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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 1 February 2018.

The first time I heard "Rock n' Roll Station" was on the album of the same name by Nurse With Wound. It would have been early 1997, I was recording at the I.C. Studios in Tollerton North Yorkshire with Colin Potter at the controls and he was mentioning albums that had been recorded there, Nurse With Wound's "Rock n' Roll Station" being one of them. To be honest I had left NWW behind back in the 1980's with the "Sucked Orange" and M.T.T. split LP which I didn't care for much.  "Rock n' Roll Station" rejuiced me for getting back with the nurse. I didn't know it was a cover version until a couple of years later and Mick McDaid (of Outsider Records) gave me a tape with the Jac Berrocal track on it. And now there is the Kostis Kilymis version. Recorded live at cafe OTO, London, on January 6 this year. The track is available on Kostis's Soundcloud page but he kindly gave MuhMur Radio a CDR copy to play on the radio.
For more Kostis please go here :
So for this programme I decided to play all 4 versions of the track that I have ... well that was the idea but (unfortunately) I failed with the Jac Berrocal / Façade version ... it comes from the 10" mini-LP picture disc on Alga Marghen and I slipped the needle on the wrong groove and what I play is the end of the piece ... the 'call to prayer' section. Nevermind - I also started to play the Helm track "Blue Scene" at the wrong speed ... but I don't think anyone noticed!
So, knowing I was going to play "Rock n' Roll Station" a few times as well as tracks from the new Helm 12" EP that arrived a few days earlier I built a playlist strong on rhythm, very unlike  a 'regular' broadcast. Comments came through later that they thought they'd tuned into the wrong station! Proof that my music collection is varied, methinks ...
Slow Hand Motēm track comes from the compilation LP "Tropical Heat Volume 2" on the Dutch MYOR label. Slow Hand Motēm is Canadian and a pioneer of Skweee. MYOR release a lot of Skweee.

                                                      'High Performance Issue #23' LP.

Bob & Bob are performance artists from Beverly Hills, USA. "Rotterbobs" comes from the compilation (double) album "High Performance - Issue #23 - The Record" on High Performance Records. "Rotterbobs" would be called 'skweee' these days, but 'skweee' wasn't around in 1983. I am interested in hearing more Bob & Bob if anyone has any old vinyl records or tapes. They released a 7" on Polygram in 1983. Please contact me via this blog if you know where I can get a copy.
Another artist (as prolific as Nurse With Wound) who I sort of lost interest in during the 1980's is Muslimgauze. The first hearings of "Buddhist On Fire" album and the two singles "Hammer & Sickle" and "Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye" had me as an instant 'fan'. By 1987 / 1988 albums were coming thick and fast and being on the dole in Manchester it was hard to spend cash on vinyl. Muslimgauze records were not cheap back then. The chaps at Eastern Bloc Records used to play them in their shop in Affleck's Palace and they were becoming similar so (like I mentioned) I began to lose interest. "Untitled" comes from the compilation CD "A Putrid Oasis" that is included in the book "Chasing The Shadow Of Bryn Jones" by Ibrahim Khider. Vinyl On Demand have done a great job with re-issuing the early sound of Muslimgauze and has relighted my interest in his sound.

                                                                 Muslimgauze Book.

Horizon 222 were a 90's project comprised of Ben Ponton and Andy Eardley of Soviet France and Andy Seymour of Ingleton Falls, whereas Delayer is Andy Eardley's solo project. "Can We Feel ...?" is from a 7" on the Austrian Klangalerie label.

Last week of January and I am chatting with my good friend Simon Kane and he mentions he is doing 'something' with Andrew W-K. I had no idea who Andrew W-K was so I googled him ... turns out Andrew W-K is rather a large rock "star" with his "Party Hard" anthem. He is touring the UK over easter and was in the UK in January to do some promotional work and 'motivational speaking'. The very next day after chatting with Simon Andrew W-K was on BBC Radio6 talking about is "Party Hard" manifesto - it's not necessary to live your dreams when your dreams live you .. or some such. Simon then mentioned Andrew had released stuff in the 1990's on Hanson Records and recorded with Aaron Dilloway and Wolf Eyes under the name of Andrew Wilkes-Krier, and then I discover he is on the "Labyrinths & Jokes" compilation album that came out on Hanson Records in 1998 .. and I have a copy. Not to be outdone by BBC Radio6 I decided to add Andrew W-K to the playlist. I still have no idea what Simon and Andrew were doing together.

Helm is the solo project of Luke Younger, one of the busiest people in experimental music with global touring, a radio show on NTS in London, operating the label Alter and playing a mean bass guitar with Hardcore Thrash outfit The Lowest Form. Last week saw the release of the 12"EP "World In Action Remixes" on Alter, a companion to the "World In Action" 12"EP released by the Trilogy Tapes in 2017.
I think everyone I know was upset by the passing of Mark E Smith on January 24th with myself included. I stopped buying Fall records sometime around the "Hex Enduction" / "Room To Live" period, dipping in once a twice when I took fancy to a single like "Bremen Nacht" and "Free Range".
I did meet Mark once. Just the once although he was a familiar face around Manchester pubs & clubs in the 1980's. After the release of "Live At The Witch Trials" album I started writing 'fan' mail to The Fall and there began a correspondence with Craig Scanlon. "Dragnet" was being recorded around this time. Back in them days letters started with name, address and telephone number in the top right hand corner. "Dragnet" was released and a tour began with D.A.F. as support. November 1979 and I am sat at home in the afternoon and the 'phone rings. It's Kay Carroll of The Fall! Craig had told her I was 'in a band' called Collide and would we like to support The Fall in Retford as D.A.F. had dropped off the tour due to angry reception from the audiences. Within hours we were at The Porterhouse in Retford sound checking and hanging with The Fall. Collide didn't fair better than D.A.F. that night. The DJ introduced as "From Lincoln" and from then on we were doomed. Mark thought we were a mod band because John (guitar / vocals) played a blood red Rickenbacker. We got paid £25 and given a big lump of Red Leb for our troubles.
There's no "On This Day" in this broadcast - I could have slipped in The Leyton Buzzards single "Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees", but it didn't seem to fit anywhere. Instead I pay passing tribute to Skullflower who released the great "Birthdeath" 12" on Broken Flag in January 1988. 30 years ago.

Please take a listen here : (Copy & Paste) :

01: Kostis Kilymis : "Rock n' Roll Station (Live)" (Not On Label) 2018.
02: Jac Berrocal & The Bad Boys : "Ain't She Sweet" (Alga Marghen) 1999.
03: Slow Hand Motēm : "Boom Respekt Boom" (MYOR) 2010.
04: Bob & Bob : "Rotterbobs" (High Performance Records) 1983.
05: Jac Berrocal : "Rock n' Roll Station" (Megaphone Records) 1993.
06: Muslimgauze : "Untitled" (Vinyl On Demand) 2014.
07: Horizon 222 : "Prisoner Of Faith (Con Spiritos)" (ZZO Recordings) 1993.
08: Delayer : "Can You Feel ...?" (Klangalerie) 2004.
09: M Ax Noi Mach : "American Child" (Alter) 2016.
10: Nurse With Wound : "Rock n' Roll Station" (United Dairies) 1994.
11: Astral Social Club : "Stig 'Fucking' Anderson" (Neon Blossom Records) 2010.
12: Psychic TV : "Just Like Arcadia" (Sacred Bones/Dais Records) 2017.
13: Current 93 : "The Blue Gates Of Death (Before And Beyond Them)" (Shock) 1991.
14: Andrew Wilkes-Krier : "Untitled" (Hanson Records) 2003.
15: Jac Berrocal/Façade : "Rock n' Roll Station (Edit)" (Alga Marghen) 1999.
16: Chris & Cosey : "Put Yourself In Los Angeles" (Wax Trax! Records) 1990.
17: Shriekback : "Here Comes My Hand-Clap" (Y Records) 1982.
18: Helm : "Blue Scene (Parris Remix)" (Alter) 2018.
19: Helm : "Candy (Low Jack Remix)" (Alter) 2018.
20: The Fall : "I'm Into C.B." (Kamera Records) 1982.
21: Skullflower : "Birthdeath (Remix)" (Shock) 1990.

The last voice you hear is that of Dave Mutch!

Next programme is on February 15. Same time, same channel + probably same T-Shirt....

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