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MuhMur Radio September 28 Broadcast.

The programme starts with a track from the newly released tape "Binary Visions" by Daniel Fagerström. Daniel is one half of Swedish duo Cryme (whose new single I played on the last programme). Daniel has also released under the name of Optic Nest and been involved with the Skull Defekts and Members Of Tinnitus. "Binary Visions" is six pieces of analogue sequencers and patterned electricity. Really great sounds, the tape is released by UK label Beat Concern.
A few weeks ago I was chatting with Harbinger Sound mainman Steve Underwood about his upcoming release of the third Heavy Metal album when he dropped the name La Confirmation into the conversation and recommended the new album "1983 - 1985" a collection of unreleased / live tracks from that period. All new to me and surprisingly excellent. Sound quality is excellent for unreleased tapes ... made me wonder if this was all a little Chen Yi ... but I have been told it is genuinely from those years. Again, very Tuxedomoon in places and sometimes Blurt and Savage Republic, hence "Arci Kroen" from the double LP "Aegean"on Nuit Et Brouillard.
Dug out the old Skullflower single, I like digging out old Skullflower records, a fact I have learnt in the last few weeks is that Australian based critic / author Jack Sargeant was involved with Toejam Records. He released his own Nitro Pussy project on the label too.

There's an awful lot of Coil (and associates) being re-issued at the moment. I'm not a big "fan" of the group but when I saw "Another Brown World" was being released as a 12" by Sub Rosa it made me dig out the 1989 "Myths 4" album it was originally released on. I had forgot all about this gem.
The programme finishes with two tracks by two projects that have a connection. The DP's and Duncan Harrison. The DP's "City Of Freaks" comes from the LP "If You Know What Mean?".

I love The DP's. There was a weekend in Lincoln in 1978 where they played live twice. Once supporting Slade at the Theatre Royal and then supporting The Vibrators at The Drill Hall. They were
promoting their first LP and still known as The Depressions but they have left an impression on me. The LP cover is truly bizarre (for a "punk" album) and features Debbie Arnold. Class.
"Preamble To Nihil" by Duncan Harrison is available as a pay what you like download at :
The connection? They're both from Brighton.

Listen hear : (Copy & Paste).

01: Daniel Fagerström : "0110100" (Beat Concern) 2017.
02: Units : "High Pressure Days" (Community Library) 2009.
03: La Confirmation : "Echolalie (Delodio Edit)" (Delodio) 2017.
04: Savage Republic : "Arci Kroen" (Nuit Et Brouillard) 2015.
05: Einstürzende Neubauten : "Kalte Sterne" (Mute Records) 1992.
06: Skullflower : "Spook Rise" (Toejam Records) 1990.
07: Tovah Olson & Aaron Dilloway : "T&A" (Tovinator Records) 2006.
08: Esplendor Geométrico : "Héroe Del Trabajo (II)" (Geometrík) 2012.
09: Phantom Airwaves : "KR200 Kabinenroller" (Firework Editions Records) 2010.
10: Stuart Chalmers : "Fire In The Blood" (Not On Label) 2017.
11: Dome : "Ritual View" (Dome Records) 1980.
12: Filtro : "Statore" (Upside Down Recordings) 2017.
13: Death Squad : "Unit 1837.2" (Spastik Kommunikations/Neural Operations) 2011.
14: La Confirmation : "Pièce No.5, Enfermement Du Soir" (Delodio) 2017.
15: Coil : "Another Brown World" (Sub Rosa) 1989.
16: The DP's : "City Of Freaks" (Barn Records) 1978.
17: Duncan Harrison : "Preamble To Nihil (A)" (Not On Label) 2017.

The next MuhMur Radio broadcast will be on October 12 at 20:00 hours GMT. Hopefully the FM transmitter out on the Dartington Estate will be fixed and it will all be heard over the airwaves. This programme was "internet only". The October 12 programme will feature exclusive material from Bulgarian projects : MyTrip, Dayin and Mother Spit .. as well as the (ir)regular feature of "on this day"....

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