Sunday 9 February 2020

MuhMur Radio Broadcast January 30 2020.

Unfortunately time has beaten me on this broadcast blog.
There are reasons, personal reasons ... I have been away ... I thought I could find the time, but unfortunately this is not so.

This broadcast features exclusive material from French Industrialists Muckrackers. Informations on Muckrackers and their Les Forges Alliées label can be found here :

01: David Newlyn : "Ethereal" (Sounds Against Humanity) 2019.
02: Stefan Roigk : "Suffering For The Promised" (Fragment Factory) 2019.
03: Fieberflug : "Untitled" (Les Forges Alliées) 2014.
04: Muckrackers : "Untitled" (Not On Label) 2020.
     (Exclusive piece recorded for MuhMur Radio).
05: Muckrackers / Flutwacht / Igor. M : "Monoindustrial Mekanism" (Les Forges Alliées) 2019.
06: Muckrackers / Flutwacht / Igor. M : "A2 + A3" (Les Forges Alliées) 2019.
07: N + Moloch + E.H.E. : "Untitled" (Not On Label) 2020.
08: Musique Concret : "Exit" (Vinyl On Demand) 2020.
09: Come : "Come Sunday 2" (Vinyl On Demand) 2020.
10: Aleister Crowley : "Nature Of The Beast" (Vinyl On Demand) 2020.
11: Nurse With Wound : "Fashioned To A Device Behind A Tree" (Vinyl On Demand) 2020.
12: The Psychedelic Furs : "* * * *" (CBS Records) 1980.

The tracks on Vinyl On Demand are from the Come Organisation box set and from the "Fur Ilse Koch" compilation LP. The Psychedelic Furs track is the B-Side of the "Sister Europe" 7" single which was released on the day of broadcast 1980.

Please take a listen here :

The next broadcast will be this coming Thursday at 20:00 GMT.
Again, apologies for the delay in posting the playlist and not providing a full blog ...

                                                          Stefan Roigk on the decks.
                                                                      Dave Mutch
                                                                      Great 7"!

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