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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 9 November 2017.

A very very quiet start to this broadcast. The opening from Side Two of Sophie Cooper's new cassette release on Crow Versus Crow. The full title is "Tribute To La Monte Young And Marian Zazeela's OCEANS (Recorded On Location At Cusenden Beach, Northern Ireland)", but I just shortened it to "Oceans". It's a wonderful piece and my thoughts on the cassette were blogged last month.
A return to the (ir)regular feature On This Day brought out my old Scritti Politti vinyl. "4 A Sides" 12" was released in 1979. Perhaps the last decent release, and in the same year the Stranglers released their Christmas single "Don't Bring Harry". I wasn't too fond of Fad Gadget's second album when it was released in 1981, but older ears have made "Incontinent" a great listen. "Saturday Night Special" was the single from the album. Dave (Mutch) who was sat next to me at the time (in his Big City Orchestra T-Shirt) remarked that it sounded like The Cardiacs.

                                                          Dave in his BCO T-Shirt.

Theme are the duo Stuart Carter and Richo Johnson. Created at the end of the last century as Splintered ....... splintered, Richo joined ex Heroin member Stuart to make Theme a project that explored drones, textures and loops. Breaking away from the alt.rock styles of their previous projects.  "Sacral Blood Warning" is the title piece from their forthcoming album.
The two pieces from Anemone Tube are from the new triple CD package "The Three Worlds: Allegory Of Vanity / Forget Heaven / Vanity Of Allegory" on The Epicurean / La Esencia label. It's a kind of 'career span' release featuring pieces from 1996 - 2013.

More Zos-Kia. Last programme I played "Be Like Me", probably my favourite of all Zos-Kia tracks, this programme features the main reason why I bought "23" the new compilation of Zos-Kia songs on the Russian Infinite Fog Productions label. "Muggy The Staff" originally appeared on the compilation LP "Stator" released by the French label In9. The double CD also features recent recordings made by Zos-Kia of which "Sleazy Said" is one ...
The programme finishes on Navel. Last week a parcel with two vinyl 12"records by Navel arrived at Hartop Towers. "Ambient 1:Music For Spaceports" and "Alexeij". I have no idea who mailed these records to me. No note was attached or return address on the mailer. Who ever you are ... thank you. "Music For Spaceports" is a great 12" "Alexeij" is a little too guitar orientated for my ears, but has been an interesting listen.
Please take a listen here : (Copy & Paste).

01: Sophie Cooper : "Oceans" (Crow Versus Crow) 2017.
02: This Heat : "A New Kind Of Water" (This Is) 2006.
03: This Heat : "Suffer Bomb Disease" (This Is) 2006.
04: Scritti Politti : "P.A.s" (Rough Trade Records / St Pancras Records) 1979.
05: The Stranglers : "Don't Bring Harry" (United Artists) 1979.
06: Theme : "Sacral Blood Warning" (Fourth Dimension Records) 2017.
07: Copley Medal : "Teskind" (Prime Ruin) 2015.
08: Anemone Tube : "From Anthropocentrism To Demoncentrism II" (The Epicurean / La Esencia) 2017.
09: Anemone Tube : "Ausweg" (The Epicurean / La Esencia) 2017.
10: Laurent Fairon : "Letterklankbeelden" (NPH) 2017.
11: Fad Gadget : "Saturday Night Special" (Mute Records) 1981.
12: Zos-Kia : "Muggy The Staff" (Infinite Fog Productions) 2017.
13: Zos-Kia : "Sleazy Said" (Infinite Fog Productions) 2017.
14: Modelbau : "20170115-1" (Aubjects) 2017.
15: Stea Andreasson : "Miniatur X" (90% Wasser) 2005.
16: Navel : "Music For Spaceports" (Taping Desk O-Phon Mania) 2009.

A couple of mistakes were mentioned, most importantly that the next broadcast is on November 23 not the 21st. ... well, at least I didn't play anything at the wrong speed.

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