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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 18 January 2018.

The first broadcast of 2018, and back to the two hour Thursday night (fortnightly) routine. A few ideas / projects lined up for the first few months ... but first a chance to play some sounds that arrived at MuhMur HQ over the festive holidays. (With a couple of old favourites).
With advice from Alex of Tordon Ljud distro I had a listen to MH_370. TL are distributing the cassette so there's a sound sample on their website .. and after a few minutes I knew I had to grab a copy. MH_370 is the only title on the cassette. Artist and title = MH_370. It seriously didn't connect until I played the tape in full and realised it was sounds built around the disappearance of flight MH_370 in 2014. The sound samples from black box recordings and news reports gave 'the game' away! The cassette is on Stockholm based label Hlioõ, I noticed they also released a cassette called "Der Rhein". A 40 minute odyssey recorded at various points along the river Rhine. These tapes are ultra limited. 25 / 30 copies. Still available via Tordon Ljud or Hlioõ at


The Susan Matthews track comes from a new double CDR release of Susan's compilation work from 2001 to 2016. Last month Greek label Noise-Below released a CDR by German droners Troum. "Hóro-Skopeíon" is dedicated to Gregoria and Pafsanias and is a ritual recording from June 2017 to celebrate the first birthday of their son.

                                                           "Hóro-Skopeíon" insert.

A release that past me by last year was Aqua Dentata's "One Day, You Will Be A Painter" on Echo Tango. It slipped out last May, and at the end of 2017 started appearing on folks' 'Top Ten' lists. Like all Aqua Dentata releases the tracks have no titles, and here I played the whole of side one. Four short pieces with Aqua Dentata discovering and exploring a harsh, dark and nightmarish soundscape. Hopefully 2018 will see the first vinyl release from Aqua Dentata.
Schuster is Tim Bayes, founder member of Ideas Beyond Filth and former participant in the Dieter Müh project. Over the past few weeks I have been rediscovering the Schuster sound from his first cassette on Silencer in 1986 through to his last release on his own Adeptsound label in 2012. (Expect more Schuster on the playlist throughout the coming programmes). Schuster releases are available via Discogs:

Take a listen here: (Copy & Paste).

01: MH_370 : "MH_370 (A)" (Hlioõ) 2015.
02: S.E.T.I. : "Boundless" (LOKI Foundation) 2017.
03: MH_370 : "MH_370 (B)" (Hlioõ) 2015.
04: Susan Matthews : "2.09" (Sirenwire) 2017.
05: Der Rhein : "Der Rhein (B)" (Hlioõ) 2015.
06: Troum : "Hóro-Skopeíon" (Noise-Below) 2017.
07: Slit In Slot : "Accrete" (Amek/Mahorka) 2017.
08: Dome : "Airmail" (Dome Records) 1980.
09: Aqua Dentata : "One Day, You Will Be A Painter (A)" (Echo Tango) 2017.
10: Schuster : "1-5 Microns (Achieved)" (Adeptsound) 2010.

The next broadcast will be on February 1 at 20:00 GMT, available in the South Hams district of Devon on 102.5FM or listen to the live stream on soundart radio website.

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