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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 23 November 2017.

Quite a few 2017 new releases played on tonights broadcast. November has been a great month for new sounds from the likes of BºTong, Thorsten Soltau, Contrastate, Neutral, Arkhe, Aaron Dilloway and Sfår.
The broadcast starts with a piece from Edgar Kerval. "Transjuggotian Transmission" is from the split cassette with Michael Idehall which came out earlier this year. I know very little about Edgar, but research finds that he is a Columbian occultist and author who has a few 'musical' projects such as Emme Ya, The Red Angle, The Red Path, Lux Astralis and NOX 210 to name a few ... This piece has the sound of signals from space, deep, dark space and fits in well with the following BºTong tracks. It was rather excellent listening to the start of the broadcast in an unlit studio looking out in to the dark night with the lights of Berry Pomeroy and further distant Dartmoor villages shimmering on the horizon.

                                                                   Edgar Kerval.

The Thorsten Soltau track is from a limited edition 7.5" square lathe cut single called "DeStijnation". Released on the Russian Cyland Audio Archive label. Cyland specialise in limited lathe cuts, an interesting project that can be found at : (copy & paste).
In October (last month) German label Tesco Organisation held a 30th Anniversary weekend featuring projects that have had (or are going to have) Tesco Org releases. Naturally a plethora of releases came out that were only available on the weekend or were released especially for the event. The album "Your Reality Is Broken" was released at the event by Black Rose Recordings ... home of Contrastate. "Your Reality Is Broken" is an album of Contrastate 'covers' featuring Band Of Pain, Troum, Genocide Organ, RLW, Ȇtat D'Urgence and Contrastate (covering themselves).

                                              Contrastate Live At Tesco Org. Anni. 2017.

Next March sees a very special event happening in Belper, Derbyshire. The Kunst Gallery (KGB) is holding an exhibition by Anita Varney. Anita took photographs of the Throbbing Gristle concert at the Ajanta Cinema in Derby 1979 and has unearthed a collection of unseen documentation of the evening. The opening evening will see accompanying live performances from Dark Union (Glenn M. Wallis) and Vagina Dentata Organ along with a talk and discussion with cult author Jack Sergeant.

                                                                       Event Poster.

"Chat Up" is a live improvisation by Throbbing Gristle recording live in Derby, it comes from the 2x12" "Thee Psychick Sacrifice" a posthumous 1982 release. MuhMur Radio will be at the KGB event.
A couple of weeks ago my eight year old daughter (Isabel) performed a puppet show to gain her 'entertainer' badge at Brownies and ever since the Blurt song "Puppeteer" has become an earworm. "Puppeteers of the world unite! Don't make love make war, fight the good fight". Classic! And for the "On This Day" section, Simple Minds. Their second album "Real To Real Cacophony" was released on 23rd November 1979 by Virgin Records. Probably their last decent release. Also on this day The Cortinas released their "Defiant Pose" single (1977) and Poison Girls released the album "Chappaquidick Bridge" (1980) but I couldn't find room for tracks in the playlist.

                                                      Isabel (4th from left) "Puppeteer"

Arkhe is the project of Swedish noise musician Andreas Johansson. After a number of cassette releases "Deep In Sleep" is the first Arkhe CD album. I first came across the sound of Andreas in 2008 and his sound as Pestdemon. The name grabbed me straight away, I had to hear what Pestdemon sounded like! (The same could be said for Trepeneringsritualen ... a bloody good name that demands to be heard). "Deep In Sleep" is available on the Lithuanian Terror label.

Please take a listen to the broadcast here : (Copy & Paste) :

01: Edgar Kerval : "Transjuggotian Transmission" (Black Horizons) 2017.
02: BºTong : "W95/Abyssus" (Reverse Alignment) 2017.
03: BºTong : "Hybris  - MM" (Reverse Alignment) 2017.
04: Sfår : "Ur Sprickorna/Ett Halvt Liv" (Järtecknet) 2017.
05: Thorsten Soltau : "Dance Of The Formants" (Cyland Audio Archive) 2017.
06: Contrastate : "The People Who Control The Information" (Black Rose Recordings) 2017.
07: Blurt : "Puppeteer" (Factory Records) 1980.
08: Neutral : "Köldgatan" (Omlott) 2017.
09: Aaron Dilloway : "Switch 11/12" (Cejero) 2017.
10: Throbbing Gristle : "Chat Up" (Illumination Records/Karnage Records) 1982.
11: BºTong : "O.T.O. (Ode To Oblivion)" (Hots) 2017.
12: Simple Minds : "Factory" (Virgin Records) 1979.
13: Kristian Olsson : "Adieu" (Styggelse) 2017.
14: Arkhe : "The Wraith At The Bottom Of The Stairwell" (Terror) 2017.
15: Arkhe : "Black Doors And Red Doors" (Terror) 2017.

The next broadcast will be on December 7. Uncertain as to the playlist at the moment as it will be broadcast a few hours before my 55th Birthday. Dave Mutch (the guy that makes this programme happen) says I should play stuff he doesn't like! My only chance to get away with it ... we shall see.

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