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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 15 February 2015.

Another cold, clear, crispy and starry night with the barking of geese and the hooting of owls with the distant sound of trains, I love walking through the Dartington Estate Woods on the way to the radio station. The days are getting longer though ... it won't be long before I leave the reflective tabard at home.

A grab bag of sounds featuring the latest release from Psychic TV. Cold Spring Records have re-issued the 1989 LP "Kondole - Ov Dolphins And Whales". A single album has grown into a double CD and DVD package. A bonus track of "Thee Shadow Creatures" and a 48 minute version of "Dead Cat" are added along with the film "Dead Cat" which featured Genesis P-Orridge and Derek Jarman. The original LP is one of my PTV favourites and this release just extends the sonic excellence. Recommended. A couple of CD's that were released towards the end of last year and totally passed me by arrived at MuhMur HQ earlier this month. "Moraine" by Splintered is another re-issue. Originally released as a vinyl LP in 1996 by German label Suggestion Records, "Moraine " is now a three track CD with "Moraine One : Flagellum Dei" surviving from the original release. The track "Moraine Two : Humayun" has been remixed by Stuart Carter and Sion Organ and not for the better in my opinion. Steve Pittis and his Band Of Pain have remixed the whole LP into a five minute mesh of madness. The CD has been released by Fourth Dimension Records.
Sutcliffe Jugend first appeared in 1982 with the "Campaign" cassette on Come Organisation. The they kind of stopped as Kevin Tomkins joined Whitehouse. The classic Whitehouse line-up of Tomkins / Bennett / Best. The next time I came across Kevin Tomkins was with the project Bodychoke and the 1994 album "Mindshaft" on Freek Records. A sound that isn't too far from what Ramleh, Skullflower and Splintered were achieving at the time, although different because Bodychoke were using cello and autoharp to build the sonics and lyrics of utter despair. Bodychoke were like a progression of (the old 4AD Records band) Mass. Like Freek Records Bodychoke faded away in the late 1990's. Ten years ago there was a suggestion that Dieter Müh should play live with Sutcliffe Jugend in London, so I mailed some CD's to Sutcliffe Jugend member Paul Taylor and in return he mailed me their latest offerings: "Pig Daddy" and "Fall Of Nature". The sound didn't appeal and the live project fell by the wayside .. I kind of left SJ alone until Hagshadow Records mailed the CD "Shame". Rather like hearing "Mindshaft" for the first time, the sound just blew me away - keep cranking up the volume just another notch ... the vitriolic rantings of Tomkins set against the droning wall of angry noise is pure poetry. I will have to go back and give the 2008 output another listen.
Available at :

                                                     Sutcliffe Jugend/Come Org badge.

Another Hagshadow release that came out on Valentines Day this year is the 6 Comm / Hexas 7" "The Torture Gardeners". The single features two 'Retro Club 6' remixes, "The Torture Gardeners" being a dark wave version of the Death In June classic "The Torture Garden". I played the B-Side.

42º 33'04.7ºN  23º 45'18.1ºE "A Forest" is a hidden track on the new MyTrip/Valerinne cassette Ahead Is A Barren Land". The cassette has one track from MyTrip and two from the Post-Rock outfit Valerinne (who sound like a Romanian U2 to my ears). As by the rules of the DJ Handbook I was honour bound to play The Cure's "A Forest" straight afterwards.
A couple of days before broadcast and the Hive Mind & Aaron Dilloway single sided 12" "Forgotten Thirst" arrived at MuhMur HQ. Rearranged the playlist to fit it in .. a great slice of tape manipulations, looping and droning which brought to mind the Hive Mind & John Wiese 10" which I finished the broadcast on. Astute ears will note that "...Trick Satanism" starts at 33rpm but gradually slows down to @8 rpm by the end ... I was playing with the speed dial.

                                                             "Forgotten Thirst" 12".

This broadcast saw the return of "on this day" with the great Crass 7" "Nagasaki Nightmare". Also not quite on this day but worth remembering, February 5th was William Burroughs' 104th birthday.
Please take a listen here: (Copy & Paste).

01: Psychic TV : "Dead Cat (Short Version)" (Cold Spring Records) 2018.
02: Michael Barthel : "Whiteholes" (GerauschManufaktur) 2017.
03: Crass : "Nagasaki Nightmare" (Crass Records) 1980.
04: Splintered : "Moraine One:Flagellum Dei" (Fourth Dimension Records) 2017.
05: Sutcliffe Jugend : "Blood" (Hagshadow) 2017.
06: William S. Burroughs : "Interview With Mr. Martin" (Sub Rosa) 2009.
07: Hexas : "Beneath The Sin" (Hagshadow) 2018.
08: Death In June : "The Torture Garden" (New European Recordings) 1984.
09: 42º 33'04.7ºN. 23º 45'18.1ºE : "A Forest" (Not On Label) 2018.
10: The Cure : "A Forest" (Fiction Records/Polydor Records) 1980.
11: Splintered/Band Of Pain : "Moraine Chase (Receding Cap Mix)" (Fourth Dimension Records) 2017.
12: Die Sibirische Zelle : Knechte Des Tourismus" (90% Wasser) 2005.
13: Hive Mind & Aaron Dilloway : "Forgotten Thirst" (Hanson Records/Chondritic Sound) 2005.
14: Hive Mind + John Wiese : "...Trick Satanism" (Chondritic Sound) 2006.

It was a busy time in the studio with a visit from Tony and Nathan from 'Wildlife Disco'. They were in town to discuss tactics about their next live actions and go to a book launch and reading. "Owl Sense" by Miriam Darlington is now available from all good book shops.

                                                                   Nathan Carter.
                                                       Tony 'As Seen On TV' Whitehead.
                                                                      Dave Mutch.

Next programme is on March 1st. Same time, same channel just a different pair of socks.

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