Saturday, 23 December 2017

Thomas LaRoche

This cassette arrived through the mail the other week. A new cassette from Thomas LaRoche on his own Research Laboratories label. Research Laboratories release small edition cassettes packaged with art and care. The last Thomas LaRoche release (I was aware of) was the "Mauvaise For", a cassette that was cut into an antique bible. 2015 saw the lathe-cut anti record by Thee Thomas LaRoche & His Confounded Instinct Of Mediocrity Orchestra. Completely unplayable - unless I want to ruin my stylus!
"Repeat Prescription MKII" is about 4 minutes in length, and simply packaged in a standard jewel case - I am certain there will be an "art" edition. The piece itself may or may not be called "Kodeine Pop". A slow driven electronic pulsating rhythm is present throughout. The piece is built of a slurred and slowly spoken poem. A repeat of four lines that slowly become more audible but still make non sense, playing like some Nietscheian, Jungist psycho(therapy)babble. It becomes more disturbing and compulsive the more it plays.
"The Self Assertion"
"The Will To Power"
".....Compensation For Weakness"
It's all I can make out after repeated listening.

One of the finest cassettes I have heard all year. Try contacting Thomas at : or
You will need to hear this.

 We share a commonality. We have both played percussion live for Vagina Dentata Organ. Both at Bristol Arnolfini & London Tate Modern. Thomas has also worked with The New Blockaders, Mama Bär & Kommissar Hjuler. 



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