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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 26 October 2017.

With Samhain approaching and new releases from occult driven artists Michael Idehall, Zos-Kia and Trepaneringsritualen this programme took on a dark magickal and mysterious turn. I also dug out a couple of releases from the Austrian Nekrophile Rekords label from the 1980's. (They seemed apt).
Korpses Katatonik was an early 1980's project from Michael DeWitt. Michael went on to perform as Zero Kama. "Kaltfleisch  Corporor" comes from their only release "Subklinikal Leukotomy Aphrenia Spasmophilik Lyssophobo Asphyxia Sinister Lethal Anorex" on Nekrophile Rekords. The other Nekrophile Rekords release on this programme is "Kundalini" by LAshTAL. LAshTAL were an unknown Italian project, mysterious with members at the time (1986) but the wonder of the internet reveals that former member Maurizio Fasolo was also a member of Pankow. "Kundalini" comes from their only release "Thoum Aesh Neith".
Russian label Infinite Fog Productions have just brought out a compilation of tracks by Zos-Kia. I had to get a copy for the tracks "Be Like Me" and "Muggy The Staff", both tracks were house favourites in the 1980's and two records I have never seen (at a reasonable price) since losing them. "Muggy The Staff" will appear in an upcoming broadcast.
I have been listening to the works of Michael Idehall since his 2014 release "Deep Code" on Belaten. The sound is somewhere between cold wave, beat driven industrial and ritualistic soundscape. "Prophecy Of The Apparatus God" comes from the latest cassette "Machine Spirit Transmission" on Rabbau, and is a great sample of the 'Idehall' sound. The cassette is sold out from the label but take a listen here :
To mark the 30th anniversary of Tesco Organisation I played tracks by two fine Tesco Organisation projects that played the anniversary show in Mannheim on the 26/27th of October. The Trepaneringsritualen track comes from the latest LP "Kainskult", the Contrastate track is taken from their single on Dying Earth Records. Unfortunately I played it at the wrong speed! (© John Peel).
The Dieter Mūh track s the B-Side to the single "We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy", originally called "S.S. Action Song" we first played it live in Stockholm 2001. (It appears on the "Stockholm Monsters" LP). It features three splice rhythms played by natives of the South Seas. We decided to alter the title due to the record being on a German label.
The broadcast finishes with 4 tracks from the Herr Penschuck cassette "Unfälle Im Haushalt / / Domestic Desasters". I know nothing about this artist apart from his collaboration work with Thorsten Soltau. Unfortunately the slider on the mixing desk got a nudge and part of the sound went into the red for a moment. I apologise. More can be found here :

Take a listen here : (copy & paste).

01: Korpses Katatonik : "Kaltfleisch Corporor" (Nekrophile Rekords) 1983.
02: Zos-Kia : "Be Like Me" (Infinite Fog Productions) 2017.
03: Michael Idehall : "Prophecy Of The Apparatus God" (Rabbau) 2017.
04: Trepaneringsritualen : "An Immaculate Body Of Water" (Tesco Organisation) 2017.
05: Kinit Her : "Needs Of Bath (II)" (Bleak Environment) 2014.
06: Dieter Mūh : "Like It Never Happened" (Poetry & Violence/Darkness Productions) 2003.
07: Contrastate : "I Am A Clown Collecting Moments (And Other Chocolates) (Dying Earth Records) 1993.
08: Sleep Chamber : "Somewhere In Morocco" (Manhood Records) 1995.
09: LAshTAL : "Kundalini" (Nekrophile Rekords) 1986.
10: Throbbing Gristle : "After The Fall" (Mute Records) 2007.
11: Boyd Rice : "There Was Never A Moment When Evil Was Real" (The Product Korps) 1987.
12: Wyrm : "Adam Coils" (Drone Records) 2010.
13: Phantom Plastics : "Chatter Of The Eternal Return" (Firework Edition Records) 2013.
14: Aaron Dilloway : "Crow Bar" (Von) 2012.
15: Herr Penschuck : "Gefūhlsecht (Attenuation Circuit) 2016.
16: Herr Penschuck : "Bedenklich" (Attenuation Circuit) 2016.
17: Herr Penschuck : "Katastrofol" (Attenuation Circuit) 2016.
18: Herr Penschuck : "Tragisch" (Attenuation Circuit) 2016.

Next broadcast will be on November 9 at 20:00 hours GMT.

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