Wednesday 12 June 2024

MuhMur Radio Broadcast #269 (John Duncan)


The next broadcast is on June 23. It is MuhMur Radio Broadcast #269 and subtitled 'Heavy, Useless, No Sense Of Humour'.

Four hours of sounds featuring the art of John Duncan and his releases from 1981 to the present day ... releases on labels such as Anckarström, RRRecords, AQM, Fragment Factory, Die Stadt and Robot Records amongst others. There will also be sounds from artists that have collaborated with John including Ingrid Engarås, Paul McCarthy, Joe Talia and Michael Esposito. I have also managed to sneak in some new sounds into the playlist from recent arrivals at MuhMur HQ by Citipati and Francisco Meirino. 

SoundArt Radio is found at 102.5 FM if you are in the South Hams (Devon. UK) and can be streamed live via their website : Kick-Off will be at 18.00 GMT. The broadcast will be archived on my MixCloud page. (Link on the ReMuhMuration Blog). 

Thank You. 

Monday 27 May 2024

MuhMur Radio Broadcast May 26 2024.


MuhMur Radio Broadcast #268. This programme centres around releases and projects / artists from the Touch label. I have been in correspondence with one of the the labels operators Mike Harding for a few months now .. I first met Mike in Stockholm, a cold and wet November night at The Pelikan Bar (now sadly deceased). 2001 and the night before Dieter Müh played live at the Fylkingen. Mike came to that gig too and brought his pal Chris Watson along. Chris had an exhibition in Stockholm at the same time. 

I started following / collecting the release of Touch around 1983. At the time they were putting out great cassette compilations, all beautifully packaged in an A5 wallet, usually with a small tract or booklet with artwork by Garry Mouat. Later the artwork was created / directed by label founder Jon Wozencroft. In 1982 there came "Feature Mist" featuring New Order, Robert Wyatt, Eric Random, Simple Minds, Flesh and TuxedoMoon amongst others. Followed in 1983 by "Meridians" featuring John Foxx, Test Department, Andrew McKenzie, S/Z, 400 Blows, Nocturnal Emissions, Pure and Bruce Gilbert (a.o). "Ritual : Lands:End" (1985) and "Magnetic North" (1986) followed featuring Renaldo & The Loaf, Camberwell Now, Nocturnal Emissions, Gilbert & George, Cabaret Voltaire, Soviet France, Suns Of Arqa, Lol Coxhill and Sudden Sway (a.o). I guess audio/visual magazines is the best way of describing them. There were other cassette compilations released around this time by Touch including "Touch Travel", "Touch 33" and "Islands In-Between", but I must admit to never having seen or heard these. Mid to late 1980's and Touch were quite prolific and essential. In 1986 they released the seminal Nocturnal Emissions album "Drowning In A Sea Of Bliss" and Last Few Days "Too Much Is Not Enough" perhaps the greatest 12" ever released ... Top 5 anyway. 

In the early 1990's and my interest picked up again with Touch and their releases of The Hafler Trio and Touch's subsidiary label Ash International. In 2005 Touch Radio began with monthly broadcasts by Mike Harding and fellow Touch artists. Mike is also part of the project Dr∅ne along side Mark Van Hoen. Three pieces by Dr∅ne appear in this broadcast. Other artists / projects that are included in this broadcast have all released on Touch (and its' subsiduary labels) apart from Fletina, Column One and Diurnal Burdens & Opt Out but in my ears  ... they could have. (If that makes sense)? 

Touch can be contacted at : And of course the obligatory Bandcamp page : The Column One piece is from the CD album "Dream Time". The Fletina track is from the cassette "The Given Moment". This cassette was released in December last year and I recieved it just as SoundArt Radio were closing down and moving studio. It's a great ambient / drone release which I've been hoping to play for months .. Physical & Download copies are still available at : Diurnal Burdens & Opt Out is Ross Scott-Buccleuch who operates the Steep Gloss label and James Wilson of Singapore Police Background. The track is from the cassette album "False Deceptions". It's on Kringloop Kassettes, a new label from Frans de Waard in Holland. All Kringloop Kassettes are on recycled tapes ... think Hyster, think Vacancy Records ... hell! think RRRon and his 'Recycled' series. So far Frans has released six cassettes in the series alongside Diurnal Burdens & Opt Out there is Roel Meelkop, Sick Days, Modelbau, Howard Stelzer & Modelbau and RNPno2.

It was great fun compiling / playlisting this broadcast. 
The programme has been archived in to two seperate parts for easy aural digestion ... 

Part One:
01: Touch 33 : "Departing Platform 3" (Touch) 1988.
02: S/Z : "Greater Faith Cathedral" (Touch) 1985.
03: Soviet France : "Ram" (Touch) 1985.
04: Panni Charrington : "Silent Tongues" (Touch) 1985.
05: Nocturnal Emissions : "Metal Frames" (Touch) 1985.
06: Dr∅ne : "The Long Song (1)" (Touch) 2023.
07: Pinkcourtesyphone : "She Who Controls" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2022.
08: The Hafler Trio : "Fuck (Parts One & Two)" (Touch) 1992.
09: Last Few Days : "Too Much Is Not Enough" (Touch) 1986.
10: BJ Nilsen : "Smoothe Operator Final" (Edizioni Passarotto) 2015.
11: Colin Potter : "Melodius Thunk" (The Tapeworm) 2013.
12: Fennesz : "Fa" (Creation Books) 2009.

Part Two:
13: Column One : "Fat Finger" (Dossier/90% Wasser) 2005.
14: Dale Cornish + Phil Julian : "Laughing Out" (The Wormhole) 2016.
15: Dale Cornish : "My Geography" (The Death Of Rave) 2022.
16: Dr∅ne : "The Perfect Blind" (Pomperipossa Records) 2017.
17: C.M. Von Hausswolff : "Reset The Motor" (Disques La Carotte) 1997.
18: Fletina : "Obfuscate" (Fort Evil Fruit) 2023.
19: Chris Watson : "Oceanus Pacificus 10m" (Touch) 2007.
20: Diurnal Burdens & Opt Out : "False Deceptions (Psrt One)" (Kringloop Kassettes) 2024.
21: Dr∅ne : "The Long Song (2)" (Touch) 2023.
22: Philip Jeck & Chris Watson : "Oxmardyke" (Touch) 2023.
23: Philip Jeck & Chris Watson : Barn" (Touch) 2023.
24: The Hafler Trio : "Alternation, Perception & Resistance (B)" (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Anti-Record) 1985.
25: Touch Ritual : "Radio Cut-Up" (Touch) 1988. 

I hope you enjoy listening. 
I always thought that S/Z were Soviet France, especially as now they are known as Zoviet*France. Even when Horizon 222, a side project featuring Ben Ponton and Andy Eardley from Soviet France, used the "I was Jim Jones attorney" sample on the 12"EP 'Spirit Level' but since the days of t'internet I discover that S/Z were a trio from London.

Thanks again to Mike, to Chris at SoundArt and to Tamsin. The next broadcast will be on Sunday June 23rd. As always 18:00 gmt kick-off ... 

                                               The view from the studio ...... (Honest)!

Thursday 23 May 2024

MuhMur Radio 26 May 2024 : Touch Ritual


The next MuhMur Radio Broadcast will be this Sunday on SoundArt Radio. The programme will feature 'touchcentric' sounds, a playlist built around the releases of the magnificent Touch label and its offshoots : Ash International and The Tapeworm. There will also be non-touch projects, but sounds that fit in ... if you know what I mean? The broadcast starts at 18.00 GMT. Listen via the SoundArt Radio website or if you're in Totnes turn you dial to 102.5FM.

The programme will be archived on MixCloud.


Saturday 18 May 2024

From The Archives #7 Architects Office


One of the cassettes featured / pictured in the 'Tapeworks' book is "AO 353" by Architects Office. Released in 1986 on audioFile Tapes. I hadn't played this tape in over ten years so I thought I'd dig it out and give it a reappraisal. I bought the tape in 2010 from Jürgen Eberhard of Fiene Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim. Unfortunately it is sans booklet. 

I was made aware of Architects Office through Dan Plunkett of ND Magazine. It was either reading about them and their work with filmmaker Stan Brakhage or the compilation cassette "A/aND : A Cross Cultural Collaboration Between A/a & ND Magazine" (1987). Whichever, I am a big admirer of their output. "AO 353" is a C60 with two very differing sides. Side A features six pieces beginning with abstract piano, improvised abstract piano, it's all very 'Klang-Klang' as a piano is attacked rather than played. The beating of strings and the framework. 'AO 262' (the third piece ... most Architects Office tracks seem to be documented by their number, the same approach is carried out by Japanese sound artist Takahiro Mukai) features tape sources provided by Stan Brakhage with floating (sci-fi) synth sounds and masked voices. The same sound can be found on 'AO 277' but without the Brakhage tapes and with the addition of a plinky-plinky (toy) piano. At this point the whole abstract + improvisational sound approach is reminding me of a Fluxus album I have by Joseph Beuys and Nam June Paik, it's all very similar. Are Architects Office fluxus music? 

'AO 342' again has the floating synth sound, 1970's Star Trek outbursts mixed with Delia Derbyshire type whoosh and warbles. This time with the sounds of French Horns, live and manipulated through tape and child voices. This piece I can imagine being used as soundtrack to an experimental film. Side A ends with 'Variete'. This also features on the A/aND compilation cassette. A very structured piece with electronic synth pulses and electronic harpsichord giving at all a Popul Vuh / Tangerine Dream vibe. A nice way to end the side after some 'difficult' abstract experimental listening. 

Still in the realms of experimental and abstract, Side B is more of a cognitive listen. 'AO 217' is a recording of a visual presentation. An audience watching a film. A child's voice says "Is This A Thing?". There's muttering, murmuring, laughing, coughing from the assembly, some folk make animal noises, maybe depicting what is on the screen (?). A whistling starts and builds. It's all very listenable. 'AO 301.5' is also a live recording. Subtitled "Shuke Anthem" from January 1986. A bass clarinet with synth keys and tape manipulations gives it a sort of sinister cabaret feel. 'AO 219' is a journey, we know this by the repeated train station announcements. It's a long piece featuring bass clarinet, random synthesiser and piano with field recordings and voices. The final piece 'AO 239' is a conversation between Lisa, Linda and Nancy with laughing and howling all to a backdrop of industrial style electronics. 

After ten years or so this was a great listen, it brought back memories of Dan. I don't have much AO. "Soundtracks" a collection of AO recordings that Monochrome Vision released in 2014 on CD will go on the 'to play' list for sure. If anybody has a spare copy of the 'A/aND' cassette then please get in touch. 

Pause & Tapeworks (Books about cassettes).



Only the other day I was chatting to a friend who said "books are coming back in fashion"! It's the first time I'd heard this one ... it now sits alongside the comment that I used to hear a few years ago that 'Vinyl' is coming back in fashion and 'cassettes ... do you still play them?'. 
I may be an old man who is stuck in his ways but books, records and cassettes never went out of fashion. 
I have 2000+ cassettes here at MuhMur HQ. I have been released on cassette, I have released cassettes. I love the K7. Equal to records (or vinyl as it is now called in the 21st Century) is the cassette tape. Thank you Mr. Ottens. Chapeau. So, when I find out that recently there has been two books written on / about cassette releases I had to get hold of them. 

"Pause" is a mammoth tome. 350 pages of cassette releases. Artwork of hundreds of cassette releases, all from this century. The book is written in French with an English translation. As well as the hundreds of pictures of cassette releases there are interviews with the folk behind the labels as well as overviews of the labels releases. A great interview with Ron Lessard (of RRRecords) about his starting of the 'Recycled' series. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming book on Ron / Emil Beaulieau that Korm are putting out ... soon. Interviews also with Dylan Nyoukis of Chocolate Monk, Aaron Dilloway of Hanson Records and Mattias Gustafsson, the man behind Hästen & Korset. Also in the book are pieces on Lal Lal Lal, Falt Records, Ultra Eczema, Third Type Tapes and Quagga Curious Sounds. It was good to read about the activities of Héloïse and Olmo, the people who operate ZamZamRec. They used to be based in Bristol many moons ago putting on great gigs in Stokes Croft. I remember they brought MyTrip to the UK. They also performed live as Zohastre, I saw them a couple of times at the Exchange in Bristol, supporting (I think) Consumer Electronics and Sleaford Mods. Always great live. They are now based in the Loire Valley in France. Good to know that they are still active. 
There's other labels and interviews too, labels of which I knew nothing but now I'm keen to discover. That's what the book does, and looking at the artwork it's like .... oooh, I didn't know that existed .... and ...... oooh, I've never seen that before, I need it!. That's what the book does. Dieter Müh's cassette release "Live At Gangerviertel" on the great SoundHoles label is on page 90. I was surprised and honoured to be included. gives more information. Grab a copy ... it's essential. 


 The subtitle of "Tapeworks" is 'Art & Design Of 80's Experimental Electronic Music'. It's a collection of 151 releases from that decade. 90% of which are cassette releases. There is no narrative, no history given behind the releases, just pictures of the art and design. Again, a fascinating book and a great document of the DIY cassette culture, of art in a pre-computerised domain. A small run through of bands / artists included : Ptôse Production, Architects Office, Graf Haufen, SPK, Kanker Kommando, Storm Bugs, Tom Ellard and Sleep Chamber. I would say the list is endless ... but it's 151 releases. Again, essential. The book is pocket-sized (A6) and collected by ReSampled. They are UK based and have an interesting blog : So. Two great books, both essential.

I have already said that I love cassettes. I always have, ever since the days of taping John Peel's radio programmes in the 1970's. The late 1970's and the birth of cassette culture via the classifieds of NME / Sounds and ZigZag magazine. Groups such as The Instant Automatons, The Dogma Cats, The Door & The Window and (of course) the Industrial Records releases of live Throbbing Gristle. In 1979 I started a label called "Don't Dance ... Collide". I put out a couple of cassettes (in 1980), one of my then project E.S.P. Disk-rd. An aponymously titled cassette. And a compilation of Lincoln bands simply called "Don't Dance ... Collide". This featured Collide, E.S.P. Disk-rd and The Exitz. I sold copies for a pound through the classifieds, I think it sold about 12 copies. When I restarted Haemoccult Recordings a couple of years ago I had to release cassettes again. The first is by Grey Park "Think Space Act Local (Volume One)". Sold out at source but still available by sellers via Discogs. Grab a copy and keep the cassette culture going! 

                                                         E.S.P. Disk-rd Sleeve.


Saturday 11 May 2024

Steve Albini


It is always sad to hear of someone passing as it was sad to hear of the death of Steve Albini. I am not au fait with his past music, although I think I have a couple of Shellac tracks on an old cassette somewhere. I knew of Albini's work through his collaboration with Whitehouse in the 1990's. Reading through his obituaries online and on YouTube, some with long lists of his production work ... this classic CD from 1992 never gets a mention. RIP Steve Albini. 

Wednesday 8 May 2024

From The Archives #6 John Duncan.


I have spent the last few days compiling a playlist for the next MuhMur Radio Broadcast, I have decided to make it a 'touchcentric' programme featuring artists / projects that have been released by and appear on  Touch / Ash International and The Tapeworm labels. Also some non Touch artists but I consider them to be 'touchcentric'. 

John Duncan has had his sounds released by Touch over the years. I think their collaboration began in 1993 with the album 'Send'. So I dug out some of my John Duncan collection (v. small) and came across the Book/CD "John Duncan Works : 1975 - 2005" and was surprised to find it came out in 2006. Then, thinking about it I surprised myself to discover that 2006 was 18 years ago ... it only seems like yesterday. I guess this is a sign of growing old. 2006 and I played the Wave-Gothik Treffen Festival in Leipzig and Barden's Boudoir in London and those gigs don't feel like eighteen years ago. 

I think it was early 1980's and reading about the actions, performance art actions of John Duncan in ND Magazine that drew me to his work. Actions such as 'Scare' and 'Blind Date' I found utterly intriguing. Then Dan (of ND magazine) and another friend, Tim, started mailing me cassettes of his audio work. "Riot" and "Dark Market Broadcast" spring to mind. Dan also mailed a cassette of Paul McCarthy talking about his exploits with John which is hilarious as it is fascinating as it is unbroadcastable (which is a shame). Since these days I have always kept an eye and ear out for John's releases. I was fortunate enough to see John Duncan live at the 'Lowest Form Of Music' event that happened in London in 2010. 

The book features artwork by John Duncan as well as contributions from Leif Elggren, Paul McCarthy, C.M. Von Hausswolff and Brandon LaBelle amongst others. There's a comprehensive strip down of John's early performance work and releases with additional photographs and sketches. It is more than a beginners guide if you know what I mean? The CD that accompanies is audio work from 1980 to 2003. It is (mainly) an audio guide to John's work using shortwave radio and field recordings. It begins with the EP "Creed" released in 1980 on All Questions Music (AQM). The five tracks have been mixed as one 10 minute piece.  The LP "Riot" from 1984 that was also released on AQM, and a track from the compilation album 'A Fault In The Nothing' called "Trinity". This wa originally released by Touch ... which is why I dug out this CD/Book in the first place. The CD ends with two pieces released in 1998 and 2003 on the German Die Stadt label. Like the book contents, the CD is a great overview to the work of John Duncan. The publisher is Errant Bodies Press. They also published an excellent book featuring the works of Stefan Roigk  last year that came with two CDs. for more information. I also recommend the John Duncan Early Works vinyl box sets that Vinyl On Demand released a few years back, but they are probably harder to come by. 


And, strangely enough there'll be no John Duncan on the radio programme ..... I'm planning on giving the work of John Duncan a more 'thorough overview in a later broadcast. 

Monday 29 April 2024

MuhMur Radio Broadcast April 28 2024.


Now that we have four hours to broadcast it gives us an opportunity to concentrate on artists, projects, labels etc. This broadcast centres around the sound art of Adi Newton. 

The programme features two exclusive pieces, extracts from the forthcoming release  'TAGC Complete Test Tones Experiments Meon 1 + 2'. It will be released as a book / USB Card. (marked *).

I did make an error during the broadcast, I forgot to shut off the studio mic' at one point. It makes the sound have a 'live' feel to it and you can he me muttering in the background. I apologise (I noticed it pretty quickly) and I hope it doesn't ruin the listening too much. Still getting used to the new studio and equipment....anyway... 

The early Clock DVA recordings are (mostly) from the (excellent) 4 part "Horology" series curated by Frank at Vinyl On Demand. "Brigade" is from the 7"EP 'The First Fifteen Minutes" released in 1980 by Steve Singleton's Neutron Records label. "Coil" appears on 'Horology 2', so impressed with the sound that Geff Rushton / Jonh Balance named his project after the track. Geff went on to collaborate with Adi. Part One ends with the Coil track "Nasa-Arab". 

Playlist :

01: The Anti Group : "The Discussion" (Les Temps Modernes) 1985.

02: The Anti Group : "Zulu" (Sweatbox) 1985.

03: The Anti Group : "Iso-Erotic Calibration" (Musica Maxima Magnetic) 1994.

04: The Anti Group : "Union Of Sirens" (Musica Maxima Magnetica) 1994.

05: The Anti Group : "Electronic Brain Frequencie" (Not On Label) 2024. *

06: The Anti Group : "Yggothian Transmission Wavelength 10.40.56" (Rizosfera) 2021.

07: The Anti Group : "Meontographical Cartography" (Rizosfera) 2021.

08: Psychophysicist : "R090004" (Rizosfera/ArmComm Europe) 2024.

09: 3 Teens Kill Four : "Hold Up" (Dark Entries) 2017.

10: 3 Teens Kill Four : "Tell Me Something Good" (Dark Entries) 2017.

11: Clock DVA : "Brigade" (Neutron Records) 1980.

12: Clock DVA : "1958" (Invisible Records/Bain Total) 1981.

13: Clock DVA : "Otto M." (Contempo Records) 1992.

14: Clock DVA : "Ghost Trilogy No.2 (Extract)" (Vinyl On Demand) 2012.

15: Clock DVA : "Cage" (Vinyl On Demand) 2012.

16: Clock DVA : "You're Without Sound" (Vinyl On Demand) 2012.

17: Clock DVA : "Coil" (Vinyl On Demand) 2015.

18: Coil : "Nasa-Arab" (Cold Spring Records) 2019.

This is Part One of the programme, I have split it into two halves for easier (aural) consumption.   

Part two of the broadcast starts with a couple of pieces from Coagulant. Coagulant is the solo project of Fabio Kubic. Fabio has worked with Adi Newton, being a part of Psychophysicist and working on the "AMMA" album with The Anti Group. Fabio is from Bologna, not Portugal (my mistake!) and is based in North London. "Coiled" is from the cassette album 'Revok' released by Invisible City Records. "The Repenting Events" is from the 2020 self released album 'Rendlesham Transmitter'.

"Rendlesham Transmitter is a work connected with unknown states of consciousness and with the "Typhonian Experiments" inside the outer space. Anyone conversant with the work of Kenneth Grant cannot help but associate his name with the word 'extraterrestrial'. Kenneth Grant's "Typhonian Experiments" were focused on dimensional portal openings, and communications and transmissions with entities from another astral plane - permeated by an alien aura, modelled and hidden within layers and levels of consciousness, and by the ritual knowledge.  The sound used in Rendlesham Transmitter is simultaneously in and out of the bizarre - from the surreal sensuality of Austin Osman Spare and Michael Bertiaux's visionary voodoo to the arcane appropriation of Lovecraftian Lore.  ..... The Repenting Events are a catalytic bridge for psychic experiences, the remote past is projected against the cosmic tissue into an arcane backdrop of starry space, opening cognisance of outer gateways, contact points with areas of being and non-being increasingly indentified as non-human". (Fabio Kubic 27:02:2020).

Organ Of Corti is a trio of sound artists comprising of Joachim Nordwall (iDeal Recordings), Dan Johansson (White/Sewer Election/Neutral) and Matthias Gustafsson (Altar Of Flies/Cryme). I came across this project only last year with the excellent cassette "EA & Other Works" released on their own Edition Corti label. Since then I am trying to get hold of everything I can by them. "Colluvio" is the latest 7" on iDeal Recordings, limited to only 100 copies. "Potentia" is from the CD album 'Fanaticus' on the New Forces label.


'Magnesia' and 'Magnetic Pharmacology' are from the second album in the "Teste Tones" series. For more information about the activity of Adi Newton / Clock DVA / The Anti Group & Psychophysicist please visit : and or follow Clock DVA on Facebook / Bandcamp :

Playlist : 

01: Coagulant : "Coiled" (Invisible City Records) 2020.

02: Coagulant : "The Repenting Events" (Not On Label / Self-Released) 2020.

03: Organ Of Corti : "Colluvio" (iDeal Recordings) 2024.

04: Organ Of Corti : "Potentia" (New Forces) 2024.

05: The Anti Group : "Magnesia" (Side Effects) 1988.

06: The Anti Group : "Magnetic Pharmacology" (Side Effects) 1988.

07: The Anti Group : "Transmission Path Of Noise (Abridged)" (Not On Label) 2024. *

08: Adi Newton : "The Strange" (ArmComm Europe/Rizosfera) 2022.

09: Clock DVA : "Sonology Of Sex" (Interfisch Records) 1988.

10: The Anti Group : "Spiritual Psychosynthesis" (ArmComm Europe/Rizosfera) 2022.

11: The Anti Group : "The Tenant (le Locataire Chimérique)" (Anterior Research) 2020.

12: Pisse : "Vertschau" (Phantom Records) 2024.

The Anti Group will be performing live at this years Wave-Gothik Treffen festival in Leipzig and Clock DVA are planning live European dates for later in the year. Hopefully I will be able to get to one or two of those ... Big thanks to Adi for the exclusive sounds and for all the sounds throughout the years, as I mentioned in the broadcast I have been listening to his work since 1979 .. that's 45 years! Also to Fabio and Simon for assistance in making this programme. The next broadcast is at the end of May, exact date and detail to follow. 


The picture above is of Adi, Jane, Myself and Karl D'Silva outside The Conway Hall, London 2009. The Anti Group, Dieter Müh, Æthnor and The Threshold HouseBoys Choir were playing live. Great memories .....


Wednesday 24 April 2024

MuhMur Radio Broadcast #267 (The Anti Group).


The next MuhMur Radio Broadcast will be on April 28 starting at 18:00 GMT. It's a 4 Hour programme featuring the sound art of Adi Newton. Included in the broadcast is 23 minutes of exclusive sounds from the upcoming T.A.G.c. release Test Tones Experiments Meon 1 + 2. There will also sounds of early Clock DVA, Psychophysicist and Adi Newton alongside work from collaborators Fabio Kubic, and Coil.

To tune in and listen set your dial to 102.5FM if you are anywhere in the South Hams district of Devon or listen to the stream live at : 

Many thanks to Adi.

(* I also plan to spin some new Organ Of Corti, Pisse and a blast from the past from 3 Teens Kill 4). 


Thursday 4 April 2024

Chris Cross


                                                       Billy, Robin, John, Chris & Warren.

I have said it before and I'll say it again. I love Ultravox! Probably my favourite band, but then there's Throbbing Gristle, Alternative TV and Column One all vying for that position. Back in 1976 my (older) sister went to see Ultravox! play at Lincoln Technical College. She came home professing she'd seen the best band in the world ... and an A0 poster for the gig with a picture of the first LP cover. Not long after "Ha! Ha! Ha!" came out, I bought it and was hooked ... 

It was sad to read about the passing of Chris Cross, the bass player of Ultravox! I only saw them live once. Lincoln AJ's, September 1978. Its was a magickal time when The Stranglers, The Skids, Ultravox!, 999 and Razor (the Australian punk band) all played live in Lincoln within days of each other. Ultravox! was the most exciting though, by September 1978 and the release of their third album "Systems Of Romance" they were my band. I had become a regular at AJ's. Although only 14 years old. I used to hang around, early doors and when the band arrived I would offer to help unload the van, carry the equipment up the three flights of stairs etc, then just hide away in the dark recesses during the set up + soundcheck. Great fun, free entry to bands like Cyanide, The Lurkers, The Rich Kids, UK Subs and Slits. Ultravox! was no different, I carried Robin Simon's guitar cases up those stairs. After the gig I managed to get in to the (small) dressing room for a chat and Chris Cross offered me a bottle of Holsten Pils. I took it then asked where the bottle opener was and Chris just took it from me, smashed the bottle top against the corner of a table and Voila! an open bottle of Holsten Pils. My hero! We chatted, I can't remember about what ... but we chatted. My memories of Chris Cross. He was probably thinking ... why is this spotty 14 year old kid in our dressing room? The only other time I'd been in the AJ's dressing room was to see Jenny Darren after her gig there. 

I lost interest in all things Ultravox! when they dropped the ! and Midge Ure replaced John Foxx. The first single "Sleepwalking" was such a disappointment. Everybody knows what kind of followed. There's a good interview with Ultravox here :

Safe passing Chris ... 

Monday 1 April 2024

MuhMur Radio Broadcast March 31 2024.


Finally, after a long winter break MuhMur Radio returns for the spring, now a monthly four hour live broadcast ... 

Whilst away a few things have arrived at Hartop Towers, including the double CD "Samling" by Arv & Miljö on the Irish Krim Kram label. The album is a collection of tracks / pieces that have appeared on compilation releases from 2010 to 2015. The album was originally released back in 2016 on the Italian / German noise label Archivio Diafònico label. There are two tracks included that are from the Arv & Miljö album released on cassette by I Dischi Del Barone in 2017. Marked (*). 

1: Hur Altin Sjöonk I

2: Hur Altin Sjöonk II

3: Mästerligt Bruk Knölpäk

4: Hur Altin Sjöonk III

5: Någonting Har Gòtt Förlorat

6: Bellevue I

7: Bellevue II

8: Bellevue III

9: Förnimmelse I

10: Tag Som Aldrig Släpps (*)

11: Balanskonsten I Att Överleva Här Nere (*)

12: 2415 Dagar

All things Arv & Miljö can be found at : "Samling" can be found at : It's really good to be back with some exclusive sounds from The Dead Mauriacs. Exotique Musique Concret & DaDaesque sounds from Le Havre based sound artist Olivier Prieur. Also a joy to play as March 31 is Olivier's birthday. The exclusive piece is called "An Italian Garden, With A Spy In The Background" and is delivered in four parts. Two sides of The Hafler Trio & B.C. Gilbert double album "Idiots" follow. I read somewhere that somebody said that 'this album was thought of, therefore, it had to be made'. I like that. I like that a lot. Has a salon approach feel. The album, I think, is a bad pressing it is awfully quiet in parts and probably not good for the radio .... but it is SoundArt! 

Who is Manuel Padding? Undoubtedly a pseudonym and probably Dutch. Earlier this year I managed to get a copy of Steffan de Turck / Manuel Padding split cassette 'The Weights Of Babylon' on the Dutch Silver Ghosts label. Since hearing the Steffan de Turck's 'For Charlie Mopps' cassette (a collaboration with Howard Stelzer) I have tried to get all his releases. There's a Manuel Padding cassette on Silver Ghosts called 'We Don't Live Here Anymore' released in 2013 that sounds essential! "Fighting Weakness With Perseverance" is from the split with de Turck. Last month saw the release of "D-Generation", issue one of a magazine and CD dedicated to the work of Genesis P-Orridge and all that orbited around him. 

The magazine and CD is the work of Frank (Vinyl On Demand) and Yuen (Ultra Mail Prod). I found the magazine interesting with great writing by Lawrence Burton, Jordi Valls, Jack Sargeant, Chris Low and Carl Abrahamsson, the album surprised me too with tracks by artist I didn't think I liked. Retirement Community is Lawrence Burton. "Friendship Is Magic" is their only release to date (as far as I am aware). Jordi Valls writes a piece on the making of the Psychic TV video for "Catalan" directed by Derek Jarman. It's not on the CD, but I thought I'd play it anyway ... it's a favourite PTV track of mine. Val Denham is one of those artists I have never been able to get my ears around but the track "Grey Rabbit" (on the CD) is fantastic. Instant hit. I don't know if the magazine is still available (limited to 400) but I think there's a digital version available. . To celebrate a gig in Stockport in December last year Regional Bears and All Night Flight released the cassette 'Lambkin, Walker, Harrison". "Brightonian Vistas" is from this cassette. I have said it before and I will say it again, Duncan is a genius ... as is Francisco Meirino. "Fathers (Purgatory-Causality-Self)" is an example. It's from the CD 'A Perpetual Host' on Misanthropic Agenda. Whilst playing this in the studio, Alice Kemp and myself swapped Francisco stories, of nights in Lausanne and visiting the Librarie Humus. Cranioclast sandwich two pieces by Grey Frequency. "Panopticon I + II" are from the cassette of the same name on Human Geography Recordings. A South-West label operated by Andrew Burge. The sounds are created from field recordings taken at, in, on and around the Panopticon wind sculpture in Burnley. The Cranioclast pieces are from the recent release 'Artic Salon' on Aug Abwegen. 
Nurse With Wound follow. "Sappho 1900" is a 3" CD on the Lenka Lente label and comes with the book 'Le Christ' by Renée Vivien. 
Alice Kemp popped in to the studio and brought a copy of her latest album 'Skinned Alight', a collaboration with Rudolf Two tracks "Skinned Alight" and "Head Skin Stretched Over Stone" are played here. When MuhMur Radio was live between 2012 and 2020 Alice would be a regular at the studio ... it was great to see her again. 
The broadcast ends on "Auf Wiedersehen Pet" by Am Not. 

The programme is split in to two parts for easy consumption.

Again thanks to Chris for being there and producing the programme, to Tamsin for the transport and to Alice + Dave for popping in and supporting the show. It was like having the old gang back together!

                                                           Myself, Alice, Dave and Chris.

MuhMur Radio returns on April 28th at 18:00 hours GMT. 

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