Sunday, 29 July 2018

Mark Vernon.

Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based sound artist. For the past few years Mark has been releasing his sounds via labels such as Kye, Radio Gagarin and Entr'acte and producing radio programmes for Resonance FM, SoundArt Radio and WFMU to name but a few. His main instruments are the sound of intimacy and obsoletion. Field recordings and manipulating tapes.
This month sees the release of "Orphaned Works" a C35 cassette on Thomas LaRoche's Research Laboratories label.

Side one brings us glitched rhythms, distant drums, creaking doors, static walls and half'-heard words from a tea room conversation. I imagine a lot of the sounds here are 'found'. Cassettes / tapes lost in time and rediscovered lurking in the back of dusty charity shops, boot sales and the radio airwaves. Orphaned Sounds? Both sides play as one piece. On side one "Sentinent Dust (Go Thou Must)" stands alone though. A pagan banishment ritual discovered after taking the wrong turn on Summerisle.

"What was the interest of Dr. Pepper"?

Side two begins carrying an air of menace. All seance and atmosphere. Concentrated mouthplay, detuned radios and clutterphonics. The approaching air of menace soon turns to whimsy with toy guitar and cat-a-waling. It all starts straying in to Nurse With Wound territory before returning to the shadows with "A Pale Pink Voice". I am not complaining.
This is my first hearing of the sound of Mark Vernon and I am intrigued and wanting to hear more.

"Orphaned Works" is limited to 30 copies only so worth getting in contact with Research Laboratories as soon as possible.

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