Monday, 21 August 2017

This is the Wildlife (Disco).

Back in the day, in my youth, the 1970's a Wildlife Disco brought fear and dread. It usually came with the tagline "There Will Be Blood". The Wildlife was a rough pub on the Birchwood Estate on Lincoln's Southside and their monthly Friday night disco's (usually run by "Three Aces Disco") was just an excuse for a punch up. Take a listen to Pseudo Existors "Wildlife Was A Gas" track on the excellent "Stamp Out Normality" LP. (Harbinger Sound Records 2002).

40 years later and I'm at a Wildlife Disco. The only difference is I'm in the Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter and the three aces are Nathan Carter, Chris Booth and Tony Whitehead. These three have their own shows on SoundArt FM Radio and tonight is their opening night of a two date tour of the UK ... next week they're in Newcastle.

                                                       Chris Booth (DJ Wetherspoon)

The playlist ranges from BBC Wildlife series LP's ... the sounds of tits, of thrush and back garden invaders ... to steam engines, drag racing and 1970's TV theme tunes. This is not though a slice of Kitsch and Cheese, that would be too easy. This is cleverly constructed Radio DaDaism.

                                                      Tony Whitehead (Radio Warbler)

The evening was broadcast live on SoundArt FM Radio. Sounds from Bruce Lacey and Asmus Tietchens were mixed and layered with the subtle calls of the wild and the songs of Larry Grayson, with Chris supplying a small tribute to the late Bruce Forsyth.

                                                         Nathan Carter (ExtraStereo)

The Bike Shed Theatre was a great space for the event, with table / board games available folk played Scrabble and Boggle whilst listening to the sounds. There was quite a decent show of heads for a wet and windy Sunday night. I unfortunately missed the ExtraStereo set and the "improvised jam" that was planned to end the evening. (Babysitters!), but I'm going to be head of the queue next time the Wildlife Disco Team hits town.... Newcastle is in for a treat.

                                                                 Back Garden Birds.

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