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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 21 December 2017.

The seasonal MuhMur Radio Broadcast, kicking off with Kadaver and a track from their 2003 tape "Stille Nacht - 24 Christmas Songs from Kadaver" on Krimljud. Kadaver were Kristian Olsson (Alfarmania) and David Bremer (Chemical Co-Operation).
Out in the early days of 2018 is the second album by Circuit Breaker. Thanks to the nice chaps at Harbinger Sound I have an advanced copy. Three tracks being played here. It's a great listen, a few instant classics with slow burners. The LP is called "Hands Return To Shake" and available from the Harbinger Sound website in January.

The Sons Of God track is from the 2017 Flexi-Disc "The Sons Of God Hear Voices" on Phantom Archives. For this record The Sons Of God were Kent Tankred, Leif Elggren and Michael Esposito. The track is an EVP recording taken at Drottningholms Slottsteater.
In the past few weeks I have been listening to Metgumbnerbone's "Ligeliahorn" album. I was fortunate to be given an unplayed copy. News then came through that Metgumbnerbone are planning to release a double CD of their back catalogue in the new year. Originally released on A-Mission Records, the label operated by Flowmotion magazine mainman Gordon A. Hope. Gordon was also behind the Cosey Fanni Tutti "Time To Tell" album which originally appeared as a C60 cassette on Flowmotion in 1983. The label was an extension to the magazine and co-operated with Ian Dobson.
This year Cosey reissued the album on the Conspiracy International label.

So, the sad news came through that Z'ev left this world on 16 December. Details are unimportant, just the body of work and wisdom Z'ev has left behind. I remember first hearing the single "Wipe Out" at Tim Bayes' house and it blowing my mind - he also told stories about seeing Z'ev live supporting Bauhaus and it sounding like a world / sound that I wanted to get involved in. I was fortunate enough to meet and 'support' Z'ev live in 2011. One of the most interesting releases in his cannon is "The Abject" a collaboration with Michael Esposito. Z'ev treating EVP recordings made by Michael at John Duncan's childhood house in Chicago.
"Untitled" is taken from the compilation album "Berlin Bruit" and "Where Were You" is from the compilation album "Project One".

The broadcast ends with a seasonal piece from Der Bekannte Post-Industrialle Trompeter. "Stille Nacht" is from a split single with Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim.

01: Kadaver : "Sleigh Ride To Hell" (Krimljud) 2003.
02: Genesis P-Orridge & Column One : "Vis Spei #2" (Cut-Up-Construction Records) 1993.
03: Circuit Breaker : "Soft-Talk" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
04: Circuit Breaker : "Hands Return" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
05: Coil : "Restless Day" (Yangki) 1985.
06: Current 93 : "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam" (Yangki) 1985.
07: Yannick Dauby & Hitoshi Kojo : "La Vie Dans Les Eaux" (Substantia Innominimata) 2017.
08: The Sons Of God : "The Sons Of God Hear Voices" (Phantom Archives) 2017.
09: Circuit Breaker : "Alert" (Harbinger Sound) 2018.
10: Z'ev : "Wipe Out" (Fetish Records) 1983.
11: Metgumbnerbone : "Ligeliahorn (Part Two)" (A-Mission Records) 1983.
12: Cosey Fanni Tutti : "Time To Tell" (Conspiracy International) 2017.
13: Z'ev + Michael Esposito : "The Abject" (Fragment Factory) 2011.
14: Z'ev : "Untitled" (Ironflame) 2008.
15: Z'ev : "Where Were You" (The Product Korps) 1987.
16: D.B.P.I.T. : "Stille Nacht" (White Rabbit Records) 2005.

Please take a listen here : (Copy & Paste) :

MuhMur Radio will return in January 2018 after a post prandial four or five hour special on Sunday January 7.

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