Saturday, 2 September 2017

MuhMur Radio August 31 Broadcast.

Live on a hot August night, in the darkness (again) of Dartington Hall Estate. This programme begins with the whole of Frans de Waard's new one track album "Hot August Night". Newly released on the Tokyo based label White Paddy Mountain. It's a great meditative piece of gongs and bells dedicated to Frans' late mother Lotti de Waard-Hellegers.
Recently I managed to get a copy of the debut tape release from Widows Of Europe. Talked about elsewhere on this blog "Hot August Night" bleeds into side A of "Live @ Ambient Electronique".
Going through some old tapes I discovered a copy of the compilation "ND #7" on Texan label ND. The cassette was released sometime in 1986 and was the first audio edition of the ND Magazine. Under the banner of "Contact / Document / Exchange" ND Magazine operated for about 20 years featuring leading exponents  of underground mail art, performance art and sound art. "ND #7" features tracks from (amongst others) Die Form, The Joke Project, Odal, The Haters, Andre Stitt, Qwa Pigs Never Parish and (in my opinion the finest track from) IBF. Australian artist / filmmaker Paul Hurst is also on there with an untitled piece of AM/FM radio collage. Paul lived in London in the 1980's and started Produktion, a record stall and hairdressers and cassette label. Paul also worked with Whitehouse, John Duncan and Nurse With Wound.

A sneaky preview of the upcoming release by Sheffield punks Nachthexen follows Nurse With Wound. "The State Of Her" is a track on the 4 track 7" EP "Disco Creep". It will be released by Harbinger Sound on September 22. Nachthexen will be supporting Sleaford Mods throughout on their UK tour this autumn. Also in September Bulgarian project MyTrip will be in the UK playing a series of dates in Brighton, London, Bristol and Birmingham. Check the MyTrip Facebook page for tour details. I am hoping to play some exclusive MyTrip sounds on the next broadcast (September 14), just depends how the postman feels ... a package including some exclusive material by Michael Esposito has been lost in transit. "Lustre" is a track from the 2016 album "Filament" released by Amek Records.

The regular feature "On This Day" features Glaxo Babies. A band that never released a bad record! the 7" "Christine Keeler" was released on 31 August 1979. I remember buying it from Sanctuary Records in Lincoln!

The MixCloud archive of the broadcast is available. Please copy & paste :

01: Frans de Waard : "Hot August Night" (White Paddy Mountain) 2017.
02: Widows Of Europe : "Live @ Ambient Electronique (A)" (Sword & Mirror) 2017.
03: Neutral : "Andas" (Omlott) 2016.
04: Five Or Six : "The Trial" (Cherry Red Records) 1981.
05: Paul Hurst : "No Title" (ND) 1986.
06: John Duncan : "The Gossamer Dispatch" (Errant Bodies Press) 2006.
07: Nurse With Wound : "Alas The Madonna Functions" (Vinyl On Demand) 2009.
08: Nachthexen : "The State Of Her" (Harbinger Sound) 2017.
09: Glaxo Babies : "Christine Keeler" (Heartbeat Records) 1979.
10: Stuart Chalmers : "Flying Dervishes Of The Recycled Choir" (Chocolate Monk) 2017.
11: MyTrip : "Lustre" (Amek) 2016.
12: Dusa : "Märkliga Timmar.Nattslut" (Segerhuva) 2008.
13: Enhet För Fri Musik : "Fragment Av En Midsommarnattsdrom" (Omlott) 2017.

Next broadcast is on September 14, same time, same channel and (more than likely) same T-Shirt.

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