Saturday, 5 August 2017

DroneFest at SoundArt Radio.

Tomorrow I shall be part of the 2017 Dronefest organised by SoundArt Radio in Dartington. At first I was uncertain about the structure of the event, I didn't know if it was a live event or a performance solely for broadcast, or some drone construction / installation type affair so I asked to be "billed" as Steve Cammack rather than Dieter Müh or MuhMur Radio. It's a bit like when Putrefier became Mark Durgan or Cheapmachines became Phil Julian and recently BBBlood performing under his own name as Paul Watson. It does seem a little strange having my own name up on a poster, and I don't think I'll do it again! The live performance will be the sound of  Dieter Müh.
It will be many things, but one thing it certainly will be is fun. There's a bar and snacks available (if you get there before me).

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