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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 12 April 2018.

                                                         Automating/Sasha Margolis.

Second Language Records is a label based in Melbourne, Australia. It is operated by musician / artist Sasha Margolis. Sasha created the project Automating in 2007, the first release on Second language came two years later with the album "Transfer". Constant Light is another project from Sasha Margolis, this time with James Dean.

Spitfire Parade are a 'Ballardian Drone Punk' quartet from Melbourne. Their sound (at times) is very close to that of Swell Maps from whose song they take their name from. ("Spitfire Parade' itself being a Biggles story). Sasha Margolis provides vocals and tapes on the tracks chosen.

                                                                  Spitfire Parade.

Dark Monolith is the project of ex-Night Soil and Wolf 359 member Peter James. This track appears on the compilation tape "SLR016" and as far as I can work out is their only release. On this piece Peter is joined by Melbourne sound artist Zac Keiller. Back in the 1990's Zac used to release sounds under the name Bokor. Bokor have featured on MuhMur Radio in the past. The piece from Breathing Shrine + Scattered Order also appears on the "SLR016" compilation. I know little of Breathing Shrine but I have been listening to Scattered Order for quite a while thanks to Steve Underwood (of Harbinger Sound). He has been mailing tapes of S.O. for quite a while and it came as a surprise that they were still active. Formed in 1979 in Sydney and releasing on the (excellent) M Squared Records label. They reformed in 2011. The track here reminds me of early S.P.K. and late 90's Skullflower. But ... distinctively Scattered Order. They have a great web site ..

                                                                    Scattered Order.

Second Language Records can be contacted here :

The second half of the broadcast features "on this day". Firstly a track from Cabaret Voltaire that was on the compilation tape "C81" co-released by NME and Rough Trade Records. If I remember rightly coupons had to be collected and sent with P+P to get hold of the tape. At the time it featured the leading lights of independent music.... the aforementioned Cabaret Voltaire and the played at the end of the programme Furious Pig but also on the tape are Scritti Politti, Buzzcocks, D.A.F., The Raincoats, Essential Logic, Ian Dury, The Specials, The Beat, Gist, Pere Ubu, Blue Orchids, Subway Sect + lots more ... there are duff tracks by Lynx and James "Blood" Ulmer but the tape itself was like some kind of bible of independent music back in 1981. And now 37 years later the NME has disappeared after a very drawn out and slow death and Rough Trade Records has re-invented itself as 'Brand Rough Trade' selling shite to the white kids. A shame all round. A former Rough Trade band, The Monochrome Set released their first single on Dindisc Records on the 12th April, the title track  from the "Strange Boutique" album, I play the B-Side here ...

The Sons Of David Ginola is a project by Murray Royston-Ward and Kevin Sanders. Kevin also records and performs under the name of Petals. The track here comes from the CDR "Blood Too Thick Symptoms". The Hunting Lodge track is the B-Side to the 1983 single "Night From Night".

A couple of records that have hardly been of the turntable at MuhMur HQ are by Colin Potter. "Unstable Tennis" is from the album "The Abominable Slowman" and "Linda" is from the album "Shut Your Eyes On The Way Out" by Potter Natalizia Zen.

You can listen to the programme here: (Copy & Paste).

01: Dark Monolith : "Fatal Sunrise" (Second Language Records) 2012.
02: Constant Light : "Heartbeat" (Second Language Records) 2017.
03: Scattered Order + Breathing Shrine : "The Artificial Sympathetic Eye" (Second Language Records) 2012.
04: Automating : "Vox Pop #1" (Second Language Records) 2012.
05: Automating : "Our Swimmer" (Second Language Records) 2012.
06: Automating : "Vox Pop #2" (Second Language Records) 2012.
07: Constant Light : "X" (Second Language Records) 2011.
08: Spitfire Parade : "Parallel Gram" (Not On Label) 2009.
09: Automating : "Delta Wave" (Second Language Records) 2012.
10: Spitfire Parade : "This Time" (Second Language Records) 2012.
11: Cabaret Voltaire : "Raising The Count" (NME/Rough Trade Records) 1981.
12: The Sons Of David Ginola : "Kabra Kebabra" (Creative Commons Organisation) 2017.
13: Mentira : Históra Sem Graça (Nada Nada Discos) 2017.
14: The Monochrome Set : "Surfing S.W.12" (Dindiscs) 1980.
15: Hunting Lodge : "Untitled" (S/M Operations) 1983.
16: Colin Potter : "Unstable Tennis" (Abstrakce Records) 2017.
17: Potter Natalizia Zen : "Linda" (Ecstatic Records) 2018.
18: Copley Medal : "Keystone Period" (Robert & Leopold) 2014.
19: Furious Pig : "Bare Pork" (NME/Rough Trade Records) 1981.

The SoundArt Radio studios  are situated 2 miles south of Totnes in Devon. Furious Pig were from Totnes. If any ex-member or friend of the group are still in or around...please get in touch!
Next programme is on April 26, same time same channel and will be 'producer' Dave's last programme for a month as he heads of to the Iboga highlands of The Gabon.

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