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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 7 December 2017.

The annual MuhMur Radio birthday broadcast, breaking with tradition this year though as too many exciting new releases came through the door of MuhMur HQ through November and the past week. The birthday broadcast is usually me playing old new wave singles and 'Industrial Music' from the 1970's ... maybe next year.
The broadcast starts with a track from the latest release by Raison D'Etre & Troum. The CD "XIBIPIIO. In And Out Of Experience" is the second collaborative release between these two masters of sound consciousness and drones. On this piece Raison D'Etre provide the source and Troum process the sounds. Saint Abdullah and Anunnaki Signal both appear on the compilation album "Visions Of Darkness (In Iranian Contemporary Music)" released earlier this year by Cold Spring Records.

                                                       Tim Holehouse (Live In Bristol ).

A couple of tapes from Bulgarian label Amek arrived at MuhMur HQ earlier this month. They can both be considered cassingles. Two tracks per tape, about twelve minutes per side. Leaver and Tim Holehouse release is called "Before The Fire". Tim has toured with MyTrip (project of Amek mainman Angel Simitchiev) a few times over the past few years and this release is a product of that. Leaver is the more guitar / acoustic driven project of Angel. Back in October MuhMur radio broadcast the demo version of "Circle Of Loss", now we play the official release mastered by Ivan Shopov. The excellently titled "She Didn't Drown, She Loved The Sea" is the accompanying track on the cassette. "Circle Of Loss" is available here :
Out of the blue and by complete surprise is how I describe the new 12"EP from Robert Rental + Glenn Wallis. I switched on my computer one morning and looked at the Discogs page and there it was ... recordings I didn't even know where on the horizon. Pretty much how it was a couple of years back with Rema Rema and their "International Scale" 7" single. Five tracks of improvised synthesisers and guitars from bedroom recordings made in Battersea in the late 1970's. 

Beequeen "Sturmwind" is a lovely slice of Dutch Pop. It does have a touch of AC Marias AC about the vocals and guitar parts, perhaps why the B Side is called "Gilbert"?
Nam-Khar and Markian Volkov both feature on the latest volume of the Drone / Mind / Mind / Drone series of albums released by Drone Records. I do miss the Drone Records 7" series and wish these albums were a series of singles, but ... still essential, and (once again) Stefan at Drone Records introducing new names / projects to discover.
Sevan_Oh is the project of ex-Muhviertel member Sean Rorke. Sean kindly mailed a couple of CDRs, I am uncertain if they are available to buy, try the Sevan_Oh Facebook page. The sounds range from techno driven electro beats to subtle dadaist tape manipulations. "On Television" is culled from "One Opens The Door". Sean is still part of Stray2 with another ex-Muhviertel member Andy Wright.

                                                              "One Opens The Door"

The tracks from Nocturnal Emissions and Genocide Organ are from recent 'compilation' releases. "Klan Kountry" featuring on the new triple album box set by Genocide Organ. "Civilization" does have new live recordings on it but is mainly a collection of singles, appearances on compilation projects and the "Save Our Slaves" LP. The Dieter Müh track was recorded live in Augsburg supporting Genocide Organ. (It all ties in)...
There's also a good reason why I should never be let near a microphone after a few cans of Stella hidden within the broadcast ... well it was nearing my birthday....but I have learnt (from now on) to keep my mouth shut (if I have had too much to drink!).
Please take a listen here : (Copy & Paste).

01: Raison D'Etre & Troum : "In Der Wellen, Ein Sehnen" (Transgredient Records) 2017.
02: Saint Abdullah : "Unforgotten Promises" (Cold Spring Records) 2017.
03: Annunaki Signal : "Father" (Cold Spring Records) 2017.
04: Leaver + Tim Holehouse : "Picture Postcards" (Amek) 2017.
05: Robert Rental & Glenn Wallis : "Untitled" (Dark Entries) 2017.
06: Robert Rental : "ACC" (Regular Records) 1978.
07: Robert Rental : "On Location" (Mute Records) 1980.
08: Beequeen : "Sturmwind" (Tonefloat) 2016.
09: Nam-Khar : "Hinoss" (Drone Records) 2017.
10: Markian Volkov : "Battle Ritual" (Drone Records) 2017.
11: Nocturnal Emissions : "Vegetation Flesh" (Mannequin) 2017.
12: Beequeen : "Gilbert" (Tonefloat) 2016.
13: MyTrip : "Circle Of Loss" (Amek) 2017.
14: MyTrip : "She Didn't Drown, She Loved The Sea" (Amek) 2017.
15: Sevan_Oh : "On Television" (Not On Label) 2017.
16: Contrastate : "An End Marked By Pessimism" (Tesco Organisation) 1992.
17: Genocide Organ : "Klan Kountry" (Tesco Organisation) 2017.
18: Dieter Müh : "Sutreworde" (Haemoccult Recordings) 2008.

Next broadcast is on December 21 and will include tracks from the upcoming album by Circuit Breaker as well as a couple of Xmas tunes. 20:00 gmt via the SoundArt Radio website or on your radio  - 102.5 FM in the Devonshire countryside around Totnes.
A 4 - 5 hour Festive Feast is also in the pipeline for the first week of Jan ... announcements will be made soon.

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