Tuesday, 7 November 2017


Sfär are comprised of the duo Mattias Gustafsson and Viktor Ottosson. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Matthias also records and performs under the moniker of Altar Of Flies. Viktor is also known under the name of Blodvite and has also been part of Swedish projects Enklav (with Neutral's Dan Johansson) and the wonderful Åttestupa.
Viktor is also known for his mastering. He is the masterings master, along with Phil Julian (UK) and Rashad Becker (Germany). Viktor's mastering work can be heard on works by Merzbow, AmPh, Altar Of Flies, Lust For Youth, Trepaneringsritualen, Sewer Election, Arv & Miljö and Àspa (to name just a few from my record and tape collection).

"Sprickor" is an LP on Järtecknet. Sprickor roughly translates as 'Cracks'. The sound on the opening piece "Ur Sprickorna / Etc Halvt Liv" is very close to that of Altar Of Flies with minimalistic tape manipulations, looping and layering and leaving alone. Side one finishes on a couple of tracks that are more like diary entries than finished pieces, murmuring voices through a dictaphone whilst a guitar strums and bees drone. The last few minutes brought to mind Enhet För Fri Musik.
Side two has two pieces. "Omsluten Av Materia" ('Enclosed By Matter') uses the shortwave radio dial to claustrophobic effect whilst "En Horisont Sum Sluter Sig" ('A Horizon That Closes') is all contact microphone manipulation, pulling and scraping until a clear space is found where the wind blows and animals chatter.

I was very excited when I first heard about this project and the sound has not let me down. The sound of the modern Swedish underground.

                                                                   Mattias Gustafsson.
                                                                         Viktor Ottosson.

"Sprickor" is available from the Järtecknet website : http://www.järtecknet.se (Copy + Paste). I bought my copy from the excellent http://www.millstonevinyl.se mail order outfit.
Hopefully not a one-off collaboration.

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