Saturday, 16 September 2017

Duncan Harrison.

It's good to see a new release from Duncan Harrison. The Brighton based chef of the noise garde, promoter, poet and ex-Plural. The last solo release I heard was the 2013 tape "Ogre Neon" on Beartown Records, and I found that CDR very hard to get on with ... "Preamble to Nihil" is still "difficult" music but it is an easy listen thanks to masterful editing ...

"Preamble To Nihil" is a C30 tape, a step inside the comforting space between the ears of Mr. Harrison. It's construct is from random recordings, live performances, stream of conscious style verbals and attacks. A collage. A diary. Cut-Up Construction.
Inside the magnetics are sounds of wonky lo-fi guitar, dreamscape poetry (word & mouth play), looped vibes, arguments, church bells and brass bands (Brighton parklife?), turntables, general rustle, hustle and bustle. Sax blurts, ampnoise. There's some recorder playing that sounds like an intro to an old Good Missionaries song. It's all in the editing and presented so smoothly, like listening to a jigsaw being built.
"Preamble To Nihil" is available as a pay what you like download Duncan's band camp site : : I think all the cassette editions have sold.

It's always a pleasure to listen to what Duncan is up to, this tape does not disappoint. To quote the man himself;

"Empty Of Meaning Where Meaning Could At Last Be Emptied". 

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