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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 28 September 2023


Checking the diaries and I couldn't find anything (I own) that was released On This Day in the past, so I decided to go all conceptual. Every sound heard over the the two hours and seven minutes (sorry Chris ... overran a little bit) is a release on 10" vinyl. Well, I say 'release' ... the programme begins with three pieces by Dieter Müh and ends with a piece by MNEM. These are all unreleased tracks that were recorded for a 10" release series .... 

What's History? ... In the late 1990's I found myself living & working in Lincoln (again), for a part of this I was sharing a house with a friend called Mick. Mick used to run Outsider Records releasing records and Ads by the likes of Project D.A.R.K., Contradtate, Band Of Pain and Delphium amongst others. In 1998 we started 'The Mouth Label', a label to put out limited edition CDRs of live recordings by artists / projects we liked. 'Mouth' was an amalgamation of both (Dieter) Müh and Out(sider). This project came to a halt in 1999 after putting out three releases by Dieter Müh ("Feeling A Little Horse"), Government Alpha ("Breaked Live Wires") and Column One ("Live Im Hybridraum 23.12.97"). We wrote to both Colin Potter (Ora) and GX Jupitter-Larsen (The Haters) to see if they were interested in joining in on the project but they both declined, so .... we ended The Mouth Label. More information can be found at : Our next plan was to release 10" vinyl EPs, and resurrect the Carnifex Organisation label. Carnifex Organisation was a label I became involved with in 1985. It was created by Gary Warrington and Sean Rorke in Hulme, Manchester releasing cassettes by <<I.B.F>>, The Secret Cinema, Swivel Hips and Muhviertel amongst others. Carnifex folded in 1989. 

Dieter Müh and "A Good 10 Inches" (working title) was to be the first release, followed by MNEM and an EP called "Magnetokorsk" and Das Synthetische Mischgewebe. Unfortunately none of these saw fruition, none were realized or released as I lost my job and Mick's archaeological unit was closing down, we were to become unemployed and as The Valentine Brothers once said ....... I cannot remember why I dug out and played the Dieter Müh cassette, I rarely listen to the old stuff these days but I did enjoy the three tracks and that gave me the idea for a ten inch only broadcast. 

Kaos Kontrol began in 1999, operated by Jukka Mattila it released sounds by the (then) Finnish noise / industrial underground from the likes of Alchemy Of The 20th Century, Temple Of Tiermes, STROM e.c., Hinageshi Bondage, Grey Park and Cloama to name a few. 'Engrama' by MNEM was their second release.  MNEM is the duo of 1W and J. Karpov. 'Engrama' was re-released as a 12" album by Segerhuva in 2007 and featured a bonus track called 'Ultimus'. This track was to appear on the Carnifex Recordings 10". The Soviet France tracks are from the '7.10.12' album released in 2012 by Alt. Vinyl. Vinyl On Demand re-released the album last year, copies are still floating about on the internet. 

When The Mouth Label wanted to release a CDR by Column One my first point of contact was with Daniel Löwenbrück. A correspondence and friendship grew. In 2000 whilst on the 'Harbinger Sound Travelling Circus & Freak Show' travelling through Scandinavia and mainland Europe we stayed for a few days with Daniel in Berlin. (His flatmate at the time was Jürgen Eckloff). Daniel had his own label called Tochnit-Aleph releasing gems by Column One, Con-Dom, Sudden Infant, John Waterman and more recently Alice Kemp, Stephen Cornford, Hermann Nitsch and Agencement to name but a few. His Raionbashi project began in 2003 and was active until around 2012. The piece here is from the 10" single 'In Teufel's Küche'. Daniel now lives in Copenhagen and can be found here : Skalp is Stefan Roigk. Stefan is a multi-disciplinary sound artist / sculptor operating out of Berlin, he has also released on Tochnit-Aleph. for more information. 

God Bless The Virgin Prunes as Dave Fanning once said. I am now of an age where when filling out a form on the internet or other places, when asked my age I have to click / tick the 60+ box. Disheartening but it does mean that I was there when the Virgin Prunes began. I am blessed. I bought the records & tapes and I saw them live. Memorable gigs being the Futurama 3 Festival (1981) and Manchester Hacienda (1983), by the time they played The Feast Of Flowering Light Festival with Psychic TV in 1985 they had passed their sell by date (it happens). The two pieces here are part of the "New Form Of Beauty" project that was a series of releases in 12", 10", 7", cassette and VHS format. Virgin Prunes have an active website, visit Their first two 7" EPs were re-issued as 2x10" EPs for this years' 'Record Store Day' event, well worth tracking down.

Murder Cult was the project of Nottingham based sound artist Ben Hallatt. It operated for a couple of years 2013 - 2015 releasing on Ben's own KIKS/GFR label. 'Theatre And Death' is from the limited lathe-cut 10" "The Folly". It was also available on cassette, I think to 11 copies only. Murder Cult also put out a great 12" called "Four Hands Of Kali" and a cassette called "The Bridge". All worth hunting out. Ben is still active recording and performing as Cei Hill. He doesn't seem to have much internet presence but there are a few releases floating about on Discogs. Another limited 10" lathe cut is Neil Campbell's "Perimeter Ghost Bloom". Self released in 2020 is the place to go for more information. 

Inade are René and Knut from Leipzig. The project began in 1990 with Inade creating the LOKI Foundation, an umbrella to release their sound. Thirty years (+) and they are still releasing some of the finest 'dark ambient / industrial' sounds around. There are Inade side projects like Fjernlys, Ex. Order, and M.K. Ultra all worth a listen.

<<S.P.K>> follow with a track from the unofficial box set 'Working Cycle Transmission'. The box set consists of five live albums and two 10" EPs. 'Genetic Transmissions Alt.' is a studio recording (recorded in Sydney, Australia) from 1982. 'Genetik Transmissions' is from the SPK "Leichenschrei" album originally released by Thermidor Records in 1982. 'Working Cycle Transmission' is still available on Discogs, I have no idea who Therapeutic / Adverse Recordings are, apart from that they are based in Athens, Greece. The Wire track is from the double 10" and 7" packaged inside a hardback book of lyrics and photographs called 'PF456 Deluxe'. Released as part of "Record Store Day' in 2021. I have mentioned before that I have found a shop down here in Devon that gets in the RSD releases, the owner says he has no say in what he's sent and sometimes he gets in the odd one or two releases he knows he won't sell, so I get them cheap ... sometimes very cheap. Where is this shop? Mind your own business! 

My is Yann Jaffiol from Ultra Milkmaids. I can't remember but I think I picked this 10"EP up from Yann when Dieter Müh played with Ultra Milkmaids at AZ Conn in Dresden. A date on the Harbinger Sound Travelling Circus And Freak Show 2000. The 10" is called 'Randomsundaytracks' on the V-Lego label. French band Celluloid Mata also released on V-Lego. Ultra Milkmaids have a Banccamp page (their website seems inactive), go to to find out more. 

Thanks for listening :

Playlist :

01: Dieter Müh : "A Good Ten Inches (I)" (Not On Label) 2001.

02: Dieter Müh : "A Good Ten Inches (II)" (Not On label) 2001.

03: Dieter Müh : "A Good Ten Inches (III)" (Not On Label) 2001.

04: MNEM : "Siera Star" (Kaos Kontrol) 2000.

05: Soviet France : "Waiting At The Gate" (Alt Vinyl) 2012.

06: Soviet France : "Zerlest" (Alt Vinyl) 2012.

07: Soviet France : "Gathering Breath" (Alt Vinyl) 2012.

08: Raionbashi : "Untitled" (Ignivomous / Absurd). 2009.

09: Skalp : "Don't Turn" (Tesco Organisation) 1996.

10: Virgin Prunes : "Sweet Home Under White Clouds" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.

11: Virgin Prunes : "Sad World" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.

12: Murder Cult : "Theatre And Death" (KIKS / Gfr) 2014.

13: Neil Campbell : "Perimeter Ghost Bloom (III)" (Not On Label) 2020.

14: Neil Campbell : "Perimeter Ghost Bloom (IV)" (Not On Label) 2020.

15: Inade : "With The Flood To Light" (Malignant Records) 1996.

16: SPK : "Genetik Transmission Alt." (Therapeutic / Adverse Recordings) 2015.

17: Wire : "99.9" (Pink Flag) 2021.

18: My : "Iria Grrl" (V-Lego) 1997.

19 MNEM : "Magnetokorsk (Oct 2000)" (Not On Label) 2000.

Back on the 12th of October ..... 

Friday, 15 September 2023

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 14 September 2023.


The latest broadcast begins with a piece by Robert Turman and John Wiese from the new CD album 'Solid State Of Time'. The album comprises of two pieces called 'Path To Be Drawn' and it's the most drone / ambient approach to sound I've heard John Wiese be for a while. 

The Cd is on Wiese's on Helicopter Records imprint if you're in the US .. I do know that Cold Spring Records are carrying copies in the UK. Technically speaking I am not a big 'fan' of The Go-Betweens. I used to tape every John Peel Radio Show from probably 1978 to 1982, and then edit it down to my favourite tunes / sessions (I had an AmStrad tape to tape boombox back then) and I really liked The Go-Betweens 'I Need Two Heads' single. I then followed them for a while but never liked any more of their songs. The same can be said for Josef K, I love 'Radio Drill Time' but really couldn't get into them .... until recently. Perhaps I should revisit The Go-Betweens? Anyway, whilst in France last month I could not get this song out of my head. A paper ear worm. It's a great song.

The Go-Betweens formed in 1977 in Brisbane, Australia. In 1979 they moved to Scotland and released 'I Need Two Heads' on the Glasgow based Postcard Records label. Their time in Scotland is covered in the excellent book 'Hungry Beat' by Douglas McIntyre and Grant McPhee. The single has Steven Daly from Orange Juice on drums and is produced by Alex Fergusson of ATV and Psychic TV fame. Soon after the release Rough Trade records signed them up and they moved to London. The Lonely Bell are based on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. Their latest release is the cassette 'The Outer Banks' on Thomas Ragdale's Frosti label. Available here :

"In 2017 I was recording along the north bank of the Humber estuary and one morning driving back from Faxfleet I was stopped at the Oxmardyke rail crossing. The gates were down. After setting up a microphone array by the tracks for a passing freight train the signalman shouted an invitation to climb up into the gate box to make some more recordings.
Over the following weeks I made several return trips to Oxmardyke and gathered a broad palette of recordings. I discussed the sounds, stories and history of the site with Philip after a show and we were both excited by the potential of making a work together.
Philip was drawn to the ancient history of the area from the 6th century Anglo Saxon times to the Knights Templar and how the sounds, rhythms and textures from those periods may still inhabit the contemporary landscape. My thoughts took inspiration from 'The Signalman' by Charles Dickens and the painting 'Rain, Steam And Speed' by Joseph Turner. We agreed to share ideas and exchange tracks. 
Oxmardyke gate box has now passed into history".    Chris Watson.
I played a track on the last programme, 'AH' is the second and there will undoubtedly be more. It's a great listen to get involved in. Another track I played last programme and continue here is from Fletina's EP 'Causal'. This is the title piece. Ultra limited CD edition released but available as download direct from Fletina here :
The Paul McCarthy track is from the 1983 album 'High Performance - The Record (Artists Doing Songs)'. I don't know why but after listening to Fletina and The Lonely Bell pieces this track came in to mind. 

In July this year Altar Of Flies released the 'Music For Roadmaster 69 And Other Pieces'. It's part of the iDeal Recordings "Inner Circle" series. 'Inner Circle' is a subscription series with each CD limited to only 70 copies. This release is number 4 with others by Sewer Election, CM Von Hausswolff and John Duncan. (I am not a subscriber, this CD appeared on the AOF bandcamp page). I think copies have sold out and it's too late to join the 'inner circle' but is always worth keeping an eye on. 
The Passage track is from their second album 'For All And None'. Picked this one up in Niort last month. 'On This Day' in 1982 Sheffield group Artery released 'The Clown', a 7" single on Red Flame Records. I don't have a copy so the version I play here is from the 1982 John Peel (Radio) Session. It appears on the 2006 compilation 'Afterwards (Recordings From 1979-1983)' on Spinney Records. Staying in Sheffield (as I did for 6 months in 1985) .... 

TV Product formed in 1978 when bassist Tony Perrin and guitarist Simon Hinkler shared student accommodation in Sheffield. Their one and only release was a split 7" single with The Prams on the local label Limited Editions Records. The TV Product tracks were recorded at Western Works and produced by Cabaret Voltaire. Hinkler left to become the keyboard player for Artery before joining Pulp and then forming The Mission with Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams (ex-Sisters Of Mercy). And, staying on a TV theme ....

Alternative TV are flavour of the month at MuhMur HQ at the moment. Mark Perry's (kinda) autobiography on the history of ATV / The Good Missionaries / The Door & The Window and The Reflections is now out, and what an enjoyable read it is, I've not put the damn thing down since it came through the letterbox last week ~ it had not arrived at the time I was (pre) recording this programme. The format of the book is Mark in conversation with Richo Johnson (of Splintered and Husk fame) and as Mark is a fascinating chap the book is a fascinating read about a fascinating period of music in the UK ... his dislike of a few folk goes down well here. Get the book at :
Also knitting nicely in to 'On This Day' the track 'Memphis Tennessee' is from the 'Live At The Rat Club' album recorded (by Genesis P-Orridge) on the 14th of September 1977. 'Nasty Little Lonely' is from the 'Scars On Sunday' cassette and was recorded live at The Greenwich Theatre, London in 1979. The cassette is rare, but Winter Hill Recordings, a label run by Richo, re-issued it as a CD back in 2019. 'Strange Kicks' is from the 1981 'Strange Kicks' album. It's probably the most 'weirdest' of all ATV albums. I like the story behind it ... but you'll have to read the book to find out all about that. 'Whole World's Down On Me' is the 

only solo 7" Mark released, and he doesn't really like the song. I disagree, it's a great tune to sing-a-long to (probably better than Ken Boothe's original). Back to Sheffield, the steel city. Martin Lacey (aka Martin X Russian) is the man behind the punk rock magazine 'Safety Pin'. Martin was (in 1977) one of the founding members of They Must Be Russians .. although back then he used the name 'Martin Sparkle'. In 1978 Martin left to briefly play in Artery before staring the fanzine "NMX". Forward to the now (ish) and in 2018 Martin started Safety Pin Magazine, the first issue came with a 7" 5-Track EP by Sheffield post-punk band Stunt Kites. 2023 and issue 18 has a copy of a 7" by Subway Sect and Vic Godard. The Subway Sect track is 'Parallel Lines' that originally appeared on the compilation cassette 'C81' and a new track by Vic Godard called 'Goin' Down Slovaks'. Slovak being a doctor (in the late 1970's) who'd write you a prescription for whatever you wanted for a tenner. The magazine has a great Godard interview, and a feature on The Beastly Cads and an in depth interview with Lora Logic. Next issue has a UK Subs single with it. 
A change of speed, a change of style. Last month the UK label Aphelion Editions released the CDR / cassette 'Insomniac's dream' by Modelbau. 

"'Insomniac's Dream', recorded in 2018, is a compelling collection of four long-form pieces laden with deep bass rumble, dense drones, scattered layers of static and disorientating field recordings, juxtaposing elements of nature with sounds from daily life and other not quite placeable sources." (From the Aphelion Bandcamp page). There's a great interview with Steve Underwood on the White Centipede Noise YouTube channel. In the interview he talks about the end of his label Harbinger Sound. I first met Steve when Dieter Müh played alongside Ramleh and Olympic Shitman at the Narrowboat in Nottingham. December 17 1994. We have remained good and close friends since. I will play highlights from the Harbinger Sound catalogue / canon in upcoming programmes. There are some absolute gems in there! And I'm not just talking about Dieter Müh or <<I.B.F.>>. Alice Kemp's 'Impregnator Of The Death Mouth' 7" is one of those gems. The broadcast ends on Grey Frequency's 'Thirty High Road' from the cassette 'Time And Place'. I am playing more from this release on the next programme so will mention more then ... Needless to say, copies are selling fast. Grab one at :

Thanks for reading / listening. The programme is available on the MuhMur Radio Archive.

Playlist :
01: Robert Turman & John Wiese : "Path To Be Drawn (2)" (Helicopter) 2023.
02: The Go-Betweens : "I Need Two Heads" (Postcard Records) 1980.
03: The Lonely Bell : "The Outer Banks" (Frosti) 2023.
04: The Lonely Bell : "Fires Of Dawn" (Frosti) 2023.
05: Philip Jeck & Chris Watson : "AH" (Touch) 2023.
06: Fletina : "Causal" (Here Free Press) 2023.
07: Paul McCarthy : "Boston Bay" (High Performance Records) 1983.
08: Altar Of Flies : "För De Sömme Inte Finns Hos Oss" (iDeal Recordings) 2023.
09: The Passage : "Shave Your Head" (Night & Day) 1981.
10: Artery : "The Clown" (Spinney Records) 2006.
11: TV Product : "Nowhere's Safe" (Limited Editions Records) 1979.
12: TV Product : "Jumping Off Walls" (Limited Edition Records) 1979.
13: Alternative TV : "Nasty Little Lonely (Live)" (Fuck Off Records) 1979.
14: Alternative TV : "Memphis Tennessee (Live) (Obsession) 1993.
15: Alternative TV : "Strange Kicks" (I.R.S. Records) 1981.
16: Mark Perry : "Whole World's Down On Me" (Deptford Fun City Records) 1980.
17: Vic Godard : "Goin' Down Slovaks" (Safety Pin Magazine) 2023.
18: Modelbau : "Insomniac's Dream (A1)" (Aphelion Editions) 2023.
19: Alice Kemp : Impregnator Of The Death Mouth (Harbinger Sound) 2015.
20: Grey Frequency : "Thirty High Road" (Preston Capes Tapes) 2023.

My second MuhMur Radio broadcast back in 2012 was a Harbinger Sound 'special', you can listen to it here :

Thursday, 7 September 2023

NeuMusik Book.


A little too late for summer reading recommendations, I am a notoriously slow reader, but a book that has kept me busy and entertained over the past few weeks is 'Neumusik' by David Elliot. Published by Korm Plastics it's a collection of the complete output of 'Neumusik' magazine which ran from 1979 to 1982. (Only two & a half years!). 1979 to 1982 the university years of Mr. Elliot.

The magazine became essential at the time as information about Eurorock, Krautrock and the avant~garde was very thin on the ground. Magazines such as 'Flowmotion' and 'Interchange' came along later. 

The first issue was mainly overviews and reviews of works and releases by Ash Ra Temple, Urban Sax, Steve Hillage, Nurse With Wound and Edgar Froese amongst others. Long term co-contributor Andrew Cox writes an interesting piece on 'Calculator Music' (and how to create it) and reviews the WASP Synthesiser. Andrew went on to release cassettes as MHR on David's YHR label. (YHR went on to release great tapes by Asmus Tietchens and Colin Potter). The 'Euro' element runs throughout the six editions as David travels around France and Germany interviewing such artists as Heldon, Asmus Tietchens, Vangelis, Conrad Schnitzler and Florian Flicke amongst others. The reviews become more detailed and in-depth as folk like Gary Scott and 'Flowmotion' editor Gordon Hope became contributors. Also an English (UK) element creeps in as David indulges in the UK DIY / Avant~Garde 'scene' with overviews and reviews of Nurse With Wound, Whitehouse, Metabolist, Naked Pygmy Voles, Throbbing Gristle and Lemon Kittens. There's a great picture of Metabolist playing Brighton Uni, only 13 people showed up. I don't think I have ever seen a live picture of Metabolist before. Each issue is preceded by a few introductory pages where David talks about how the issue came possible, his travels and travails and has high quality pictures from the time. Great idea. 'Neumusik #5' (the only issue I had back in the day) has a great Chris Carter interview, his thoughts and comments on working with Thomas Leer and Robert Rental are hilarious. 

I recommend this book wholeheartedly, it's unputdownable, it's essential and it made me play some old Metabolist and Nurse With Wound again (probably hear them on MuhMur Radio soon), and made me wish I hadn't lost my Urban Sax albums ... ah well. 

Grab a copy now from :

Friday, 1 September 2023

MuhMur Radio Broadcast August 31 2023.


Hello Again ... 

Back from a few weeks away (en Francias) and getting to grips with a new computer and it's (or my) capabilities and understanding ... here we go.

The broadcast begins with three pieces from the new CD on Sentimental Productions 'Tomorrow Is A Big Distance'. The CD is limited to 300 copies and includes Mark Vernon, Altar Of Flies, Jim Haynes and Modelbau (all featured in this programme) as well as Edward Sol, Howard Steltzer, Francisco Merino, Joachim Nordwall, Norbert Moslang and Lasse Marhaug. 

All profits from the CD go towards helping humanitarian causes in Ukraine (zoos / vets) and it's available from :

Over the past few programmes I have been playing sounds by my favourite French artists ... I promise that'll slow down now, but I couldn't resist playing Propergol. Propergol was the project of Jerome Nougaillon, active from the late 1990's to (around) 2012. 'Tormentor' is a 7" on Nuit Et Brouillard. 

Propergol also released on Tesco Organisation, Malignant Records and Hermetique. I was fortunate to play with Propergol, a Tesco Organisation evening as part of the 2006 Wave Gothik-Treffen Festival in Leipzig. I can't see / find any link to Propergol, but they have stuff available at Discogs. I have no idea who Operation Segerpil is / are. I have my thoughts, their second CDR 'The Art Of Manliness' is on the Forfall label, a label operated by Gustaf Dicksson of Blood and distributed by the Gothenburg label Discreet Music. Limited to 50 copies.

I do get a lot of things from Discreet Music. One of the latest purchases was the Greek magazine 'Emvoes' (it's Greek for Tinnitus). The magazine is put together by Manolis Pappas and edited by Kostis Kilymis and features a lengthy interview with Christian Schiefner the man behind the cassette label Falt. Starting in 2016 to release material by Christian's project Chemiefaserwerk Falt has been releasing essential sounds by the likes of Phil Maguire, Modelbau, Kazuya Ishigami, Juice Machine and Philip Sulidae to name but a few. Each cassette is wrapped in a printed A4 sheet containing Christian's artwork. Falt is German for Fold. As mentioned, it's a great interview and the magazine (which also features a lengthy interview with Alice Kemp) is available here. One of Falt's latest releases is the cassette 'Circulation Of Subtleties' by Matt Atkins + Jonathan Deasy. 'Waltz For Marguerite' is from the cassette available as download or as a physical item from Falt at :

Fletina is a Scottish sound artist and field recordist who creates abstract, raw audio collages using found objects, room sounds, environmental noises, household items mechanical devices and various electronic manipulation techniques. Released on the New York (Brooklyn) based label Here Free Press 'Causal EP' is limited to 15 copies and available from or digitally from Fletina is based in Forres (near Findhorn) in North East Scotland. The piece I play here 'Needless Guise' reminds me of the ambient sound, almost menacing sound, of shifting tones of gas and water used by David Lynch and Alan R Spelt in the film 'The Elephant Man'. (I watched it recently to try and get my daughter Iz into David Lynch films). The CD is mastered at a very low volume. 

Whilst in France I did manage to get in some vinyl shopping. We (the familie MuhMur) visited the big cities of Niort and Toulouse on our way to the remote ville of Pouech (find that on a map)! Niort has a great shop called 79Tours. It's beneath the market on Rue Brisson if you're ever in the area. 

                                               Just bagged some Factrix & The Passage vinyl.

A visit to Toulouse means a visit to Croc Vinyl. This place never fails ... it has a great secondhand section (downstairs), and a great post-punk / experimental / industrial section. I can spend hours in this shop, and a lot of €. Amongst the booty this time was the Current 93 album 'The Stars On Their Horsies', released in  2018 on The Spheres label. I play both sides with a Philip Jeck & Chris Watson track in-between (I had to turn the disc over). The Jeck & Watson track is from the CD 'Oxmardyke'. 
On this day in 1979 Glaxo Babies (or Gl*xo Babies as they are called on the sleeve .. legal shenanigans if I remember correctly) released their second single 'Christie Keeler'. 

Glaxo Babies were formed in November 1977 in Bristol by Dan Catsis (later of The Pop Group), Tom Nichols and Geoff Alsopp in Bristol. Dan Catsis and vocalist Rob Chapman left in 1979, 'Christine Keeler'  being his final vinyl appearance. Then Glaxo Babies went more 'experimentall' and 'jazz-influenced' with the addition of saxophonist Tony Wrafter and drummer Charlie Llewellin (who later joined Maximum Joy). Rob Chapman went on to the singer in The Transmitters. 'Nova Bossanova' is the B-Side. Also on this day in 1982 Ludus released their third LP 'Danger Came Smiling' on New Hormones. Ludus existed between 1978 and 1984 and entered around vocalist / artist Linda Sterling. Ludus drummer Graham Dowdall (aka 'Dids') also played with Eric Random & The Bedlamites. 'Danger Came Smiling' has been re-issued by LMT on CD.
Another Discreet Music (Gothenburg) purchase recently was the 7" 'Figment Of Your Imagination' by Linda Smith. I play the flip side here ... I have become interested in the work of Linda after hearing here 2022 cassette 'Workshop Meditation' on Saga House. for more information. 

Playlist :
01: Mark Vernon : "The Years Simply Dissolved" (Sentimental Productions" 2023.
02: Modelbau : "The Art Of Peace" (Sentimental Productions) 2023.
03: Jim Haynes : "Subvariant, Number Eleven" (Sentimental Productions) 2023.
04: Propergol : "Tormentor" (Nuit Et Brouillard) 2003.
05: Operation Segerpil : "All Roads Lead To Him" (Forfall) 2023.
06: Matt Atkins + Jonathan Deasy : "Waltz For Marguerite" (Falt) 2023.
07: Fletina : "Needless Guise" (Here Free Press) 2023.
08: Current 93 : "Stars On Their Horsies (A)" (The Spheres) 2018.
09: Philip Jeck & Chris Watson : "Coop" (Touch) 2023.
10: Current 93 : "Stars On Their Horsies (B)" (The Spheres) 2018.
11: Glaxo Babies : "Nova Bossanova" (Heartbeat Records) 1979.
12: Ludus : "Invasion Of A Compulsory Sex-Morality" (LTM) 2002.
13: Ludus : "I Stabbed A Sheep" (LTM) 2002.
14: Linda Smith : "Ideal View Of The Ideal City" (Almost Halloween Time) 2022.
15: Altar Of Flies : "Peace Is Not An Awful Lot To Ask" (Sentimental Productions) 2023.

Well, I don't know how I did it ... but I did it! I have archived the programme on my MixCloud profile that (I thought) had ceased to exist in 2021 when I had the first computer meltdown. Ah well ... please take a listen here :

Thursday, 24 August 2023

August 2023 Update


It's been a very strange August, so far. The first few weeks were spent in France visiting old friends and discovering new places, buying records along the way (of course). Then coming home to find the computer had ceased to exist. A 12 year old iMac is a 'vintage' piece (apparently) and all files / documents / photographs etc have been lost. I now have a new iMac and I am slowly trying to retrieve lost pages and Emails etc .. it's a bugger when you don't save the passwords! 

Anyway. The next MuhMur Radio will be on August 31 at 21:00 hours. I am having trouble trying to get into my MixCloud account but hopefully I'll be back on it soon. Your patience will be appreciated. 


Friday, 18 August 2023

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 17 August 2023.


I have just returned from a few weeks away in la Belle Francais, so no  long blog ... just a playlist ... 

Playlist :

01: Cabaret Voltaire : "Split Second Feeling" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.

02: Boy Dirt Car : "What Never Ends, Begins Today" (RRRecords) 1987.

03: Eric Lunde : "The Occulationmorbit (B)" (Kanshiketsu!) 2021.

04: Prurient : "White Hell" (Harbinger Sound) 2009.

05: Genesis P-Orridge & The Hafler Trio : "E-am-E" (Cortizona) 2023.

06: We Be Echo : "All I See" (Sleepers) 2020.

07: Cabaret Voltaire : "Red Mask" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.

08: Evitceles : "In A Velvet Room" (Opal Tapes) 2023.

09: Laibach : "Across The Universe" (Mute Records) 1988.

10: Mark Vernon : "Torquay, 1969" (Discrepant) 2023.

11: Hairs Abyss : "Going South" (Invisible City Records) 2020.

12: The Wolfgang Press : "Going South" (4AD Records) 1994.

13: Charles Manson : "Mechanical Man" (Awareness Records) 1992.

14: Devo : "Mechanical Man" (Electronic Sound) 2023.

15: XTC : "Complicated Game" (Virging Records) 1979.

16: Igor!!M : "Live In Nancy" (LFA) 2023.

17: Shrine & MyTrip : "Ruin Dweller" (Amek/Corvus Records) 2022.

18: Cabaret Voltaire : "A Touch Of Evil" (Rough Trade Records) 1981.

19: A Certain Ratio : "Knife Slits Water" (Factory Records) 1982.

You can listen to the broadcast here :

Here's some of the sounds played : 

                                                           Cabaret Voltaire "Red Mecca"

                                                                         Boy Dirt Car


                                                      Genesis P-Orridge & The Hafler Trio


                                                                         Mark Vernon

                                                                  Charles Manson "Lie"

                                                                               Igor !! M

                                                                      A Certain Ratio 7"

Thursday, 3 August 2023

MuhMur Radio Broadcast August 3rd 2023


Firstly, I shall point out that the link to this programme on MixCloud is the link to the whole MuhMur Radio MixCloud Archive, please feel free to listen to past broadcasts. As this programme is airing I shall be somewhere in international waters between England and France heading for the Midi-Pyrénées, hopefully taking in some record shops on the way. With that in mind the programme opens with a trio of French artists starting with Small Cruel Party. Small Cruel Party is the solo project of Key Ransone, born in the USA but based (for many years) in France. 

'Ka Jengbarsi Wollinje' is the B-Side to the latest 7" 'Ancient Des Jours' on the Adi Grand label. It's available via Ferns Recordings. for further details. Toy Bizarre is the project of Toulouse based artist Cédric Peyronnet. Active since the early 1990's but now (I think) dormant, information on Toy Bizarre can be found at : The final piece of the French opening is by Rainier Lericolais, no stranger to MuhMur Radio and 'Intangible' is from his 2010 &' single on Sordide Sentimentale. 

In my quest to have every release on Helen Scarsdale Agency I bought a copy of the double cassette 'Kopk Kopa' by Junk DNA. (Kopk Kopa is Polish for Kick Kick). Junk DNA is the project of American musician Brian Pyle. Brian is also part of the group Starving Wierdos, a group that I've played on MuhMur Radio before. I found this release floating around on the internet, I can't seem to find a link for his other releases. 

Pantaleimon is Andria Degens. Andria was a member of Current 93 between 1997 and 2007 and also appeared the X-TG album 'Desertshore'. She lives not far from SoundArt Radio Studios. This 7" (single-sided and etched) came as a surprise from Michael art Bluesanct ~ thank you Michael. Andria can be contacted via : A few programmes ago I played two pieces from the latest Current 93 12"EP 'Great Aleph Lies Dreaming' a reDreaming of 'Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain', now I play a third. for more details. One of my favourite releases on 2023. I am enjoying digging out one or two cover versions for each broadcast. This time it is the turn of Swans and their version of Joy Division's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'.

To be honest (and why not) I have never been a big 'fan' of The Durutti Column. I really like the two tracks on the Factory Sampler EP, but that's a different Durutti Column ... whilst compiling this playlist I was reading the long-piece on the band and interview with Vini Reilly that appeared in The Guardian newspaper. It made me dig out some Durutti Column ... I have very little. 'The Factory Quartet' LP and a couple of pieces on compilations. I did see them live a few times back in the early 1980's. Retford Porterhouse and the appearance at Futurama 4 at Deeside Leisure Centre (Queensferry, Wales) come to mind. 'Sketch For Summer' appeared on the first LP 'The Return Of The Durutti Column'. The version I play is from the compilation 'Keeping Control : Independent Music From Manchester 1977-1981', a 3xCD box set released earlier this year on Cherry Red Records. Muckrackers put us back in France with their 2019 C5 cassette 'Mono Kok'.

'Aufrecht Gehen' is on the double 7"EP "Kalte Sterne" by Einstürzende Neubauten in 1981. It is on the Hamburg based ZickZack label. A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Alfred Hilsberg, the founder of ZickZack in his record shop in Hamburg. Lovely chap. He also started the 'What's So Funny About' label in the mid 1980's. Speaking about lovely chaps I have had the pleasure of time with ... I first met Tommi Keränen in 2000 when his project Sefahat supported Dieter Müh and Putrefier at the Ilkovi Restaurant in Jyväskylä (Finland). Sefahat were a trio back then and this was their first live performance. Thirty or so minutes of improvised electronics with Tommi setting up his gear on an ironing board. The Sefahat gig was included on the cassette '1st & 3rd Gig' released in 2012 on the Tuplapesä label. Over the past twenty or so I have bumped into Tommi now and again, the last time (I think) was at the Extreme Rituals Festival in Bristol 2012, we were both drummers with Vagina Dentata Organ. On stage at the Arnolfini with Tommi to my left and Mark Durgan (Putrefier) on my right .. it was like an Ilkovi reunion. Akti Records have just put out a cassette to support the 2023 'Glada Campare Tour'. The tour took in Uppsala, Jönköping, Malmö and Göteburg. The Keränen and Juho Toivonen pieces are from this cassette (which also features Slogan Motto). Tommi is also part of Testicle Hazard and The Truckfuckers. I hope to bump into him again soon ... 

Following on from 'Music For A Film' a cassette on Kashual Plastik released in February 'Neuter' is the new LP from Leda. Noise pieces of looping and layering sonics and rhythms, lending more to the '"Covid Music" I Made With My Guitar' CDR than her other releases. Released on Discreet Music and available from them at :

Discovering that 'On This Day' Blurt released their first single in 1980 and that I had just (re)bought the Whizz Kids second single that was also released in 1980 I thought I'd play a few tunes from that year starting with Magazine's 'A Song From Under The Floorboards', a single from the excellent 'Correct Use Of Soap' album. It was first in a series of four singles released monthly, all generically packaged, to support the album. I do recommend the John McGeoch biography 'The Light Pours Out Of Me', a great read with great insights to the formation of Magazine. 

Another trip back in time ... In June 1978 I went to Sheffield City Hall to see Ian Dury & The Blockheads on their tour to promote the 'New Boots And Panties' album. Support was from Matumbi but before all that happened there was Mr Pugh's Puppet Theatre And The Blue Show. An end of the pier type Punch & Judy show featuring bad jokes and a lot of flatulence. In other words .. brilliant! When Blurt released their first single on this day in 1980 it was mentioned that Mr Pugh was Ted Milton, lead vocalist and saxophonist with Blurt. This single features the 'classic' Blurt line-up of Ted Milton, Jake Milton ("My Brother Is A Drummer In A Band From Stroud Called Blurt") and guitarist Pete Creese. This 7" was the first release on Test Pressings, a short run label operated by Terry Razor, the manager of Theatre Of Hate who later created Burning Rome Records. Test Pressings also released The Nips, Pearl Harbour and Charge amongst others, an interesting label in 1980 / 1981. Jake Milton was the drummer with Quintessence who were the opening band at the first Glastonbury Festival / Fayre (as it was back then) in 1970. 

Staying in 1980, John Foxx's first single after leaving Ultravox! was 'Underpass' released in January. Our Daughters Wedding were a trio from America, based in New York. Their first single 'Lawnchairs' was released in 1980 on their own Design Records label, a year later it was re-released on EMI America and became a big 'dance floor' hit. I remember cutting a rug to this tune on the dance floor of The Porterhouse in Retford many a time ... '1980:The First Fifteen Minutes' is a 7" compilation on Neutron Records featuring Clock DVA, Stunt Kites, Vice Versa and I'm So Hollow. Neutron Records was run by Steve Singleton of Vice Versa. The Vice Versa and I'm So Hollow tracks are from this EP. 

11th November 1978 The Lurkers played in Lincoln at a club called AJ's, they were on their 'The Lurkers Say Bollurks To John Travolta" tour. The support came from Whizz Kids. Over the coming months I saw Whizz Kids live a few times, they were the resident support act at AJ's. (They must've played for nowt .. ). Their first EP was released by Lincoln label Dead Good Records. 'PAYE As You Earn' features the live classic 'Cheek-To-Cheek'. If memory serves, they always used to finish their live set with this one, it's done with a nod towards Sid Vicious's version of 'My Way'. 1979 / 1980 Dead Good Records had a few essential releases by the likes of X S Energy, B Movie, Pseudo Existors, The Cigarettes and Sinking Ships.  I never knew 'Suspect Number 1' existed until a few years back. Distributed by Dead Good Records (at the time) it is on Ovation Records. Whatever happened to Whizz Kids? If anyone knows .... 

The programme ends on a track from the latest cassette by Aaron Dilloway. 'Bhoot Ghar : Sounds Of The Kathmandu Horror House'. The title says it all really. All recorded on Aaron's phone. 

(The broadcast will be available from August 4 on MixCloud. Please go here) ;

Playlist :

01: Small Cruel Party : "Ka Jengbarsi Wollinje" (Adi Grand) 2023.

02: Toy Bizarre : "Lamine Noi (2)" (Pure/RRRecords) 1996.

03: Ranier Lericolais : "Intangible" (Sordide Sentimentale) 2010.

04: Junk DNA : "In The Distance Kalingrad" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2022.

05: Pantaleimon : "Under The Water" (Bluesanct) 2006.

06: Current 93 : "Great Aleph Lies Dreaming (#1) (Cashen's Gap) 2023.

07: Swans : "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (Product Inc.) 1988.

08: Junk DNA : "Enclave" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2022.

09: Junk DNA : "-K-M-B" (Helen Scarsdale Agency) 2022.

10: The Durutti Column : "Sketch For Summer" (Factory Records) 1980.

11: Muckrackers : "Mono Kok" (LFA) 2019.

12: Einstürzende Neubauten : Aufrecht Gehen" (ZickZack) 1981.

13: Tommi Keränen : "Den Rödä Önken" (AKTI Records) 2023.

14: Juho Toivonen : "Solanas" (AKTI Records) 2023.

15: Leda : "Neuter (#8)" (Discreet Music) 2023.

16: Magazine : "A Song From Under The Floorboards" (Virgin Records) 1980.

17: Blurt : "My Mother Was A Friend Of An Enemy Of The People" (Test Pressings) 1980.

18: John Foxx : "Underpass" (Metal Beat/Virgin Records) 1980.

19: Our Daughters Wedding : "Lawnchairs" (EMI America) 1980.

20: Vice Versa : "Genetic Warfare" (Neutron Records) 1979.

21: I'm So Hollow : "I Don't Know" (Neutron Records) 1979.

22: Whizz Kids : "Suspect Number 1" (Ovation Records) 1980.

23: Aaron Dilloway : "Break Dancer" (Hanson Records) 2023.

Friday, 21 July 2023

MuhMur Radio Broadcast July 20 2023


This programme is very cassettecentric. Starting off with a new cassette release on Industrial Coast by The Seer. "The Drop" features two thirty minute pieces entitled 'Drop 1' and 'Drop 2'. This is where I claim to know very little about The Seer other than it is the project of Conny Prantera. 

Conny is an Italian performance artist, Illustrator and musician based in South London. Copies of the tape can be found at : It's because there is only one cassette player at the SoundArt Radio studio I play a slice of vinyl so I can exchange the tapes ... first piece is from Drekka. '7' is from the one-sided 12"EP "Verjaardag". The EP is Drekka (Michael Anderson) reworking tracks by Annelies Monseré. Released in 2016, Annalies is a Belgian based vocalist and pianist with releases on Horn Of Plenty <O, More Records and Stroom. Copies of the LP can be found at Bluesanct :

As mentioned on the last broadcast, MuhMur Radio received a great package from William A. Davison which included five CDRs and the split cassette by Six Heads and Urban Refuse Group. The cassette was released in 2019 (as William says) "On the occasion of our gig with Seymour Glass, A.K.A. Gland Of External Secretion". All things William A. Davison and Six Heads can be got at : (When First played the cassette at MuhMur HQ the track seemed to last about 20 minutes or so ... when it came to playing it again and this time timing the track it played out at thirty minutes, so when recording for broadcast I was totally surprised that the track stopped after 20 minutes or so..... apologies to Six Heads as I don't think the full piece is played here ... ) ... still sounds good though!

To The Finland Station were a London based trio who only released the one 7"EP "Domino Theory" on Melodia Records. Melodia Records was a label operated by To The Finland Station and A Popular History Of Signs, and that is about all I know. I heard this track on John Peel back in 1982 and loved it ever since. Some time in the late 1990's an old friend of mine starting corresponding with Finnish musician Mika Vainio. They met through the Bill Nelson Fan Club. Cassettes were exchanged with my friend posting very early Dieter Müh sounds and receiving tapes from Mika and his (then) project called To The Finland Station. Obviously both projects were inspired by the Edmund Wilson book of the same name, we did tell Mika there was already a great band of that name in the UK .... and then there was Ø and Panasonic. I still have the old To The Finland Station cassettes, I must dig them out and give them a play. 

Back to cassettes, and a cover version by Lincolnshire's finest .. The Instant Automatons. "All You Need Is Love' is on their 1980 cassette album "Blues Masters Of The Humber Delta".

Released on their own Deleted Records label, 1980 was a busy year for the Automatons with three tape releases and the excellent "Peter Paints His Fence EP" on 7". At this time The Instant Automatons were Mark Lancaster on guitar and vocals, Mic Woods on guitar and Basso Protag (Martin Neish) on bass. I used to correspond with Mark at the time, it was the time when a pound note or a stamped addressed envelope would get you the latest Deleted Records release. After the demise Protag went on to play with Zounds, Blyth Power and Alternative TV. Mark has written a book about The Instant Automatons and Deleted Records, published by Waterden "The Luxury Of Dreams" is available from Amazon and Waterden (if, like me, you don't want to buy from Amazon).  The Second Layer track is from their 1979 7"EP "Flesh As Property". Second Layer were Adrian Borland and Graham Bailey who went on to form The Sound. Pre Second Layer Adrian was in The Outsiders who I was fortunate to see live in 1978 at AJ's in Lincoln. They were part of the 'Business Unusual' tour alongside Skunks and UK Subs. 
The latest release by Takahiro Mukai is called "Out Of Place". Takahiro is no stranger to listeners of MuhMur Radio. I try and get hold of his releases and play them on the radio. "Out Of Place" is on the Oklahoma based label Fixed Rhythms. (Yeah, I had to pay US Postage for this one!). Takahiro has a band camp page :

'On This Day' in 1977 Eddie & The Hot Rods released their classic single 'Do Anything You Wanna Do'. I was 14 years old when it was released. I remember well my older sister (Julie) bringing the single home from school for me to listen to. This was a habit of Julie. Being a couple of years older than me she would bring home records that her friends brought in to the Upper 5th form common room to listen to and discuss. It is how I came across bands like Ultravox!, The Damned, The Stranglers in 1977 ... I even remember her having a copy of 'Anarchy In The UK' on A&M. 'Do Anything You Wanna Do' spoke to me and still does. It is the only song I like by Eddie & The Hot Rods.

                                                          Takahiro Mukai & Hauras tapes.

The latest release from Hauras is called The Gyre on the Californian based Katukto Collective label (yeah, more US Postage). Hauras is the project of American sound artist Howard Ryan. Here I play the complete side A of the cassette. I first became aware of Hauras through their 2020 cassette "In These Coming Days" on Helen Scarsdale Agency and (like Takahiro Mukai) try and get hold of every release. "The Gyre" does not disappoint. 

Originally released in 1989 on vinyl by Parade Amoureuse and on CD by Staalplaat, "Stoneface" by Nocturnal Emissions has been re-issued on vinyl by French label Ferns Recordings. 

The 1980s were particularly fruitful for The Nocturnal Emissions, later dropping 'the'. Starting in the early second wave of industrial music, they quickly began experimenting with different styles. Electronic pop, for lack of a better or the industrial electro breakbeats of 'Viral Shedding' (a personal favourite of mine) and then, for a somewhat more extended period, coming ambient soundscapes with the residue of industrial cling clang. Around this time, 1986, the group, now effectively a solo project of Nigel Ayers (and in 2023 still going strong), the interest in magick, stone circles, techno–shamanism, neo-paganism, animism and Fortean research (I am quoting Wiki here) was added to the situationist interests. 'Stoneface' is from 1989, when the style was developed at its best, and the Emissions did some of their best work in this direction (along with 'Spiritflesh' and 'Invocation Of The Beast Gods'). However, it's all a bit in the no-longer-distant past. I wish I could say I play all of these records once a year; I don't, although 'Viral Shedding' is on my phone, so those tracks I hear on every random play the thing is on. As I played these nine pieces, I realized that what attracted me at the time and still does is the relatively straightforward approach to technology. I remember seeing Nocturnal Emissions a couple of times in those years. If I'm not mistaken, there were a couple of those early sampling devices, the Casio SK1 or SK5, with a 1,2 (or so) second memory, but when played through a bunch of stomp boxes, you could do a lot with relatively easy sounds. I always suspected Ayers to have altered his machines, but I am unsure. His sound palette includes animal sounds, kitchen utensils, voices, and whatever makes noise. I guess Ayers had access to some decent multi-track machine, and using many tracks gives these lo-fi samples some great depth. There are some great drones, some rusty percussion, some good use of reverb and excellent quality around here. Some phase shifting (play similar loops with minor intervals, so they never overlap in the same way) is used to significant effect here so that most of the time, you have no idea you hear only short loops. Yet, there is always movement, thanks to those very same loops being brief and to the point. An excellent record that has aged quite well and is a fine reminder to play some of the old ones again. Time is what I want, more time! (FdW) ––– Address: The thoughts of Frans de Waard from 'Vital Weekly' #1393. 

"Dragon Loops" is a cassette on the Deceptions Order Blank label. I think around 50 were made to be sold at the MoogFest in North Carolina in 2019. Copies were also sold at Dilloway & Dalt gigs in New York. Aaron loops Lucrecia - chaos and beauty entwined. 
The broadcast ends with The Dickies and 'Hideous' ... and why not? (ⓒ Arnold Brown) ... 

You can listen to the broadcast here :
Mistakenly posted as "June" ... sorry about that!

Playlist :
01: The Seer : "Drop 1" (Industrial Coast) 2023.
02: Drekka : "7" (Bluesanct/Red Frost Industries) 2016.
03: Six Heads : "Sideways" (Disembraining Songs) 2019.
04: To The Finland Station : "Domino Theory" (Melodia Records) 1982.
05: The Instant Automatons : "All You Need Is Love" (Deleted Records) 1980.
06: Second Layer : "Metal Sheet" (Torch Records) 1979.
07: Takahiro Mukai : "Out Of Place #532" (Fixed Rhythms) 2023.
08: Takahiro Mukai : "Out Of Place #533" (Fixed Rhythms) 2023.
09: Eddie & The Hot Rods : "Do Anything You Wanna Do" (Island Records) 1977.
10: Hauras : "I Can't Even" (Katuktu Collective) 2023.
11: Hauras : "Roeg Dreaming" (Katuktu Collective) 2023.
12: Hauras : "Chant For Geraldine" (Katuktu Collective) 2023.
13: Hauras : "On The Telephone" (Katuktu Collective) 2023.
14: Hauras : "Primary" (Katuktu Collective) 2023.
15: Nocturnal Emissions : "Grey Ladies" (Ferns Recordings) 2023.
16: Nocturnal Emissions : "Shivering Mound" (Ferns Recordings) 2023.
17: Aaron Dilloway & Lucretia Dalt : "Dragon Loops 1 - 4)" (Deceptions Order Blank) 2019.
18: The Dickies : "Hideous" (A&M Records) 1978.

It was good to have the family with me whilst pre-recording the programmes, drawing and running about in the Dartington Estate Gardens. 

The next pre-records will be later this month as at the time of broadcast I will be in France (South-West), so if I can provide a blog ..... we shall see ... 
Thanks for listening.

MuhMur Radio Broadcast 28 September 2023

  Checking the diaries and I couldn't find anything (I own) that was released On This Day  in the past, so I decided to go all conceptua...