Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Aja Ireland

Earlier this year I participated in a performance in Belper (Derbyshire) as part of Vagina Dentata Organ. This was my third time alongside Jordi Valls and master drummer Michael Gillham. Bristol Arnolfini in 2012 and London Tate Modern in 2015. (Although I was at the VDO/TNB gig at the NK Gallery in Berlin in 2012 I wasn't one of the 'war drummers'). 
Each time with Vagina Dentata Organ Jordi has invited a performance artist to be part of the action. In Bristol it was New Noveta and at the Tate Modern it was Sonia Dietrich (aka BRUT). In Belper the performance was enhanced / coloured by Aja Ireland. Dressed in a costume that resembled internal organs, Aja writhed and howled along with the wolves and provided a sonic wall of intense madness to Jordi's 'Smash & Grab' antics and the cacophonous war drums. 

And now there is "Aja". A cassette release on the UK label Opal Tapes. 
Seven slices of industrial violence and visceral drones. 
This isn't some bedroom noise outfit looping noise and swearing over the top. Each piece is a carefully constructed soundtrack of a physical and desolate landscape in descent towards personal madness. Side one pulsates and scrapes punching hard and masking screams. There are moments when S.P.K's "Leichenschrei" is evoked. ("Charge"). Side two is a calmer affair beginning in the swirlpool, distortion lifting and the sound of machinery is clearer. The cassette ends on "Marbles". (Lost?). This piece is hard electronic rhythms - like the ones produced by Portion Control in the mid 80's. This might date the album in time to come, but right here right now it's a perfect fin de partie. 

Essential tape. Buy from Opal Tapes : http://opaltapes.com 
Or contact Aja direct : https://ajamusicblog.wordpress.com

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