Sunday, 30 July 2017

Thorsten Soltau.

I cannot remember how I came across the works of German sound artist Thorsten Soltau. Perhaps through his releases via the GerauschManufaktur label, his solo work and work as part of the RED CLIFFS project, but then again maybe not. Back in 2013 I played live in Hamburg with St. Martin as DJ and I promised him some Dieter Müh releases and Thorsten was the contact, the "go-between" as Martin had no "social media" contact. I forget, it has all become blurry.
Over the years I have collected a few releases by Thorsten and have yet to be disappointed. Always intriguing and moving in the right direction. His recent work, collaborations with Marina Stewart, Max Kuiper and Siegmar Fricke (as PHARMAKUSTIK) need to be heard.
"Lux.exc (Music For Tape & Voice)" is Thortsen's latest cassette release. Recorded live at Schloss Dornum in March 2017. Abstract and surreal electronics presented in three parts (although you can't see the join).
The proceedings begin in the dark. A large empty space (the acoustics tell us this) with sonic sound worms circulating the perimeter. Sound surges and accidents push forward into another space with time pieces and speeding clocks stretching across a room of reversals. Insane chatter and a choir of angels elevate it all towards the rapture. A journey into light.
And all within fifteen minutes.
Masterpiece. Beautifully packaged in a cloth sleeve designed by Ame Wilken.

Available for download at : . It is a € well spent! and a great place to discover the work / sound of Thorsten Soltau.

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