Kasuya Ishigami & Boban Ristevski : "Collaboration (B)" (Asemic Sound Letters) 2019.
02: Darja Kazimira & Dagmar Gertor : "Pisn Ouroch" (Aurora Borealis) 2019.
03: The Dead Mauriacs : "Les 418 Numáros Du Vice Consul (Not On Label) 2019.
                                             (exclusive piece for MuhMur Radio).
04: AmPh : "Control (B)" (Verlautbarung) 2019.
05: Cromlech Shadow : "Invoice Eyes Multiply" (Coma Kultur) 2019.
06: The Dead Mauriacs : "Tension Pop" (L'Art Penultieme) 2019.
07: Blue Orchids : "Work" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.
08: Sporten Är Dōd : "John Peel" (Fordämning Arkiv) 2019.
09: Blue Orchids : "House That Faded Out" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.
10: Darja Kazimira & Dagmar Gertor : "Smrt Do Zimnego Zilncu" (Aurora Borealis) 2019.
11: Anji Cheung : "Luma Black Luna White" (Oakseer) 2014.
12: Psych Krist Kastrator : "Thee Wardome" (EE Tapes) 2019.
13: Michael Idehall : "Snake Messiah" (Ant Zen) 2015.
14: Trepaneringsritualen : "Decoupage De L'Orme" (Beläten) 2012.

Next programme is on March 28 and will feature a lot of <<SPK>>.

Sunday, 3 March 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 28 February 2019.

It has been a great start of the year for new sounds and classic (re) releases. This programme starts with a new cassette from Kiev sound artist and MuhMur Radio regular, Edward Sol. The track here comes from the new cassette "Strayed From The Herd" on Village tapes.

                                                                        Edward Sol.

Village Tapes is operated by Edward and describes itself as a 'Non ambitious private label for contemporary Avantgarde music and art'. This tape is limited to 23 copies only. There is little internet presence but try contacting Edward here: .
Another MuhMur Radio regular are the releases from Gothenburg based label I Dischi Del Barone. In  2016 they released the 7" "Käre Jesus" by Blod. That's Blod the Swedish experimental project run by Gustaf Dicksson not Blod the Swedish power electronics duo who released some fine records on Segerhuva Records back in the late '90's. Now in 2019 Blod joins with IDDB mainman and all of Arv & Miljö, Matthias Andersson to produce two slices of untitled avant-mayhem, edits from past rehearsals and recordings when Gustf and Matthias were both part of Enhet För Fri Musik. Copies are still available here: It was through a 7" on I Dischi Del Barone that I discovered and fell in love with the sound of Sarah Mary Chadwick. "We Jack" is from the cassette "This One's For Me (B Sides + Demos Volume 2)".

Last year Frans de Waard mailed out CDR business cards to friends and associates. It is all very vague as to who received, how many copies there are and if all copies sound the same. Anyhow .. I play the copy that came through my letterbox here!


A couple of weeks back I got in touch with Neil Campbell. I was playing some 'old' Astral Social Club back at Hartop Towers and got round to thinking that I hadn't heard any new ASC/Campbell sounds for a while ... Neil kindly mailed a package of new releases of which "Silent Pocket Endless Feeling" was one. Originally released as a download on the Glass Miniature label a few CDR copies have escaped. Thirty minutes of psychedelic loop-swirl madness that only Astral Social Club can produce. Also in the package was the CDR "I Must Have My Manias" from which the Neil Campbell track is pulled. Recorded in October last year and released by Neil's own imprint Music Mundane. Go to for all things Astral and Campbell.

The Matar and The Anti Group tracks come from a new 7" Flexi Disc (white vinyl) on Adi Newton's Anterior Research Media Comm label.
                                                                     The Anti Group.

One of the finest labels over the past ten years has been Verlautbarung. With strong releases by Trepaneringsritualen, Clew Of Theseus, Irgun Z'wai Leumi, Tusen År Under Jord, Dieter Müh and th excellent "Stein" compilationation already under the belt, 2019 sees new albums by AmPh and Ochu. Two projects that are regular sounds on MuhMur Radio. AmPh are from Malmo (Sweden) and are the duo of Andreas Malm and Peter Henning. "Control" is their first release since 2014 and the excellent 12" "Terry" which was taken from a MuhMur Radio 'session'.


The Ochu track comes from the album "Unproduktiw", the follow up to 2014's "Tvärsnitt" LP. Ochu have been in operation since 2002 first appearing the Hatband compilation tape "HTW". Starting out as a "noise" project (by SegerHuva boss Love Rosenström) the Ochu sound has developed into a more complex beast with long pieces of industrial soundscapes and field recordings. As always Verlautbarung releases are available through Stockholm based distributor Millstone Vinyl.
The Thorsten Soltau piece is from the cassette "Catalogue Ov Debris" and the A Tent track is from the Cherry Red Records compilation "Close To The Noise Floor". Originally released in 1981 from the LP "Six Empty Places". A Tent was Gavin Povey formerly in pub rock band Lew Lewis Reformer and power pop punk band The Edge (which also had John Moss and Lu Edmonds as members). I used to love The Edge single "Macho Man".

Please take a listen :

Playlist :
01: Edward Sol : "Scent Of The Black Dog" (Village Tapes) 2019.
02: Blod & Miljö : "Untitled (A)" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2019.
03: Sarah Mary Chadwick : "We Jack" (Comfortable On A Tightrope) 2018.
04: Modelbau : "You Really Have No Idea, Right?" (Not On Label-Modelbau Self Release) 2018.
05: Astral Social Club : "Silent Pocket Endless Feeling" (Glass Miniature) 2018.
06: Matar : "Sculptures Of Daedalus" (Anterior Research Media Comm) 2018.
07: AmPh : "Control (A)" (Verlautbarung) 2019.
08: The Hair & Skin Trading Company : "Brighton" (Aquese Recordings) 1996.
09: The Anti Group : "Spiritual Psychosynthesis" (Anterior Research Media Comm) 2018.
10: Ochu : "Segments Of Destination" (Verlautbarung) 2019.
11: Blod & Miljö : "Untitled (B)" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2019.
12: Neil Campbell : "I Have Separated Out The Brown" (Music Mundane) 2018.
13: Thorsten Soltau : "Drill Servant 1975" (m.m. Label) 2013.
14: A Tent : "No Way Of Knowing" (Cherry Red Records) 2016.

It was really good to have company for this programme. Dave Mutch is back after missing the Valentines Day broadcast. The old romantic. Also along for the ride was model and artist Alice Kemp, Tony 'as seen on TV' Whitehead and Mr. ExtraStereo Nathan Carter. Not quite Steve Wright and his 'posse', but fun all the same.
Next broadcast is on March 14. Same time, same channel just a whole new bag of records ...

                                                               Tony, Dave & Nathan.

                                                                 MuhMur & Alice.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 14 February 2019.

After The Snow. I should have started the broadcast with Modern English's "After The Snow". Missed trick. MuhMur Radio is back on the airwaves after the short-notice cancellation of the Jan 31st programme due to snow. A heavy blizzard descended on Totnes and the taxi driver refused to take my down the country roads to the SoundArt Radio station. I can only apologise.

This programme features an exclusive play of the forthcoming album by Non Toxique Lost. Non Toxique Lost are a political, experimental, electronic project based in Berlin. They formed in Mainz (Germany) in 1982. The first time I came across the name Non Toxique Lost was through their involvement with the 1983 Berlin Atonal Festival. The 'famous' one which also featured Psychic TV, Z'ev and The Anti Group. The first time I got to hear Non Toxique Lost was on the (legendary) compilation LP "Q.E.D" on the N.L.Centrum label. This double LP also features S.P.K., Z'ev, Blurt, Chris & Cosey and The Hafler Trio amongst others ... well worth tracking down. One of the founding members of Non Toxique Lost is Achim Wollschied of Swimming Behaviour Of The Human Infant who also appear on the "Q.E.D" compilation. Another founding member Steffen Schütze (aka T. Poem) sadly passed away in 2017.

                                                      Non Toxique Lost @ Atonal 1983.

In 2018 Non Toxique Lost played at the 'KLANG25' Festival in Vienna alongside, John Avery, Zahgurim, Renaldo & The Loaf, Eric Random and Rapoon (amongst others) to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Klanggalerie label.

                                                          Non Toxique Lost in 2008.

For the event Non Toxique Lost were to be Achim Wollscheid, Jammin' Unit, DJ Verhovny and Sea Wanton. Unfortunately due to some problems only Sea Wanton and Jammin' Unit performed live. There were no recordings from the evening so two weeks later Sea Wanton went in to his studio in Berlin and recorded the whole set. "It corresponds relatively to the live experience on the night". The lyrics on "Bewegen Air Uns Noch" are by Joachim Stender and the lyrics on "Dulce Et Decorum Set" are by Wilfred Own - written in 1917. The album is called 'State Of the Art" and will be released later in the year by Klanggalerie.

                                                     T.Poem + Sea Wanton in 2008.

The broadcast opens with two tracks from the Non Toxique Lost album "England Ihren Feiden Schenken"" released in 2008 on the Greek Hic Rhodos-Hic Salta label. (Hic Rhodos-Hic Salta is from Aesop's Fables and literally means 'Prove What You Can Do, Here And Now'). The tracks "Ruft Much Am In Der Zukunft" and "Gals D'Argent" come from the 2007 album "Siga Siga" and "Sam 41643" comes from "Träneninvasion" a memory card/USB stick released in 2014.
Many thanks to Sea Wanton (Gerd Neumann) and Non Toxique Lost for the sounds and support for MuhMur Radio. They will be plenty more N.T.L. in the coming months ...
Non Toxique Lost can be contacted here :

14th February 1977 saw the release of Metal Urbain's 7" single "Paris Marquis", and three years later Scars released their first 7" on Pre Records "They Came And Took Her".

About ten years ago I found myself in Liskeard, Cornwall and went in to a secondhand bookshop that had a box of 12" records. Lazily thumbing through I found the 12" EP "Loop Static (Amina B Ring Modulations)" by Richard H. Kirk for ten bob. This purchase sticks out for me - not only because it's a great record and a great find - but I remember the guy behind the counter telling me that his shop was the only secondhand vinyl shop in Cornwall. Not just Liskeard but the whole of Cornwall. Fake News! The Kirk track here is from that 12"EP.
Marias Bad is the project of Norwegian sound artist Bjørn J. Magnhildeøn. The German label m.m.label have just released a double CDR collection of the work of Bjørn which features the track "Fenrefaen". This piece was originally released on the compilation cassette "Paradoxical Paralysis" in 1991 on Siegmar Fricke's Bestattungsinstitut label. A download copy of the release is available here :

"Voor Lilia" by Modelbau was available for a limited period via Frans De Waard's Facebook Page. It was recorded to celebrate the birthday of Lilia Scheerder, a Modelbau collaborator and owner of Barreuh Records.

And because it's St. Valentine's Day .... Just For You, Here Is A Love Song.

Please take a listen :

01: Non Toxique Lost : "England #1" (Hic Rhodos-Hic Salta) 2008.
02: Non Toxique Lost : "England #2" (Hic Rhodos-Hic Salta) 2008.
03: Suicide : "Rocket USA" (Cherry Red Records) 2019.
04: Metal Urbain : "Paris Marquis" (Rough Trade Records) 1977.
05: Non Toxique Lost : "Ruft Mich An In Der Zukunft" (Dossier Records) 2005.
06: Non Toxique Lost : "Sam 41643" (Hic Rhodos-Hic Salta) 2014.
07: Richard H. Kirk : "Crimes Against Humanity" (Touch) 2000.
08: Scars : "They Came And Took Her" (Pre Records) 1980.
09: Non Toxique Lost : "Bewegen Wir Uns Noch?" (Not On Label) 2019.
10: Non Toxique Lost : "Dulce Et Decorum Est" (Not On Label) 2019.
11: Non Toxique Lost : "i.n.t.a.s.b.t.i.a.s.s." (Not On Label) 2019.
12: Non Toxique Lost : "Schwarze Mamba" (Not On Label) 2019.
13: Non Toxique Lost : "Untergang" (Not On Label) 2019.
14: Non Toxique Lost : "Buchenwald" (Not On Label) 2019.
     (Tracks #9 - #14 are from the forthcoming LP "State Of The Art").
15: Non Toxique Lost : "Gals D'Argent" (Dossier Records) 2005.
16: Duet Emmo : "The First Person" (Mute Records) 1983.
17: Marias Bad : "Fenrefaen" (m.m. label) 2019.
18: Modelbau : "Voor Lilia" (Not On Label - Modelbau Self Released) 2019.
19: The Damned : "Love Song" (Chiswick Records) 1979.

The next MuhMur Radio broadcast will be on February 28th. (Barring Snowstorms). 20:00 hours GMT.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 17 January 2019.

And so, the first broadcast of the new year ... and MuhMur Radio enters its' seventh year for SoundArt Radio. Many many thanks to all the listeners, the artists who have played live and those who have sent exclusive material for airplay. It's all very much appreciated. A full list of this material can be found here :
It was in 2014 that I first heard The Dead Mauriacs. It was through their release on the German label Geräuschmanufaktur with the cassette "Are You Here?" A wonderful slice of ambient soundtrack with a hint of EVP recordings. Since then the sounds from The Dead Mauriacs has progressed through field recordings, organic drones, Musique Concret, African rhythms and cut-ups. Always fascinating. This broadcast starts with side two of their latest cassette "Soupirs Magnétiques, Bons Baisers Des Emeutes" on Sentimental Productions. Sentimental Productions is the Ukranian boutique label operated by Edward Sol.

There are two editions of this release. Standard edition and limited 'art box' edition. Copies are still for sale via Discogs or available for download on The Dead Mauriacs bandcamp page.

The sounds of Edward Sol are no stranger to the ears of regular MuhMur Radio listeners (if there is such a thing). For this programme Edward has provided "First In The Knife Order". This 34 minute piece is the "working one-piece version" and is unreleased.

Unfortunately there was a glitch with one of the CD players in the studio and after two minutes the CDR began to slip and slide so I played a track by Komare and swapped the players ... The Sol piece begins at about 30 minutes in ...
On the Festive Feast MuhMur Radio I played the 7" by Komare. I said that I knew nothing about this mysterious project, and although the 7" was on Gothenburg's finest I Dischi Del Barone label I thought they were from London. Since then I have been told that Komare is a side project of Brighton based band Mosquitoes. I shall now start a hunt for Mosquitoes records. The Komare track here is from the eponymous tape on the American Round Bale Recordings label.

I am always interested to hear the work of Adi Newton, and I was lucky enough to find a copy of the "Chaos Variations III" 12" last month. Released on the Italian NUKFM label this 12" features 2 new pieces and comes with a 16 page booklet. Limited to 50 copies only - 25 in English/25 in Italian - the sounds are a collaboration between Adi and Obsolete Capitalism Sound System. Last copies are available here :
17 January 1980 saw the release of John Foxx's debut album "Metamatic".

This is one of my all time favourite albums. I remember buying the "Underpass" single from Sanctuary Records in Lincoln. The single came out a week earlier. I bought it on the day I went to see The Clash on their "London Calling" tour at Leicester De Montfort Halls. Shit gig - great single. It also amused me that three tracks on "Metamatic" were old Ultravox! songs. A couple of years earlier (September 1978) Ultravox! toured the UK with their "Systems Of Romance" album and in the set was "Touch & Go", "He's A Liquid" and "A New Kind Of Man". I was fortunate to see them at this time. Their gig at AJ's (in Lincoln) was one of those times where I stood outside the venue waiting for the white transit van (or mini-bus) to arrive and offer to carry the amps/drums/guitars up the five flights of stairs for free entry. Didn't always work but with Ultravox! it did. I also got 'help yourself to the beer' (a crate of Holsten Pils) and a chat with John and bassist Chris. A night I have never forgotten. (Other bands it worked for include UK Subs, The Lurkers and Rich Kids).
I have included a live version of "He's A Liquid" by Ultravox! The version here is from a live radio broadcast from 1979. Recorded at Boston (USA not Lincs) Paradise Theatre on March the Third 1979. What happened when John Foxx left Ultravox! was a travesty.

                                               John, Billy + Robin of Ultravox! 1979.

Dale Cornish is a London based poet, sound artist and sonic auteur. In 2017 he started the label 'Vanity Publishing' with Phil Marshall. "Rhododendron" is the first Cornish release on this label. Get it from here :
Due to the fact that release bloody good stuff there always seems to be a Harbinger Sound track on MuhMur Radio. This programme is no different with a track from the debut LP by John Paul. (aka John Paul Heggarty). The voice maybe familiar to folk who listen to Sleaford Mods. Music here is from Bristol based musician/producer the Ratman.

Please take a listen to the broadcast here :

01: The Dead Mauriacs : "Cérémonies Sans Rituel" (Sentimental Productions) 2018.
02: The Dead Mauriacs : "Concrėte" (Sentimental Productions) 2018.
03: The Dead Mauriacs : "Les Emeutes-Electricité" (Sentimental Productions) 2018.
04: The Dead Mauriacs : "Intérieurs Italiens" (Sentimental Productions) 2018.
05: Komare : "The Ice Belt" (Round Bale Recordings) 2018.
06: Edward Sol : "First In The Knife Order" (Not On Label) 2019.
                              (Exclusive piece for MuhMur Radio).
07: Obsolete Capitalism & Adi Newton/TAG : "Device Axiomatique" (NUKFM) 2018.
08: John Foxx : "He's A Liquid" (Metal Beat/Virgin Records) 1980.
09: D.A.F. : "Ich Und Die Wirklichkeit" (Fast Product) 1979.
10: Obsolete Capitalism & Adi Newton/TAG : "Antidiluvian Blues" (NUKFM) 2018.
11: COH : "Beneath My Sun-Proof Eyelids,Truth Never Sleeps" (Creation Books) 2009.
12: Dale Cornish : "Rhododendron" (Vanity Publishing) 2017.
13: Dale Cornish : "What You Think" (Vanity Publishing) 2017.
14: Adam & The Ants : "Nine Plan Failed" (Do It Records) 1979.
15: John Paul : "Quid In" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
16: Ultravox! : "He's A Liquid" (Not On Label) 1979.
17: John Foxx : "Blurred Girl" (Metal Beat/Virgin Records) 1980.

Being the first MuhMur Radio of 2019 myself and Dave wish you all a happy new year etc ... and looking forward to what new sounds the oncoming months bring ...

T'was also great to get a visit from Nathan Carter. One third of WildLife Disco and all of ExtraStereo.  Visitors are always welcome, but remember ... bring beer!

                                                       Nathan (ExtraStereo) Carter.

Next broadcast is on January 31. 8 o'Clock kick off .... thanks for listening.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

A Very MuhMur Christmas : MuhMur Radio Festive Broadcast 30:12:2018

And so it is the most wonderful time of the year, the time for the 4th annual MuhMur Radio Four Festive Feast Of Fun on SoundArt Radio.
It was great to follow the live sounds of the Wildlife Disco broadcasting their first Solstice Special.

                                                     Tony Whitehead of Wildlife Disco
                                            Chris & Nathan of Wildlife Disco take a break

Anji Cheung starts the proceedings, the label Aurora Borealis have just released a "Solstice Tape" featuring Anji and Burial Hex. Anji's side "Seven Are The Veils" is in three parts, whereas the Burial Hex side "Thaw" is in five parts. The cassette is limited to 100 copies only, a few are still available from the label :

                                                                    'Solstice Tape'

And then the madness begins. The Tactile track wasn't meant to be played. In six years of MuhMur Radio I do not like playing the same track twice - only on very rare occasions - and I played the Tactile song in 2014. Not only starts at the wrong speed ... followed by Nocturnal Emissions. Here I played the wrong side too! Ah well, at least it was at the right RPM. Rosa Mundi brings the playlist back on track. Rosa Mundi is a collaboration between John Balance, Peter Christopherson and Rose McDowall. As far as I know this was their only release (the split 7" with Tactile).
It was my birthday early in December and Frans de Waard kindly mailed a piece called "Voor Steve".

2018 and three of the finest 7" singles of the year have been released by Swedish label 'I Dischi Del Barone'. Leda, Monokultur and Komare. I know very little about all three projects although I am lead to believe that Monokultur and Komare are both from the UK. I have just bought the Komare eponymous cassette release from IDDB distribution so expect to hear more in 2019. All IDDB singles are available and highly recommended from here :

December 31 saw the official release of Dieter Müh "The Bjorn Tapes" LP on French label Force Majeure. Originally released as a cassette back in 1999 on Yoshida Yasutoshi's Xerxes label, the tape was only available via mail order from the label (I can't remember any European or American distributor picking it up). In 2004 the Italian label Blade Records released a CDR limited to 80 copies. Unfortunately these copies were on inferior CDRs and have been unplayable for many years. My own copy has 'surface noise', and other folk have complained with similar problems. Force Majeure have now released a vinyl version. Copies available direct from - although it will be widely available from other distribution outfits later this month. The artwork to the LP is a direct copy of the tape sleeve in textured silkscreen cover.

The track played is "Aghor" - originally titled "Aghori' Yoshida mis-read our sleeve notes at the time.
To find out more :
2018 saw the first album in 13 years from Finnish electronic duo MNEM. MNEM have been active since 1997. Juri & Weno have kept a low profile in that time, no internet or 'social media' presence and no live performances. The piece here comes from the 'art box' version of their "Hegonon" album. The bonus 7" (side A). I have a feeling 2019 will bring more releases from MNEM.

                                                               J. Karpov of MNEM
                                                "Prodrome Asthenosis" 7" by MNEM

One of the most favourite nights of my life was back in 2012 when Dieter Müh played the Fylkingen in Stockholm with Contrastate, Kristian Olsson, White & Dusa. It was when I got to meet some great people and discover a whole new seam of Swedish underground music. I got to meet the guy behind Proiekt Hat, he kindly gave me a handful of tapes and Dan Johansson of Ljud & Bild who handed me a few CD releases, one of which was by Arv & Miljö of whom I have try to get everything since and have never been disappointed. The three tracks here are side 2 of the latest LP "Svensk Sommer I Stella Frid". Released on the Gothenburg free jazz label Omlott.
A good contender for album of the year (if you like that kind of thing ... I have always avoided such lists etc as it (seems to me) to make it all in to a competition. This record is better than that record situation) must be "Buddhist Nihilism" by Sudden Infant. Since landing on the MuhMur doormat last October I think this LP has had the most spins. Another powerful release from UK's finest label Harbinger Sound. Artery were one of the finest sounds of the early 1980's. One of the little known 'Sheffield' bands. Fortunate to pick up the "Diamonds In the Mine" 12"EP earlier in the month whilst shopping in Karlsruhe.
The Dead Mauriacs track was posted to me by Olivier Prieur. A Christmas Card for 2018. An honour to play on MuhMur Radio.
Early in December I (as Dieter Müh) went on a six day tour of Switzerland and S.W. Germany (+ Der Schwarzenwald). Four of those dates were with the magnificent BºTong. The track here is from the split CDR with French project Beyond The Elipse Of Time. Hopefully 2019 will see more European dates with BºTong. Keep in touch with all activity here :

                                                    BºTong live in Offenbach. Dec 2018

Whilst in Basel I managed to pick up a couple of great records. Lose is the solo project of Flipper vocalist Bruce Loose. As far as I am aware he only put out the one 7", this is side A. The TuxedoMoon tracks come from there compilation LP "Can You Hear Me" recorded live at The Deaf Club in San Francisco in 1979.

                                                                            Lose 7"

The broadcast finishes on three pieces by Buzzcocks. Like everyone I know I was surprised and saddened with the news of Pete Shelley's passing. I did meet Pete once .. just the once, I never got to see Buzzcocks live. I once turned down a lift to see them in Sheffield being supported by Joy Division - one of the most stupid things I've never done! Anyway. I think it was 1984 and I was living in Hulme, Manchester and Thirst and Eric Random were playing the PSV Club (formerly the Russell Club) which at the time was spitting distance from where I was living. It was the debut gig of Thirst, a short lived project of Martin Brahmah after he disbanded Blue Orchids (for the first time). There was also a 'street dance' troupe from Moss Side which featured Take That member Jason Orange but I don't really remember them .. anyway, I went along with a friend who was pally with a chap called James Young. He was playing keyboards with Pete Shelley at the time and Pete and his band all came to the gig after their rehearsals. The bass player was Derek Thompson who I knew from the days of SPK so we all went and sat at the same table, finding myself between Derek and Pete. Things took a surreal turn when Tony Wilson and Bob Geldof walked in and sat at the same table (all whilst Eric Random was playing live). Sounds like a dream sequence ... but, it happened. Pete Shelley RIP.

The broadcast is split in to 2 parts and can be found here:

01: Anji Cheung : "Seven Are The Veils" (Aurora Borealis) 2018.
02: Tactile : "Greif" (Divine Frequency) 2005.
03: Nocturnal Emissions : "Nightscapes #2" (Small Voices) 2006.
04: Rosa Mundi : "The Snowman" (Divine Frequency) 2005.
05: Modelbau : "Voor Steve" (Not On Label) 2018.
06: Burial Hex : "Thaw" (Aurora Borealis) 2018.
07: Komare : "Got To Stop Me" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2018.
08: Dieter Müh : "Aghor" (Force Majeure) 2018.
09: Minamata : "Tsunaminamata" (Force Majeure) 2017.
10: MNEM : "Prodrome Asthenosis" (Sentimental Productions) 2018.
11: Komare : "Hot Tarmac" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2018.
12: Arv & Miljö : "Kvar Blands Jordens Grus" (Omlott) 2018.
13: Arv & Miljö : "Hjärteregn, Rinn Oförmärkt" (Omlott) 2018.
14: Arv & Miljö : Stormat Ut I Vidöppen Värid" (Omlott) 2018.
15: Sudden Infant : "100 Word Mantra" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
16: Artery : "Diamonds In the Mine" (Golden Dawn) 1984.
17: John Cooper-Clarke : "Psyche Sluts" (Rabid Records) 1980.
18: Michael O'Shea : "Anfa Dåsachtach" (Dome Records) 1982.
19: Dead Mauriacs : "Live 13 24 12 NN" (Not On Label) 2018.
20: Psychic TV : "Dead Cat (Long Version)" (Cold Spring Records) 2018.
21: BºTong : "Sacred Chant And Ritual" (Makabre Sinister Kabaret Productions) 2013.
22: Beyond The Elipse Of Time : "The Mechanics Of Trauma" (Makabre Sinister Kabaret Productions) 2013.
23: Lose : "Whats Your Name" (Subterranean Records) 1983.
24: TuxedoMoon : "19th Nervous Breakdown" (Optional Music/Walking Dead Records) 1980.
25: TuxedoMoon : "In Heaven" (Optional Music/Walking Dead Records) 1980.
26: Buzzcocks : "I Look Alone" (NME/Rough Tapes) 1981.
27: Buzzcocks : "Orgasm Addict" (United Artists Records) 1977.
28: Buzzcocks : "Time's Up" (Mute Records) 2000.

It was great to have Tamsin and the kids in the studio for the latter half of the broadcast, listen carefully and you can hear Oscar do a voice ident (as we say in the trade) before the Psychic TV track. Not too sure when the next 2 hour programme is ... it'll be in January ... keep your eyes and ears open ... check the MuhMur Radio FB page or the SoundArt Radio web page :

                                            Edgar, Isabel + Oscar. Upstarts in the studio

Thursday, 27 December 2018

MuhMur Radio XMas Plans.

The 4 Hour MuhMur Radio Festive Feast will start at 15:00 (GMT) on December 30. Tune your radio to 102.5FM if you're in the Totnes area of Devon or listen to the live stream via the SoundArt radio website.
Lots of new sounds, plenty of old sounds and hopefully a few sounds that you've never heard before.

It has been a busy year for MuhMur Radio, many thanks to the folk who mailed their sounds and especially to Kostis Kilymis, Ditterich Von Euler-Donnesperg, Thorsten Soltau x Comrades for mailing exclusive material and to the labels Harbinger Sound, EE Tapes & Second Language Records for sending promo/pre-release stuff. Exciting and much appreciated - also to Nigel Ayers for playing live as Nocturnal Emissions in the SoundArt Radio Studio, and his great 'in conversation' with Tony Whitehead. Hopefully 2019 will bring along similar surprises!

Regular 2 hour programmes will begin in January.

                                          Happy Holidays from Steve @ MuhMur Radio.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 22 November 2018.

Back when I was a youth (the 1960's) I had an old Nan who lived in the small Lincolnshire hamlet of Jerusalem, it was a tag on to the village of Skellingthorpe which probably isn't a village anymore. Jerusalem was about half a dozen houses, a farm, a hide and skin company and my Nan's bungalow. (The people who owned the farm and hide & skin company were my godparents...the Hughes'). Anyway. Nan had a huge black & white TV on a four foot high table with casters. It was covered with a crocheted blanket and was wheeled out for the weather forecast. The BBC weather forecast. This would be (in those days) at lunchtime, tea-time and at the close of transmission (usually around 11pm). Apart from 'It's A Knockout' (with the legendary line-up of Hall/Ellis/Waring) no other programme was watched. This did (of course) cause hilarity with me and my sister and (indeed) mum and dad. Nan lived her life by the BBC weather forecast, decisions were made on the result of the broadcast .. and my mum would always say "Forecast is just another word for guess".
Leap forward fifty years and I am stood on Newton Abbot train station trying to catch a train to Totnes to get to the SoundArt Radio radio station. It's not a bad evening, certainly coat and trousers as opposed to fleece and shorts but it's not 'bad' weather but trains between Exeter and the Deep South seem to be cancelled because of the (and I'm quoting the tannoy) "forecast bad weather" Forecast bad weather ... forecast ... but - Forecast is just another word for guess how the hell can trains be cancelled 'on a guess'? Luckily one train did make it through ... the London to Penzance super fast train. Stress levels run high, train station, panic station .. not a conducive state of mind for two hours of radio ... anyway. A brisk two mile walk from Totnes to the radio station (in fine weather) cleared the head and realigned the stress levels...only to discover that the speakers in the studio were not working and all CD/Tape play had to be done through the headphones ... There be Omens!

For the second time running Modelbau open the programme. Modelbau always deliver the goods. The first two pieces are from the new double CDR release "A Hundred Yards" on the Econore label.

Limited to 21 copies the two CDRs (5" & 3") are packaged in a sealable bag, the smaller disc being housed in an empty packet of Fran's medication with small plastic vial. I don't know what powder was in the silver foil pouch (it's all Dutch to me) but the title "A Hundred Yards" bears relevance. It all put me in mind of Klangkreig's "Medical Aid Kit" cassette that came in a sealed metal tin with syringe and pills, and also Grey Park's "Le Odyssey J.G. (Juri Gasolin)" CDR that came in a used silver coffee bag with thermoprinted receipt. The 3" CDR is played in full later in the broadcast.
In a few weeks time I am heading off to Basel to play a few gigs in Switzerland and Germany. I will be playing and staying with Chris Sigdell aka BºTong. Back in 2013 BºTong and Dieter Müh played a couple of shows in Bremen and Hamburg, it was so enjoyable that five years later we're going to do it again. The track here is from the 2014 split CD with Re:Drum called "Hush!/Ascending In The Light Of An Alien Sun". Our first gig kicks off in Lausanne on December 11 at Librarie HuMus.
I see that the 2006 LP "The" has got a re-issue on the German 90% Wasser label.

The Chen Yi commune was founded in 1978. The aim of the commune was to create a closed subsystem, a kind of subsociety and to narrow down its contact with the outside world only on very few specific actions. Life In the commune was lead hermetically closed. All circuits, all food, culture and communication circuits had to be self contained. The commune was housed in an old school near Chelmsford. The Chen Yi commune was never interested in producing records, some of the members refused any form of release whatsoever. In 1981 one member (Chen 8) released a tape edition called "Hanging". The title referred to the first 3 English witches that were hanged in Chelmsford, where the commune house was located. The cassette was sent to various record companies. John Peel saw potential in Chen Yi which led to a recording contract in 1981/82 with CBS. About 7 tracks were produced for the first Chen Yi LP "The Rape" in 1982. 
The above (in italics) is from the sleeve notes to "The" written in 2006 by Chen 26. The album itself is dedicated to his/her father Chen 4.
I have heard that this LP is "a hoax" and I have been given the names of those behind it ... whatever - it's a great LP. Copies available from in the UK.
For the second broadcast also, Monokultur. Another 2 tracks from their 4 track EP on I Dischi Del Barone. Really digging this record at the moment. It has a great late 70's DIY vibe about it. Hopefully a full album will appear next year.
I never thought I'd say it but Harbinger Sound Records are releasing some of the finest Deutsche-Punk these days. A month or so ago the 12" mini-LP by Berlin based Muscle Barbie. I know very little about this band .. and Steve at Harbinger isn't saying much, but I think the band is a side project of Berlin punk band Heavy Metal. Contact Harbinger Sound for a copy here : Staying on a Deutsche-Punk trip the noises continue with Werewolf In Aspik. "Verhungen" is from the compilation album "Verboten In Deutschland II - Hausverbot Im Esso". The LP also features Harbinger Sound groups The Toylettes and Pisse. The Pisse track on this programme is from the new 4 track EP "Hornhaut Its Der Beste Handschuh" on Phantom Records. The bass line reminded me of Warsaw hence "They Walked In Line".

In September Dieter Müh played their first gig in two years at The Kaarst Gallery in Plymouth. Also on the night was a performance by Kostis Kilymis.

                                                                   Kostis in Kaarst.
                                           After show party with Trin, Tony, Alice & Kostis.

Last month Touch label subsidiary The Tapeworm released the cassette "Second Saturation" by Kostis. The four pieces here take in all of side A and was recorded live in Stockholm in 2016. Slow building improvised electronic soundscape at its best. Limited to (I think) 100 copies the tape is available here :
At the turn of the century I used to be in correspondence with Finnish artist Pekka Perä-Takala. He was running the labels Clay Records and Musically Incorrect Records releasing mainly his own sounds such as Clay Figure, Paraffin Affiliates and Russian Vitamins.

The track here is from the CDR "Against AvantGarde" released in 2001. (Just as a side note there's a great Clay Figure split tape with Grey Park on the Herkät Kelat label that if you ever see is worth grabbing). Pekka went on to form harsh electronic noise project Gelsomina and the 'super noise' group Bizarre SS Mania (with members of Bizarre Uproar and Edwige).
Please take a listen :

01: Modelbau : "A Hundred Yards #4" (Econore) 2018.
02: Modelbau : "A Hundred Yards #5" (Econore) 2018.
03: BºTong : "Vision Of Eluctable Destiny" (Zoharum) 2014.
04: Chen Yi : "Rug" (90% Wasser) 2006.
05: Chen Yi : "Wargame" (90% Wasser) 2006.
06: Die Form : "Chains Of Love" (Parade Amoureuse) 1991.
07: Monokultur : "Lindholm Steinpiren" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2018.
08: Monokultur : "Sex Jävla Ben" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2018.
09: Chen Yi : "Honey Money" (90% Wasser) 2006.
10: Column One : "Der Schrei Der Lebenden (Parts 1-3)" (Laub Records/90% Wasser) 2005.
11: K.K. Null : "Toki No Dansom" (Quasi Pop Records) 2013.
12: Lille Roger : "My Girl" (Cold Meat Industry) 1993.
13: Muscle Barbie : "Anti" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
14: Werewolf In Aspik : "Verhungen"(Verboten In Deutschland) 2018.
15: Corna Kruswa : "Bambi" (Phantom Records/Mamma Leone) 2015.
16: Pisse : "Dresden" (Phantom Records) 2018.
17: Warsaw : "They Walked In Line" (Factory Of Sounds) 2017.
18: Psychic TV : "I.C. Water (Radio Version)" (Temple Records) 1990.
19: Modelbau : "Ramco B-Model Mix" (Econore) 2018.
20: Kostis Kilymis : "Control Baggage" (The Tapeworm) 2018.
21: Kostis Kilymis : "From This Here Edge" (The Tapeworm) 2018.
22: Kostis Kilymis : "In Slow Metallic Grace" (The Tapeworm) 2018.
23: Kostis Kilymis : "Voices Go Back" (The Tapeworm) 2018.
24: Desmond Simmons : "Alone On Penguin Island" (WMO) 1995.
25: Russian Vitamins : "The Great Kubla" (Clay Records) 2001.

The next programme is scheduled to be on December 6 at 20:00 GMT - listen to the live stream via the SoundArt Radio web site or 102.5FM if you're in the Totnes area.
(I am expecting a new Modelbau tape through the post so you never know ... it might be three in a row).

Saturday, 10 November 2018

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 08 November 2018.

Firstly I will apologise for not posting on this blog after the 25th of October broadcast. I was planning to and then it all (as in life) got a little hectic and before I could catch myself coming the other way I was having a weekend break in Hastings and the East Sussex coast. So I apologise.
Here is the link to the broadcast (25:10:18) -
The start of the broadcast has a sneak preview of the upcoming Maze + Lindholm album "Where The Wolf Has Been Seen" released on 16:11 by Aurora Borealis.

                                                                 Maze & Lindholm.

The rest of the programme has some Of Habit & Dane Law, Pisse, Thomas Leer and EXTNDDNTWRK amongst others, the track listing is on the MixCloud page. If you have any questions about what you're hearing please don't hesitate to get in touch. And so on to last Thursdays broadcast.
The programme begins with a 45 minute track from Modelbau. Side A of the cassette "Ypsilon". 'Yesterday Afternoon' is dedicated to the memory of Dmitry Vasilyev. Dmitry ran the Monochrome Vision label and sadly passed away in the summer. "Ypsilon" is released as cassette or double CD. Available here :


Whilst away in Hastings I chanced upon a great secondhand record shop called Wow & Flutter and managed to pick up some great records. Tod Dockstader 10" being one of them. This is my first hearing of Dockstader's work and it's a remix by Mordant Music (aka Baron Mordant). Dockstader produced long pieces of musique-concret starting in the early 1960's. His library seems to be available on the Belgian Sub Rosa label. Strangely enough (and coincidently) later in the day I was chatting with Danny Gromflin who used to live in Arlington Massachusetts and cycle pass Tod's house every day but never got up enough courage to knock on the door and say "Hi".
This month saw the release of a brace of 45's on the I Dischi Del Barone label. Monokultur being one of those. I also managed to pick up a copy of the Leda single released in the summer. Two fine cuts of the Swedish underground.


In 1987 I was living in Manchester. Hulme, Manchester and I was buying my sounds from Piccadilly Records and a stall on the top floor of Affleck's Palace that later became Eastern Bloc Records. (There were there shops too, but these were the main outlets I remember). At the time I was buying 'Industrial' stuff and On-U Sound records ... travelling the length and breadth of the country to go and see Gary Clail's On-U Sound System! The Manchester music 'scene' had taken a turn for the worse with bands like Stone Roses and Happy Mondays being the talk of the town (or Hacienda). Factory Records were more or less dead in the water. It's why I didn't pay much attention to Biting Tongues. There were chances to go and see them at Band On The Wall or The Boardwalk but ... they were a Factory Records band so what was the point. It was only a few years later that I found out that Graham Massey was a member and as we all know Graham was Danny & The Dressmakers. Graham also went on to join 808 State who (at the beginning) weren't that bad. I saw them a few times in 1988 .. all dry ice and dungarees .. but they were good nights out. Anyway. Back in Wow & Flutter I saw the Biting Tongues 12"EP for a fiver and thought it worthy of a punt. It's really good, I can here the 808 state connection in composition, it has a great vibrant sound. I am now on the look out for more Biting Tongues. I may have seen them live in 1999 supporting Crispy Ambulance at The Band On The Wall, it was a jazz fusion type band with Graham Massey playing guitar ...

                                                          Biting Tongues 'Compressor'.

Please take a listen to the broadcast here :

Playlist :
01: Modelbau : "Yesterday Afternoon" (Zhelezobeton) 2018.
02: Throbbing Gristle : "Distant Dreams (Part Two)" (Industrial Records) 1980.
03: Tod Dockstader : "Bellstomp/Pond Dance (ReMMix By Mordant Music)" (Mordant Music) 2012.
04: Sudden Infant : "Hong Kong Nursery" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
05: Monokultur : "Äckel" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2018.
06: Eyeless In Gaza : "Taking Steps" (Cherry Red Records) 1982.
07: Leda : "The Silent Contest" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2018.
08: Pink Military : "After Hiroshima" (Eric's) 1098.
09: Biting Tongues : "Compressor" (Factory Records) 1987.
10: MyTrip : "I Am Mud" (Depressive Illusions Records) 2011.
11: Ulex Xane : "Farewell To Matters Of Principle" (Cipher Productions) 2018.
12: Sudden Infant : "Tourists" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.

The next broadcast will be on November 22 at 20:00 hours GMT.
And for those wondering who Danny Gromflin is :

                                                         Myself, Danny + Linea.

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 14 March 2019.

This broadcast starts with a twenty four minute ambient sound construction by Kazuya Ishigami + Boban Ristevski. Regular listeners to Muh...