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MuhMur Radio Broadcast 24 May 2018.

This broadcast was quite close to being 'missing in action'. I should have guessed ... the omens weren't quite right ... I arrived at Newton Abbot train station to discover that the 18.12 to Penzance (stopping at Totnes) was delayed by one hundred and fifteen minutes. Some person further up the line at Cheltenham Spa had decided to walk in front of the train, hence the delay. Then I realised I'd forgot to pack my book so had a 35 minute wait at the station before I could catch the 18.45 to Plymouth (stopping at Totnes). A pleasant stroll along the River Dart to the studio, not too much vinyl to carry. The bag weight was coming from the tins of Stella. I arrived to find the studio locked up and in darkness. The chap who precedes MuhMur had gone AWOL. I quickly popped something from the SoundArt Radio files on to broadcast and got all lined up. (Not a drug reference).
A quarter to kick off and I'm sat back in the DJ chair listening to Chris Booth's "Scraping The Barrel" and BANG. Power cut .. everything goes off...mixing desk, computers, amplifiers, lights, decks etc .. The outage lasted about three or four minutes .. then everything came back on, but I could not broadcast as the station had gone in to 'emergency mode' and was broadcasting a SoundArt Radio jingle on a loop which I couldn't override. I don't have a mobile phone, I don't like the things. Intrusive. I couldn't call Chris or Lucinda (the SoundArt Radio mandarins) and the regular MuhMur engineer (Dave) is in Gabon. I was packing the CD's back in their cases when the main computer started flashing and Chris was operating it all from his house in Buckfastleigh.
Fifteen minutes later than advertised .. this MuhMur Radio programme was broadcast.

                                                                      All Lined Up.

It has been a busy start to the year for The Dead Mauriacs with releases on GerauschManufaktur, The Tapeworm and their own NPH label. I had to plan to make this a 2 hour Dead Mauriacs 'special', but then the Plurals LP and Spelk albums arrived. The first piece from The Dead Mauriacs is from the cassette album "Ici, Loin Du Monde Réel - Music For Shadow Play And Dada Poetry" on GerauschManufaktur released last March. This is the whole of side two featuring the soulful voice of Thorsten Soltau. Copies are still available for €6 direct from the label.
The second piece from The Dead Mauriacs is (I think) a live recording. It arrived at MuhMur HQ with no information. A treat.
If ever I am asked (whenever I am asked) what my top five (or so) live gigs are I will always say Plurals at Wattsfest 2011. Before commercialisation Wattsfest was a rough and ready spit and sawdust type affair that took place in a farmers field just outside Ullacombe in North Devon. They never fail to take the listener on expansive and fascinating journeys. "Sun Lock" is from the latest LP "Tri Tone" on Belgian Silken Tofu Records. Spelk is the duo of Neil Campbell and Daniel Thomas. Daniel used to be Hagman whereas Neil is a well known noise on MuhMur Radio through his work as Astral Social Club and being part of VibraCathedral Orchestra. The Spelk piece is the new album in full. All 39 minutes and nine seconds. The CDR is available for £3.50 direct from the label.

"On this day" features the mighty Minny Pops. They would also be in my top five gig list. 1981 at Nottingham Rock City supporting New Order. Minny Pops are one of my favourite Factory bands. "Time / Lights" single was released in 1982. After splitting from XTC and before playing in Fripp's League Of Gentlemen Barry Andrews released a couple of great solo singles. "Town & Country EP" on Virgin Records in 1979 was the first. XTC were the first 'punk' band I saw live in 1978. (unless I can count the support band The Secret?).

Always sad to hear of untimely deaths and in the passed few days Glenn Branca and Adam Parfrey have left the planet.

01: The Dead Mauriacs : "Ice, Loin Du Monde Réel-Music For Shadow Play And Dada Poetry Part Two" (GerauschManufaktur) 2018.
02: Dome : "Atlas" (The Grey Area) 1992.
03: The Dead Mauriacs : "Ritual Music For Beginners : Method. Drawings And Diagrams" (Not On Label) 2018.
04: Minny Pops : "Lights" (Factory Benelux) 1982.
05: Plurals : "Sun Lock" (Silken Tofu Records) 2018.
06: Spelk : "Spelk (Parts 1 - 3)" (Cherry Row Recordings) 2018.
07: Joy Division : "Auto-Suggestion" (Fast Product) 1979.
08: Theoretical Girls : "You Got Me" (Theoretical Records) 1978.
09: The Tards : "Pissed You In The River" (Sympathy For The Record Industry) 1995.
10: Minny Pops : "Time" (Factory Benelux) 1982.
11: Barry Andrews : "Me And My Mate Can Sing" (Virgin Records) 1979.

Please take a listen here : (Copy & Paste):

Next broadcast will be on June 7 barring train delays and power cuts!

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