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MuhMur Radio October 12 Broadcast

MuhMur Radio is very proud to present some unreleased material from Angel Simitchiev. Angel is mainly known for his work as MyTrip, but also has the side projects Mother Spit, Dayin and Zev Died Orchestra as well as collaborating with Daniel Donchov and Stoyen Stoyanov in Leaver.
In this broadcast is the piece "Circle Of Loss" by MyTrip. It's an unedited unmastered demo version of a piece that will find release in 2018. The track "Inanimate II" by Mother Spit will soon be released by UK label Aetheric Records on CDR format. Aetheric Records released the debut Mother Spit CDR "Carve" back in 2013. Finally a "work in progress" piece from Dayin. Angel visited the UK last month and performed three dates as MyTrip and set up UK distribution for his vinyl releases. The LP "Filament" and the 7" single "Empty" can be bought via the Stashed Goods website. Please go to :
Angel can be contacted via the MyTrip bandcamp page :

Recently I have rediscovered the brilliant sound of Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus. They're a band that were first introduced to me back in 1991 by an old friend Simon when he gave me the album "Mirror". Whilst in London last month I managed to pick up the 2015 CD "Beauty Will Save The World" and the album is now a firm MuhMur Radio family favourite. I know very little about the group apart from they are from Liverpool. Simon was 50 on the day before broadcast so I play the RAIJ tracks in honour.
A return of the "On This Day" section and the 1976 classic single by Pere Ubu, the second single by Subway Sect and a track from the compilation LP "Is The War Over?" released by Z Block Records in 1979. This is a compilation of Cardiff groups from the late 1970's. I don't have a copy but pulled the Young Marble Giants track from their "Colossal Youth & Collected Works" triple CD set that Domino Records put out in 2007. I do mistakenly mention that it is a South Wales compilation ... I apologise ... I also call MyTrip "MySpit" at one point ... a slip of the tongue, Angel, I apologise.

The Dead Mauriacs piece comes from a recently released CDR that is limited to 12 copies and not for sale. My thanks to Olivier Prieur for providing the sounds.
All can be heard on the MixCloud MuhMur Radio Archive. (Just copy & paste) :

01: Leaver : "No Hands" (Amek/Serpent Eve Records) 2016.
02: Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus : "Song Of The Soul" (Occultation Recordings)    2015.
03: Hive Mind : "Elemental Disgrace II" (Spectrum Spools) 2011.
04: The Anti Group : "Synthesis 54 (Burning Water)" (Sweatbox Records) 1987.
05: Phantom Plastics : "Elephant Dead Rat" (Phantom Archives) 2016.
06: Contagious Orgasm : "Silent Heat" (Syntactic) 1998.
07: MyTrip : "Circle Of Loss (Demo)" (Not On Label) 2017.
08: Mother Spit : "Inanimate II" (Aetheric Records) 2017.
09: Dayin : "Untitled (Demo)" (Not On Label) 2017.
10: Pere Ubu : "My Dark Ages" (Hearthan) 1976.
11: Pere Ubu : "Street Waves" (Hearthan) 1976.
12: Subway Sect : "Ambition" (Rough Trade Records) 1978.
13: Young Marble Giants : "Ode To Booker T" (Domino Records) 2007.
14: Modelbau : "Touch-Up" (Dokuro) 2017.
15: The Dead Mauriacs : "Cérémonies Aux Totems Électrifiés (Parts 1-4)" (NPH) 2017.
16: Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus : "Before The Ending Of The Day" (Occultation Recordings) 2015.

Thank you for listening. The next broadcast is on October 26 at 20:00 hours GMT.

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